Skana Creo

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By San

Skana Creo is the daughter of Vidar Creo and Naama Laveau, and younger sister to her brother, Vepar Creo. Her creation was nonconsensual, her mother forced to bear Vidar a second litter. She was born in the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania after her brother managed to secure his and a pregnant Naama's escape from a vengeful Vidar. She was raised by her brother, and followed Vepar to Nova Scotia with the intention to find their lost mother.

She is a former member of Anathema, where she specialized and expanded her knowledge in the medicinal field. She left as a Volac (a Lieutenant in the healer tier), and specialized in the Psychiatra co-rank. During her time with Anathema, Skana took up a slave named Malus Reinhart in order to save him from death. While loyal to her packmates, the pack’s horrific attack—which she was a reluctant pawn of—on the feral New Dawn was the final straw, and Skana couldn’t bring herself to get over the guilt she felt for destroying the innocent pack. She and Vepar left Anathema mid-fall in 2015 with their friend, Sully, and former slave, Malus.

In a whirlwind of unexpected romance, Skana went from quick friends to an eventual lover of Sully, and bore him two children, Asura Creo and Saleos Creo.

She stayed with Midnight Shores for a little over a year, slowly working her way up to Antares, an advising position to the pack’s leadership. When the pack’s leaders suddenly disappeared during the winter of 2016, Skana was forced to make the difficult decision to disband the pack. She and her family decided to leave the island in search of a new home, which they found in the pack’s ally of sorts, Sapient.

She became quickly involved with the pack because of her medical prowess, and even participated in defending it when it came under attack during the Familia Sugit Conflict in 2017. When a mysterious illness swept through the land later that spring, Skana led the way in providing medical aide to her packmates with the help of Keir Greyson. After the worst of the illness was over, combined with her inability to save a Krokaran during the height of the conflict earlier that winter, Skana decided to take an early retirement so that she could focus on her medical studies and mentoring her daughter, Asura.

Skana remained a member of Sapient as a Cessavi up until the pack disbanded in July 2018. She and her family remained in the Bathurst area (Oxley district) up to a month afterwards, trying to decide where they should go in the aftermath of their disbanded pack. In the end, Skana was convinced to accompany her husband to his homeland. Though reluctant to leave her daughter, Asura, behind, she eventually headed south to Portland with the rest of her family.

She currently resides with the rest of her family in Oud Strand, Netherlands.

Skana was voted “Most Likely to Save the World” in the 2016’s yearbook superlatives.







  • Date of Birth: 17 Sep 2011
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Oud Strand, Netherlands
  • Mate: Sully
  • Nickname: None
  • Pronunciation: SKAH-nah
  • Meaning: "killer demon"
  • Origin: Native, Haidan



  • Pack: None
  • Rank: None
  • Previous Packs: Show
  • Sapient (23 Dec 2016 – 16 Jul 2018)
  • Cessavi (May 2017-Jul 2018) (Demotion)
  • Novus (Apr 2017) (Demotion)
  • Sodalis (Mar 2017)
  • Novus (Dec 2016-Feb 2017)
  • Antares (Nov-Dec 2016)
  • Procyon (Oct-Nov 2016)
  • Polaris (Sept-Oct 2016)
  • Cygnus (May-Sept 2016)
  • Spica (Mar-May 2016)
  • Cepheus (Dec 2015-Mar 2016)
  • Pollux (Nov-Dec 2015)
  • Volac (Oct-Nov 2015)
  • Furcas (Mar-Oct 2015)
  • Zepar (Feb 2014-Mar 2015)
  • NONE – Contact Songbird if you wish to make assumptions regarding this character.

1.  Basics

1.1  Appearance


  • Species: Typical wolf build, stance, head and ears, and neck fur. She, at all angles, looks like a pure-blooded wolf. Her brow spots, softer fur, and white claws are the only indicators that she’s not pure.
  • Fur: Medium in length with a thick, double-coat. Her fur is very soft around her ears and around her neck; her scruff is thicker and longer than the rest of her coat.
    • Optime Hair: Medium-long in length, the ends of her hair tickling her mid-shoulder blade. It is straight, and soft like her neck fur. Bangs tapper down the right side of her face with a few rebellious strands doing as they please. She may put her hair up in a ponytail if working on medicinal things.
  • Facial Features: Unmistakably wolf, with a thick, long muzzle; broad head; short ears.
  • Build and Size: She stands in on the larger side, and houses a thick but feminine physique. It is obvious that she’s not a dainty, frail female, but one that works hard. She is lean, with light toning.
    • Lupus: It’s obvious that Skana is of one of the larger breeds of wolf, even if she’s not as robust or as tall as a pure-blood. She has longer legs and larger chest cavity of a larger, mountain-dwelling subspecies of wolf.
    • Secui: Decidedly massive in her secui form, but, in hindsight, not all that different from her lupus shift. She simply has a bulkier, more muscular—though still streamlined—look to her.
    • Optime: She—surprisingly—does not appear quite as heavy as she does in her four-legged forms. She is trimmed out evenly, and, like her other forms, she does show the structure of someone who actively works. Skana walks on the balls, or fully on the pads of her feet, rather than up onto her toes.
  • Humanization: Skana is rather feral in comparison to her peers. She doesn’t normally wear clothing, and doesn’t particularly like the idea of it either. She does have a poncho that she wears when the weather gets bad though. Just as well, she has taken to toting around a satchel, which she uses to carry whatever various items she may scavenging, typically, for medical-related purposes. The cloth bandages on her hands are the only things she wears religiously.


  • Fur:
    • Primarily Bombay (#B2B6B9)
  • Markings:
    • Geyser(#DEE3E6) brow spots
    • Outer Space (#33383C) ears
    • Sepia Skin (#985B3F) runs along the top her snout, ending mid-way so that it doesn’t reach the bridge of her nose.
    • Geyser(#DEE3E6) undertones, starting at the tip of her nose and running down the front of her neck, where it is briefly choked by a sliver of Bombay before continuing its run down her chest, legs, stomach, and the bottom of her tail.
    • The elongated “Y”’s point of intersection starts at the base of her beck and works its way down to the middle of her tail. Sepia Skin (#985B3F) bleeds into Bombay, ticking into the silvery color and into its neighbor, Outer Space (#33383C). The darker Outer Space is blocked from touching the Bombay color by Sepia Skin. This coexistence lives at the tip of Skana’s tail as well.
  • Eyes: Blizzard Blue (#9ADEF1)
  • Optime Hair: Dominantly Bombay (#B2B6B9), fading into Rolling Stone (#777C7F) the further down the strand it goes. A few Sepia Skin (#985B3F) and Outer Space (#33383C) strands have weaved their way in.
  • Nose, Paw Pads, Scars: Shark (#333436)
  • Claws: Dawn Pink (#F6EEEA)



Geyser (#DEE3E6)
Bombay (#B2B6B9)
Rolling Stone (#777C7F)
Sepia Skin (#985B3F)
Outer Space (#33383C)


Blizzard Blue (#9ADEF1)

Nose, Pawpads, Scars; Claws

Shark (#333436)
Dawn Pink (#F6EEEA)


34 in (86 cm)
107 lbs (49 kg)


Skana typically uses this form for covering long distances, hiding, fighting, hunting, running, tracking, and general traveling. She is very comfortable with this form, and likes it best for its stealth in comparison to her other two forms.

41 in (104 cm)
215 lbs (98 kg)


Used more for its raw power than anything else, Skana uses this form the least of the three.

6ft 4in (76 in / 193 cm)
220 lbs (100 kg)

Optime (Preferred)

Since her attack in 2014, Skana has taken to making this her primary form. In this form, she can keep her palms covered with cloth, concealing her marred hands from the eyes of other’s.


  • Right ear; notched; received from Judas
  • Forehead; single, diagonal mark on the left side of head; childhood hunting accident resulting from a deer's stubborn kick
  • Chest; over her left breast across where her heart would be; received from Judas
  • Left forearm; five long, scraping teeth marks; received from attacking a wolverine
  • Left and Right hands; multiple scores across her palms; received from Judas
  • Right palm; one long scar; received via Anathema’s Rite of Agares


  • A seal-skin leather satchel previously owned by Ciellen Loreath containing various healing related items (pressed herbs and plants, a glass jar containing balm).



1.2  Essentials

GOOD: Friendly, Neutral standpoint, Caring, Playful, Sunny-Side-Up, Tomboy, Hardworking, Loyal, Adventurous, Curious

  • Skana is generally friendly to all she meets, so long as they are not perceived as a threat. After such confirmation, she is more than willing to lend a hand or ear to someone in need of it. Her neutral outlook on things has made her ideal for company, as she is not clouded by common opinions or ideas. She is very caring and generally helpful, and is normally always willing to lend a hand or comfort someone when necessary. She’s a giant puppy at heart, and loves to play and engage in banter that will make her laugh. Overall, Skana sports an optimistic personality, and will try to maintain this outlook despite what she may personally feel, so as to not worry those around her. Having grown up with a brother, Skana is not afraid of getting her paws dirty. She’s more likely to hang with the boys than she is with girls, finding familiarity with the rough and tumble lifestyle of a male. She’s very keen on finishing what she starts, and one to give 110% in everything she does. Skana is fiercely loyal to those that manage to work themselves into her network of allies. Skana still possess the child-like curiosity and thirst for adventure that she did when she was young.

FAULTS: Bleeding Heart, Untrusting of unknown males*, Stubborn, Secretive

  • Because of her caring nature, Skana finds it hard to turn down someone in need, and typically finds herself going to extraordinary lengths to help someone she cares for, and, sometimes, even strangers. *Due of a previous misjudgment, Skana is very untrusting of male strangers that are highly sophisticated or show dishonest tendencies. Her prideful and stubborn attitude doesn’t help this matter either. It may take a bit of pulling and gentle persuasion to make her change her opinions. Something not well appreciated by her companions might possibly be her secretiveness. She is the type to hide if something is bothering her, and would rather wallow in her problems alone than ask for help. Skana may act optimistically in spite of her inner turmoil, which often makes it hard for others to read if something is wrong with her.


  • Likes: Justice, Companionship, Having fun, Laughing, Being treated with respect, Autumn, Hunting and tracking, Birds, Learning new things, Family
  • Dislikes: Being threatened, Feeling weak/useless/like a burden, Being pitied or used, Cowards/weak-minded individuals, Arrogance, Confinement, Rodents, Spicy foods, Red eyes, Others abandoning their responsibilities, Bad Fathers


  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted, Dominate
  • Expression: Dominant, but can be submissive
  • Alignment: True neutral
  • Motivations: Family/Allies/Friends, protecting things she loves, helping others, sheer will-power
  • Fears: Losing her family, entrapment, failure, permanent injury or lameness


  • Speech: Generally polite, though can be a bit course; mellow, though not overly feminine
  • Unique Scent: Feral and very earthy/wild (a mixture of rain and river water, soil and mud, many ferns and wildflowers); evergreens (particularly pine); mint; medical remedies
    • Additional Scents:
      • Hints of: Sully (beach sand, dune grass, driftwood. meadow grass), Vepar Creo (juniper, fresh sodden earth, cold rain, granite)
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Tends to smile as both a general expression and as a way to hide uneasiness
  • General Posture and Body Language: Stands tall and prideful; calm, friendly


  • Packs: Pities/feels guilty towards ex-New Dawners
  • Gender: Unknown males are to be considered with extreme caution, especially if they are more modernized.
  • Color: She's not fond of wolves with red eyes.
  • Sexuality: She has no opinion on who someone's partner is. Though, she does not approve of multiple one-night stand partners.
  • Age: Elders are to be respected. Children make her smile, though, test her patience when they don’t listen.


