Jehan de l'Or

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Jehan de l'Or is the son of Jontae de l'Or, product of a one-night stand with a loner. Raised among the garbage in Halifax, he was neglected by his mother and had a limb amputated at an early age, but trader Jairus Mercer rescued him from his fate.

Raised by peddlers and thieves, Jehan became a superstitious but streetwise brat with more than enough machismo to make up for a diminutive height and missing arm. He and Jairus roamed as loners until, unbeknownst to Jehan, the trader became ill. They joined Midnight Shores at Jairus' insistence, but Jehan never adapted to pack life -- and Jairus passed away in January 2015.

Jairus continued to guide Jehan as a ghost for some months until, in a similar situation to his childhood, Jehan rescued a neglected puppy, Clover. He attempted to raise her with the help of Cartier Inferni, a coyote Jehan became more and more fond of. With the onset of the Inferni and Cour des Miracles War, Jehan confessed his feelings for Cartier and, at the leader's insistence, joined Inferni as an Outsider.

However, while they tried to settle into roles within the clan, the dogs were not accepted by everyone. Osprey Fleurine made an attempt on Clover's life, and while the man was executed for his treason, Jehan became paranoid about more hate crimes. An argument-turned assault with another coyote reaffirmed his fears, but his family insisted they would be there for him; he and Cartier became mates. Not long after, they became fathers to Magpie Trouillefou and Oriole de l'Or, later adopting an orphan, Serenity Inferni.

Jehan later began to struggle with his mate's chronic depression, seeking distraction in the form of booze and risky trading ventures. He grew distant from his family, suffering to his addiction, and spent days at a time away from Inferni, which he felt still did not accept him. Eventually, when the D'Neville Mansion was burned down at the end of the Inferni-Salsola War, Cartier lost his life -- and Jehan lost what he considered his only ties to the clan. He abandoned his family shortly thereafter, much to the anger of Clover.






  • cNPC: Clover
    • Birdfood (three-lined skink, Clover's)


Inferni members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • General conversations (e.g., greetings, chats about interests).
  • Seeing Jehan around Inferni: hanging around the D'Neville Mansion, scavenging for items, working with Harosheth or in the greenhouse, hanging out with his family. Basically, anything that's "usual" for him to be doing, it's cool.

PM to discuss:

  • Specific conversations, especially conversations which may later affect RP (e.g., arguments, revelations).
  • Trade Assumptions

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: A mongrel, Jehan's appearance pulls strongly from spitz and collie heritage. His robust build and blunt muzzle come from his father's stockier breeds.
  • Fur: Downy undercoat and glossy outer coat, with a ruff and slight feathering from his collie heritage.
    • Optime Hair: Glossy and long, usually pulled back into a short braid or ponytail with prominent bangs.
  • Facial Features: Small ears and a short, thick muzzle.
  • Build and Size: Jehan is small, stunted from childhood malnourishment. His build is stocky and solid, though not really muscular. His long tail has a distinct upward curve.
  • Humanization: Medium -- shirks most clothes and likes his other forms enough, but has humanlike Optime mannerisms and often wears Accessories.

Colored by Miyu

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars:
    • Left foreleg is severed just below shoulder.
    • Distinct cut across palm pad of hand; closer inspection shows it was many cuts.
    • Teeth marks hidden in fur around neck.
    • Missing a couple teeth.


Jehan often wears various luck amulets as accessories. He swaps them out regularly and can just as often be found without one.

  • His favorite accessory -- a necklace with three keys on it.
  • Cross necklace, usually wrapped and worn as a bracelet.
  • Vial of dirt, usually graveyard dirt.
  • Small antler pendant given by Laurel
  • Gris-gris.
  • Necklace with pierced coins.
  • Rabbit's foot.



35 lbs (16 kg) — 22 in (56 cm)

Jehan prefers his Lupus form for travel and hunting because of its endurance; he is not encumbered by having only three legs. Because of its small size and hobbling little gait, he might use this to get pity, too.


120 lbs (55 kg) — 35 in (89 cm)

If he must go on four legs and is not hunting or traveling, Jehan will rely on his large Secui form. A threatening "trigger" might prompt a half-voluntary retreat to his big Secui form as well.


