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Kennedy Fisher was born Kennedy Frost in Mer Bleue to Howell Frost and Kizzie Horne, alongside a single sister, Lou Frost. Running away from home in the winter, uncomfortable and angry at his mother's attempt at upbringing her children as "proper girls," he was rescued from the cold by Ephraim Fisher, an old eunuch who eventually became his father figure; Kennedy took his surname.

Ephraim led Kennedy to AniWaya, where Kennedy became a scout and lived with the Tribe until Ephraim died of illness. Distraught, Kennedy abandoned AniWaya and traveled back north for two years.

Kennedy was shaped by the wilderness and became more in tune with himself—namely, no longer denying his dysphoria and beginning to identify as a male. He made his way back to Nova Scotia in the summer of 2015 and came across an annoying girl who told him about Inferni. Led by a distant cousin, he joined the clan in hopes of reuniting with his sister again.

He notably served in the Inferni-Cour des Miracles war, participating in several fights against the Court.




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  • Date of Birth: 28 Feb 2012
  • Gender: Transgender man
  • Luperci: Verto
  • Pack: Inferni
  • Rank: Tirones
  • Co-ranks: Patrolman, Vanguard, Brute, Fisher, Tracker

OOC Assumptions

Inferni members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • General conversations, including greetings, chats about interests, news, etc. Specific conversations, including arguments, revelations, etc. should be PMed for discussion.
  • Seeing Kennedy around Inferni, esp. around the Great Village, the borders, the rivers, the training ring while accompanied by Conrad, etc.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


Kennedy is an earthen-colored coyote mutt with olive-green eyes.

Preferring to stick to his halfling shape, Kennedy sizes up to a wolf in his Secui form. He is long-legged but sturdy on his paws, narrow-chested and lacking obvious curves. Large ears are accented by a narrow, beakish muzzle, making him appear adolescent despite his age.

While he appears like a pure-bred coyote at first glance, his collie-influenced pelt is an indicator of his hybridization. He is decorated with various scars that speaks of past hardships he survived.


Art by Raze



Black Marlin (#3D331A)
Yellow Metal (#7C6637)
Astra (#FAE3B7)

Eyes, Skin, Leathers

Costa Del Sol (#556B2F)
Cod Gray (#151414)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Visible scars:
    • Teeth marks on left shoulder inflicted by Maciel Lopez
    • Gash on lower back inflicted by Maciel
    • Teeth and claw marks on right thigh inflicted by Maciel
    • Wide gash between his shoulder and neck inflicted by Haven Aatte
  • Hidden by Fur:
    • Four teeth marks on scruff
    • Claw marks on stomach
    • Teeth marks on left shoulder inflicted by Nelion


  • A leather collar adorned with spikes that was gifted to him upon earning his Rex I title; it is decorated with images of fish and streaks of red dye.
  • A leather tool belt decorated with streaks of red dye that was gifted to him upon earning his Rex II title, adorned with various pouches.
  • A simple rucksack with patched repairs.


  • A green leather cord that is used to tie his hair back when in Optime form.
  • A loose, black tank top that is tattered at the edges.
  • A baggy pair of khaki shorts with multiple pockets.

Gallery (Hover for credit)

by Raze by Raze by Raze by Raze by Raze by Shann by Shann by Rat by Nina by Cushfuddled@dA by Levi by Shann by Raze by Evie by Evie by Shann by Shann by Raze by Kitty by Songbird


  • Speech: Once loud and sharp, Kennedy prefers to speak quietly—as anything else betrays a mature and feminine voice. He is to the point, but is mindful of tact and often uses dry remarks to accent his words despite his formal nature. He becomes more vocal and casual around familiars.
  • Scent: Strong aroma of pine sap, musk from fresh pelts, and other overbearing and masculine odors to cover a natural feminine smell. Additionally smells very coyote, with a trace of rivers, prairie, Inferni, and Moineau.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Prone to frowning, quirks eyebrows often, expressive tail. Often fidgets or otherwise is moving in some way (i.e. pushing back his hair, gesturing while talking, etc.) due to feeling uncomfortable doing nothing.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Kennedy appears to have a brazen, dominant stance—but it's more defensive than anything. He always seems a little on edge and prepared for anything. Though he stands with chin defiantly thrust outward and arms crossed, Ken also has rather "quiet" posture, making no big motions.

2.  Personality

2.1  Summary

Kennedy has the appearance of an aloof loner upon first impression, but many learn that this is a simple defense—underneath is an amiable, loyal, big brother-type figure, a true knight in sour armor.

