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Active Characters

by Alaine

Art Credit: Alaine

Calrian Amaranthe
Broker of the Troupe

Thread Status: OPEN
NPC: Salem
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Art Credit: San

Casimir Soul
Tradesman of Salsola

Thread Status: OPEN
NPC: None
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Art Credit: San

Valan of Aegas
Privileged of New Caledonia

Art Credit: Kiri

Landon Winsor

Inactive Characters



Salvador Salcedo (Onuba)
Thalia Amaranthe (Onuba) (deceased)
Ciellen Loreath (SP) (deceased)
Laevisa Arena (KR) (deceased)

OOC Information


  • Please PM me for thread reminders/revival/mark DND/prioritization
  • Mature Content: I will write light violence and light sexual themes.
  • Gravedigging: I will resurrect threads, but my preference is to only revive plot-important threads.
  • OOC Ending: Always happy to OOC end. My preference is to end older threads that don't have a clear conclusion.
  • Metagame: Only agreed upon information, or knowledge that would reasonably be available in the pack (e.g. character's rank). All of my character wikis provide assumptions as well.
  • Powerplay: Minor powerplay is accepted, especially if it's to move the thread forward. I will contact if anything is amiss.
  • Discuss beforehand: deaths, major injuries, major conflicts


For the foreseeable future, I will not be taking commissions. Please feel free to peruse my galleries below or make use of my templates.


I love to play and format wiki pages! You are welcome to use my code for your own purposes without asking permission or providing credit. If you have any questions, you can contact me through PM or post on the Wiki forum.

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