Bear Grylls

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Bear Grylls was born and raised in Freetown. After honing his skills in the art of construction, Bear took his abilities on the road and made for Nova Scotia in the hopes of starting his own family and finding a place where there would be less competition. Following the assault on Anathema, Bear died of his resulting injuries.







  • Nickname: Bear
  • Pronunciation: B-ehr
  • Meaning: Bear X)
  • Origin: Germanic
  • Significance: -




  • Bear will be obtaining tools and building his own forge with ambitions to become Fabrilius. Maybe your Anatheman needs something made/repaired?
  • Possibly coming soon

Anathema members may assume the following without contacting me first:

  • Seeing him working on various construction projects around AT
  • That he greets your character warmly, with limited physical contact (shoulder pat, hand shake)
  • That he's smoking contentedly in various parts of the territory

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Bear looks almost completely dog, likely a mix of various large breeds. His wolf heritage is apparent in the colouration of his back.
  • Fur: He's made for cold weather, sporting a thick double coat that sheds slightly during the warm weather. It's soft and downy to the touch, and gets silky around his ears and tail.
    • Optime Hair: He doesn't really have any defined hair – the fur between his ears darkens to a darker shade of gold, and it's longer and wavier than anywhere else, but doesn't really look like “hair.”
  • Facial Features: Completely doggish – very blocky and thick-skulled.
  • Build and Size: Thick of build and relatively tall, he's no giant, but is quite a bit taller than the average Luperci when in Optime. Most notably, he's broad of chest and limb.
    • Lupus: Medium in height, but with thick, short limbs. He's built longer than great in height. Fur is longest in this form.
    • Optime: Bear's largeness is most noticeable in Optime. He carries himself in a very hulking manner, his shoulders drooping habitually from carrying heavy weight.
  • Humanization: Having been raised by canines carrying out human work, Bear is pretty humanized. While he prefers not to wear clothing out of practicality, he enjoys living in human structures and uses human tools. He's also adopted several human habits, such as smoking.


  • Fur: Primarily ____ on his flank, belly, cheeks, and legs, with a mottled ______ saddle on his back and rump, with lighter tones of _____ and a mask of ____.
  • Markings: ______ saddle, _____ mask.
  • Eyes: Soft brown
  • Optime Hair: _____
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Black


Mischka (#d7d6d9)
Cameo (#dcc4ab)
Masala (#4c403e)
Teak (#b89473)
Chelsea Gem (#a65603)
Tundora (#404040)

By Miyu!

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Tattoos: N/A
  • Scars:
    • A few work-gained scars, all hidden by his fur
  • Piercings: N/A


Rare – will probably make himself some when he learns smithing.

Jewelry and Accessories

  • Will eventually make himself stuff
  • Owns several packs, used to carry tools or hunting things in


  • Has an elk-skin cloak he uses for winter, along with some fur-lined trousers. Otherwise prefers not to wear clothing.




- pounds (- kg) · - in (- cm)
Just looks like a great, fluffy dog. About the same size as a big wolf, with thicker bones.



- pounds (- kg) · - in (- cm)
Rare form – only used when a larger size is needed. Limbs grow longer and leaner, but otherwise he looks much the same.


Optime (Preferred)

- pounds (- kg) · - ft - in (- cm) Looks strong and brawny, with thick limbs and strong shoulders. Is taller than average but not giant in height – doesn't have the best posture.


  • Speech: Bear has a deep, rumbling voice, and speaks in a moderate tone that's usually very friendly and emotive. His voice is clear, not gravely, and when he speaks it's with mostly accurate grammar. His voice mostly resembles Daniel Craig minus his British accent, and perhaps a bit deeper.
  • Scent: He smell primarily of Anathema, with dominant smells of sweat, dirt, and wood – later when he takes up smithing he'll smell of heat/fire, with a metallic tinge.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Slouching, as if bearing a large weight. Is always very friendly and laid-back about his stance.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.:
    • Has to be doing something with his hands – he'll tear up grass, pick at something, and if there's nothing at hand he'll pick at or play around with his own fur.
    • Is insensitive to the personal space of others sometimes – enjoys friendly physical contact, such as back-claps and hands upon shoulders.
    • Hums to himself a lot, and is a good singer – self conscious about it, though.

2.  Personality

For the most part, Bear is a quiet male who prefers to listen, rather than speak. Not that he has nothing to say, of course – he's just less inclined to share his thoughts unless they're need or particularly interesting. He tends not to be much of a deep thinker, and doesn't like to question things; preferring to use reason and logic to see the world. His intelligence is more like wisdom, and he gives good advice. As reserved as he is, it is rare to find him without a smile on his face, and he is quick to give a hearty, deep laugh. Hard working and loyal, the cream-coloured brute is not unaccustomed to working long hours and finds a simple pleasure in working with his hands. He's almost always doing something with his hands, even when he's not working – he's playing around with twigs, or fingering a smooth stone, or weaving grass together. On hot days, it would not be unusual to find the large wolfdog splashing in the water and making everyone else in the area soaked to the bone. He enjoys having a good time with other packmates, even if he doesn't say much, he greatly enjoys companionship, and closeness with other living creatures. Bear falls neatly into place within the pack structure, as he is neither overly dominant nor completely submissive. He's not afraid to step up and be assertive, if he needs to, but never without reason. To be elaborated upon later.