Skana is heterosexual, being attracted more to males than to another female. Having grown up with only her brother for most of her life, Skana often has a bit of a high-standard when it comes to what she expects of others, and may also be considered demisexual. Skana is one to develop a relationship over time than simply pursuing one’s bodily pleasures. She is not one to have sex with another on a whim, especially with the horror stories her brother told her growing up. Due to her parents’ relationship, Skana is a one-partner gal, and sneers at the thought of taking on multiple romantic suitors.


Despite her mother being religious, Skana is not particularly so. She half-heartedly believes that there is a higher power out there, but she often finds herself conflicted even with this idea, especially when she and her brother have been dealt such a poor hand at life thus far. Most of the things in life, she finds, are a result of someone’s own determination or hard work, not the doing of a supreme power. If there is a god out there though, it sure as hell isn’t on her or her brother’s side.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

  • Mother: Naama Laveau
  • Father: Vidar Creo
  • Siblings: Vepar Creo, Valac Creo, Calypso Creo

2.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Vepar Creo is Skana's older brother and something akin to a god in her eyes. Vepar has practically raised Skana since she was a pup, and, thus, Skana has grown to be very attached to him. He taught her just about everything she knows, a fact that she will not soon forget. She is protective of Vepar, and is not above correcting someone if they speak ill of the darkly furred canine. To Skana, Vepar is without fault, and she will follow him to hell and back if she must.
  • Sully was her brother’s friend that quickly became Skana’s before eventually becoming someone she found herself expectantly enamored with. She likes that he can stand toe-to-toe with her usually stoic brother, and finds great humor in their interactions. His unique experiences and humor satisfy her adventurous curiosity and love of laughter. Overall, his personality, antics, and presence are very soothing for Skana. She immensely enjoys teasing him.
  • Asura and Saleos are her children; her sunshine and her little shadow. Skana is highly protective of them, and will go from sweet to mother bear on anyone who threatens their existence. She loves them to death, and enjoys interacting, playing, and teasing them. She will go above and beyond to ensure their safety, but also does well to not smother them either.
  • Naama Laveau is Skana’s beloved mother, who continues her own life in a land far away from Nova Scotia, a fact unbeknownst to her lost children. Skana desperately misses her, and hopes to see her again one day. Naama taught young Skana how to read and write, and introduced her to the field of medicine and the healing arts.
  • Vidar Creo is Skana’s wretched father. She’s never met him in person, but has quickly learned to share the same hatred for him that her brother had, the hatred having been spawned from her early months of constant running and hiding from the mere thought of him alone. The tales she overheard and managed to weasel out of her brother only solidified this extreme dislike. She hopes to meet him one day…if only so she can give him a piece of her mind.
  • Nikolas McCreery was a Krokaran that saved her life—at the cost of his own—during the height of the Familia Sugit Conflict. She is forever thankful to him for his sacrifice, and is willing to help his pack with whatever they might need of her. His death shook her resolve as a medic, and was one of the causes for her early retirement from climbing the pack ladder and focusing on her medicinal studies instead.

Other Relations

  • Axelle Napier was something of a role model or superhero in Skana’s eyes during her time in Anathema. She deeply respected the two-toned woman for her leadership qualities and over all prowess as a fighter. Skana secretly “shiped” her brother, Vepar, with Axelle, however, after not having seen her old friend in so long, she has quietly accepted that they were not meant to be.
  • Jehan de l'Or and Clover are two Loners Skana helped back in her Anathema days. She took pity on the two for their situation at the time, and greatly respected Jehan’s efforts to take care of the foul-mouthed Clover. When they met again under better circumstances, Skana was genuinely happy for them and proud of their accomplishments. She feels a motherly-like pride for the two Infernians.
  • Evangeline Lykoi had been just a pup when Skana first met her. Princess of Anathema, the Creo woman felt some sort of duty to protect and help educate Evangeline, and is proud of what the Lykoi’s accomplishments. Skana believes she’s grown into a fine woman despite her parents, and believes that she could help turn Anathema from the dark history and decisions it had made under its previous leadership. She still holds a great deal of pride and respect for her even though they have parted ways.
  • Nyx was someone Skana considered a friend when she lived in Anathema. The girl’s strive to prove herself and not be looked down upon for her age or lack of physical prowess impressed Skana, and her gentle, kind heart made her one of the few Anathemans Skana found herself close to. When Skana left the pack, however, their friendship was lost.
  • Avinalora was a packmate of Skana’s when she was in Midnight Shores. The young jackal-woman was an aspiring medic despite her crippling limitations. Reminded much of Nyx, Skana took a liking to her. However, when Skana disbanded Midnight Shores, their relationship fell apart, so much so that when they met again during the height of the spring illness of 2017, Skana no longer recognized her old packmate and her opinion of Avinalora plummeted.
  • Malus Reinhart was Skana's personal slave—albeit a reluctant one—and medical assistant of sorts while in Anathema. She set him free when the Creos left Anathema, but he returned to her shortly afterward. While their relationship was awkward and full of tension and mistrust at first, the two eventually became friends, much to her brother’s chagrin. The two parted ways when Skana disbanded Midnight Shores.
  • Bridget Rhiannon was a friend and coworker of sorts during Skana’s time in Anathema. She introduced Skana to poisons and helped further her medical knowledge. Skana greatly respected her judgement and expertise. When Skana left the pack, however, their relationship ceased.
  • Ciellen Loreath was found by Skana’s brother, Vepar, and served as her mentor for a very brief period of time after she had joined Anathema. He renewed her thirst to continue her mother’s work as a medic, and taught her valuable tricks and lessons in the field that paved the way into Skana becoming as good of a medic as she is.
  • Kentaro Lykoi was Skana’s previous leader when she was a member of Anathema. She saw him as protective of his own, and did not see the cruelty in his heart like many other older members saw. Her trust in his judgement was shaken though with the attack and destruction of New Dawn, and thus leading to her eventual departure from the pack.
  • Judas Poer de Aika XIII attacked and scarred Skana both physically and mentally when she was still a loner adventuring the Nova Scotia countryside in search for her brother. Judas broke her of her previously trusting and friendly nature, and was the cause of her further graduation into adulthood. He is also the root of her dislike for red eyes and shady or manipulative individuals

Minor Relations

3.  Skills and Inventory

3.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Originally taught out of necessity for survival, her older brother, Vepar Creo, was Skana’s mentor in teaching her how to fight. The basis for everything she knows stems from his teachings. Currently, she maintains her skills through sparing with Vepar, Sully, or Malus, or by practicing on her own.
  • Feral Fighter (Master): Gained from the siblings’ nomadic lifestyle, Skana grew up knowing very little of any other method of fighting. This has become her go-to style when in a pinch. Skana is quick, agile, and very confident with fighting with tooth, claw, and body. Most effective in her four-legged forms, Skana may resort to this dirty mode of fighting if she’s backed into a corner.
  • Tactician and Ambush (Journeyman): Vepar always taught her to think, to watch, and learn her target. Skana’s watchful gaze and quick-mind allows her to calculate plans of action, making her an effective fighter. She makes great use of her environment to her advantage, and is not above exploiting a known weakness. Dirty tricks are also a viable option when necessary.
  • Skana is quick and light on her feet, and has a great deal of endurance thanks to the siblings’ constant traveling and running in their early days. She can kick up a speed surprising for her size, allowing her to match pace with her target. However, her size makes it harder for her to turn on a dime like a smaller canine can; and slowing down once reaching max speed takes longer as well. You run into enough trees though, and you just learn to brush it off.
  • While Skana fights very well with her body, she’s not very good at it in her optime form. It’s more of a raw, unrefined fighting style, but, it has potential if honed. She is disastrous with weapons of any sort other than using them like a newbie to the trade. She may grasp the concept of weapons, but she’d much rather give someone a nice punch to the jaw than swinging a bladed weapon at them. It’s just not as satisfying.


  • Education and Learning: Yet another vital skill garnered from her brother, and some, from her mother. There were times that Skana would have to be left alone, and she would have to fend for herself until her mother or brother returned. Others, her brother taught her for simple survival, and, should they ever become separated, that she’d be able to function without him. Others were self-taught out of trial and error and observation; and done mostly out of a need to curve boredom.
  • Stealth (Master): Learned from Skana’s early days of having to hide herself while her guardians went in search of food, Skana has learned to hide herself (climbing trees, making use of her environment), her presence (footprints, careful treading, misleading signs), and her scent (rolling around in a dead carcass, scat) well in order to not be found by those not actively looking for her. Her patience aids in this, allowing her to lay in wait for the most opportune moment. She enjoys using this skill most on ambushing foolish prey and attempting to sneak up on her brother.
  • Hunting (Master): As two lone wolves, Skana had to pull her weight in the hunt during the siblings’ nomadic days. She’s capable of taking down a variety of prey, both large and small, thanks to her confidence in all three forms. However, her preference for hunting lies in her lupus form, leaving her to be the quickest and most sure-footed.
  • Tracking and Scouting (Master): Taught by her brother, Skana learned from the best. She has a natural good sense of navigation, so she is rarely ever lost. She can traverse the land light or dark, comfortable in either atmosphere. She’s very observant and has a great nose, which has thus allowed her to generally follow anything she puts her mind to.
  • Trapping (Apprentice): A skill gained from her own boredom, Skana first learned of the method on the siblings’ travels when they came across a snare. She has since tried out different ways to catch otherwise difficult prey. She loves to see her traps work successfully, and feels pride in outsmarting her prey.
  • Though very good at hiding herself, nothing can beat someone’s sixth sense. Also, her larger size makes it difficult for her to hide herself quickly at a moment’s notice. Her large form also takes more time and consideration in how conceal her presence; you can’t just throw a bear behind a bush and expect it to be hidden. Her lighter fur may also be harder to hide in the darker hours if she does not cover it in something.
  • Her larger size makes it difficult for her to take the break-neck turns her prey may take, and makes it near impossible for her to follow if it goes into a place she is too massive to follow. Because of this, she uses small game more for the thrill than to actually hunt to kill. She much prefers larger prey, particularly elk or deer, finding enjoyment in the hunt of outsmarting these more majestic animals. As good of a hunter she may be, Skana has little to no knowledge in how to properly preserve food.
  • Because she is mostly self-taught, Skana could still learn a thing or two with using a greater variety of types of traps that would better suit the prey she’s pursuing. She has a limited knowledge of what kinds of things she can do to ensnare her target, and could benefit from having this book of tricks expanded.


  • Education and Learning: Originally just a curiosity, Skana has taken to the healing arts thanks to her mother, Naama. After their departure from one another, Skana continued to expand her knowledge in order to help her brother in their journeys north to Nova Scotia. Ciellen Loreath and Bridget Rhiannon have helped broaden her simple understanding of the art of medicine. Skana has since read books, traded medicinal knowledge with others, and has experimented on lesser creatures to increase her knowledge of herbs and medicinal practices.
  • Balms and Ointments (Master): She can create salves that can help soothe skin conditions such as burns, rashes, blisters and sores, amongst other things.
  • Medic (Master): Skana has made a patch job or two, and can sew up an open wound if needed. She’s used thread and sharpened, tiny bones, needles, and metals in the past to help close up an open wound, and knows that alcohol can help sterilize a wound. She also knows how to dress a wound as well, as well as knowledge of changing bandages and keeping the wound clean and dry will help prevent infection.
  • Remedies (Master): Skana can prepare remedies and potions to help ease temporary aches, such as that of the stomach, head, digestion, and general body pain. Knowledge of cures for poisons is something she actively seeks out.
  • Poison (Journeyman): A new and recent fascination brought about by Bridget. Skana has used various animals (mostly rats) to test out the toxicity of herbs and mixtures. Her interest is less sinister than most, as she simply wants to learn the effects and symptoms of the poisoning so that she can better react and treat her comrades.
  • Psychiatric (Apprentice): Not as skilled as her more hands-on work, Skana has made surprising progress in this field. Coined during her time in Anathema, she has become skilled in talking individuals through their problems and offering advice for how they can fix it. She is not an expert by any means, but her willingness to listen and her patience has allowed her to be a good candidate for one to vent and seek advice from.
  • Skana is knowledgeable in her field of study, but can always learn from others. Practice makes perfect, and to avoid making a crucial mistake on another Luperci, Skana has found using animals (rodents in particular) for experimental remedies, balms, and poisons. Because of the nature of this work, many may find her actions heartless and cruel in comparison to her normally compassionate and generally kind demeanor.
  • Bone setting is not Skana’s strong suit, as she has little to no actual experience with using this skill.


