Rabbit Lake

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  2.   2.  Landmarks
    1.   2.1  Cottontail Valley
  3.   3.  Waterways
    1.   3.1  Medway River
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Region Seabreeze Brink
Territory Shiloh Hills
Major Waterways
Size ?? sq km / ?? sq mi


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1.  Description

This lake, the largest freshwater lake within the playable game area, sits in a small glacial valley. The picturesque nature of Rabbit Lake resulted in its designation as a protected area even in the time of humanity. After the apocalypse, the land flourished as it had for centuries before. Much of the surrounding valley is home to Moose, Shrews, and Voles. Low shrubs and Black Spruce trees are more plentiful than other plants, but white and red Oaks are slowly beginning to grow.

The lake's waters are pristine and clear, fed by a number of streams which course through the hills and drain out of the lake in the large, broad Medway River. The rolling, sparsely forested hardwood hillocks of the Shiloh Hills surround the wide waters of the lake. Despite the picturesque nature of Rabbit Lake, its size can allow strong winds to whip over the surface of the lake. This phenomenon, combined with numerous submerged trees and rocks and a somewhat variable water level, can make the Rabbit extremely dangerous for canoes and small boats.

2.  Landmarks

2.1  Cottontail Valley

Tucked in the otherwise thinly-vegetated Shiloh Hills, the spacious Cottontail Valley is home to Rabbit Lake. This broad valley with gently sloping walls manages to maintain an air of closeness and pressing walls, thanks primarily to its thicker forest. The sediment and nutrient rich waters of the lake and the Medway River both feed thick growth of grasses, wildflowers, and underbrush in the valley. Prey frequent this well-worth grazing and drinking area. The Medway River cuts through the northeastern wall of the valley to join the larger Saint Croix River in the Shattered Coast region to the north and east.

3.  Waterways

3.1  Medway River

The Medway River, running through much of the Shiloh Hills, is one of the major rivers of Nova Scotia. It supports a large run of Atlantic Salmon with their spawning season. Rabbit Lake drains into the Medway, as well as a large number of smaller lakes, rivers, and streams from the surrounding highlands, drawn to Rabbit Lake by way of the small Cottontain Valley. The Medway is a broad, medium-current river; it is a major part of the ecosystem in this Shiloh Hills area.

4.  Sources

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