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  1.   1.  Appearance
    1.   1.1  Build & Species
  2.   2.  Personality
    1.   2.1  Core
    2.   2.2  Trauma
    3.   2.3  Demeanor
    4.   2.4  Interests
    5.   2.5  Traits
    6.   2.6  Fears
    7.   2.7  Motivations
    8.   2.8  Biases
    9.   2.9  Sexuality
    10.   2.10  Substances
    11.   2.11  Spirituality
  3.   3.  Skills
    1.   3.1  Survival
    2.   3.2  Animal Husbandry
    3.   3.3  Scholar
    4.   3.4  Crafting
    5.   3.5  Fighting
  4.   4.  NPCs
  5.   5.  Residence
  6.   6.  Possessions
    1.   6.1  For Trade
  7.   7.  History
  8.   8.  Family

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1.  Appearance

  • Zorba (#A7998E) main body color
  • Taupe (#423832) head, lower legs, and tail
  • Zeus (#221E19) muzzle, ear tips, paw pads, and tail tip
  • Old Copper (#754E30) head and mane stripe
  • Timberwolf (#D6D4D0) inner ears
  • Golden Dream (#EDD71D) eyes

1.1  Build & Species

  • Maybe about 66 cm in Lupus form
  • She is missing one of her back legs. It has been amputated below the knee.
  • Her ears are large, and her face is expressive, but she often appears stern or overly serious (Bitchy Resting Face) when's she not thinking about anything in particular.
  • She has long, gangling legs and a thin body. Despite her body's scrawny appearance, there is muscle hiding beneath her fur.
  • References & Art: 1 2

2.  Personality

2.1  Core

  • She wants to be a good, moral person.
    • She doesn't lie, though she may try to steer the subject away from a question she doesn't want to answer. If she feels she absolutely has to hide something, she may sometimes give an answer that while technically truthful, doesn't tell the whole picture - though this makes her feel guilty.
    • She keeps her word. She won't make a promise she feels she can't fulfill.
    • She is often driven to protect and care for others. She won't turn away someone who needs help, although she will pause if it is a wolf.
    • She won't steal, and won't try to cheat or trick a trade partner.
  • Outside of her moral compass, she is a fairly cynical person that expects the worst - either from circumstances, or from people.
  • Since she was raised in a militaristic society, she will not directly disobey orders unless they violate what she considers moral.

2.2  Trauma

She's still dealing the loss of her leg.

  • She hates trees. She doesn't like forests. She is constantly paranoid that something is going to fall on her. She has also acquired a dislike of tight, enclosed spaces because she has an irrational fear that the walls will squeeze in on her and crush her.
  • She likes open spaces, even if that means she'll be spotted easily by a potential enemy. She doesn't like uneven terrain, especially in Optime form.
  • She doesn't talk about her fears. She'll do her best to hide it, even if it makes her look absolutely ridiculous in the process.

2.3  Demeanor

  • She is a quiet person unless you've hit upon one of her favorite topics of interest.
  • If she's displeased with someone, she is more likely to make it known through body language than words. This, combined with her quiet nature, often makes her come across as arrogant.
  • She tends to give quite a lot of thought to her replies, and it isn't unusual for her to seemingly ignore a question and then answer it later.


2.4  Interests

  • Likes: ???
  • Dislikes: trees, forests, tight and enclosed spaces, uneven terrain

2.5  Traits

The Fettered Knight in Sour Armor The Stoic

  • Outlook: Cynical
  • Expression: Introvert
  • Alignment: Lawful Good? Neutral Good? She tries to be good, anyway.

2.6  Fears

  • She is not too excited about the whole "bear as many children as possible" thing and is secretly afraid of fucking it up somehow.
  • Hell and damnation.
  • Being useless.

2.7  Motivations

  • Independence - She wants to build a wooden leg so she can do stuff in Optime form again.
  • Being a good, moral person.
  • Inventing and creating; she's got a lot of projects.