  • Education and Learning: Naama taught Skana how to read at a very young age. She has maintained this skill throughout her journeys, and it has actually saved her life in a number of instances.
  • Reading (Journeyman): She has about an average reading-level, above-average when compared to many of her canine counterparts though. She can easily read and understand most common words and letters, though, more complex languages and vocabulary can cause her trouble.
  • Writing (Dabbler): Skana’s writing level is a bit sub-par, however. She can create the letters just fine, and anything she can sound out, she can spell, but, she could not write out a book-worthy paragraph or story on her own though. She has no problem reading story books and whatnot, she simply just doesn’t have the talent for proper grammar and complex sentence writing on her own.

3.2  Inventory


Skana keeps most of her items stowed away in the Creo siblings’ home, but has been known to take a few with her on her travels via her satchel. Most of them are found items, others were garnered for trade of item or labor. She is partial to items that she can see being of practical use to either her, her brother, or her pack. Skana is a generally reasonable trader, but is not one to cross if given a faulty deal.

  • Offering: Medicinal herbs (various), Salves/Ointments/Balms (various), Leathers/Hand-made leather items, Feathers, Jewels and pretty stones
  • Accepting: Medicinal items, books, leathers, glass jars, bladed knives



  • Bandages: white, fair condition, spool
  • Bandages: made from ripped cloth
  • Salves/Ointments/Balms: burns, itching, hair loss (killing mites/ticks), mild numbing
  • Twine/Thread: horse hair, spooled
  • Various herbs (poisonous and healing)
  • Needles


  • Flint stone: two
  • Leather, seal-skin satchel: gifted
  • Various-sized leather deer-skin pouches
  • Brown leather hooded-poncho lined with fur: gifted
  • Wooden bowl: small, medium, large x2 each
  • Simple, wooden plate: small, medium, large


  • Glass jars: various sizes
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Field Guide to BIRDS: flexibound field guide book, cover shows signs of aging, taken from the Blackmoor Castle Library
  • Botany book: edible plant life, aged and missing a few pages, taken from the Blackmoor Castle Library
  • Botany flexibound book: medicinal uses plant life, worn cover and aged, taken from the Blackmoor Castle Library

4.  Residence

  • None, currently. Lives with her husband, brother, and son in an old village in Oud Strand, Netherlands.

Previous Residences:

  • The Estate Room 2F20
Owned previously by Skana’s old mentor, Ciellen Loreath, it was only natural that Skana would choose the large, spacious, second-story room. With windows facing out towards the front of the Estate, the room has a lot of natural light to it. Drapes have been added for additional privacy for the room’s occupants, however. There is little in way of furniture due to its occupants having lived relatively feral lives before coming to Sapient.
Skana and her mate, Sully, have their bed furs on one side of the room while Skana’s brother, Vepar, sleeps in the opposite side. Timbers have been piled for a simple division and sectioning of the room’s occupants. Vepar’s side takes up a noticeably less amount of space than the couple, and is largely bare save for a rack for his weapons and a small table.
One corner is specifically dedicated to Skana and her medicinal work. A small bookshelf filled with various pieces Skana has scavenged from her travels or from the pack library lines a wall on her side of the room. A table and Luperci-made cabinetry are filled with a multitude of herbs in various stages of use, drying, or studying. Her tools and other materials are kept neatly away in a separate, Luperci-made cabinet.
An old, family home built of brick and accented with hand-crafted wood. The residence has been reclaimed by nature, and, living on the outskirts of the division, is somewhat isolated from the other houses. A multitude of different trees, brush, and other forest plants hide the home from plain sight. A small, running stream can be found within a few hundred yards of it.
The house itself is comprised of two stories, with a turret located on its front right corner and a small, roofed porch on its back. The floors throughout the house are mostly wood; areas of new wood can be seen where repairs were made. The windows are mostly intact, either having survived the age of time, or, having been replaced; others that were unsalvageable were turned into shutters to allow open access to the outdoors or for easy come-and-go access for the birds. Overall though, the house is in decent shape for its age, protected from storms and heavy winds by the surrounding forest.
The first floor showcases a living room with a fireplace, a formal dining room (connected to the turret), a dilapidated kitchen, a guest bedroom, and a gutted bathroom. The second floor is where most of the bedrooms may be found, there being three in total. The master bedroom is the largest, and is connected to the turret. There is also a large, open room—presumably once a play or game room—located at the top of the stairs, and from which splits off into the various individual rooms. Two bathrooms also occupied the second floor, but have been gutted, and have been turned into storage areas or areas of roost for the birds.
Within eyesight of the house is a roomy, dug out den beneath a large, sturdy pine tree. Skana dug this out when she became pregnant with her first litter, and occupied it during the children’s first few months of life. Once the children grew older though, the den was used as a “hideout” of sorts for their childhood fantasies and fun.
The birds, Thanos, Peck, Thistle, Thorn, and Bird, roost in the various trees outside of the home or in the house, and often enter through one of the open windows/shutters. On occasion, one might noticed a few skewered animals within range of the house, a macabre habit done by the two shrikes, Thistle and Thorn.
  • The Tower
With the topmost level condemned, tower one only has two habitable floors with a spiral staircase connecting them. The first floor is used mainly as a sitting room while the second level is used as a bedroom, divided more or less equally between Vepar and Skana. The first floor is sparsely furnished and features a small fire pit Vepar constructed out of flat stones. The second level is halfway divided by a makeshift wall of timbers and each side has a pile of fabric and furs that serve as a bed for each sibling.
  • The Cave
A large cave with three extra connecting smaller rooms. The main room functions largely as a meeting and gathering area where a deep depression in the center of the room has been turned into a makeshift fire pit flanked by a handful of log "chairs" and a pile of firewood. The two rooms at the back belong to Vepar and Skana while the room at the front is used for storage. Vepar and Skana's rooms each hold a pile of furs, hides, and sheets for sleeping on.

5.  NPCs





Can be Referenced...

Thanos (Great Horned Owl)

  • Size:
    • Length: 24 in (61 cm)
    • Wingspan: 56 in (142.2 cm)
    • Weight: 5.4 lbs (86 oz; 2.5 kg)
  • Key Features: Typical tufted "horns", "scowl"
  • Coloration: Brown with tawny and white coloring, golden eyes


Skills & Abilities

  • True to his species, Thanos is a silent hunter, and a good one at that. It is rare that he loses anything he sets his sights on, and has been known to vindictively go after the babies of his natural predators/competitors for food
  • This owl is crepuscular, being most active during twilight/dusk; however, he has been known to be active during night time, and to a lesser degree, during peak daylight hours
  • Having lived amongst Luperci since his youth, Thanos capable of broken High-Speech
    • His voice is deep, raspy, and with a slight shriek, making it frightening to anyone not expecting it or unable to see him
  • He has been used for scouting and patrolling purposes, and thanks to his coloration and silent flying, he is ideal for tracking something without being noticed


Since the death of his mate, Thanos’ personality has drastically changed. He is very cynical and distrusting, often doubtful of others and sarcastic in nature. One is given only one chance with him, as he is frustratingly stubborn and unforgivable. First impressions are everything. He is not a creature known for his kindness or mercy outside of the affection he gives to Skana.
With Skana, one is able to see the raptor’s softer side. He is very affectionate to her, treating her almost as if she were another owl. He brings her food and helps her with various tasks. He jokes with her, though, his humor is often quite dark and there are times when it is unclear whether he is being serious or joking. Thanos is highly protective of Skana, and is not above attacking someone if he feels they are a threat to her. As well, Skana is the only person who seems to have any control over him. Thanos will obey those of her immediate family as well, and has shown a protectiveness over her two children.
He is a master at ambush, renowned and feared through the territory’s smaller fauna for his species’ silent ways of killing. He is very intimidating because of his size and deadly talons. Thanos is highly intelligent, having lived with a luperci since his egg days, and is not easily frightened or fooled by their ways like a normal bird might.
He gets into feuds with Peck, and often threatens to eat the smaller bird. He has no intention to follow through with these threats though, simply enjoying the power he has over the grackle.


The owl is a native to the Western Tangles. His parents, royalty of the Great Horned Owls who ruled their particular vast stretch of territory, were companions of a lone, elderly coywolf named Ylva Creed. He was taught High Speech at a very young age, and was raised as a companion to the luperci amongst a flock of other birds and animals. The older woman eventually grew sick, and no amount of herbs or medicines could save her fragile body. The young prince grew to inherit his parents' grand expanse when they became old, and chose to remain close to the dying Ylva in her final days. When the luperci came to pass, his parents followed soon after in their own grief. Thanos ruled his crown with an older, more experienced female named Theoren. She was his queen, his empress, his everything. They had been happy together, and raised many successful offspring.
Thanos lost his crowned jewel though in the vicious, sudden rains that swept and flooded Nova Scotia in the spring of 2015. A powerful wind had knocked a neighboring tree into their home, causing the two birds to panic and take flight from the safety of their nest. Theoren was struck down by a stray branch from the fallen tree. Thanos himself was clipped by the obstacle, and only just managed to come out unscathed. Skana found him and nursed his broken soul and bruised body back to full health. He has since taken to the luperci, and has vowed his service to her for what she did, and for giving his late queen a proper burial.

Peck (Common Grackle)

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Common Grackle
  • Date of Birth: Unknown (>2010)
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Size:
    • Length: 12 in (30.5 cm)
    • Wingspan: 18 in (45.7 cm)
    • Weight: 4 oz (113.4 g)
  • Key Features: Dark violet head, iridescent feathers
  • Coloration: Iridescent brown, white-gold eyes


Skills & Abilities

  • He understands a few key words of High-Speech; he can be given commands if they're simple and straight-forward enough
    • Names : can associate names with individuals/items if given enough exposure
    • Ex. Find/Search, Stay/Go, Give/Get, No/Yes, Bad/Good, Stop, Leave it, etc.
  • Peck has been used for scouting and patrolling, and can lead a Luperci to a location or "warn" them of something dangerous nearby
  • Has been used to help find unique plants, though, if he is not given a specific plant (via visual) to search for, what he finds can vary from useless, to helpful, to harmful


A rather quirky little thing, Peck is often something that brings out a good laugh in anyone. He can be friendly, playful, and affectionate, but, every now and then, something will set him off and he will become a jerk. He likes to puff up his feathers a lot, be it in a defensive display or—as Skana puts it—his cheeky attitude. Like his namesake, Peck has also been known to peck an individual when they do something he doesn’t like…or simply because he feels like it. He likes shiny and brightly colored items, but is relatively cautious around new things. He is a glutton for food, something that led him to become a companion to the Creo siblings. Around Skana, he’s very talkative.
He does not like Thanos, having grown up to be fearful of the predatory bird. His instincts often get the better of him despite having come to understand that the owl won’t hurt him. He is quick to flee if spooked, but, has been known to pester the raptor whenever given the opportunity.


