Naenia Ortega

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Naenia Ortega is a swordswoman from Onuba. Sent from her homeland to seek out Rafael Salcedo for the murder of her brother, Bartolomé Ortega and Rafael's sister, with the intent to exact justice from the renegade swordsman, she soon found herself confronted with an unexpected truth and spared her rival, deeming life a more fitting punishment for him. Injured from this encounter however, she sought out a acquaintance and friend of sort Nivosus and was given treatment and refuge within Sapient by Ciellen Loreath.

After spending some time within the pack and recovering from her injuries, Naenia decided to remain along with Sylvestre.

Currently she is ranked Primor Designo and mated to Nivosus Moineau, with whom she has two daughters.







  • Pronunciation:
    • 'Nah - nee - uh'
    • 'oh r - t eh - g ah'
  • Nickname: —'
  • Epithet: —
  • Etymology:
    • "incantation, dirge" - Latin
    • "Nettle" - Spanish



  • Naenia can be seen around Sapient practicing with her sword.
  • That she argues with Nivosus a lot can be referenced, but please check with me for specific things overheard.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Naenia is a mix of borzoi, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and other dog breeds. The most noticeable breed is borzoi in her shape.
  • Fur: her fur is somewhat shaggy and soft. Her legs and tail are feathered.
    • Optime Hair: her hair is long and silky. She often wears it tied back to keep it out of the way.
  • Facial Features: Her face is long and narrow, though not as pronounced as a purebred borzoi. Her ears are fully borzoi.
  • Build and Size: lithe with wiry muscle.
    • Lupus: she is clearly a dog in her lupus form, looking like a mixture of her main two breeds: thinner than a normal Chesapeake Bay Retriever, but without the large chest of a borzoi.
    • Optime: this is Naenia's favorite form. She exudes confidence, standing tall with her head held high. She is overall thin with a more straight figure than hourglass, but with a defined waist.
  • Humanization: she is quite humanized. Naenia wears armor when needed, carries a sword, and wears a bull horn tiara.


by San


  • Fur:
    • Base color: Dairy Cream. This shows mainly on her muzzle, lower legs, between her brindle stripes, and all but her back right foot
  • Markings:
    • Muzzle: fades into Bleach White
    • Brindle pattern: mixture of Ronchi, Di Sierria, Tussock, Paarl, and Cape Palliser
    • Right back foot: Cape Palliser
  • Eyes: Moss Green
  • Optime Hair: Optime hair color
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Whiskey

Eyes and Skin Palette

Moss Green (#A7D6B1)
Whiskey (#CE9D6A)

Fur Palette

Bleach White (#FEF5D5)
Dairy Cream (#F8EBB9)
Ronchi (#E8BE5B)
Di Serria (#DC9E57)
Tussock (#C88346)
Paarl (#AB5C2F)
Cape Palliser (#A47046)



71 lbs (32 kg)27 in (68.5 cm)
She generally only uses this form for hunting, depending on what size game she's after.


110 lbs (50 kg)35 in (89 cm)
She generally only uses this form for hunting, depending on what size game she's after.

Optime (Preferred)

160 lbs (72.5 kg)5ft 7in (67 in / 170 cm)
This is by far the most likely form to find her in.

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars: mostly hidden under her fur are various scars from years of sword practice and other minor injuries gained over time.


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Jewelry and Accessories

  • Bull horn tiara
  • Green belt with bronze sword sheath attatched
  • Long sword


  • Leather breast plate with fur shoulder pads
  • Leather and fur skirt

1.3  Interaction

  • Speech: she speaks with a Spanish accent and sometimes her sentences are peppered with Spanish words.
  • Scent: the forest, horses
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: she will clench and unclench her fists when she's annoyed.
  • General Posture and Body Language: her body language broadcasts her confidence. She holds her head high and walks with graceful, light steps.


2.  Personality

Naenia is very passionate; in everything she does, she puts in 110%. This means she gets the job done, but also that she tends to push herself too hard. Along with that, she is overconfident. Naenia walks around like no one can touch her due to her sword skills. She is also rather uptight. Things should be done by the law. Rules and protocols should be followed. Bending or breaking rules makes her uncomfortable. This goes along with being loyal. True friends and loved ones are held above everyone else and she will fiercely protect them. It also means she tends to deny their wrongdoings until she can find good evidence that they actually did something wrong. Naenia is also very opinionated: her way or the highway, unless your plan is actually a good one as determined by her, which is probably not going to happen. If you want her to listen to an alternative, talk fast. Although she is opinionated, Naenia is also caring. She genuinely wants to make life better for those she cares about, and she will not hesitate to care for an ill friend or family member and make sure their work gets done in the meantime, putting in the usual 110% effort.

She tends to have a quick tongue and will fling insults without necessarily thinking things through. It made court life difficult at times. Naenia also has a very short fuse and does not tolerate annoyances well. She can come off as a bit haughty because of this.

2.1  Ideals


Passionate, overconfident, uptight, opinionated, caring

  • Outlook: neutral - neither overly optimistic or pessimistic.
  • Sociability: Extroverted, dominant
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: True neutral


  • Avenging her brother's death. Alternatively, getting to the bottom of what really happened because something does not seem right about the whole situation.
  • Continuing to better her fighting skills.