2.8  Biases

  • Packs: She's been told great things about Inferni, but she's not completely sure she wants to meet her siblings again - they don't know she's lost her leg.
  • Species: Prefers coyotes and coyote-hybrids. She doesn't place much trust or worth in wolves, but she'll tolerate them as long as they aren't insulting or attacking her.
  • Non-Luperci: She has no particular opinion on this, other than thinking that they're missing out on quite bit and that is sad.
  • Gender: Owing to her own tomboyish tendencies, Dorcas is uncomfortable with traditional gender roles - but not vocal about it. She's not excited about the prospect of bearing children, either, even if she doesn't hate them.
  • Sexuality: She was taught in Scintilla that homosexuality is a sin. Since she herself is (probably) bisexual, this view is subject to change or cause angst or something.
  • Age: She respects the elderly. She is somewhat awkward around children, but doesn't hate them.

2.9  Sexuality

  • ??? on the Kinsey scale.
  • She likes taking care of and protecting a more submissive partner.
  • She is attracted to idealistic personalities that balance her own cynical nature.
  • Totally inherited her parents' BDSM thing, which she would be absolutely appalled to learn about if she knew.

2.10  Substances

  • She is uninterested in drugs or mind-altering substances, and some convincing would be needed to get her to take them.

2.11  Spirituality

  • Scintilla's Pentecostalism, although she is not quite as devout as her brother Ariel. She is more lax on certain beliefs, but tries to keep this as a secret. She doesn't like the idea of arguing with her elders.
  • More than anything else, she uses her religion as a guide on how to be a good person.

3.  Skills

Dorcas has been trained in a wide variety of skills, but has never truly focused on anything yet.

3.1  Survival

  • Hunting (Master): Dorcas hunts only in Lupus and Seculi form, and focuses on chasing small prey rather than larger beasts like elk or deer. She's good at making plans and hunting with others, as well.

3.2  Animal Husbandry

  • Horses (Apprentice): She knows the basics of how to take care of a horse.

3.3  Scholar

  • Reading (Apprentice): Like her siblings, she was taught to read the bible.
  • Drawing (Interested in; no skill): Dorcas will eventually want to be able to draw so she can make plans for her woodworking projects.

3.4  Crafting

  • Woodcarving (Apprentice): She's fairly good at this, although very detailed sculptures are still out of her reach.
  • Bowyer (Apprentice): She hates making bows, because it is a different process than woodcarving, which she is used to and more comfortable with. If she's muttering to herself or cursing a piece of wood while trying to carve it, it is likely she is trying to make a bow.

3.5  Fighting

She learned many of these skills before the loss of her leg. She's not certain she'll ever be able to fight in Optime form anymore, even with a wooden leg.

  • Archery (Apprentice): She knows how to hold and shoot a bow.
  • Bladed Weaponry (Apprentice): She knows the proper way to hold a knife when stabbing someone.
  • Lupus & Seculi Combat (Journeyman): When Dorcas left her home, she inevitably encountered difficulties and combat. A three-legged coyote makes a good target, and she's learned how to defend herself fairly well.

4.  NPCs

  • Oliver Gryffin
  • She is followed by a young coyote who has the mistaken impression that she's some kind of battle-scarred veteran warrior. She doesn't encourage this, but she doesn't outright correct his assumptions, either.
  • Even though he is an adult, she treats him like a child because he acts like he doesn't have a whole lot of common sense and keeps dragging her into trouble. Oliver is lonely and attention-starved, so he takes this as encouragement more than anything else.

5.  Residence

  • Room 2F20, D'Neville Mansion
  • Essentially two rooms joined by a single door (once a parlor and attached office), one room is now a bedroom with badly wilting wallpaper, and the other seems to have been a workshop. The second room has a balcony.
  • Dorcas and Oliver sleep in the same spot, in a bed of furs situated in a corner. There is a home-made empty bookshelf close to the bed. This room is largely unfurnished and empty.
  • The workshop's floor is often covered in wood-dust. Tools hang on the southern wall, behind the table, and there's a pile of unused wood in one corner. Finished pieces are often shoved into opposite corners, near the balcony, or strewn around the room. There is also a chair that is usually placed just in front of the table.
  • A set of heavy, hanging furs just before the entrance to the balcony keeps out the cold. There are metal handrails lining the balcony, which reach about mid-waist on most Luperci.

6.  Possessions

  • Oliver's satchel
  • Crutch
  • Wooden leg. When it is worn, it is kept in place by an awkward collection of tied sinew and leather straps.
  • Carving knife
  • Pumice sanding stone
  • A small, slightly rusty saw
  • Untreated pieces of hide and leather
  • Nails
  • Orange-red dye.
  • Unused wood and scavenged wood scraps.