The avian came to be a familiar to Skana through her older brother, Vepar. Vepar had noticed the curious avian constantly shadowing the two around meals. Through some sympathetic handouts and acting calmly around the bird, Vepar had befriended him. The grackle has since become a tag-along of the duo’s travels, and always seems to find them even after a being apart for days, sometimes even weeks or months at a time. Peck is by no means “tame,” as he does and goes where he pleases. But, he does seem to like the siblings though, and has come to see them as an odd sort of extension to his flock. He has been known to try and warn them of potential dangers, and land on them as well. Skana likes Peck, and is secretly happy that her brother took pity on him, particularly because Peck seems to bring out her brother’s softer side.

Thistle (Northern Shrike)

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Northern Shrike
  • Date of Birth: Unknown, suspected 2015
  • Onboard?: No
  • Size:
    • Length: 10 in (25 cm)
    • Wingspan: 15 in (38 cm)
    • Weight: 2.8 oz (79 g)
  • Key Features: Silver, white, and black coloration, black mask, larger size
  • Coloration: Silver with lighter undertones, black beak and feet, mask, and flight feathers, banded belly; dark brown eyes
  • None; not active onboard



Mean, picky, particular, and vindictive, Thistle is not a bird many would want to deal with. She is a proud little thing, as well as very bold in her actions. There is little that will scare Thistle off and not have her coming back for some sort of perceived justice for being wronged. She is very aggressive as well, seen most when she hunts and when she puts her mind to a particular task. She is not a creature that will break at the slightest sign of an obstacle. Curiously, despite her very coarse nature, Thistle does have a soft side towards her mate, Thorn. She loves to be fussed over by him, and finds great pleasure in his acts to appease her. "Decorating" their territory is a favorite hobby of hers.


Thistle and Thorn had ventured to Nova Scotia for the winter, and were eventually found and befriended by Skana in 2016. Thistle took it upon herself to ready the then-pregnant mother for her future "chicks," proceeding to stay with Skana's family and watch over her children in the year that followed. While she and her mate, Thorn, found life very easy living with the family, once spring returned in 2017, inspired by the growth of Skana's pups, the pair decided to head back to their home territory in Northern Canada and raise a brood of their own.

Thorn (Northern Shrike)

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Northern Shrike
  • Date of Birth: Unknown, suspected 2015
  • Onboard?: No
  • Size:
    • Length: 9.3 in (24 cm)
    • Wingspan: 13 in (33 cm)
    • Weight: 2.4 oz (68 g)
  • Key Features: Silver, white, and black coloration, black mask
  • Coloration: Silver with lighter undertones, black beak and feet, mask, and flight feathers, banded belly; dark brown eyes
  • None; not active onboard



Chipper, crafty, and a clown, Thorn is quite a lovable little thing. Many could joke that he might have been a songbird in his past life with how uncharacteristically friendly he is towards others. He enjoys getting love and affection, but, so too, does he enjoy giving it as well. He dotes on his mate, Thistle, and will go out of his way to preen her feathers, shower her with food, and spend countless hours rearranging their "decorations" around the territory to suit her liking. While a rather jolly little bird, Thorn is not a coward. He will viciously (though, to a much lesser degree than Thistle) protect his territory, kills, and Thistle from competitors in the area.


Thistle and Thorn had ventured to Nova Scotia for the winter, and were eventually found and befriended by Skana Creo in 2016. Thistle took it upon herself to ready the then-pregnant mother for her future "chicks," proceeding to stay with Skana's family and watch over her children in the year that followed. While he and his mate, Thistle, found life very easy living with the family, once spring returned in 2017, inspired by the growth of Skana's pups, the pair decided to head back to their home territory in Northern Canada and raise a brood of their own.

Muddy (Draft-type Horse)

  • Gender: Stallion
  • Species: Draft-type horse
  • Date of Birth: Unknown, suspected 2008
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Size:
    • Height: 16 hands (64 in; 163 cm)
    • Weight: 1,400 lbs (635 kg)
  • Key Features: Draft ancestry, feathering, splash coloring
  • Coloration: Chestnut with white splash, brown eyes


Skills & Abilities

  • Rider-trained
  • Ability and experience in pulling carts and moving heavy loads


Even-tempered, calm, and unshakable, Muddy boasts a surprising personality for an intact stallion. He has been around Luperci for nearly all of his life and is rather used to their movements and forms, and, is thus, not easily spooked by them. However, he does maintain some of his natural fear of canines though, and if approached in a certain way while in Lupus/Secui form, Muddy may bolt or attack. Muddy is well known for his willingness to work, and one may even say he enjoys having a "job" to do. He is very good for new riders, and is, unsurprisingly, a very easy horse to work with despite his rather large size. He seems to know his power and size, and it is rare for him to accidentally step on someone.


His full history is not known to Skana, however, she does know that Muddy was an established work animal of Midnight Shores, where Skana was a member. When the pack was disbanded in the winter of 2016, Skana took Muddy with her as her personal mount while many of his stablemates were either given to then-members or given to Casa di Cavalieri or Sapient. He was taken with Skana to Sapient, where he's become more of her daughter's horse than Skana's.

6.  History

Before ‘Souls

The result of an abusive relationship, Skana’s start to life was not one without strife. Her father was a notoriously abusive rogue male by the name of Vidar Creo. Ever the deceiver, he would be the seemingly harmless, conveniently “in the area,” gentlemanly loner. In actuality, if he saw something that he wanted, he took it in whatever manner possible. Females were something that never failed to catch this monster’s ever insatiable, lustful gaze, and Skana’s mother, a beautiful and kind young wolfdog named Naama Laveau, was only one of many that had the misfortune to catch Vidar’s eye.

Vidar had lured Naama and her elderly parents into his poisonous game, and, by night, had killed off her parents and forced her into remaining in his…care. Any attempts of escape were futile against her enslaver. Not only was he strong, but he was persistent, and a talented tracker and hunter. Attempted escape would only assure his upmost wrath, and when she was already abused physically and mentally on a daily basis, it simply wasn’t worth the effort or mental strain. So, unable to escape Vidar’s clutches, it was of no surprise that Naama soon found herself with pups a few months after their regretful meeting. Skana’s older twin brothers, Vepar and Valac, were the first litter Naama bore to Vidar.

Vepar was the only pup of the two to survive though, and, while Vidar tended to kill many of his illegitimate—imperfect—offspring, he saw something in Vepar. Vidar granted Naama the privilege to keep his son, but also regularly took the child away from her. When Vepar had become old enough to leave his mother’s side, Vidar had made sure that it was his company that the boy spent most of his time with. Vepar quickly grew to hate Vidar for who he was and for the abuse he regularly inflicted on Naama. So, when Naama became pregnant once more, Vepar had made every intention to liberate them from their captor.

When the signs of a potentially violent storm began its slow approach on the horizon, Vepar saw his chance. Using his favor with his father to his advantage, Vepar had managed to give his mother and him the break they needed to escape from Vidar’s ever watchful gaze and slip away into the night. The pregnant mother and her son managed to escape Vidar thanks to the storm obscuring any route they may have taken, but they were ever mindful to keep a wary eye over their shoulders. Vidar was not known for giving up, and if he found them, there would be hell to pay. Skana came into the world with her sister, Calypso, not long after Vepar and Naama’s escape, but, unfortunately, Calypso did not live to draw more than a few breaths before passing away.

While Vepar took on the role as the family’s provider and protector, Naama raised Skana as best she could. She tried to teach Skana to be more civilized, something she had wanted to teach Vepar, but never got the chance due to Vidar. Skana’s ever inquisitive, young mind allowed her to absorb the basic, fundamental scribbles her mother scrawled into the dirt, and it wasn’t long before she was taught how to put the words with the basic sounds and words she spoke every day. And, after seeing her mother patch up some of Vepar’s mild wounds, it wasn’t long before little Skana was trying to mimic her there as well. Any attempt at making Skana more modernized stopped there though.

At twelve weeks of age, another great storm like the one that Vepar and Naama had used to escape Vidar separated Skana and Vepar from their mother. The two siblings searched for their mother high and low, but were unable to find any sign of her. Skana was distraught when her brother slowly began to stop looking for their mother, and was at odds with him before he explained to her that they weren’t really giving up. Nova Scotia was their heading, the last place the family had been steadily heading towards before they were separated. Their mother would be at the end of the road. She would be there. She had to.

Vepar took on the added responsibility of raising young Skana, teaching her how to shift, raising her to be self-sufficient, and be able to fight whatever odds Fate threw at them. It was a rough, trying, childhood for Skana, but with her brother at her side, she managed to live through it. She kept up with what little skills her mother had managed to teach her before their untimely departure, ever aware that such seemingly useless abilities could prove useful to them at any point in their travels. When she became old enough to assist him, Skana was eager to become something more than another hungry mouth to feed. The two siblings battled on, and, slowly but surely, they made their way to Nova Scotia. Somewhere in these lands, Skana hopes that they will find their mother.

At ‘Souls

Skana was carried into the new land on the back of her brother, dead-tired from their endless traveling, but refusing to rest. Vepar arranged for the two to be taken in under the care of the Sangi'lak wolves, a peaceful clan, and the first pack the two siblings had ever met in their lifetime. The siblings replenished their health under the protection of the pack, and had their bellies full for the duration of their stay. When the pack was in the proceedings of a great move though, Skana decided to do a bit of adventuring on her own, resulting into the two siblings going their separate ways for the first time.

The young she-wolf met many acquaintances along the way. She met up with the distraught and grief-stricken mother, Tayui Aston, who thought Skana was an enemy wolf to the pack, Vinátta. Skana was able to prove her innocence though, and learned that a villainous individual was preying on innocent children. Moving on, she learned of a woman-exalted culture from the friendly, though submissive, fellow named Hugleikr Silfr. On the search for her brother, Skana learned how to make leather from deerskin from a pleasant loner named Chardonnay Chartreuse, and, even learned the basics of tattooing from the guarded and ritualistic stranger, Leon Bloodmane.

As winter came, Skana took a turn for the worse. Having never been alone for so long, the enjoyment of it had lost its luster. She missed her brother and his company, but with no sign of him anywhere, she had fallen off course. She stumbled upon a sophisticated loner by the name of Judas. He offered her to share his fire during a bad snow storm, and, later, offered to help her find her brother. Desperate and ecstatic to hear this, Skana agreed to help Judas in return, following him to find his friends in Halifax. Unbeknownst to her, it was a trap.

Judas knocked her unconscious before they ever reached the vacant city, and then proceeded to become a living nightmare for the naively trusting Skana. Bound, Skana was in no position to fight her abuser. He marched her to an old abandoned hunting shack, where he continued his curious inquiries. Judas tortured her, slicing open her palms when she didn’t answer his questions or gave him an answer he didn’t like. When she chose to try ignoring him, he cut a chunk out of her right ear as punishment. When Skana chose to take a more violent route, Judas made her quickly change her tune by cutting her deeply just above where her heart would be. Skana eventually passed out from the pain.

When she came to, Judas was nowhere to be found, having left long before she returned to the world of the living. Skana managed to escape her bindings, no longer prevented from such now that her tormentor was gone, and slowly but surely nursed herself back to health. Being a lone wolf though posed its problems, and life was much harder now that she was sporting injuries. Pursuit hunting was out of the question during her early days, and Skana had to resort to using coursing and trapping techniques.

A month after her attack, she was found by her brother, Vepar after a failed hunting attempt. The two siblings discussed their journeys thus far, and Skana tentatively revealed Judas’ attack to him. Vepar recommended she join his pack, Anathema, which she did the following day, meeting Panda Behr and her mate, Venom Trombetta, at the pack’s borders. Her joining gifts were a pair of elk antlers still attached to the mighty animal’s head, as well as a makeshift bag of venison made from the animal’s own hide. Kentaro Lykoi was later called, and accepted Skana into his pack.

