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Никита Во́лков (Victor, Son of Wolf) is the second youngest son of Zaets Russo. He was born in Sobirat'sya, in Arkhangel'sk, Russia. His birthname was Nikita Zaytsev Russo (Никита За́йцев Руссо), though as an adult he took on a new name to create his own identity, separate from that of his established family.
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Gregory Alan Isakov, That Sea, the Gambler
Peter Bradley Adams, The Longer I Run
Mumford & Sons, Hopeless Wanderer
Of Monsters and Men, Your Bones

Human Model: Joe Manganiello, Devran Taskesen [1]
Voice: Vladimir Mashkov [1], [2]
Tropes: Icy Blue Eyes · Good Is Not Soft · Wooden Ships And Iron Men

Name Day: September 15th
Epithet: Kraken, Leviathan

Family: Volkov, Russo

Heritage: 87% Wolf, Tundra & Russian, 13% Dog, Spitz-type, mainly Siberian husky.
Name Origin: Nikita is a Russian masculine name derived from the Greek goddess of victory. In Russian folklore there is a tale of the pacifist Nikita who defeats a dragon by using his wit that had been kidnapping girls and eating children. Volkov is the Russian variation of Vuković, which was the surname of his maternal grandmother.


Lumbersexual. Rugged, brawny, calloused hands and a solid, muscular build from manual labor. Very tall, even for a wolf. Deep, velvety voice laced with a heavy accent. Pale, ice-blue eyes. Black, gray, and white fur. Husky markings, wolf otherwise. Silver barbell in left eyebrow. Long, thick, wavy, black hair when shifted, which he often ties up partially, or fully. On his chin in optime there is a small tuft of black fur, like facial hair. Various subtle scars, mainly from working—nicked hands, gashed arms, cut pectoral, abdomen slashed. Inner forearm tattoo of an anchor. In colder weather, wears fleece-lined, black leather flight jacket with patches, white tank top, dark, military-style cargo pants, woven scarf. In summertime wears only the pants. Silver jewelry, rings, dog tags. Scout knife and a seabag for possessions. Smells heavily of salt and the ocean, and of burning tobacco.



  • Species: Distrusts coyotes due to stories that Zaets told him growing up, but doesn't act in a discriminatory way. Prefers to judge based on personal character. Was raised predominantly around wolves and Northern-breed dogs, which aided in his views. Other breeds of dog are especially peculiar to him.
  • Non-Luperci: Nikita definitely thinks that non-shifters and less humanized canines are less advanced and potentially less intelligent. Similar to an urban outlook toward those from rural communities.
  • Sexuality: Raised to only accept monogamous, heterosexual pairings, anything else is a bit foreign to him and harder to understand.


  • Kinsey 1: Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual. Nikita is very, very much heterosexual. Only under very specific, extreme circumstances could he potentially have a homosexual experience. It would probably be more romantic than sexual, like an extreme broship.
  • Reserved with his emotions, he doesn't often engage in romantic affairs. He leans toward demisexuality, waiting for some sort of bond before desiring to get intimate.


  • Often smokes tobacco and drinks alcohol. Not particularly interested in substances that alter consciousness. Tends to avoid drinking alcohol alone, as it would hamper his wits and judgement.


  • Spiritual. Believes in a loose form of Slavic mythology with a sprinkle of Russian Orthodox thrown in, though it isn't an overwhelming point of his life. It's subtly woven into his thoughts and actions, accepting things like spirits and gods, and adhering to certain superstitions. Prayer and other religious practices are unknown to him. Unless directly asked, he won't intentionally bring up religion.



  • Boatswain (Master): From the moment he was able to walk, Nikita has spent his life on the sea. He is an expert sailor, from rigging to maintenance to mooring, and can easily lead a crew of his own.
  • Fisherman (Master): Nikita is skilled in fishing, whether with a hook and line, nets, or a spear.
  • Carpenter (Journeyman): In relation to ship building, Nikita knows the ins and outs of crafting a vessel from the ground up.
  • Medic (Journeyman): He knows the basics of first aid, can stitch a wound closed, and knows of plants to kill pain and disinfect wounds, but outside of immediate, quick care, he is still a novice.