6.1  For Trade

  • A set of wooden blocks. The numbers 1-9 are carved on some of them, while others are labeled with the letters A-F.
  • A small undecorated wooden box, suitable for storing jewelry or other small items.
  • Two wooden bowls.
  • 10 spoons, of various sizes.

Note to Self

  • Second-degree Burn scars take 3 weeks to heal.
  • Infection possible.
  • Probably mid-may before they heal.
  • 3 months for hair to grow back - end of June?

7.  History

  • 8 Feburary 2013: Dorcas was born alongside her littermates Moriah de le Poer, Ariel de le Poer and Zibiah de le Poer
  • In her childhood, Dorcas gets in trouble for having a smart mouth. This doesn't change her personality; she just learns to keep her snarky comments to herself.
  • Her sister Moriah slips beyond the outskirts of Scintilla's protection as a child, and is attacked. She is slightly more obedient and understanding of rules thereafter, but not quite to the degree Zibiah is - she just considers the consequences of her actions when she did not before.
  • After her first shift, she takes up woodworking. She also begins learning how to fight, but she likes the idea of protecting others moreso than the reality of combat and doesn't get very far in that area.
  • She is conflicted when her cousins encounter trouble for being hybrids. She is too afraid to talk to them or voice support, however, and feels particularly guilty when they leave.
  • When two of her siblings leave for Inferni, she has a brief identity crisis; she's not sure what she wants to do with her life. She doesn't enjoy woodcraft as much as Alma seems to, and she doesn't think she'd make a good soldier or a good mother.
  • In late spring of 2014, part of her leg is crushed by a falling tree and must be amputated. During her recovery, her mother is over-protective and helpful to the point of being irritating. Her father is quietly supportive, which she comes to appreciate more - even if he's not visibly sympathetic.
  • Alma builds her a makeshift leg, and she begins re-learning how to walk in Optime form. This doesn't get very far as the contraption is rather uncomfortable.
  • In the Fall of of 2014, Dorcas leaves home after a long argument with her mother. She leaves in Seculi form, without bringing along any food, water, or supplies. She soon finds herself lost and hungry, but is too proud and stubborn to head back home.
  • (Something happened here.)
  • Summer of 2015: Dorcas encounters a young coyote, Oliver, and rescues him from a bear. Lacking anywhere else to go, Oliver begins to travel alongside Dorcas. The two eventually decide to make their way to Inferni - even if they have no idea where they are.
  • January 2016: Dorcas and Oliver appear at Inferni's skull-lined borders.


January 2016

  1. drifting in with the snow - Inferni, Oliver Gryffin, Crucifix de le Poer, Vesper
  2. goods and services - The Outpost Oliver Gryffin, Hyacinth Silevue
  3. structural integrity - Inferni Oliver Gryffin, Belial Massacre
  4. inklings - Inferni Gypsy Chanterelle

February 2016

  1. silence between words - Inferni Molcaxitl Yocatl, RO
  2. lost in sand and lost in snow - Seabreeze Brink Vicira Tears, Izual Massacre, Saut Asylum
  3. progress comes in fits and starts - Inferni Oliver Gryffin, RO
  4. Killing snakes with a sharpened stick - Inferni THE ENTIRE PACK
  5. can't keep my eyes from the circling skies - Inferni Jehan de l'Or
  6. tongue-tied and twisted - Inferni Nex de le Poer

March 2016

  1. I wish upon a star that it might fill our dreams with dust - Inferni Pack Thread
  2. Dorcas spends most of her time gathering supplies for her woodworking projects or carving new items - including a new leg or two.

April 2016

  1. And if a mirror should break it's easy to take - Inferni Jehan de l'Or, Oliver Gryffin
  2. just an earth-bound misfit - Inferni Saut Asylum
  3. unladen, empty and turned to stone - Inferni Kallistos Moineau
  4. value in scarcity - Inferni Virue
  5. I see a bad moon arising - Saint John in Northern Tides
  6. pockets full of stones - Inferni Elisabeth de le Poer

May 2016

  1. Her burn wounds become infected from her constant shifting, and she spends her time resting and recovering.

June 2016

  1. Not yet.

8.  Family