Skana has since tried her best to integrate herself into the pack atmosphere, though has been reasonably reluctant to let her guard down after her attack. After letting her settle in a little bit, Vepar gifted Skana with a seal-skin satchel full of medical supplies, and later introduced her to her temporary mentor, Ciellen Loreath. The two worked as apprentice and mentor for a few weeks before Ciellen and Skana split ways.

The silver she-wolf followed her pack as Anathema chose to move south, having become surrounded by their enemies in their old home. She stayed close to her brother’s side after the move, and was reluctant to stray too far from her sense of security.

She began to become more independent of Vepar after attending her first Rast in celebration of Lithia Napier and Tzila Napier’s coming of age. Skana then met Bridget Rhiannon, one of the pack’s few healing-field of study wolves. Their conversation sparked Skana’s desire to pursue the rank of Furcas. She became further acquainted with Lithia, Kentaro and his children, Axelle Napier, Itzal, Nyx, and Lukos. The spring floods of 2015 earned her the companionship of a Great Horned Owl named Thanos, whom she nursed back to health in both the physical and mental sense. Further pack interactions were made with Nyx—who was becoming to be something of a friend to Skana—as well as with Kentaro’s daughter, Evangeline Lykoi.

Skana began to venture more outside of the pack once she became confident in herself once more. She met Veri Secanti and her adopted son during a medicinal run near Casa di Cavalieri, Cahan Leath-Rana, whom she found gravely injured during an exploration expedition, the familiar face of Chardonnay Chartreuse while exploring near Rabbit Lake, was saved by an exotic and slightly crazy coyjack named Daeva Lykoi, and was accosted by a curious and devious coyote called Liir Altav only days after the event with the first Infernian, Daeva.

When her brother found out of her recent adventures, and how close Skana had become to becoming a victim once again, he temporarily banned her from leaving the pack without another Anatheman with her. Skana was reasonably outraged by the loss of her freedom, but heeded to the older sibling’s request. She attended a social party headed by Lukos and Nyx, and adventured Yarmouth with Theron Caine.

In July of 2015, Kentaro called for the group of loners that had been on-and-off again harassing Anathema to be captured. Skana and Vepar participated in their seizure, but were reluctant to participate in the events that followed. Kentaro saw to use the five rogues for amusement purposes, and allowed members of Anathema to fight them in an arena fight in the amphitheater. Skana held the prisoners of little regard out of loyalty to her pack, but, generally felt pity on them for their situation. She became close with the rogue group’s leader, Malus Reinhart, and saw to save him from death and possible maltreatment by one of her peers. She volunteered to fight him in an arena fight, and won, claiming him as a personal slave. Skana nursed the loner back to health, and the two became more comfortable with one another as their time together increased. While her brother, Vepar, did not approve or like the slave, he did allow Skana to keep him, if only for her opinions on the Reinhart.

Shortly after the Summer Solstice festival, Skana ventured out to replenish Anathema’s reserves, only to find herself helping out a handicapped male named Jehan de L'Or and his undisciplined ward, Clover. Skana clinical skills were also extended to fellow packmate, Axelle, who needed assistance in overcoming a traumatic experience. The encounter led to Skana pursuing the Psychiatra co-rank.

August of 2015 brought about a war that the silver Creo wished she had never been a part of. When a member of Anathema was allegedly said to be in trouble, the pack took rash actions to come to her aide. Believing it a just cause—although lacking in information and details—Skana and Malus were part of the group that set out to recover Pride Tormenta. In the end, Skana found herself forced to fight a frightened teen, Marius Damaichu. The aftermath led to the destruction of the feral pack, New Dawn. The unnecessary conflict caused Skana to question Anathema, its morals, and its leadership. Since her joining of the pack, it was the first time Skana was conflicted with her loyalty to Anathema.

Upon returning to the safety of the pack territory, Skana found herself restless and strove for a distraction. She convinced Vepar to explore the Ethereal Eclipse with her, and was reunited with Daeva. Days later, Skana offered her assistance and expertise to the promising prince, Greed Lykoi, and took the boy out on a hunt with her. She and Vepar later attended the royal children’s Rast, to which further put a rift in Skana’s conflicting feelings about Anathama.

The mysterious and unexplained disappearance of pack member, Itzal, in September of 2015 took a heavy toll on the pack, and, after a little over a month of looking, the search was called off. Skana felt the guilt of her past actions against New Dawn and her latest inadequacy in finding their missing pack member to be too great, and expressed to her brother, Vepar, that she agreed that they should leave Anathema. She freed her slave, Malus, the night before the siblings left. They left quietly and without a goodbye in early-November of 2015, not wanting to cause a scene, and told only Axelle of their departure.

Vepar’s friend, Sully joined them as they traveled north in search of a new place to call “home.” Malus found the group not long after his departure from Anathema, and asked to be able to join them on their journeys. Initially denied by Vepar, Skana convinced her brother, and the ex-slave became part of their misfit, traveling party. Along the way, they bumped into the Infernian, Daeva, once again, and were helped by Akantha Amaranthe, who temporarily housed the party within Sapient in a show of hospitality. Skana, individually, met an ex-New Dawner, Callum Knight and an injured coyote named Gabriel.

Sully, eventually, was able to steer the group in the direction of Midnight Shores, where they were later accepted as members in late-November of 2015 by Esmeralda Collins. Sully and Skana’s relationship grew rapidly from the group’s almost three weeks of constant travel with one another, and the thereafter continued proximity to one another once they were accepted into Midnight Shores.

Despite knowing the pack’s rocky relationship with Anathema, Skana did her best to prove her and her brother’s standing with them, and met and befriended fellow new members, Rowtag and Bear. Skana made multiple trips back to the mainland, reuniting with Evangeline Lykoi and her ex-slave, Briston, on one such occasion.

Skana’s work ethic and activity within the pack earned her a promotion from Pollux to Cepheus.

2016 - 2018
See Timeline.

6.1  Timeline

Year 2013

  • September: After nearly a year and a half of traveling, Skana and her brother, Vepar Creo, finally make it to Nova Scotia. The siblings briefly stay with the nomadic pack, Sangi'lak, before deciding to move on. Skana had a brief and tense encounter with Tayui Aston when she wandered off from the busy Sangi'lak wolves.
  • October: Skana and her brother split ways, deciding to adventure their new home on their own.
  • November: Skana searches the countryside for her brother, running into an oddly polite silver-furred loner named Hugleikr Silfr. She also met a hybrid, Chardonnay Chartreuse, who taught her the basics of how to make leather from deer hide.
  • December: Still in search of her brother's whereabouts, Skana accidentally stumbles upon a wolf named Leon Bloodmane, who is performing a strange ritual; he teaches her about tattooing.

Year 2014

  • January: Skana finds herself wandering through a snow storm in her stubbornness to stop her search for Vepar. A seemingly kind wolf named Judas Poer de Aika XIII offers her the comfort of his fire, and lures Skana into a dangerous encounter that makes her change her optimistic view on life.
  • February: Having nearly given up hope on finding her brother and suffering from the poor decisions of her last encounter with a stranger, Skana attempts to do some hunting, only to have Vepar appear out of nowhere. After a lengthy talking-to, Vepar convinces Skana to join Anathema.
  • March: Vepar gifts Skana a satchel full of healing supplies and brings its previous owner, Ciellen Loreath, to teach her as much as he can about the healing arts. Ciellen Loreath and Skana’s apprenticeship ends when Ciellen feels it is time for him to move on. Skana spends the rest of her days trying to integrate herself more with the pack and become more involved, though, she is reasonably hesitant with allowing herself to trust others.
  • April - November: Skana secludes herself from the rest of the pack for the most part, still not accustomed to the pack lifestyle or trusting of its members to not hurt her. She follows her brother when the pack decides to move south.
  • December: Now in new territory, Skana spends most of her time exploring and collecting medicinal items when not accompanying her brother. She has gotten better with trusting her packmates, but finds herself reluctant to seek any out for social interaction.

Year 2015

  • January: Skana attends her first Rast.
  • February: Encounter with Bridget Rhiannon sparks Skana’s interest in the medical tier. Interacts with various pack members, and even attends a pack hunt.
  • March: Earns the beginner medical-discipline rank, Furcas. Survives the heavy flooding caused by the storms, and earns the companionship of Thanos, a Great Horned Owl, after she rescues him and treats his injuries of both body and heart. She further integrates herself with her pack.
  • April: Begins to take her travels outside of Anathema for the first time, meeting members of Casa di Cavalieri. She also pup-sits the young, Evangeline Lykoi.
  • May: Further travels outside the pack, meeting Midnighter, Cahan Leath-Rana, and becoming reacquainted with Chardonnay Chartreuse.
  • June: More explorations outside of Anathema borders. She runs into two Infernian, the playful Daeva Lykoi and the deceitful Liir Altav. She also attends a social gathering, and explores Yarmouth with Theron Caine.
  • July: Participates in the capture of five loners that were harassing Anathema, and the eventual fighting tournament in which these loners were put on for display. Skana volunteers to fight the group’s leader Malus Reinhart after unknowingly bonding with the rogue, and saves him a cruel death by claiming him to be her slave. After the festival, Skana meets the vagabond Jehan de L'Or and his young companion, Clover.
  • August: Skana helps calm Axelle Napier from a mental meltdown, thus sparking interest in the Psychiatra co-rank. She also participates in the hasty war against New Dawn, and is riddled with guilt when she realizes Anathema’s mission was not to retrieve a “captured” packmate as she had been told, but to destroy the feral pack entirely. She is left with unsettling feelings and is greatly ashamed by her participation—unwilling or not.
  • September - October: Tries to distract herself from the previous month’s events by traveling outside the territory—where she meets an old acquaintance—and helping the young prince, Greed Lykoi. She attends her second Rast, but instead of feeling proud, has uneasy feelings by the next generation’s chosen adornments and how they came to obtain them. Pack member, Itzal goes missing, which leads to a month-long manhunt. Skana does her best to consult a distraught Axelle, but, when there is less evidence with each passing day, it becomes clear that Itzal will not be found. Earns the lieutenant medical-rank, Volac.
  • November: Skana finally agrees with her brother that they should leave Anathema. After freeing Malus from his indentured life, Skana and Vepar decide to leave quietly on their own, informing only their close friend and leader, Axelle, of their departure. They traverse the Nova Scotia wilderness with friend, Sully, and are later re-joined by the freed Malus. They meet a variety of faces both new and old before finally finding themselves on Midnight Shores’ doorstep, where they are accepted by Esmeralda Collins as members. She was given the rank of Pollux.
  • December: In attempt to promote good feelings in her new pack, Skana tried to interact with her new packmates. She made multiple trips back to the mainland to help bolster Midnight Shore’s medical supplies, and met an old acquaintance from Anathema. Her hard work and effort earned her a promotion to Cepheus.