Despite his internal pessimism, he seems to hold a lot of hope for the world around him and attempts to protect it. He works to advise and aid those who are a part of the clan, acting as a confidant for current members and vanguard for newcomers to help them acclimate.

He is spirited and driven, giving his all to live up to his idealism and the betterment of Inferni. But he is often haunted by insecurities and shies away from help, not wanting to appear weak to the ones he wishes to protect.

  • Outlook: Pessimistic (socially, self); idealistic (greater world)
  • Sociability: Ambiverted. Prefers a close circle of friends, but capable of interacting with new individuals.
  • Expression: Presents dominant, inwardly submissive
  • Alignment: Neutral Good

2.2  Traits

  • Defensive and sarcastic; quick to judge in fear of judgement against himself and puts up a front to see a sense of strangers with unknown intentions.
  • Thoughtful and reflective; spends dedicated time mulling over events or individuals and will often overanalyzes situations, getting lost in his head.
  • Kind and nurturing; empathetic towards others and acts as a confidant, always providing his company as a shoulder to lean on and an ear to lend.
  • Playful and competitive; enjoys making sport with others to relax and to not take himself as seriously, finding enjoyment in physical activity.
  • Idealistic and romantic; often believes in the best of everything and everyone, holds a righteous outlook on what is "right" and "wrong."
  • Protective and loyal to a flaw; goes to great lengths to safeguard his loved ones and to shield them from retribution.
  • Insecure; hates the idea of being weak or not good enough, fears that there is someone better than him in every regard.
  • Pessimistic in relation to himself; doesn't hold himself in high regard and will self-sacrifice for the betterment of others.

2.3  Details


  • Likes: Old people, fish, pretty girls, competition, running, physical activities, strong scents
  • Dislikes: Harsh winters, sickness, controlling individuals, annoying youngsters, sitting still


  • Bettering his skills and bettering himself as a person
  • Inferni, the protection of his clanmates
  • Pulling his weight and contributing to "the greater good"
  • One upping Covenant when she bothers him


  • Fears the possibility of disapproval and disappointment of those he cares about
  • Services becoming invaluable or being useless in general
  • Injuries that could cause him to become physically disabled in whatever way
  • Failure on his part that results in the serious injury/death of others


  • Non-Luperci: Formerly a non-Luperci, Kennedy sees their lives as simply different rather than better or worse. He is occasionally still awkward with some Luperci or humanized concepts.
  • Age: Kennedy is very fond of the elderly and thinks they are super cool! He would drop anything to help an elder and treats them with the utmost respect, more like a hero rather than simply someone to take care of.


  • Kennedy is attracted to women almost exclusively and has a thing for pretty, kind girls.
  • While he is initially attracted to aesthetic and personality, Ken falls on the spectrum of asexuality and generally does not feel desire unless under specific circumstances (including the formation of an intimate, trusting bond with his partner).
  • Currently, Kennedy is involved with a certain annoying girl.


  • Recreational drinker and smoker.
  • Does not seek out substances but will partake in a social setting.


  • While he does not adhere to religion so much, Kennedy believes in minor spirits and guides (as in AniWaya) and believes every living thing has a spirit.
  • Additionally, Ken believes very strongly in dreams as "visions" meant to guide. He does not see them as prophetic, in the sense that the will come true, but they are to be interpreted and followed.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Extended: Kennedy has distant relatives through the Moineau family that he is unaware of (though he would recognize the family name). His closest relatives in Nova Scotia are his great-aunts' children, such as Finch Moineau, while the other branch of the Moineau family includes the 'Souls leaders Vesper and Nivosus Moineau.
  • Ephraim Fisher: Kennedy's adoptive father. He rescued Kennedy when he ran away from home, taking the bratty child under his wing and guiding him to AniWaya. He taught Ken as much as he could about survival and kindness and other things, and his death hit Ken hard.
  • Kizzie Horne: Kennedy's mother -- a somewhat feeble, traditionalist female who pushed her children away with her expectations. Kennedy never felt his dysphoria as strongly as he did around his mother, and does not wish to see her again.
  • Howell Frost: Kennedy's father and was adored by his children. He was quiet, kind, and fair -- and Kennedy appreciated his gentle and subtle kind of support. Ken worries what Howell will think of him now.
  • Lou Frost: Kennedy's sister. They were very close before Kennedy ran away, and Lou was a confidant to some of Ken's issues -- though he didn't speak them all aloud. He wants to reunite with her but worries about whether she'll accept him as he is now.