  • Disappointing or dishonoring her family: one of Naenia's biggest fears is that she will disappoint her family. Her brother already did so, and she does not want to repeat his actions.
  • Dying: death itself does not scare Naenia, but the process of dying certainly does.


  • Likes:
    • Sword fighting: this has been a passion of hers since before she could shift. She liked watching others fight then, and as soon as she shifted, started learning.
    • Horseback riding: along with sword skills, Naenia was determined to earn herself a horse, which she managed to do.
    • Embroidery: this is a skill she was surprised to find enjoyment in. It's something to do with her hands while her mind wanders.
  • Dislikes:
    • Puppies and adolescents: they try her patience a lot.
    • Inactivity: being forced to do nothing drives her nuts.


  • Packs: She does not know enough about the different packs to have formed any sort of bias.
  • Species: No species bias.
  • Non-Luperci: while not necessarily a bias, Naenia does not understand why a non-luperci would want to remain that way when being a Luperci opens up so many more opportunities.
  • Gender: No gender bias.
  • Color: No color bias.
  • Sexuality: No sexuality bias.
  • Age: the very young are seen more as pests than anything, although they are to be protected. Elders have knowledge and must be protected.


Naenia is rated as a 1 on the Kinsey Scale. She generally prefers and would only have a relationship with a male. A female would be alright for a fling, but nothing long lasting, let alone permanent.


Although she is not one to delve into drugs, Naenia is not above drinking. Alcohol is about the only intoxicating substance in which she will partake, and even then, she must be around trusted canines to do so. She would dislike being seen drunk in public back in Onuba as she felt it was disrespectful to her family.


Naenia is not particularly spiritual. She believes there might be something else out there, but she does not spend time worrying about pleasing whatever sort of god or goddess might be watching.

3.  Relationships

4.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

4.1  Family: Ortega

  • Mother: Encarna Ortega
  • Father: Cayo León
  • Siblings: Bartolomé Ortega, Arsenio Ortega and Gabriela Ortega.
  • Cousins: Isolda Ortega, Drusilla Ortega, Dulcea Ortega
  • Aunts and Uncles: Gracia Ortega
  • Extended: Ortega

4.2  Relations

Positive Relations

Neutral Relations

Negative Relations

  • Sylvestre Acosta Naenia's manservant, hired by her family in exchange for goods to escort her in Nova Scotia in her efforts to bring her brother's killer, Rafael Salcedo to justice. When she decided to remain in Sapient, Sylvestre did as well, and is a fatherly figure to her. He helps care for her daughters, and does a lot of taking care of Naenia as well.
  • Shaamah is someone Naenia respects as a combat partner and a protector of the pack. They have fought alongside each other several times and despite their different morals and fighting styles, they complement each other and are quite successful.
  • Nivosus Moineau is the father of Naenia's daughters. She argues with him a lot on a personal level, but respects him as one of Sapient's leaders. She is also attracted to him and enjoys the arguments but will admit to neither of those things.
  • Semini and Akantha: she knows of them from the Onuban court, although she did not know them well when they lived in Onuba. Naenia got to know them a little better after starting her life in Sapient.
  • Rafael Salcedo is Naenia's rival in swordsmanship. They have known each other for a very long time and are constantly trying to best each other. When he killed her brother and fled, it became Naenia's job to hunt him down and execute him for his crime. She was also interested in finding out what really happened, and when she came across him, she chose to let him live.

Minor Relations

Combat Log

5.  Skills and Inventory

5.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: before she could shift, Naenia observed fighting lessons. When she shifted, she joined in as soon as she could.
  • Sword fighting (Master): this is Naenia's best fighting ability. The skill did not come easy to her; she practiced every day, well beyond the time that organized lessons happened.
  • Daggers (Journeyman): Naenia thought it wise to know more than one fighting skill. Daggers are not her favorite, but since they can be thrown or used in close combat, she thought this was a good skill to learn.
  • and over here go some weaknesses~

Horseback Riding

  • Education and Learning: Naenia's father taught her how to ride a horse. She began learning before she could shift by sitting in front of him on the saddle with him holding onto her.
  • English Saddle (Journeyman): Naenia is most comfortable using an English-style saddle, although the reins she owns do not have a bit, so she steers by neck-reigning.
  • Bareback (Apprentice): In a pinch, bareback will do, however Naenia prefers the security stirrups provide.
  • and over here go some weaknesses~


  • Education and Learning: Naenia's mother thought she needed to learn something lady-like instead of just fighting. Naenia chose embroidery because it did not involve carrying around a large amount of supplies. She was also surprised to learn she enjoyed the process because it gave her something to do with her hands when she felt fidgety.
  • Embroidery (Journeyman): she can create rather intricate designs, although not all the stitches are perfect. This is more a skill that is fun to her than anything.
  • Mending (Apprentice): she is not too great at patching up clothes; she can do so, but the result is generally not pretty.
  • Despite liking embroidery, if the is not turning out how she wanted it to, Naenia will get very frustrated and not work on her project for a long time.
  • Naenia is not very good at sewing overall. She cannot create clothes from scratch or even mend them very well.

