Blackmoor Castle

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This area is defunct!

This territory or sub-territory has been partially or completely destroyed; it is no longer a playable area.

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  1.   1.  Post-Meteor Description

Blackmoor Castle

Blackmoor Castle was a former sub-territory in 'Souls; however, the 2016 meteor strike destroyed the land. What was left of the castle is now a part of the Broken Occident.

1.  Post-Meteor Description

Nestled into the cliffs of The Trenches once sat a wonder beyond belief, a medieval Scottish castle. Where high walls once surrounded the many-towered castle, rubble lines the edges of the courtyard. Most of the castle had crumbled with the earthquakes, and had fallen off the cliffs and into the sea. What remains is mostly rubble, large stones, pillars, and rocks, mixed with shattered and splintered furniture amongst the castle's shallow and watery grave. in the shallow waters of what used to be the swamps. The first floor of the castle still stands in a pitiful state. The foundation is assumed to be very unstable, what with the daily crumbling walls, the ruin around it, and the overall sinister look the dark stone gives off. The castle's grounds show little valor that they once did. There is barely any clear ground surrounding the structure in a two-mile radius around the grounds.

Those who decide to explore this area are highly advised to take caution. What is left standing, despite the trauma, is very unstable and dangerous. What walls still stand are expected to crumble any day. What structures may have withstood the earthquakes now stand in a very pitiful state. The cemetery, chapel, and amphitheater are all ruined by the heavy stones that fell from the structure. The chapel and the floor of the amphitheater had collapsed with the force and weight of the debris, and the cemetery is completely buried under heavy stone. The back of the castle - which includes the two rear towers - had fallen into the sea and from a careful spot at the edge of the cliff, one may be able to see some of the dark stones in shallow parts of the water.