Northern Wildwood Horse Herds

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  1.   1.  Wildwood Horses
  2.   2.  Ownership
  3.   3.  Primary herds
    1.   3.1  Coast
    2.   3.2  Glen
    3.   3.3  Mire
  4.   4.  Secondary herds
    1.   4.1  Thicket
    2.   4.2  Rise
    3.   4.3  Gelid

Midnight Shores discovered these various herds of horses that reside in the Northern Wildwood on Prince Edward Island, just northwest of their territory. These herds were "shared" with Sapient.

1.  Wildwood Horses

These horses are said to be descendants of the mounted police in the area, as well as those raced in the town of Cavendish Estates. When humanity died out, these horses spread out to the Wildwood, forming herds and interbreeding to pass down the strong, hardy traits.

Life in the northernmost extremes of the island has hardened them further -- they are swift-footed and sturdy animals.

  • They are of a medium to large size, typically. Heights vary between the different herds.
  • Almost all are athletic (unless sickly or old), and not too aggressive towards Luperci due to their extended history with humans. However, Lupus form canines may frighten them.
  • Lithe and athletic; some may even look sleek from their racehorse heritage.
  • Thicker coats than usual, owing to the cool climate of the Wildwood.

2.  Ownership

  1. Although Midnight Shores and Sapient did not own these herds of horses, they did check on them frequently and attempt to protect them from predators and outsiders.

3.  Primary herds

These are the largest herds in the Wildwood, and the ones that the packs pay most attention to. They are made up of anywhere between five to twelve horses, and claim most of the land.

3.1  Coast

  • Territory: Coast is the closest herd to Midnight Shores, and much of this territory is claimed by rocky beaches and sea cliffs near the water's edge. The land inland is relatively flat, and is populated by sparse trees and grassland.
  • Description: Horses of the Coast herd tend to be more brazen and curious than the rest, and are a solid medium size with an average build (likely police-horse bloodlines). Coast contains approximately 10 horses.

3.2  Glen

  • Territory: Glen is the closest herd to Sapient. Glen's territory is comprised of rolling hills and wide, sweeping grasslands. As one draws closer to the eastern edge of this herd's land, the ground becomes more rugged, and thick forests congregate.
  • Description: Horses of the Glen herd tend to be larger in build with hints of draft/draught ancestry, but are, in general, an equally mixed herd. Glen contians approximately 9 horses.

3.3  Mire

  • Territory: Mire is the northernmost herd, next only to Gelid. To the south, this herd's land is swampy and muddy, and densely populated with vegetation. As one creeps north, however, the marshes give way to pleasant and plentiful forests.
  • Description: Horses of the Mire herd tend to be flighty and vigilant and are tailored to their environment with slighter builds (hints of racing bloodlines) and powerful legs and feet. Mire contains approximately 11 horses.

4.  Secondary herds

These herds are significantly smaller than the three main herds; these herds contain anywhere between four and seven horses. Midnighters and Sapiens are discouraged from poaching too many of these horses, as they may make the herds unstable, leading to potential collapse.

4.1  Thicket

  • Territory: Thicket is the southernmost herd, and its territory is made of low brush and sparse trees.
  • Description: Horses of the Thicket herd are an even mix of police and racing bloodlines, and are average in build. Thicket contains approximately 5 horses.

4.2  Rise

  • Territory: The smallest herd lies in the center of the Wildwood, and lays claim to rocky, rugged terrain with high elevation and thick forests.
  • Description: Horses of the Rise herd tend to be rather stocky, sure-footed, and are generally aloof in nature. Rise contains approximately 4 horses.

4.3  Gelid

  • Territory: Gelid, one of the northernmost herds, is home to dense northern forests and chilly weather.
  • Description: Horses of Gelid have dense coats and show strong signs of their once racing ancestry. Gelid contains approximately 6 horses.
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