170 lb lbs (77 kg) — 5ft 6in (66 in) (168 cm)

Short, but robust and muscled. Jehan uses his Optime form for several tasks -- from socializing to preparing goods -- and so it is his preferred form.


  • Speech: Jehan has an average male voice but often forces it to sound a little deeper and more rugged. He uses very casual language, with careless slang, nicknames, and curses.
  • Scent: Pine, copper, metal, alcohol, dirt, spices, herbs oils; Inferni, Clover, Cartier
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Rubs the pack of his neck when awkward or nervous.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Jehan has dominant, confident, swaggering posture -- often looking ridiculous because of this. His body language is lively and animated, if casual. It's also usually very telling of his emotional state, whether he's puffed up or cringing.


2.  Personality

The Napoleon, Big Brother Instinct, Casanova Wannabe, I Want To Be A Real Man, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Deadpan Snarker, Street Smart

  • Cocky, Macho, Quick-Tempered, but Cowardly:
    • One's first impression of Jehan is that he's compensating for a lot. He acts big and macho and has a lax adherence to authority. Though he's lazy and sometimes cowardly, he pretends to be brave, strong, and can be annoyingly smarmy. He acts like nothing gets under his skin.
    • Though he's mostly grown out of such qualities, Jehan can be bratty and quick-tempered -- especially when his masculinity is at stake.
    • One of Jehan's worst flaws is his disloyalty and flighty, avoidant nature. He doesn't like to confront his problems head-on if he can help it, and doesn't take responsibility for his actions. He has hurt his loved ones for going behind their backs and breaking promises, whether he meant to or not. He is actively fighting to fix this.
  • Streetsmart, Superstitious, Conman:
    • Born and raised a loner without the luxury of a pack, Jehan is street-wise and knows how to survive -- if by begging and swindling rather than hunting and eking out a living by himself. He is quick-thinking and can bluff his way out of difficult situations.
    • His guardian passed on several superstitions to him: black cats, broken mirrors, the whole lot. While it isn't quite evident whether Jehan truly believes in these superstitio his rituals -- such as dusting protective circles around homes and doors -- seem to bring him some comfort.
    • He's a smooth-talking conman, flirting and guilting others depending on what helps. A liar with not quite a silver tongue (it's more bronze), he seems to have no qualm about stealing from and bullshitting others, especially if he thinks they "deserve it."
  • Friendly, Kindhearted, Awkward:
    • Jehan is largely friendly and outgoing. He connects immediately with other loners and extroverted folk. While he's not an awesome friend in a pinch, he does enjoy the company of others and the little things in life: telling stories, drinking, listening to others problems, etc. He makes friends quickly with those who will tolerate him, even though he might not stay in touch.
    • Largely due to his origins, Jehan has a soft spot for vulnerable characters -- especially youngsters and soft-spoken women. This was largely evident with Clover, who he fought to provide for and protect despite his shortcomings. He is capable of being gentle and reassuring, and he will go to the ends of the earth to provide for his loved ones.
    • He is also a huge dork and says stupid shit a lot.

2.1  Ideals


  • Outlook: Pessimistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted
  • Expression: Submissive, presents dominant
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good


  • Cartier, Clover, his children
  • Hedonism, play, enjoyment
  • Helping others less fortunate than himself
  • Approval (from himself, Inferni, Jairus' memory)


  • Inferni coyotes who might lay the beat down on him
  • Abandonment
  • Large cities, especially Halifax
  • Demons, violent spirits
  • Lack of approval, not living up to expectations


  • Likes: Himself, Clover, Cartier, his children, rituals, luck charms, trinkets, friendly ghosts, alcohol, wandering
  • Dislikes: Loneliness, his shortness, cities, cats, rules


  • Packs: Jehan cares little for packs and their rules and sees himself as autonomous of Inferni. He realizes that, for his family's sake, this must change.
  • Species: He feels kinship with other "minority" species; he thinks purebred wolves have everything going for them.
  • Gender: Jehan holds sexist views; he doesn't hate women, but he tends to be clueless around them -- feeling they need a protector, that they're softer/gentler, that men shouldn't be feminine, etc. He's a real man's man.
  • Sexuality: Though more accepting of his own sexuality, Jehan has some leftover issues and assumptions about homosexuality in general.
  • Age: Children are innocent. Old people creep him out.


  • Bisexual (Kinsey 2)
  • Jehan was previously fairly promiscuous (thanks, family). He acted super macho and flirtatious and sexist, compensating for his attraction for men and filling his need for love with lust.
  • Now in a monogamous relationship with a man, Jehan is definitely out of his element. He has leftover assumptions and shame about his bisexuality and tries to avoid conversing about it or admitting that he's in such a relationship. Though he is devoted to Cartier, he has messed up before.


  • Jehan is borderline alcoholic, limited only by availability.
    • Given alcohol, it becomes clear that Jehan is dangerously close to an addiction.
  • He succumbs easily to peer pressure and will brag about how he smokes all the time while gagging and coughing.


  • Superstitious -- crossroads, black cats, lucky charms, etc.
  • Extreme belief in luck and feels he himself is a lucky charm -- showcased by surviving neglect and amputation at a young age. Bonds with other "suvivors" over this and aims to help others with his luck.
  • Atheistic -- disbelieves in gods and finds the concept of a powerful, 'benevolent spirit laughable. His relationship with Cartier reinforces his dislike of gods.
  • Belief in demon possession started as a way to cope with/explain the maltreatment he experienced as a very young puppy.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Clover: Jehan's adoptive "little sister," a puppy that he rescued in a situation that mirrored his when she was very small. Jehan has attempted (with Cartier's help) to raise Clover over the months, and the two have a close if teasing relationship with one another.
  • Cartier Inferni: Jehan's boyfriend -- they came to terms with their sexuality together, growing close over months of getting to know one another. Jehan is still uncertain about having a relationship with a man -- or a relationship at all -- but he loves Cartier and intends to stay with him forever.
  • Jairus Mercer: Jehan's guardian and father figure who taught him all he knows. He constantly sought Jairus' approval. However, Jairus died in January 2015; he came back as a ghost to guide Jehan further, but disappeared when Jehan found Clover. His memory remains a driving force in Jehan's life, and Jehan still carries around his skull.

Pack Relations

Jehan joined Inferni only for Cartier's sake, and initially viewed it as only a place to rest his head and assurance that he and Clover wouldn't starve. He's since grown to know more of the clan and make friends and connections -- though Osprey's targeting of the dogs makes Jehan wonder if they are welcome there at all.

  • Vesper: Inferni's intimidating Aquila, and Jehan's "mother-in-law." Jehan is afraid of Vesper but knows that she only has Cartier's -- and Clover's -- best interest at heart.
  • Harosheth Kimaris: The healer who saved Clover's life and has taken both dogs under her wing, so to speak; Jehan often performs various chores for her.
  • Laurel del Bosque: The Ceniza Valley coyote is a fellow trader and has taught the dogs (Clover especially) some of his homeland's superstitions.
  • Versace Inferni: Cartier's sister who has made it pretty obvious that she doesn't like Jehan. EXCEPT THINGS ARE NOW COMPLICATED
  • Belial Massacre: After stealing an amulet from the man and breaking the news that his "demon" friend was just a normal ghost, Jehan is understandably wary of Belial.
  • Crucifix de le Poer: Jehan likes the quiet coyote and is thankful for her help in taking care of Clover when she was sick.
  • Basilio Lykoi: Jehan hates Basilio and is also afraid of him since Basi beat the shit out of him.

Outsider Relations

  • Harlequin Knight: A lone wolf who has been a friend to Jehan and Clover; they spent some time scavenging together and are always happy for the chance to catch up.
  • Skana Creo: Though he doesn't know her well, Jehan is grateful to Skana for helping them in the past and thinks that she is kind.

Former Major Relations

  • Rémy Lebeau & Gavroche Benoît?: A pair of street-smart thieves Jehan and Jairus ran with; they jokingly called themselves Papa Legba's boys. Gavroche especially was seen as a big brother figure, and some of Rémy's beliefs/superstitions became Jehan's.
  • Jontae de l'Or: Jehan's mother -- he only remembers her as a "demon" that bit off his leg. He is unaware that she is dead.
  • Osprey Fleurine: A traitor of Inferni who targeted Jehan and Clover for being dogs; he attempted to poison Clover and was sentenced to death for his crimes.

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


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  • Skill (Master): describe skill
  • Skill (Master): describe skill
  • and over here go some weaknesses~

Skill 2

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  • Skill (Master): describe skill
  • Skill (Master): describe skill
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4.2  Inventory


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  • Accepting: what do they want?



  • info


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5.  History

Jehan's story began with his mother, Jontae de l'Or. She lived most of her life in a junkyard she'd claimed in the city of Halifax, trading with strangers and teetering on the brink of alcoholism. During one notable encounter, a stocky dog calling himself Bruno offered to trade her a jug of whiskey if she would spend the night with him. She agreed without putting much thought into it, and Bruno went on his merry way, never to return to the city. Jontae did not realize she was pregnant until she attempted to shift and went into premature labor, and only one puppy survived the delivery. Jontae was nonplussed to find herself with an infant son, and largely ignored him. She grudgingly nursed him when he wouldn't stop crying, but left him alone in the junkyard for long periods of time, and was neglectful due to disinterest.

Once he got a little older, the puppy tried to follow her and ended up mangling one of his legs on a pile of barbed wire. Jontae chose to amputate it with her teeth, remembering that her father (Jacquez Trouillefou) had no left arm and it had not weakened him. Miraculously the boy survived, and she finally accepted that he was strong enough to be given a name -- Jehan. She was still annoyed that Jehan took up so much of her time, and began to see him as worthless, since his father was no one important. When she encountered a trader who seemed interested in the three-legged puppy, she gladly exchanged him, thinking she got the better end of the deal and she would never have to bother with Jehan again.

5.1  Thread Archive

2013 Threads


  1. [M] I Ain't the Son of the Seventh Son
    Jairus comforts Jehan when he shifts for the first time.


  1. Black Cats Won't Cross My Path
    Jehan plays with a ghost near the Yawrah River.
  2. Don't Let the Past Catch Up
    Jehan investigates Tacita for her food but quickly decides to go back to Jairus.


  1. A Land I Can Claim, A Land I Can Tame
    While Jairus hunts seals, Jehan talks to Laina Radell about packs.
  2. Good Luck Comes I Just Watch It Run
    Jehan meets a crippled girl named Tsytsaki.
  3. And It Sure Does Run Out Fast
    Lucias Sunders comes across a drinking Jehan and is not impressed.

2014 Threads


  1. I Wasn't Born under No Bad Sign, but It Was Friday the 13th
    Jehan and Jairus trade away useless trinkets to the superstitious at the Outpost.
  2. Abracadabra, I Want to Reach out and Grab Ya
    Jehan explores an old house.


  1. Roll around This Roundabout
    Jehan amuses Orion North with his desire for booze.
  2. Your Modern Eye with Original Skin and Original Lie
    Esperanza?, delirious and injured, stumbles into an old hospital where Jehan and Jairus have taken up residence. They try their best to splint her broken leg and comfort her, but her fate is left up in the air.
  3. East, West, No, Yes
    Many canines seek the source of a rotting stink in the Cobequid Foothills?.
  4. Mother Has Scars on Her Face, Only Time Will Heal Her
    Jehan startles Aisling Galaxy and observes her rituals.
  5. The Light Plays Tricks on Me
    Jehan and Gethsemane Aika play in a haunted house.
  6. The World Quakes in My Wake
    Morty and Jehan mutually fascinate each other with missing limbs and gory stories.
  7. And the Mother We Share Will Never Keep Your Proud Head from Falling
    Jehan teases haughty Mistral de l'Or. He shares a little about his mother, though leaves not knowing that it's her mother, too.


  1. Leðrblaka
    Jehan explores at night and comes across an odd, half-withered Luperci.
  2. Black Cat, Nine Lives, Short Days, Long Nights
    A curious Bertolt Damaichu helps Jehan gather firewood.
  1. I Knew You in the Harsh Realm
    Jehan wanders in Âmes de la Mort ?, looking for ghosts -- and finding a skinny coyote instead.
  2. On a Cold Winter Night
    Zachariah Aput indifferently shares his fire with Jehan.
  3. I'd Fold This Hand If I Could or at Least Take a Card or Two
    Jehan and Carya Aston scavenge for trinkets and combat a demon from hell cat.
  4. Rain and Wind and Weather
    Jehan and Jairus join the founders of Midnight Shores, posing as down-on-their-luck traders.
  5. He Gonna Make a Black out but Keep His Collar White
    Reyna Zaya does not fall for Jehan's charms, though she accepts his information about Midnight Shores.


