Cartier Inferni

Cartier Inferni is the son of Willam la Chemin and Miqui Kimaris, and was born in Inferni on January 28, 2013. He was raised solely by his mother until the time of her death, and has no knowledge of who his father is. His conception was made artificially with Willam having requested Miqui be the male donor. Cartier was given the last name of "Inferni" as it is customary for those of Willam's upbringing to name their offspring after the location they were born in.

Cartier notably led alongside his adoptive mother Vesper as Inferni's Centurion and raised three children with his dog mate Jehan de l'Or. He died in the mansion burning at the end of the Inferni-Salsola War.

Cartier Inferni

by Sie



More Info



Date of Birth

28 Jan 2013




Birth place



75% Coyote, 25% Wolf


25% Mexican Coyote
25% Plains Coyote
12.5% California Valley Coyote
12.5% Northeastern Coyote
12.5% Eastern Timber Wolf
12.5% Great Plains Wolf




Mate Characters (DD Mon YYYY)
Pack Inferni
Rank Imperi


Inferni (Birth - Present)
Evocati, Tiro Lumius

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1.  Appearance

  • Species: Despite the mishmosh of coyote species to influence Cartier's bloodline, the Plains Coyote is most prominent among them. His warm coat colors and lean, hardened musculature are the clearest evidence of this, though the Mexican Coyote can be seen in the brilliant coppery hues he carries.
  • Facial Features: Cartier's face is entirely coyote, giving no hint to his wolfish blood. His muzzle is tapering and slim, his nose pad is small and dainty, and his ears are over-sized and large. His face and head are particularly striking, having grown from innocent and delicate in youth to finely-boned and sharply featured in adulthood.
  • Build: Cartier is built leanly, with an athletic and slim body. He is compact and well-made, though not exceptionally strong or well-muscled.
  • Size: Cartier is large for a coyote, taking after his mother. He is small in comparison to more wolfish coyote hybrids and wolves themselves, but he is nonetheless larger than the average Plains Coyote or Mexican Coyote, owing primarily to his Northeastern Coyote and wolf heritage.

1.1  Coloration

  • Barley Corn (#9b8a59): base fur color.
  • Judge Gray (#4a432b): backside, tip of tail.
  • Sepia Skin (#976a3a) : snout and around eyes, ears, leg stockings
  • Arrow Town (#93896d) : underside, inner ears.
  • Raw Sienna(#c86944): eyes.

1.2  Images

Cartier Doll colored by Nat, Avatar by Sky, Lupus by Chris, Lupus Lineart by Sie

1.3  Forms




60 lbs (X kg)
26.5 in (X cm)

189 lbs (X kg)
X in (X cm)

197 lbs (X kg)
6ft 0in (72 in) (X cm)




1.4  Other


  • Dyed Fur: A streak of deep red in his hair, as well as the tips of his braids.
  • Piercings: Left ear is pierced once. Generally wears a thin golden ring.
  • Scars: His right ear has a scarred chip in it.
  • Tattoos: None


  • Two braids worn at the back of his head. Each has a small gold plate with three sections, a lurid green gem set in the center.
  • A leather necklace with a green lizard charm, the same lurid green as the gem in his hair plates.

2.  Personality

Cartier is still young, so he has a lot of room to grow in this area of stating just exactly who he is, but there are strong traits that are already showing themselves. He is obedient almost to the point of making his mother and those over him idols. Very submissive to strong authority out of what little he knows of honor and respect. There is safety in obedience and he has already learned this lesson well in his short time in the world. He finds this to be an easy task and does it with joy and his whole heart, not because it is demanded.

Curious beyond what is expected of one so young, he investigates anything he can. He respects authority more when they feed him facts and information to go along with whatever is being taught. He is not, nor will he become a mindless follower. Examples and actions speak louder than words, and Cartier is watchful. Always quick to put some of the most obscure facts together, often saving himself from danger or even punishment. He is not foolish enough to fully challenge authority, but he will make his displeasure and lack of understanding known as respectfully as the situation requires.

He has his faults. In efforts of happiness and pleasing those he respects and loves, he sometimes willfully overlooks things if he wants it to be a certain way, a stubbornness that could be the most harmful of all his traits. He is young yet, perhaps he will outgrow this. Time will tell.

3.  Skills

  • Cartier has learned some elements of horsemanship. He is capable of riding, and some basic horse care. Cartier cares for the communal horses and has taken a liking to Mysia, assisting in her training and helping to further break her.
  • Cartier has picked up archery in recent months, taking to haunting the treestands on the eastern borders of Inferni. He keeps watch and practices by shooting at (and sometimes even hitting) birds, squirrels, and other small animals during his watch.

4.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

4.1  Key Relations

4.2  Family: Kimaris

5.  History

Cartier was born in Inferni on January 28, 2013. His history is rather short since he is a pup still and at his age he barely knows of his own history himself. He knows nothing of his father and isn't even sure he knows what such a title is for. What his mother teaches him is all he cares to know and it is enough for now. He came about through artificial means with Miqui being the donor, but he has never seen him and probably never will.

Cartier's mother grew increasingly distraught and stressed by her responsibilities, and struggled with raising her two children by herself. In August, Willam worked herself to death, leaving her son and daughter as orphans.

5.1  Threads