Year 2016

  • January: She is very active with the pack, from improving her home to chasing off trespassers from its borders. Skana also acts as a host for a guest from Sapient, as well as helped a packmate deliver goods to Casa di Cavalieri. She runs into some old acquaintances and met a Vináttan. Early in the month, acting on their feelings for one another, she becomes pregnant by Sully.
  • February: In the final weeks of her pregnancy, Skana stays on the island in her Lupus form. Restless, she does what she can in her heavily pregnant condition without endangering herself or her unborn children. She meets and befriends two shrikes, Thistle and Thorn.
  • March: Skana gives birth to her first litter, bringing forth Saleos and Asura into the world. She mostly keeps to her whelping den, not wanting to leave her children’s side during their early stages of life. Elsie Hennamin gifts the new mother with a blanket for the little ones. Skana’s continued activity and effort in the pack in the previous months gained her a promotion to Spica.
  • April: A Red Star causes great destruction in the land. Skana leaves with a group of Midnighters to help the pack’s ally, Casa di Cavalieri, recover from the massive damage they received. Sully asks her to be his mate.
  • May: Skana helps with hosting Sapient members during their stay on Prince Edward Island when they join the Midnighters in rounding up wild horses. Her help and pack involvement earn her the promotion to Cygnus.
  • June - August: With her continued involvement and reliability with the pack, Skana is asked to go to the diplomacy summit being held by Casa di Cavalieri. During the course of the month, she meets an old friend, Axelle Napier, and begins teaching Asura about the arts of medicine. Skana continues to be active within the pack, and helps greet several newcomers.
  • September: Her efforts within the pack promote her to Polaris.
  • October: Skana leads the Midnighters in a group activity of making wine out of fruit found in an abandoned vineyard. She also helps take stock of inventory and discovers the truth behind a macabre mystery. She is promoted to Procyon for her continued work with the pack.
  • November: Skana assists Trident Collins in a trade deal with Sapient, and talks out possibilities with Anathema’s Evangeline Lykoi. She also spearheads a pack hunt on a bull moose. She is promoted to the advisory position, Antares, and is left in control of the pack when leaders, Skye Collins and Esmeralda Collins, leave to bury their loved one. When their escort party failed to return, Skana sent out search parties.
  • December: With the escort party unable to be found, Skana makes the hard decision to disband the pack. She escorts half of the communal animals down to the Midnight Shores’ ally, Casa di Cavalieri, before making her way back north to join Sapient with her family. Not long after joining, Skana’s medical skills are called upon to aid the Nivosus’ daughter after a freak accident to her eye.

Year 2017

  • January: Skana helps protect her new home from a group of vengeful loners. During the final fight, she is saved by Krokaran Nikolas McCreery, costing him his life. She is promoted to Sodalis after the tension dies down.
  • February - March: Skana tends to those affected by the conflict and keeps mostly to herself as she and her family adjust to their new home.
  • April: A strange illness befalls the pack and Skana helps ensure that their losses are minimal.
  • May: After a long and rough two years, Skana decides to take an early retirement, and delves more into her medical studies and focusing on teaching her daughter, Asura.
  • June - December: Skana continues to mentor her daughter in her medical studies. She plays a largely inactive role during the Breadcrumb Drug Cartel Conflict.

Year 2018

  • January - July: As her daughter grows older and more confident with her skills, Skana’s lessons are lessened, though, she still tutors and teaches her daughter. She spends more of her time enjoying life and the thought of “retirement” with her husband. This all changes when the pack ends up disbanding in July.
  • August: Skana and the family help Asura shepherd the pack’s remaining communal animals to Krokar. While Asura escorts a few others to various other packs in the realm, Skana stays with her family to decide where to go next.
  • September: The family decides to travel to Sully’s homeland in Oud Strand, Netherlands. With a heavy heart, Skana reluctantly accepts Asura’s desire to stay behind, and she and the rest of the family make their way to Portland.

6.2  Threads


  1. In the Wake of the World's End (2013 Sept) (Unfinished)
    Saint Croix Highlands, with Vepar Creo
    Skana and her older brother, Vepar, take their first steps into Nova Scotia as a storm approaches.
  2. Opened the Cage Door (2013 Sept) (Unfinished)
    Mount Oromocto (Sangi’Lak), with Sequoia Exultare
    Waking up for the first time since Vepar gained refuge for the sibling pair, Skana finds herself in the company of complete strangers without her older brother for the first time.
  3. In the Eye of the Beholder (2013 Sept) (Unfinished)
    Wabanaki Coast, with Tayui Aston
    Not wanting to be a burden to the busy Sangi’lak pack, Skana sets out and finds herself on the northwestern border of Vinátta.
  4. What’s that, you say? (2013 Sept) (Mutual Dropped)
    Dampwoods, with Artemisia Eternity
    While her brother is off hunting, Skana wanders off to do some more exploring of the Nova Scotia landscape.
  1. Make Me Wonder (2013 Nov) (Dropped)
    Isthmus of Chignecto (New Dawn), with Hartt Attaya
    Skana finds herself at the boundary of yet another pack, curious, she waits.
  2. How does this work again? (2013 Nov) (Unfinished)
    Dampwoods, with Hugleikr Silfr
    Trying to find a way to prove herself for Anathema, Skana tries to catch a deer, only to lose it and be found by another silver wolf.
  3. Busy as a Bee (2013 Nov) (Unfinished)
    Musquodoboit Valley, with Chardonnay Chartreuse
    Still on the hunt for self-worth, Skana finds a stranger doing the oddest thing with deerskin.
  4. Bone and Canvas (2013 Dec) (Unfinished)
    Dampwoods (Close to Inferni southern border), with Leon Bloodmane
    Wandering during the night, Skana finds herself a witness of a peculiar ritual.


  1. [M] They Call Me a Demon (2014 Jan) (Unfinished)
    Arachnea's Revenge, with Judas Poer de Aika XIII
    Still in search of her brother, Skana finds herself stuck out in a snow storm and finds the most unlikely company.
  2. Lend Me Your Ear (2014 Feb) (Unfinished)
    Dampwoods, with Vepar Creo
    Having nearly given up hope on finding her brother, Skana tries her experience in hunting, and is found by the someone she least expected.
  3. Another Stray Dog at the Door (2014 Feb)
    Anathema Border, with Panda Behr, Venom Trombetta, Kentaro Lykoi
    Skana takes a step towards commitment, and tries to join her brother's pack.
  4. The Past is in The Past (2014 Feb) (Unfinished)
    HowlingCaverns, with Vepar Creo
    Vepar Creo tells Skana to meet him at the caverns, but doesn't tell her of the surprise he has in store.
  1. Teach Me to Play (2014 Mar) (Dropped)
    ThackaryVillage, with Fenrir Lupercus
    Deciding to explore her new home, Skana pays a visit to Thackary Village.
  2. Oh, by the way, there's a hole there (2014 Jun) (Dropped)
    Anathema, with Bear Grylls
    Skana falls down a trench in which she can't get out.
  3. Let's Repurpose Those (2014 Jun) (Dropped)
    SeabreezeBrink, with Kali De Le Poer
    Frustrated with her lack of fighting ability in her optime form, Skana tries to find out what she is good at.
  4. NPC (Vepar) Is it worth the journey or do I let my heart settle here (15 Nov)
    Anathema, with Anathema.
    The Creo siblings attend a meeting about the pack’s future residence.



  1. NPC (Vepar) An echo from another time, another place (07 Jan)
    Blackmoor Castle (Grand Hall), with Anathema.
    Skana attends Tzila and Lithia’s Rast with her brother, Vepar. They gift the two Napier girls with twin, gold snake bangles.


  1. Could there be another sign. (11 Feb)
    Blackmoor Castle (Library), with Bridget Rhiannon.
    Bridget teaches Skana more about medicinal herbs as she prepares for her garden to be planted in the spring.
  2. I really wish these snakes were your arms (20 Feb)
    Blackmoor Castle (Grand Hall), with Lithia Napier.
    Lithia is testing her skills with her tarot card deck and Skana decides to see what the cards have in store for her.
  3. Snow Day (21 Feb) (Unfinished)
    Blackmoor Castle, with Kentaro Lykoi and his children.
    On a nice winter day, Skana decides to play in the snow and ends up meeting the new princes and princesses of Anathema.
  4. Blood Moon Rising (25 Feb) (Unfinished)
    Vapor Sound, with Anathema
    Marbas Nyx calls for a pack hunt to restore Anathema’s shortening supplies; Skana joins the hunt.

MARCH 2015

  1. Caste a curse upon us (02 Mar)
    Blackmoor Castle, with Anathema and aNPC Vepar.
    Angelo Kentaro calls for a pack meeting to discuss the rains in their new territory.
  2. (RO) My heart bleeds for your wounded soul (09 Mar)
    Anathema (Oak Wood), with Thanos (NPCs) and aNPC Vepar.
    A sixth sense makes Skana brave the heavy winds and storm of the March storms that have claimed Nova Scotia.
  3. Ashes in my mouth (22 Mar)
    Blackmoor Castle (Courtyard), with Anathema.
    With the start of the spring, Bridget calls the pack to help build the pack’s new garden.
  4. We Won’t be Needing Blades for This (29 Mar) (Unfinished)
    Blackmoor Castle (Training Grounds), with Nyx.
    Nyx and Skana decide to go back to their roots and spar in their most basic form: lupus.

APRIL 2015

  1. Over the river and through the woods (05 Apr) (Unfinished)
    Ethereal Eclipse, with Veri Secanti with yNPC Damon.
    Searching for additional herbs to add to the pack’s garden, Skana heads north and finds unlikely company in two Casa di Cavalieri members.
  2. Speak no Evil (13 Apr) (Unfinished)
    Blackmoor Castle (Chapel), with Evangeline Lykoi and cNPC Innya.
    Skana is put in charge of a unwilling Evangeline when Innya needs some time alone.

MAY 2015

  1. I came out of the woods by choice (19 May) (Unfinished)
    Fellmoor Swamp, with Cahan Leath-Rana.
    Exploring the territory northeast of the pack’s territory, Skana comes across a lone, wounded stranger in need of help.
  2. The Most Powerful of Nature's Gifts (21 May) (Unfinished)
    Rabbit Lake, with Chardonnay Chartreuse.
    Skana finds a familiar face in the form of a certain leather-making hybrid.
  3. If I can learn to do it, you can learn to do it (29 May) (Dropped)
    Anathema (Oak Wood), with Lust Lykoi.
    Fulfilling her duty as a Furcas, Skana takes the young princess, Lust, out for a hunting lesson.

JUNE 2015

  1. [M] All will pay their dues (05 Jun) (Unfinished)
    Ethereal Eclipse, with Daeva Lykoi.
    Alone, in pain, and in need of help, Skana finds herself indebt to an Inferni hybrid, Daeva Lykoi.
  2. Choked on my own misfortune (08 Jun)
    Ethereal Eclipse, with Liir Altav.
    Trying to waste some time before her return to Anathema, Skana finds herself attracting unwanted attention.
  3. It’s too bright (14 Jun)
    Blackmoor Castle, with Anathema.
    Lukos and Nyx host a social party, and Skana attends.
  4. I’ve got gadgets and gizmos of plenty (13 Jun)
    Yarmouth, with Theron Caine.
    Skana found a tour brochure of Yarmouth and is curious; she asks Theron to accompany her in the adventure.

JULY 2015

  1. Sing it for the world (01 Jul)
    Anathema, with Anathema.
    Nyx lets up a mournful howl, and Skana lets her know she’s not alone.
  2. And they let fire rain down (05 Jul) (Unfinished)
    Midsummer Nightmare Conflict
    Anathema, with aNPC Vepar Creo, Kentaro Lykoi, Nyx, Theron Caine, Lukos.
    Having had enough of their harassment, Kentaro rounds up a group of fighters to remove the loners at their borders.
  3. (RO) You only shake the shackles that I bear (06 Jul)
    Midsummer Nightmare Conflict
    Blackmoor Castle (Dungeons), with MN loners, pNPC Gideon, cNPC Malus Reinhart.
    Skana pays a late-night visit to the band of loners for medical reasons, but ends up wishing she hadn’t.
  4. Play our game and see if you win (06 Jul)
    Midsummer Nightmare Conflict
    Blackmoor Castle (Amphitheater), with aNPC Vepar Creo, Anathema.
    The first round of fights in the amphitheater, Skana goes to support her packmates.
  5. I need an ear to listen, and a shoulder to lean on (06 Jul) (Unfinished)
    Midsummer Nightmare Conflict
    Blackmoor Castle, with Nyx.
    After the fights, Nyx pays the Furcas a visit, and the two discuss the day’s events as Skana tends to her battle wounds.
  6. Can you set freedom in play (07 Jul)
    Midsummer Nightmare Conflict
    Blackmoor Castle (Amphitheater), with aNPC Vepar Creo, Anathema.
    The second round of fights begins.
  7. (RO) [M] Why can’t you see (07 Jul)
    Midsummer Nightmare Conflict
    Blackmoor Castle (Dungeons), with cNPC Malus Reinhart, pNPC Gideon.
    Skana pays to visit to Malus one last time before his fight; she tries to figure out excuses to keep him alive in her mind.

JULY 2015 – CONT.

  1. And all that oppose shall fall (08 Jul)
    Midsummer Nightmare Conflict
    Blackmoor Castle (Dungeons), with cNPC Malus Reinhart, aNPC Vepar Creo, Anathema.
    In the final day of the fights, Skana faces off against the prisoner, Malus.
  2. And they say to our enemies death is too kind (11 Jul) (Unfinished)
    Midsummer Nightmare Conflict
    Blackmoor Castle (Amphitheater), with cNPC Malus Reinhart, Anathema.
    In the aftermath of the amphitheater fights, the pack celebrates the Summer Solstice with a large bonfire.
  3. [M] The road to nowhere leads to me (17 Jul)
    Highway 103, with Jehan de L'Or, yNPC Clover.
    Skana is out collecting herbs in the aftermath of the fights, and comes across a potty-mouth pup and her one-armed companion.


  1. It brings my knees to the earth (01 Aug)
    Vapor Sound, with Axelle Napier, cNPC Malus Reinhart.
    Skana and Malus are wandering the marshes when they come across a distressed Axelle.
  2. How loud are the drums of war (02 Aug) (Dropped)
    Anathema-New Dawn Conflict
    Blackmoor Castle (Library), with Bridget Rhiannon, cNPC Malus Reinhart.
    In the wake of the on-coming war against New Dawn, Skana pays a visit to Bridget to ensure she has the necessary medical supplies.
  3. Cause I’m losing my sight, losing my mind (12 Aug) (Unfinished)
    Anathema-New Dawn Conflict
    Howling Caverns (Old AT Territory), with Anathema, cNPC Malus Reinhart.
    The trek to rescue Pride Tormenta begins. Skana and Malus travel with Axelle and Azalea to the pack’s checkpoint before they begin their attack on New Dawn.
  4. Nightmares aren’t only in your dreams (15 Aug)
    Anathema-New Dawn Conflict
    New Dawn, with Anathema, New Dawn.
    Axelle’s group charges the borders and secures Anathema safe passage into enemy territory in an ambush attack on their den in the middle of the night.
  5. [M] There’s a storm starting now (15 Aug) (Unfinished)
    Anathema-New Dawn Conflict
    New Dawn, with Axelle Napier, Veyra Damaichu, Marius Damaichu, Leigh Madresju, pNPC Azalea de la Cyra, cNPC Malus Reinhart.
    Following Axelle into battle, Skana and Malus attack three New Dawners in their attempt to flee.


  1. Get back to the disaster (01 Sep) (Unfinished)
    Ethereal Eclipse, with Daeva Lykoi, aNPC Vepar Creo.
    In hopes of bringing her brother out of his antisocial funk, Skana persuades him to accompany her outside of Anathema territory, where Skana meets a familiar coyjack.
  2. Can’t stop, coming in hot (10 Sep) (Unfinished)
    Anathema, with Greed Lykoi.
    Skana helps Green prepare for his Rast by taking him hunting.
  3. For the Rast of your life (13 Sep)
    Anathema, with Anathema, aNPC Vepar Creo.
    Kentaro’s children finally have their Rast, and the Creo siblings have mixed feelings about the next generation of royalty.
  4. Come sail with me (29 Sep)
    Missing Member
    Blackmoor Castle (Grand Hall), with Anathema, aNPC Vepar Creo.
    Axelle Napier holds an emergency pack meeting, revealing that Itzal has gone missing.
  5. No Stone Unturned (30 Sep – 04 Oct)
    Missing Member
    Seabreeze Brink, with aNPC Vepar Creo, cNPC Malus Reinhart.
    Vepar leads a group through Seabreeze Brink in search of Itzal, but the missing Marbas remains unfound.


  1. Let's drink with our weapons in our hands (12 Oct)
    Missing Member
    Blackmoor Castle (Axelle’s Room), with Axelle Napier.
    Axelle believes Casa di Cavalieri had something to do with Itzal’s disappearance, Skana calms the Atheed from doing something rash.
  2. Black and red and slightly green (31 Oct) (Unfinished)
    Blackmoor Castle (Grand Hall), with Anathema.
    Kentaro Lykoi hosts a Halloween Party in hopes of raising the pack’s spirit in light of their failure to find Itzal; he also uses the party to announce recent rank promotions.


  1. Goodbye may seem forever (05 Nov)
    Western Tangles (Anatheman Border), with Axelle Napier, aNPC Vepar Creo.
    The siblings finally make up their mind and decide to leave Anathema, but, not without telling a leader and their friend, Axelle, first.
  2. Sitting at this table wondering, friend or foe? (06 Nov) (Unfinished)
    Arachnea's Revenge, with Callum Knight.
    While the boys are out hunting, Skana watches over their temporary camp, only to be found by an ex-New Dawner.
  3. Mission Top Secret, destination unknown (07 Nov) (Unfinished)
    Near Halcyon Mountains, with Daeva Lykoi, aNPC Vepar Creo. cNPC Sully, cNPC Malus Reinhart
    The group meet up with a familiar face.
  4. There's a light in the hallway (09 Nov)
    Miramichi Wilderness, with Akantha Amaranthe , aNPC Vepar Creo, cNPC Sully, cNPC Malus Reinhart.
    Still searching for a new place to call home, they meet up with a pretty Sapient, who offers them shelter.
  5. I only wish that I could hear you whisper down (10 Nov)
    Black River Reserve, with Marlowe de le Poer.
    While the boys paid off their debt to Sapient for their hospitality, Skana wanders off to gather more medical remedies, only to find an injured coyote, who—unbeknownst to her—is the Infernian banished for leading the unauthorized, final attack during the clan’s recent war.
  6. Judge us not by the sins of our predecessors (22 Nov)
    Prince Edward Island (Midnight Shores borders), with Esmeralda Collins, aNPC Vepar Creo, cNPC Sully, cNPC Malus Reinhart.
    Sully manages to finally convince the group to join Midnight Shores, and Esmeralda greets them at the docks.


  1. Time well spent (8 Dec) (Unfinished)
    Dampwoods (old Anathema territory), with Evangeline Lykoi, cNPC Briston, cNPC Malus Reinhart.
    During a trip on the mainland, Skana and Malus run into some old packmates.
  2. Footprints in a New World (11 Dec) (Unfinished)
    Kingsweald (Herbalist’s Avalon), with Rowtag.
    Exploring her new home, Skana runs into another recent joiner of the pack.
  3. Every little thing I do (13 Dec) (Unfinished)
    Prince Edward Island (Pastoral fields near Enigma Lightouse), with Bear.
    Skana goes on an evening stroll, and comes across a new packmate, and the two discuss the stars.
  4. You help me, and I'll help you (17 Dec) (Dropped)
    Wabanaki Coast, with Hallow D'Angelo.
    Traversing unexplored territory, Skana meets another medic, and they trade knowledge and wares.



  1. (LASKY) A room with a view (01 Jan)
    Charlottetown (Moss House), with aNPC Vepar Creo, cNPC Sully.
    Skana and the boys enjoy a bit of fun.
  2. It's easier with more than it is with one (03 Jan) (Dropped)
    Charlottetown (Province House), with Skye Collins, cNPC Malus Reinhart.
    Malus and Skana seek to find someone to go on a hunt with them.
  3. Who says (04 Jan) (Unfinished)
    Prince Edward Island (Sherwood Forest), with Cahan Collins-Rana.
    Cahan and Skana confront a group of trespassers on Shore territory.
  4. A Woodcutter's Donation (05 Jan)
    Prince Edward Island, with Shaamah. pNPC Gerard
    Sapient sends a gift, and Skana plays the role of a host for their guest.
  5. (LASKY) Pocket full of sunshine (06 Jan) (Dropped)
    Charlottetown (Sherwood Forest), with Sully.
    While her brother is away, Skana spends some time with Sully.
  6. Very superstitious, ladders ’bout to fall (08 Jan)
    Halcyon Mountains, with Jehan de l'Or, yNPC Clover.
    Another trip to the mainland has Skana meeting a familiar pair.
  7. It's like therapy for my broken soul (09 Jan) (Unfinished)
    Isthmus of Chignecto, with Cody Rhiannon.
    Caught out in a random snowstorm, Skana seeks shelter, only to find herself having to share it with a Vináttan.
  8. Gold Dust (14 Jan) (Unfinished)
    Arachnea’s Revenge (Casa di Cavalieri border), with Bear, Munroe Knight.
    Bear asks Skana to accompany her to Casa di Cavalieri so she can see a friend, and Skana is on edge.


  1. Not a damsel, but I could use some help (08 Feb) (Dropped)
    Kingsweald, with Cahan Collins-Rana.
    Pregnant and unable to shift, Skana finds herself in need of someone with hands.
  2. (RO) Flashes of Silver (10 Feb)
    Kingsweald, with Thistle and Thorn (NPCs).
    Skana is harassed by two curious shrikes.

MARCH 2016

  1. You'll carry on our legacy (03 Mar)
    Charlottetown (Moss House), with Vepar Creo, yNPCs Asura Creo, Saleos Creo, cNPC Sully.
    Skana goes into labor and Asura and Saleos are born.
  2. Though the road is long, I look up to the sky (12 Mar)
    Charlottetown (Moss House), with Elsie Hennamin.
    Elsie pays Skana a visit and gives her a gift for her new brood.
  3. Live my day as if there was no past (28 Mar) (Unfinished)
    Charlottetown (Skyview Docks), with Skye Collins.
    Skana takes some alone time and is found by Skye.
  4. Let you in on a secret; from one to another (29 Mar)
    Prince Edward Island (Pastoral Fields), with Esmeralda Collins, yNPCs Asura Creo, Saleos Creo.
    The puppies are given some freedom while Esmeralda gives Skana some advice on motherhood.

APRIL 2016

  1. Not a Star to Wish Upon (01 Apr) (Dropped)
    Charlottetown (Moss House), with Vepar Creo, yNPCs Asura Creo, Saleos Creo, cNPC Sully, Malus Reinhart.
    Fall of The Red Star
    The red star that appeared on the horizon fell to the earth, and the misfit family deals with the immediate aftereffects.
  2. Watched them hurl from rock to sea (02 Apr)
    Charlottetown, with Midnight Shores.
    Fall of The Red Star
    In the early morning hours after the fall of the Red Star, Skye heads into town to find any that are lost or trapped.
  3. To be the light that shines for a friend (13 Apr)
    Prince Edward Island, with Midnight Shores, yNPCs Asura Creo, Saleos Creo.
    Fall of The Red Star
    Skye calls the pack together to ask for those willing to travel and help the pack’s ally, Casa di Cavalieri.
  4. Role Reversal (14 Apr)
    Drifter Bay, with Auguste Aston, yNPCs Asura Creo, Saleos Creo.
    Fall of The Red Star
    During a break, Skana lets the pups roam, resulting in meeting the son of the Vináttan that Skana dislikes.
  5. Days that were Far and Few (Unfinished) (15 Apr)
    Dampwoods, with Artemisia Eternity, yNPCs Asura Creo, Saleos Creo.
    Fall of The Red Star
    Taking a break during the pack’s travels to Casa di Cavalieri, Skana and the pups are met by a Cesario Illyria.
  6. Misty mountains sing and beckon (Unfinished) (16 Apr)
    Ethereal Eclipse (Mine of Oathes), with Veri Secanti, NPC Teagan Stryder, Damon, yNPCs Asura Creo, Saleos Creo.
    Fall of The Red Star
    Midnight Shores arrives in Casa di Cavalieri’s temporary camp and Skana helps out an old friend.
  7. A thousand miles from comfort (18 Apr) (Dropped)
    Ethereal Eclipse, with Rei Itou, yNPCs Asura Creo, Saleos Creo.
    Fall of The Red Star
    While helping Casa di Cavalieri, Skana and the children take some time to collect some poisonous plants, only to be found by someone.
  8. When the cold winds are calling (19 Apr) (Dropped)
    Shattered Coast, with Linden Aatte.
    Fall of The Red Star
    Skana goes out to search for some medicinal herbs and comes across a stranger.
  9. Bind on thy sandals, O thou most fleet (22 Apr)
    Dampwoods, with Atalanta Kartal, NPC Seleucia, yNPCs Asura Creo, Saleos Creo.
    Fall of The Red Star
    Skana and the pups meet their first friendly bear, and Skana sees to the sow’s injured paw.

MAY 2016

  1. I was born in a thunderstorm (07 May)
    Prince Edward Island (Moss House), with Trident Collins.
    Trident accidentally injures himself, and Skana sees to his injuries.
  2. Round 'em up (Unfinished) (15 May)
    Northern Wildwood, with Faizel Kartal, Leonardo Auditore, cNPC Benjamin Kartal.
    MS/SP Horse Capture
    With the aid of two Sapiens, Skana helps capture one of the horses of the Coast herd.
  3. Some Test You, Some Teach You (Unfinished) (16 May)
    Northern Wildwood, with Shaamah, Tierney Brádaigh.
    MS/SP Horse Capture
    With the aid of two Sapiens, Skana helps capture one of the horses of the Glen herd.
  4. And after all this time, my time has come (Unfinished) (18 May)
    Northern Wildwood, with Sybil Moineau, Faizel Kartal.
    MS/SP Horse Capture
    Skana helps capture one of the horses of the Mire herd with Sapient members.

JUNE 2016

  1. Come Together (04 Jun)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Fort Kingsbury), with Multiple characters.
    Skana is asked to go as a delegate for Midnight Shores to the diplomacy summit being held by Casa di Cavalieri.
  2. When the Sun Goes Down (04 Jun)
    Whisper Beach, with Multiple characters.
    After the pack leaders meet, Casa di Cavalieri holds a party down by the beach.
  3. And all I've tried to hide; it's eating me apart (04 Jun)
    Whisper Beach, with Linden Aatte.
    While at the party, Skana engages in conversation with a curious member of the Court.
  4. Stand and face the unkown (Unfinished) (17 Jun)
    Prince Edward Island (beach), with Axelle Napier.
    One of Skana’s old friends, Axelle, makes a surprise visit on the island.
  5. As clear and loud as a summer's song (19 Jun)
    Kingsweald (Herbalist’s Avalon), with Merlin Knight, yNPC Asura Creo.
    Skana takes Asura with her to the Avalon and the two are joined by Merlin.
  6. [M] Be sure to tell the devil my name (Unfinished) (27 Jun)
    Black River Reserve, with Wallace North, cNPC Malus Reinhart.
    Malus and Skana take a trip to the mainland and run into some trouble.

JULY 2016

  1. Smell and Sound is All I Need (30 Jul)
    Kingsweald (Herbalist’s Avalon), with Avinalora.
    Skana meets one of the pack’s newest members as they both head to the Avalon.


  1. Travelin' buddies (12 Aug)
    Prince Edward Island (beach), with Athena Graves, cNPC Rocky Ortiz.
    Skana answers the call of a stranger, and helps welcome a new member into the pack.
  2. All good things must end (25 Aug)
    Prince Edward Island (beach), with Merlin Knight, Avinalora, pNPC Ember Stormfall, yNPCs Asura Creo, Saleos Creo.
    Merlin decides to leave the pack, and Skana and a few others say their goodbyes.
  3. We are the strays (31 Aug)
    Prince Edward Island (beach), with Adrian Raven-Shadowryn, NPC Avinalora, aNPC Skye Collins, cNPC Cobalt.
    Skana and Sunny attend to the summoning call of two Loners looking to join the pack.


  1. Won't see what might have been (10 Oct)
    Prince Edward Island (pack storage), with Trident Collins.
    Skana and Trident take note of the pack’s inventory and discuss what they need.
  2. What will it grasp if it falls too fast (13 Oct)
    Halcyon Mountain, with Willow Cormier, cNPC Myrkr Stormbringer, yNPC Asura Creo.
    Skana and Asura are exploring when they come across an injured Krokaran and her companion.
  3. I was never one to believe the hype (27 Oct)
    Kingsweald (Vineyard), with Midnight Shores.
    After having discovered an old abandoned grape vineyard, Skana leads the pack in the harvest and crushing of the grapes to create wines later on.
  4. 'Cause my roots—they run deep (Unfinished) (28 Oct)
    Prince Edward Island (beach), with Rei.
    Hearing a call for leadership, who is away, Skana goes to see what the individual may want in their stead.
  5. In the dark of the night (Unfinished) (31 Oct)
    Kingsweald (Deephaven), with Ares Knight.
    Ares and Skana go to investigate a strange rumor, only to come across a creepy crime scene and a haunting image.


  1. I Hope you had the Time of Your Life (01 Nov)
    Dampwoods, with Nyx, yNPCs Inca, May, Asura Creo, Saleos Creo.
    Skana takes her children with her to the mainland for some training, only to come across an old ally and her own children.
  2. Karma gonna come and find you (02 Nov)
    Near North Shore (Sapient borders), with Trident Collins, Naenia Ortega.
    Trident and Skana head to Sapient in order to negotiate a possible trade of goods.
  3. I've got big dreams (Unfinished) (04 Nov)
    Arisaig Shoal, with Evangeline Lykoi, cNPC Ash Amarok.
    Hearing a familiar call, Skana finds the source to be Evangeline, who wishes to speak of trade between Anathema and Midnight Shores.
  4. We will be the reaper of death (17 Nov)
    Northern Wildwood, with Midnight Shores.
    Skana leads a pack hunt on an injured, bull moose.
  5. Ripples in calm waters (27 Nov)
    Province House, with Midnight Shores.
    Left in charge while pack leaders, Skye and Esmeralda, were away, Skana is forced to break to the news to the pack that their leadership has gone missing.


  1. Riptide (14 Dec)
    Province House, with Midnight Shores.
    With the onset of winter and without any sign of what happened to the party their leadership was traveling with, Skana makes the tough decision to disband Midnight Shores.
  2. I drove for miles just to find you and find myself (23 Dec)
    Near North Shore (Sapient borders), with Tierney Brádaigh, aNPC Vepar Creo, NPC Sully.
    After having delivered Casa di Cavalieri’s portion of Midnight Shores’ animals, Skana and her group head towards Sapient and join their number.
  3. Karma has a funny way of paying you back (24 Dec)
    Government Estate, with Nivosus Moineau.
    Sagax Nivosus welcomes Skana into Sapient.
  4. You build up hope but failure's all you've known (Dropped) (25 Dec)
    Government Estate, with Solomon, yNPC Asura Creo.
    As the family settles into their new home, they’re found by a Sapien with an interest in the medical field.
  5. [M] Doesn't it feel like our time is running out? (30 Dec)
    Black River Reserve, with Avinalora.
    Skana ventures outside of her new pack, only to find an old packmate in trouble.
  6. [M] The color that could help me learn to live again (Unfinished) (Late Dec)
    Government Estate, with Sloan Ortega, Nivosus Moineau, Naenia Ortega, pNPC Cortez del Sol.
    Sloan accidentally burns herself and, when a medic is called for, Skana answers it.



  1. the devil's got a hand in it (Unfinished) (01 Jan)
    Gaspesia, with Brandy Blackrust.
    Skana and Brandy come across a strange cauldron near the pack’s borders and try to find who left it.
  2. And someday I know it'll all turn out (Dropped) (07 Jan)
    Bathurst, with Lithia Napier.
    Skana explores her new home and runs into a familiar face.
  3. To watch daylight die (13 Jan)
    Government Estate, with Sapient.
    Familia Sugit Conflict
    Sagax Nivosus Moineau calls for a pack meeting to discuss danger lurking beyond the pack’s borders.
  4. [M] Embracing my demise (Unfinished) (Jan)
    Government Estate, with Leonardo Auditore.
    Familia Sugit Conflict
    Skana sees to Leonardo’s injuries when he is brought back after a skirmish with the Gang.
  5. So Sing to me your Darkest Secrets (Unfinished) (22 Jan)
    Sapient Border, with Naenia Ortega, Trident Collins, Narexis Blackjack, cNPC Emory Pearce, tNPC Fenella McRoy.
    Familia Sugit Conflict
    Naenia leads a patrol party between Sapient and Krokar lands, finding two Gang members up to no good.
  6. [M] The battle to the strong (Unfinished) (25 Jan)
    Sapient Border, with Finlay Cormier, Adrianna Julia, cNPC Emory Pearce, tNPCs Scratchpop McKenzie, Hex Volnur.
    Familia Sugit Conflict
    While on a patrol, the group finds two of the Gang. Emory is killed.
  7. You don't like being second, and I don't like being wrong (Unfinished) (26 Jan)
    Government Estate, with Milos Parhelion, Lucille, Tierney Brádaigh, NPC Nikolas McCreery, tNPCs Scratchpop McKenzie, Fenella McRoy, Borys Costa, yNPCs Asura Creo, Saleos Creo.
    Familia Sugit Conflict
    A final assault is led on Sapient and Skana rises to defend against the invaders.


  1. Better Days (Unfinished) (13 Feb)
    Government Estate, with Naenia Ortega, cNPC Sylvestre Acosta.
    Skana makes a house visit to Sylvestre to see how his injuries are healing weeks after the Familia Sugit Conflict.

APRIL 2017

  1. I can still taste the poison of every fall (16 Apr)
    Government Estate, with Sapient.
    Spring Sickness
    Sagax Nivosus Moineau calls the pack together to announce the strange illness and the uplifting of a quarantine area.
  2. Green at the gills (19 Apr)
    Bathurst, with Sapient.
    Spring Sickness
    Skana and Keir Greyson announce the opening of the pack’s quarantine area for the afflicted.
  3. [M] I feel stupid and contagious (30 Apr)
    Between Arisaig Shoal and Black River Reserve, with Avinalora.
    Spring Sickness
    Skana is out searching for herbs when she spots a familiar horse, and, later, its rider who is nothing like the ex-packmate Skana remembered her to be.


  1. aNPC [M] One track minded age (30 Aug)
    Sapient, with Sapient.
    Breadcrumb Drug Cartel Conflict
    Sapient and Krokar celebrate with a beach party after a month of various co-pack activities.



  1. aNPC Baby, seasons change but people don't (Jan)
    Aelcrest Shore, with Asura Creo, Avinalora Phoenix.
    While out exploring the Aelcrest Shore, the mother-daughter pair meet a familiar face.

JULY 2018

  1. aNPC They say it's time that you lost your crown (15 Jul)
    Bathurst (Oxley), with Sapient.
    After discovering the death of Leonardo Auditore, Asura calls the pack together to reveal what she and Nieve Ortega found.

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