5.2  Inventory


Naenia is not much of a trader, although she will not object if someone has something she likes.

  • Offering: cloth embroidered in various designs - she would also take requests, alcohol
  • Accepting: alcohol, horse care supplies


Horse Tack

  • Horse: Tordilla (dapple grey mare)
  • Bridle
  • Saddle/saddle bags
  • Reins
  • Saddle blanket


  • Leather armor
  • Rapier
  • Dagger

Other Supplies

  • Leather bag
  • Jerky and dried fish
  • Needle and thread
  • Cloth

Icon About History


Dapple Grey Onuba. Mare, B. ?

  • Typical location: Turned out in an enclosed paddock
  • Abilities: Rider trained
  • Personality: Generally docile and patient
  • Detailed history ??.
  • Brought by Naenia to Nova Scotia from Onuba. Naenia won a horse of her choice in a sword fighting tournament.

6.  History

Naenia was born in 2012. It was her parents' first litter. They were a prominent family. Not too long after Naenia was born, her parents had a second litter, which included her brother, Bartolomé. She was trained from a very young age to be a proper lady and even wore jewelry from the time she understood not to chew on it. Naenia also began sword training before shifting by observing lessons taught to others, to her mother's dismay.

The day after she shifted, she started lessons. It looked easy when she was just watching, but she swiftly found that it was not. Stubbornly, she kept going, practicing whenever she could and got her butt kicked often in the meantime. Her younger brother, Bartolomé, tried to learn swordplay after his first shift as well, however his forte was in politics rather than physical combat. Eventually, Naenia got better with her sword and rose to the top of her class, rivaled by a male named Rafael Salcedo. Their styles were completely different, which made things interesting.

In the Ortega family, horses are a valuable commodity. Their forest home makes it difficult to keep a large number of them, and so most of them are communal. In order to own a horse, they must complete a trial based on their skills. Naenia entered a sword fighting tournament, and upon winning, she was awarded the option to choose a horse for herself. She chose a dapple grey mare and named her Tordilla.

Everything seemed to be going well until her brother got caught up in a bad situation and was beaten in a duel. She wanted to go avenge him, especially since it was Rafael who beat him, but was not allowed to do so. The suspicious happenings continued for her brother and he brought shame to the family, but Naenia was suspicious. It all seemed too coincidental to her. Investigation was not her strong suit, but she tried her best to clear his name. In the end, she could find no evidence that he was being framed.

The next events were a blur. One morning it was discovered that her brother was dead, killed by Rafael, whose sister was also dead. The story went that B and Lilia were star crossed lovers with their affair kept secret, and Rafael killed them in a jealous rage. Everyone readily believed it and Rafael was to be tried for the offence. She wanted to believe that Rafael had simply gone nuts and killed her brother and his sister, but it rubbed her the wrong way. Angry as he may have been, insane he was not. Something about the whole story bothered her, and yet her brother was dead, which allowed her to put aside her misgivings, especially when he escaped. This, to her, was an admission of guilt.

Once Rafael disappeared, Naenia volunteered to hunt him down. With permission from her family to kill him on sight, she set off. Unfortunately, in her opinion, was that her family stipulated that a manservant, Sylvestre, accompany her. Sylvestre in tow, Naenia and her horse arrived in Freeport in early June 2015. They traded for a horse for him while asking around about Rafael and then decided to head north.

They traveled around Nova Scotia, following any leads they could find, but for the most part, they came up empty. It was as though Rafael had completely disappeared, if he had even gone this way at all. They met many other canines, though, and attended a masked ball in Sapient where Naenia ran into Semini and Akantha.

Finally, in the fall of 2015, Naenia tracked down Rafael. During the fight, he revealed what really happened the night he killed her brother and his sister. As it turned out, her brother had forced himself on Rafael's sister, and then it seemed like he used her as a shield when Rafael stormed in. Naenia believed him and allowed him to live. Since Naenia was seriously injured, they went to the pack they knew best: Sapient, where Nivosus Moineau allowed them to stay while Naenia recovered.

Naenia recovered physically more quickly than she did mentally. Her temper was shorter than usual, a defense mechanism against talking about something that made her uncomfortable. She also struggled with whether or not she should - or even could - go home. In the end, she decided to stay in Sapient, and informed Nivosus of her decision. To her surprise, Sylvester decided he was going to stay, too, instead of going home to receive his payment for being her retainer.

With a renewed purpose, Naenia began climbing the ranks in Sapient, partially because it was easier than thinking about the home she now felt she could not return to. One of her favorite past times became annoying Nivosus, which was something she found she enjoyed a little too much. In February 2015, she became pregnant by Nivosus.


Catacombs, Etc.

Basic Achievements

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Had children with Nivosus Moineau on 23 April 2016.
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Lost to Characters on DD Month YYYY.[2]
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Red: Win a Fight
Won against Rafael Salcedo on 24 September 2016.[3]
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