Campion de le Poer

art by Mel

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Campion de le Poer was the son of Draco de le Poer and Juliane Thibault. He was born in Montpellier, where his difficult childhood and adolescence drove him away from his family. He briefly joined a cult (a group of would-be philosophers and drug-traders that call themselves Le Dragon Rouge) before his involvement in several murders forced him to flee France.

Following his arrival in Freetown, Campion sought shelter from his relative, Aran. This proved to be short lived as the Svantevit family came to see his true colors and exiled him from their group. After shacking briefly up with a voodoo priestess, he went north looking for better trade opportunities. He found these in his cousin, Marlowe.

During his residency in Nova Scotia, Campion established a trade network alongside his cousin. This was a process littered with numerous volatile incidents involving the pair, including many semi and unrelated murders committed by Campion. He attempted to assault Salsola's heir-apparent Osrath Eternity, of whom he made a bitter enemy. The unprovoked kidnapping of Pascal Sadira was a clear indication that Campion's behavior was not merely incidental, but habitual.

Suffering in body and mind, Campion's fatal obsessions turned towards Salsola again. He began murdering and disposing corpses on the borders in a most gruesome fashion along the borders. All of these were women, all of who bore an eerie similarity to Osrath Eternity. Meant to terrorize her, this plan backfired -- Osrath, unforgiving and furious at his behavior, set out to hunt him down.

Though managing to survive attacks by both Osrath Eternity and Marlowe de le Poer, who intervened on her behalf, Campion's pursuit of the former led him to his death at the hands of Salvia Eternity.






  • Family: de le Poer
  • Birthplace: Montpellier
  • Pronunciation: KAMP-ee-on
  • Etymology: champion of the poor
  • Alias: Yaqum
  • Etymology: The Biblical Book of Enoch describes a group of angels called Watchers who were intended to protect mankind. Instead, driven by lust, they defected in order to engage in sexual acts with humans. Yaqum ("he shall rise") was the ringleader who first tempted the other Watchers.




art by Sie

Lean and lithe, Campion is tall and almost wiry looking. He has long limbs and well-defined muscles, though they are not excessively large. He is well proportioned, longer than he is tall. While certainly big, Campion is not heavily muscled. It is apparent he has lived as a loner for a long time, and likely had his weight stunted by this. His head is triangular and has larger than average, slightly pointed ears.

Mostly, though, Campion has an "air" about him--he moves confidently and holds himself well, despite lapsing into moments of downright peculiarity in motion. His eyes are usually wide and appear slightly out of focus.

  • Humanization: Yes, moderate; Campion regularly wears jewelry and other gear.


  • Fur: Judge Gray is his primary pelt color
  • Markings:
    • Malta makes up the lower half of his muzzle, his cheeks, the insides of his ears, his throat, chest, and underbelly.
    • Wafer streaks his underparts from chest to mid-torso.
    • Teak decorates his muzzle as well as his forelegs.
    • Dune marks his dorsal stripe, the outer parts of his ears, his tail and its tips, and the lower halves of his rear legs.
  • Optime Hair: Teak along with some paler streaks of Twine.
  • Eyes: Olive Drab.
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Taupe


Olive Drab (#759B29)
Wafer (#DFD3C5)
Malta (#BBAE9E)
Teak (#AC9465)
Twine (#BE9F60)
Judge Gray (#564C37)
Dune (#312D28)
Taupe (#3D352E)



65 lbs (-- kg)29 in (-- cm)

Entirely wolfish, with a streamlined head and body. Thin and long legged, he is none the less longer than he is tall.


125 lbs (-- kg)35 in (84 cm)

Gaining a large amount of muscle, Campion still remains long and nearly weasel-like.

Optime (Preferred)

160 lbs (-- kg)5ft 10in (70 in) (-- cm)

Lithe, Campion appears very thin. His thick fur aids in hiding this and creating the illusion of weight, but he is literally nothing but lean muscle. His hair is loose and shoulder length.



* Scars
  • Large bite mark on his left arm.
  • A pair of parallel slashes across his left leg.
  • Most obvious, an intentional brand has been scored onto his chest.



Jewelry and Accessories

  • His ears are pierced twice each, midway through each ear on both the inner and outer parts.
  • Pendant necklace filled with Dead-Sea salt; the metal parts and chain are iron.
  • Mercury pendant; gold plated iron.


  • Belt


  • Scent: Musk, dirt, dead leaves, horse, smoke.
  • Speech: Campion's first language is Occitan, but he has been speaking French and English just as long. He has an accent, but it is muddled; one might be able to tell he is foreign but not narrow down the area unless they were familiar with the Mediterranean.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Sometimes his whole body becomes twitchy and wild.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Tall, "in charge", relaxed.




  • Introverted, Manipulative, Aggressive, Weird and shit


  • Expression: Weird???
  • Sociability: Easy to pretend to be friendly, careful to trust.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    • "Considers himself above the law."
    • "Other individuals and their freedoms are unimportant if they cannot be held by the individuals through their own strength and merit."
    • "This is the cruel, brutal killer who trusts no one and has no value for anyone or anything that gets in his way."
    • "He prefers to work alone, as he values his freedom."


  • ???


Chemicals, explosions


  • Powerful Women are trouble-makers and dangerous.


  • ??????


  • Likes: stuff
  • Dislikes: things


Active user and trader.

  • Processes coca leaves to smokeable form; has begun experimenting with higher does in compressed forms.
  • Actively smokes cannabis, often mixed with the coca and other stimulants.
  • Binge drinker, though he drinks rarely.


Campion’s early upbringing involved a mixture of faiths. His father subscribed to teachings of Mab; these include broad lessons in folk magic and Celtic beliefs. His mother, however, was Catholic, and did not favor the heathen lessons. None of these ever really suited Campion, but they did place within him a very strong call towards faith.

When he was in his adolescence, Campion was drawn into a cult that emulated old school Freemasonry, specifically the idea of creating a “new world order” and doing so through aid of alchemy. Campion, following a drug-induced dissociative episode, became convinced he was sharing his body with a demon. He embraced this and, in a primitive form of coping with his illness, “merged” their personalities.

  • Believes in demons; specifically of the Judeo-Christian type.
  • Considers alchemy a mixture of science and magic, approaches it as such.
  • Ultimately believes in pre-determined fate. This negates his responsibility for his actions.


Family: de le Poer

  • Mother: Juliane Thibault
  • Father: Draco de le Poer
  • Siblings: Gringolet de le Poer

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