  1. I Can Feel the Energy
    Midnight Shores hosts its founding feast. Jehan happily pigs out, thinking of it as free food instead of a celebration, while Jairus is a little more well-intentioned in thanking Skye Collins, the leader, for accepting them.
  2. If Happy Ever after Did Exist
    Jairus pressures Jehan about pulling his weight around the pack.
  3. Willie the Wimp and His Cadillac Coffin
    Nero Napier attempts to befriend Jehan, as neither are migrants from Cercatori d'Arte. Jehan acts bratty at him because of manly pride or some such.
  4. Chicken's in the Bread Pan Picking out Dough
    Jehan and Halan ogle a frozen waterfall.
  5. There Will Be Blood
    Porcupines threaten Jehan, Esmeralda, and Elsie. They make a big deal of it but escape.
  6. Bring in the Best and You'll Beat the Rest
    Constantine Von Troy visits Midnight Shores with a goat, which confounds Jehan.
  7. Reginn Forged the Finest Sword
    Jehan struggles to cross the frozen strait. He runs into Stjarna Fylgja while running from punkass seals.

2015 Threads


  1. Granny, Does Your Dog Bite?
    Jehan takes advantage of a little old lady's hospitality and is called out on it by Elsie Hennamin, who later blackmails him into going on a trading venture with her.
  2. And the Devil Jumped upon a Hickory Stump
    Jehan chats with a friendly acquaintance, Cartier Inferni, before things get weird.
  3. I Think Something Might Be Missing
    Jehan flirts with Annabeth de Fonte.
  4. The Last Carnival
    Jehan returns from his trading venture and discovers that Jairus has died.
  5. Carry on My Wayward Son
    Leaf and Gavroche? come across a grieving Jehan as he builds a pyre for Jairus.
  6. Forget the Hearse 'Cause I'll Never Die
    Jairus returns as a ghost and proceeds to have a fight with Jehan.
  7. If I Fail to Swallow, I Will at Least Nibble at All of Them
    Jehan meets Olexiy Vovk, who thinks Jairus is a domovoi.
  8. Seven Years of Bad Luck, the Good Things in Your Past
    Jehan and gentleman ghost Jairus help the spry Tayui Aston across a bridge.
  9. Lost, Hope in a Faraway Place
    Jehan shares a smoke with Nikita Volkov.


  1. In the Cold Night, Nothin' Feels Right Like a Sharkbite Through My Skin
    Jehan gets wasted and bumps into Cartier Inferni; they share a moment.


  1. What Are You Looking For?
    Jehan gives Kado Soleil tips on scavenging.
  2. Do Some down South Jukin' and Lookin' for a Peace of Mind
    Jehan and Tzila Napier talk amulets, runes, and rituals.
  3. They Tell Me Ice Cream Junkies Are All the Same
    Kalila Damaichu studies Jehan's arm stump.
  4. I Tuck You in, Warm Within, Keep You Free from Sin
    Akantha watches Jehan nap.
  5. Cataracts
    Semini is suspicious of Jehan -- because she can barely sense Jairus nearby.
  6. [M] I Just Had No Intention of Living This Way
    Jehan plays cards and talks ghosts with "Gabriel" and "Yaqum."


  1. [M] Heavy Thoughts Tonight, and They Aren't of Snow White
    Jehan rescues a puppy from a situation that mirrors his past. He names her Clover.
  2. Dreams of Dragon's Fire and of Things That Will Bite
    At a loss, Jehan seeks Cartier for help with Clover.
  3. There's a Design at Work in All Art
    Blair Eternity comes across the loners -- and the meeting gets nasty when Clover snaps at her for her patronizing charity.
  4. Are You Listening?
    Clover mocks Mercier Benoit Voclain, who is shorter than Jehan.


  1. The Navigator
    Jehan and Clover eat scraps at The Outpost.
  2. She Roll Back down to the Warm Soft Ground Laughin'
    Clover plays with a butterfly.
  3. Everyone's Business Is No One's Business
    Cartier brings food and gifts for Jehan and Clover.