  • Hunter: While capable, Nikita is not the strongest hunter away from the water. He tends to build traps rather than run around and manhandle wild animals.
  • Sem's butt: too round, too cute


This is a work in progress! Dates and events are subject to change.


  • September 2013: Born alongside Anastasia, who is affectionately referred to as Asya to the point that no one calls her by her full name anymore.
  • October 2013: Nikita and his sister are given their traditional eyebrow piercings.


  • January 2014: Nikita's maternal grandmother Tsura Vuković dies of old age.
  • February 2014: Zdravka, Dmitri, Asya, and Nikita are exploring human ruins. Zdravka sets a building on fire, but they do not realize that Asya is still inside. By the time they realize it is too late and she is burned alive. Zdravka attempts to rescue her and suffers burns in the process.
  • March 2014: Nikita is six months old and begins to shift. His mother gives him a NR-40 Nozh Razvedchika knife as a rite of passage present.
  • April 2014: Around seven months of age Nikita leaves home without saying goodbye, for fear of being stopped. He gains passage toward Moscow. This begins his adventure around the world. Upon reaching the sea he joins up with the motley crew of Yuri Orlov, a formidable Russian, aboard the Volya.
  • May 2014: He meets a Turkish pirate named Sevgi Yilmaz while in port. She joins the Volya crew, trading the corsair lifestyle she'd previously led for one more tame in an attempt to escape persecution. What started out as intense dislike eventually evolves into a close friendship. Her fiery attitude slowly softens through his presence, while he grows more confident and self-assured through her perpetual swagger.
  • July 2014: While in Egypt he meets a slave dancer named Raja Sarkis. Though they don't speak the same language, they have a brief romance—the first for Nikita. Their relationship is brief, fiery, and ends quickly. This awakens his interest in women.
  • August 2014: The relationship between Nikita and Sevgi begins to evolve into something more romantic. This they keep a secret from the rest of the crew, as such a relationship between sailors is frowned upon by the others.
  • December 2014: Sevgi is injured while they cross the Atlantic and soon dies. She is buried at sea.


  • January 2015: Nikita arrives in 'Souls.
  • February 2015: He meets a distant relative of his, Theon. Though they have a delightful conversation about their families, inwardly Nikita is disturbed to have run into a fellow Russo so far from home.
  • May 2015: In an effort to begin anew and free himself further from the legacy of his family, he adopted a new surname. Unbeknownst to Nikita, he is no longer the youngest child of his parents any longer. Over a year after the death of Asya, and the disappearance of their son, Zaets and Jovanka have their final litter—a boy named Vitaliy and a girl named Tatiana.
  • June 2015: Nikita meets Semini, though he doesn't yet realize just what a tremendous impact she will have on his life. Not long after he joins Sapient.
  • July 2015: Sapient hosts a Diplomacy Ball. He interrupts a disagreement between Semini and Lokr and begins to realize his feelings toward her. Desiderio Auditore is murdered during the ball. Nikita also encounters his elder half-brother, Luka, and learns that he is no longer the youngest child of Zaets and Jovanka. He also confronts him regarding a coywolf named Dmitri whom he'd met, who he realized was the abandoned son of his brother. He lashes out at the sibling that he once idolized, and whom had inspired him to leave home in the first place.
  • August 2015: Semini comes to apologize for what happened between them at the ball. Nikita admits his feelings, and thus begins their relationship as lovers.
  • December 2015: Semini stops visiting and he is unable to find her when he comes to see her. Growing worried, Nikita seeks her out and discovers that she is pregnant with their children.


  • January 2016: On an otherwise regular day out on his boat a storm hits and Nikita is stranded on an island. He is unable to communicate his whereabouts, and is unable to leave until he repairs his boat.
  • February 2016: Nikita is able to return to the 'Souls mainland. Semini is angry with him for his disappearance, and for leaving her alone to care for their children. Nikita is distraught, and aims to do everything that he can to fix the situation, and to be there for Tiamat and Lotan.
  • May 2016: Attempts at mending the relationship between him and Semini end in failure, and she breaks things off with him. In a fit of emotional turmoil Nikita leaves 'Souls and Sapient, and returns to Sobirat'sya.


  • A leucistic mourning dove found injured in the forest. It's coloring makes it difficult to camouflage most of the year, leaving it vulnerable to predators.


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