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Hello! I'm San, your friendly local cryptid. I'm like a cult movie: very cheesy, very cringey in a lot of ways, but I am full of heart! Also, my special effects are extremely dated. As is my musical taste. I enjoy obnoxious gifs and general silly things, and I am always happy to have a goof and a gaff with my fellow Soulsters.

Pronouns: She/Her
Status: Medium
Character Slots: 4/4
Joined 'Souls: 2014
Location: East Coast, USA


Discord: PM for handle
I have notifications off and often don't appear online. I may miss your message or forget to respond! Please feel free to remind me <3 Thanks!
Private Message: OOC Account
I prefer PM for any non-urgent 'Souls projects.

Email: theloreath {at}
For non-members, you can email or DM me on Discord.





  • Reply Times: Varied, typically slow. Please feel free to send reminders!
  • Mature Content: I will write light violence and light sexual themes.
  • Gravedigging: I will resurrect threads, but my preference is to only revive plot-important threads.
  • OOC Ending: Always happy to OOC end. My preference is to end older threads that don't have a clear conclusion!
Please DM me for thread reminders/revival/mark DND/prioritization


  • Metagame: Only agreed upon information, or knowledge that would reasonably be available in the pack (e.g. character's rank). All of my character wikis provide assumptions as well!
  • Powerplay: Minor powerplay is accepted, especially if it's to move the thread forward. I will DM if anything is amiss.
  • Discuss beforehand: deaths, major injuries, major conflicts


For the foreseeable future, I will not be taking commissions. Please feel free to peruse my galleries below or make use of my templates.



Calrian Amaranthe

Credit: Alaine
Broker of The Troupe
Thread Status: OPEN
NPC: Salem


Serafina Amaranthe

Credit: San
Commoner of New Caledonia
Thread Status: OPEN
NPC: Tercero Robles


Tiamat Amaranthe

Credit: Libri
Thread Status: CLOSED
NPC: None


Lieselotte Temple

Credit: San
The Unkindled of Del Cenere Gang
Thread Status: OPEN
NPC: None





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  • how bout you and me go play some bingo together sometime, then we can go share a malt at the drive-in -Lin
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