2.1  Ideals


Warm, wise, motivated, hard-working, reserved, soft

  • Outlook: (Optimistic)
  • Sociability: Always friendly and warm – he's used to making the other feel comfortable, as he realizes he can be a bit intimidating.
  • Expression: Emotive, transparent, pleasant
  • Alignment: Neutral Good


  • Gettin' shit done
  • Building a family/gaining friendships
  • To a lesser degree – gaining the respect of his superiors and inferiors
  • Widening his spectrum of skills


Being disabled/ill (not being able to work), loneliness, being directly involved in conflict, darkness


Bear, while not the overly religious type, is Jewish. He follows some of the kosher laws and doesn’t work from Friday night to Satarday night if he can help it. His proficiency with Hebrew goes as far as reading the language and knowing basic prayers and few key phrases that occasionally make it into his every day conversations. The only practice he makes a conservative effort to keep it the mitzvoth, or good deeds, which he tries to do once a day. But Bear doesn’t flaunt his beliefs and prefers to practice his faith in the privacy of his own home.


  • Species: Loves cats, feels a bit awkward around smaller species such as jackals and coyotes
  • Gender: No bias
  • Non-Luperci: Secretly feels pity for them
  • Hybrids: No bias at all, seeing as he's one
  • Character: Unnecessarily proud or dominant individuals irk him
  • Age: Respectful of elders, warm and protective of youngsters


  • Kinsey 0: "Exclusively Heterosexual"
  • Personality, character, and sense of humour trumps physical appearances
  • Prefers delicate, feminine females that he can be protective of (and lift in adorable bear hugs)
  • Seeks someone who can be both a lover and a best friend
  • While sex isn't extremely important to him, he's certain to enjoy it, and is more likely to engage if he has an emotional connection with the woman. Extremely opposed to one night stands.


  • Likes: Work, cigarettes, felines, Anathema, carpentry/woodwork, human architecture, smithing, hammers, long walks, friendly conversation, lots of food
  • Dislikes: Pride, unnecessary dominance, moon-less nights, sleeping late, large birds, forceful actions


Has tried, isn't extremely taken with any

  • Drinks alcohol, but never allows himself to become drunk
  • If it messes with his ability to work, he won't do it
  • Most drugs are nope

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Grylls

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

Positive Relations

  • Nero Napier - Nero has helped Bear repair his house and their interactions are always very friendly and pleasant. He's very fond of this guy and considers him a friend.

Neutral / Negative

  • -

Minor Relations

  • Enemies: Nobody yet!
  • Murders: Never!

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • Analysis: Bear was raised a worker, and possess several skills when it comes to carpentry, repairs, and the like.
  • Carpentry (Master): To add later
  • Charcutier (Journeyman): Later
  • Blacksmith (Journeyman): Later
  • He's incredibly motivated and a fast learner.

Advice/Analytical Thinking

  • Analysis: Though he's certainly no genius, Bear has a very straight-forward, clear way of thinking that helps him to give good advice. He's also very good at problem-solving/strategy.
  • Strategy (Journeyman): Bear would be good with war-strategy if he ever needed to use it
  • Conflcit Resolving (Master): Adept at calming sticky/heated situations, unless it's a power struggle between his superiors
  • He's more wise than book-smart

4.2  Inventory


Animal/Plant Products

  • Generally: 5-10 hides/pelts, which he uses to craft different leather/fur things
  • Owns the necessary tools to tan/dye hide
  • Generally has some animal fat, as well, which he uses to polish/return leather things to their natural shine
  • Also usually has dried meat that he eats - he enjoys certain fruits, too, if he can find them
  • Collects mushrooms/other herbs
  • Makes a mean stew


  • Has an array of hammers/mallets, from back-breakingly heavy to dainty ones. Uses these for carpentry and soon smithing.
  • Metal tongs, for smithing. He has two pairs - one is large and one a bit smaller.
  • Owns two axes - one is in better shape than the other, but both are useful and kept sharp
  • Will build himself a forge
  • Several tanning/hunting knives, which he makes himself
  • Anvil
  • Several stones, ranging widely in size, which he uses for basically everything


  • Two plain, rough-material white shirts and a pair of dark leather pants
  • Torah and Menorah
  • Myrika has four books: two non-fiction about leather-working, a thick textbook on livestock, and a copy of The Stand, which she believes is a non-fiction record of the apocalypse, written by human survivors.
  • She has one utility knife.
  • She has a glass jar with a screw-top, the rigid metal top only slightly bent. Obtained from the Winter Festival 2012.
  • Oil lamp obtained from Boreas Conflict.

5.  History

5.1  Overview

Current Pack

Anathema (Oct 2013)

Previous Packs and Ranks

Freetown (Birth - Oct 2013)



  • November: Kali and her siblings are born. The greatest thing to ever occur in the history of ever.


  • February:


  • January: