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The Creo Family



Statistics & Foundation

Family Tree


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  • Status: Active, Small
  • Statistics: 33 total (16 dead; 1 active)
    Updated 10/2015
  • 'Souls: LN
  • Worldwide: Grimhollow; Nizhoni; Reverie
  • First Member: Vepar Creo, LN, 02 Sept 2013
  • First Birth: MS (03 Mar 2016)
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish, Latin
  • Icon: Eventually

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The Creo family hails from Grimhollow, a highly feral - though still luperci - territory deep in the Appalachian Mountains of northern Pennsylvania. Originally made up of two separate families that bred exclusively due to a strong belief in maintaining a pure wolf bloodline, it was not until the brothers Vidar and Vakoh were born that the family then fragmented into two new tangents and the pure wolf beliefs were abandoned in favor of hybridization.

The original Creo and Torrentem bloodlines still remain purely wolf and highly exclusive, though new blood is regularly mixed in to promote healthy procreation and avoid rampant inbreeding - though it is not one hundred percent avoided due to the more radical believers in wolf and family supremacy. As a result Creos originating from Grimhollow are exceptionally large, strong, and hardy pure-blooded wolves bred for hunting and fighting.

After being banished from Grimhollow the brothers Vidar and Vakoh went their separate ways. Vidar remained within the northern United States while Vakoh traveled southwest to the desert. Vidar mixed blood with several dog breeds to hybridize the bloodline while Vakoh settled down with coyotes already mixed with dog, succeeding in both spreading and variegating the Creo bloodline.

Having only just started off in Nova Scotia, the Creo family has yet to grow and spread within the packlands.

1.  Members

1.1  First Generation

  • Voltaire Creo x Soleil Torrentem (08 Sept 2000)
    • Vassago Creo
    • Valefar Creo
    • Volac Creo
    • Zagan Torrentem
  • Voltaire Creo x Silencia Torrentem (01 Oct 2001)
    • Vincente Creo
    • √Čtoile Torrentem
  • Voltaire Creo x Soleil Torrentem (20 Dec 2002)
    • Varian Creo
    • Solis Torrentem
  • Voltaire Creo x Silencia Torrentem (14 Nov 2003)
    • Nova Creo
    • Vedette Torrentem

1.2  Second Generation

  • Vassago Creo x Luxuria Torrentem (02 Jan 2003)
    • Varen Creo
    • Cassia Torrentem
  • Valefar Creo x Superbia Torrentem (03 March 2003)
    • Valko Creo
    • Verandos Creo
    • Noxia Torrentem
    • Poena Torrentem
  • Volac Creo x Avaritia Torrentem (02 Feb 2004)
    • Vidar Creo
    • Vakoh Creo
  • Zagan Creo x Invidia Torrentem (09 May 2004)
    • Vulcan Creo
    • Vox Creo

1.3  Third Generation

  • Vidar Creo x Naama Laveau (06 April 2010)
  • Vakoh Creo x Calamity Whiplash (04 June 2010)
    • Volnero Creo
    • Vorago Whiplash
    • Larkspur Creo
    • Feldspar Whiplash
  • Vidar Creo x Naama Laveau (17 Sept 2011)
  • Vakoh Creo x Calamity Whiplash (10 Dec 2012)
    • Vinea Creo
    • Sage Whiplash

1.4  Forth Generation

2.  Defining Features

2.1  Physical

Creos are large individuals due in most part to the highly refined wolf blood running through them. This is especially true for Creos hailing from Grimhollow and those within Vidar's bloodline, with males ranging anywhere from six foot eight inches all the way up to a lofty eight feet tall. Males are typically strong and statuesque while females are slender with toned muscle, feminine but also formidable. Vakoh's bloodline runs smaller than his brother's as the introduction of coyote genes eventually outweighed the lofty genes of the wolf, making males top out at about seven feet tall. Females are much more slim and agile in this bloodline compared to Vidar's.

As a whole Creos tend to turn out either very dark colored or very light colored due to recessive melanistic (Creo) and leucistic (Torrentem) genes prevalent within the bloodlines. Albinism is extremely rare but possible only in Vidar's bloodline. Pure-blooded Creos originating from Grimhollow all typically have wolf fur patterns while brow spots, collar markings, points, masks, saddles, and brindle are common in Vidar's bloodline. Merle, harlequin, spotting, flecking, ticking, and sable are all common for Vakoh's bloodline depending on what dog breeds are mixed with the coyote bloodlines he settled with.

All Creo fur is relatively short, thick, and sleek in texture - there are no instances of long hair, wire hair, curls, or cords. Grimhollow and Vidar line Creos have especially thick and hardy coats well suited to northern climes while Vakoh line Creos have thinner and silkier coats better suited to warmer weather. Longer hairs on the cheeks, elbows, hocks, rump, and tail can sometimes occur along with feathering of longer hair. Extremely short hair can also occur but is very rare and only occurs in Vakoh's bloodline.

Grimhollow Creos fur color is usually greyscale or completely monochormatic - black, grey, silver, white - while Vidar's bloodline has varying shades of brown (dark brown, chocolate, liver, dark tan) and Vakoh's bloodline has varying shades of red (red-gold, gold, cinnamon, light tan). Although rare, instances of blue merle and red merle have occurred in each brother's respective lineage, as have varying levels of dilution - where black is muted to grey or "blue" and brown is faded tan or champagne. Pure black and white are rare but not as much as merle and harlequin.

Eye color varies greatly but the true Creo eye color for males is bright orange while for females it is ice blue. Variations of orange through the warm spectrum include and are not limited to maroon, dark red, red, light red, dark orange, light orange, orange-yellow, dark yellow, amber, gold, and even bright yellow. Variations of blue through the cool spectrum include and are not limited to indigo, dark blue, blue, light blue, sky blue, pale blue, and almost white. Rare eye colors are purple, teal, grey, and silver. Brown, hazel, and green are non-existent.

2.2  Mental


2.3  Cultural


2.4  Humanization


3.  History

3.1  Foundation

Although the ancient bloodlines run much farther back than Voltaire Creo and Soleil Torrentem, it was them who planted the notion of pure wolf supremacy within the family and began the mission to maintain the purity of their bloodlines. More soon~

3.2  Fragmentation

Vidar and Vakoh were exiled from Grimhollow due in large part to the radical beliefs of Vidar - though it was the murder of their father that ultimately decided their fate - who constantly protested the wolf puritanism of the original Creo and Torrentem families, claiming hybridization was the better option due to the notion of hybrid vigor. Vakoh was not as outspoken as his larger dominant brother and was only exiled with him because he did not outright deny supporting his beliefs, so when they were forced out of Grimhollow they ended up going their separate ways. Vidar remained a loner and stuck to the mountainous regions of the north while Vakoh ventured far to the southwest, eventually settling in the Mojave desert with a large and diverse tribe of coyote dominant hybrids known as SunDust.

More soon~

4.  Influences

4.1  Families

  • Torrentem: Voltaire Creo + Soleil Torrentem
  • Laveau: Vidar Creo + Naama Laveau
  • Whiplash: Vakoh Creo + Calamity Whiplash
  • Calidio: Vorago Whiplash + Cienna Calidio

4.2  Packs

  • Anathema: Vepar and Skana were members.
    • Vepar, 22 October 2014 - 05 November 2015
    • Skana, 04 February 2015 - 05 November 2015
  • Midnight Shores: Vepar , Skana , Asura , and Saleos were members.
    • Vepar, 22 November 2015 - 15 December 2016
    • Skana, 22 November 2015 - 15 December 2016
    • Asura, 03 March 2016 - 15 December 2016
    • Saleos, 03 March 2016 - 15 December 2016
  • Sapient: Vepar , Skana , Asura , and Saleos are currently members.
    • Vepar, 23 December 2016 - Present
    • Skana, 23 December 2016 - Present
    • Asura, 23 December 2016 - Present
    • Saleos, 23 December 2016 - Present

4.3  Non-Creos



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