  1. [M] Start Traveling
    Jehan meets another one-armed dog, Lilith Fairbreeze.
  2. The Body I'm Living In
    Jehan and Clover hang out with fellow loner Harlequin Knight.

July (cont.)

  1. [M] Ain't Afraid of No Demons, Don't Make Me Laugh!
    Heroshe gets testy with Jehan and Clover and chases them away from a den.
  2. One for the Money, Two for the Show
    Beatrice Tindall spooks Jehan in the caves; Clover thinks she's cool.
  3. [M] The Road to Nowhere Leads to Me
    Traveling south, Clover is dehydrated and gets a scratch. Skana Creo helps the dogs out, though she judges Jehan.
  4. Chip on the Shoulder, the Dime in the Teeth
    While looking for Cartier, Jehan and Clover run into a suspicious "Gabriel", who discusses the conflict and spying with them.


  1. The Thieves and Grifters Were Forced to Wait
    After Clover chases Leaf Darkfire, Jehan reunites with Gavroche Benoît?.
  2. Gold Filled Their Purses, Lies Filled Their Mouths
    Jehan attempts to trade "touch pieces" away to Ioanna, though her sister shoos him away.
  3. Risk It All
    Jehan and Hammish Silverstein scavenge in Camp Gagetown.
  4. Better Is the Enemy of Good
    Jehan and Clover rescue Cartier, who is being attacked by Skoll Haskel at the Cour des Miracles borders.
  5. Every Time I See You Falling I Get down on My Knees and Pray
    Jehan chases after the injured Cartier and confesses his love for him.


  1. The Moon Won't Fall from the Sky Today
    Jehan helps Leela Amarok out against a couple of troublemakers.


  1. Tell Me Again My Only Son (Tell Me Again What Have You Done)
    A sleep-deprived, paranoid Vesper attacks Jehan on the borders, and Cartier leaps to defend him. The coyotes invite Jehan and Clover to stay in Inferni; Jehan accepts.
  2. Some Numbers Are Better than Others
    A suspicious Basilio Lykoi threatens Jehan and Clover.
  3. [M] Talkin' Jivey, Poison Ivy
    Clover and Covenant de le Poer get into a verbal spat; Jehan and Kennedy Fisher try to calm things down.
  4. Well, the Dogs Are Howlin' All over the Neighborhood
    Daeva Lykoi helps Jehan and Clover hunt.
  5. Good Blood Always Shows Itself
    Cartier rescues Jehan from the Inferni ravens.
  6. Crocodile Tears
    Jehan comforts a crying loner, Chrissy Wales.
  7. Trying to Catch My Breath Some Way, Somehow
    Jehan and Charlie explore some old buildings in Inferni, looking for trinkets.
  8. [M] I Don't Want to Spend the Whole of My Life Inside (I Want to Step out and Face the Sunshine)
    The coyotes -- and Jehan -- drink and make merry on Devil's Night.


  1. Don't Need Reason, Don't Need Rhyme
    Jehan meets a loner, Baz Altier.
  2. Black Cats and Voodoo Dolls
    Kára Lykoi taunts Jehan after he trips on a black cat?.
  3. I Like the Dark Anyway, and That's a Fact!
    Jehan tells a pair of lone coyotes, Roman Cremini and Gypsy Chanterelle, about Inferni.
  4. We Have to Live, No Matter How Many Skies Have Fallen
    Jehan has a tense meeting with Cartier's sister, Versace Inferni.


  1. If You've Had a Dose of a Freaky Ghost, Baby
    Jehan steals an amulet from Belial Massacre's room and talks to the "demon" possessing it.
  2. [M] Broken Soul, Splintered Bones
    Belial confronts Jehan about the stolen amulet; Jehan reveals to him that "Beezlebub" was lying about being a demon.

2016 Threads


  1. [M] Deal Gently with the Bird You Mean to Catch
    Cartier admits concerns about Jehan going away on a trading trip. Jehan comforts him, and they get intimate.
  2. Very Superstitious, Ladders 'Bout to Fall
    Jehan and Clover bump back into Skana Creo and learn that she's joined Jehan's old pack, Midnight Shores.
  3. Betrayed Desires, and a Piece of the Game
    Jehan and Clover catch up with Harlequin Knight.


  1. Can't Keep My Eyes from the Circling Skies
    Jehan is surprised to find a three-legged coyote, Dorcas de le Poer.
  2. Oh Your Mouth Is Poison, Your Mouth Is Wine
    Jehan discovers that Clover has been poisoned by Osprey Fleurine. He, Cartier, and Crucifix de le Poer bring her to Harosheth.
  3. Killing Snakes with a Sharpened Stick
    Jehan attends the meeting where Osprey Fleurine is sentenced to death for his betrayal.


  1. Now the Only Thing a Gambler Needs Is a Suitcase and His Trunk
    Jehan and Clover meet Laurel del Bosque and are charmed by his superstitions.
  2. I Can Tell My Sister by the Flowers in Her Eyes
    Jehan and Crucifix de le Poer work together in the greenhouse.
  3. When My Right Hand Itches, I Gets Money for Sure
    Jehan and Clover help Saut Asylum set down a path.
  4. But When My Left Eye Jump, Somebody Got to Go
    Jehan watches Clover train with Vesper and Fang Espinoza.
  5. Thanks for the Memories
    Jehan and Clover take a walk when they notice a wolf in a tree, Lobo. Thanks to Lobo's social awkwardness and Clover's attempts to incite an argument, Jehan thinks they'd best continue their walk elsewhere.
  6. Thirteen Month Old Baby Broke the Lookin' Glass
    Jehan and Clover attempt to spy on Anathema, only for Kohaku Amarok to screw with them.
  7. I Wish upon a Star That It Might Fill Our Dreams with Dust
    The Ceniza Valley coyotes celebrate the appearance of the red star, a good omen. A drunken Jehan participates.
  8. [M] Relax Girl, Turn down the Lights (No One Can See You Shining)
    Jehan and Versace bump into each other at the celebration and exchange drunken jibes -- and then exchange something else. (Body fluids. It's body fluids.)


  1. And If a Mirror Should Break It's Easy to Take
    During the chaos of the meteor impact, Jehan helps rescue Dorcas de le Poer from a fire.
  2. [M] That Is True Sign of Death, Baby, That Ain't No Good
    A restless walk at night turns into a bloody fight as Jehan watches Clover and Antioch kill a trespassing wolf.
  3. Always Run 'Til Done
    Jehan and Clover meet a naive but good-natured young coydog, Virue.
  4. [M] In These Times of Doing What You're Told
    While repairing a roof, Basilio drops something on Jehan. Jehan cusses him out and calls him a midget, so Basi proceeds to beat the shit out of him.
  5. [M] You Don't Wanna Save Me, Sad Is My Song
    Cartier demands to know who hurt Jehan, who has a small breakdown -- at the end of which he proposes mateship. Cartier and Jehan (and Clover) argue about what's best for each other, but in the end, they become mates.


  1. The Story's All Off
    Crucifix asks Jehan about the assault; after given pain-killing herbs, Jehan reveals his fight was with Basilio..
  2. Silently Watching
    Roman Cremini offers his help to keep Jehan safe.
  3. [M] Bending the Significance to Match a Whimsied Fable
    Jehan (and Antioch) learn that Versace is pregnant.
  4. Heart Breaker, Soul Shaker, I've Been Told About You
    Jehan confesses his infidelity to Cartier and explains that, if Versace's pups are his, he wants to raise a family with him.
  5. Who Shot That Arrow in Your Throat
    Jehan and Laurel trade with a wolf, Cinareae Eternity.
  6. Tell It's Me by the Clamor Now Baby, I Like to Tear up the Street
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Rio Marino.


  1. A Transitory Enchanted Moment
    Versace gives birth. Two puppies are Jehan and Cartier's -- Magpie Trouillefou and Oriole de l'Or.
  2. A Lo Largo De La Vida, Con Este Ruido Horrible
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Virue.
  3. Couldn't Be Much More from the Heart
    Dorcas helps Jehan with a baby sling.
  4. Say Your Prayers Little One, Don't Forget, My Son
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Kallistos Moineau.
  5. The Looks That Chill to the Bone
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Rielach-Samutai.


  1. Nothing but a Slow Glowing Dream
  2. Sunbather
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Kalila Damaichu.
  3. Keep Me in a Daydream, Keep Me Goin' Strong
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Emilia Benoit.
  4. You Flipped the Script and Shot the Plot
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Beckett Moineau.

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