3.2  Pack Relations

  • Vesper: Vesper is the Aquila of Inferni and a distant cousin of Kennedy's. She was the one to accept Ken into the clan, and he looks up to the scarred coywolf as a respectable figure, perhaps even a bit of a role model, and follows her word and command without question.
  • Covenant de le Poer: Covenant and Kennedy are Vitriolic Buds. While all their bickering would lead one to think they are enemies, they seem to be on good terms with each other—perhaps more than just good terms. ;)
  • Vicira Tears: Vesper's daughter and third wheel to his and Covenant's bickerings. Kennedy is fond of her calm nature and how she is genuinely kind, and she was one of the first coyotes to learn that he was transgender and accepted it. He enjoys patrolling the borders with her when the occasion arises.
  • Conrad Nielssen: Kennedy and him often spar together, with more of Conrad teaching the Fisher how to fight than actual dueling. Ken is also one of the first people to hear rumors straight from the horse's mouth. After fighting in a war together, the two have become close friends and confidants.
  • Kallistos Moineau: A man affectionately nicknamed his "possible cousin." Kallistos was one of the first individuals he met in the clan and appreciates the fact he feels he can speak easily around him.
  • Antioch de le Poer: Covenant's brother. Kennedy met the man when he aided in the killing of a trespasser, with Antioch striking the death blow. He is unsure about how he feels about the younger male, but he ultimately respects him.
  • Basilio Lykoi: Self-dubbed as the "pygmy warrior." Kennedy cannot help but be impressed that the small man is capable of battle, and garnered respect for him after Basilio played a trick on him for mistaking the Lykoi as a puppy.
  • Crucifix de le Poer: Covenant's sister. A soft-spoken girl who he helped collect flowers for. He finds her and her sister's nature shockingly stark in comparsion.
  • Jehan de l'Or, Clover: A pair of Outsiders that live within the clan. He is awkward around them at times, well aware of how out of place they are, but makes an effort to be inclusive.

3.3  Outsider Relations

  • Zinnia Skybright was a girl Kennedy met after Ephraim's death. She helped him through not only his grief, but his identity when he came to terms with it. They became intimate friends (and gray-area, mostly-platonic more-than-friends) before parting ways on good terms. However, their departure sprung various insecurities that Kennedy still struggles with today.

Minor Relations

4.  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Most of his skills were taught by his adoptive father or by his own sheer wit after many months surviving without a pack. Rough experiences, hard lessons, and constant usage have honed these abilities.
  • Tracking (Master): More a natural talent than anything else, Kennedy is an amazing tracker and is able to scent and follow both prey and canines with accuracy. He remembers smells better than any other type information and often associates memories to them.
  • Fishing (Journeyman): Mostly inspired by Ephraim, Kennedy has a special interest in fishing. He prefers to fish on his four legs, propelling his whole body into the water to snatch fish with his jaws. However, he is attempting to learn how to net fish, again as a homage to his father, but has no clue what he is doing.
  • Swimming (Journeyman): Tying into his fishing ability, Kennedy is also a decent swimmer. He is confident and comfortable in most rivers and lakes, but is more cautious around larger bodies of water like seas and oceans.
  • Stamina (Journeyman): His body tough and wiry, he was built for surviving. He enjoys running for sport, and since he is almost constantly moving, he knows how to control his energy and has substantial endurance.
  • Scouting (Journeyman): Kennedy is a natural-born scout; his brief stint in AniWaya lent him more knowledge on this subject and has learned some scouting and border patrol tactics as a Sciens in Inferni. He works well in an unit and often incoprates the use of his raven partner.
  • Kennedy is limited to his Secui form for most of his skills -- he rarely visits his Optime form and lacks the dexterity he has on four legs when he's on two.
  • Generally unrefined, Kennedy mostly relies on his instincts and can't be expected to have a defined pattern in his actions.


  • Education and Learning: Kennedy was scrappy and self-taught early in life, defending himself and others by the skin of his teeth and sheer luck, and did not learn to refine his skills until joining Inferni. Most of what he knows was taught by various clanmates, most notably Conrad Nielssen.
  • Lupus/Secui (Apprentice): Being trained by Conrad, Kennedy is learning refined methods on how to fight while on four legs. His personalized style is brawling with hit-and-run tactics. He relies on his stamina and his sturdiness to win the test of durability in fights, and will try to whittle down his opponent with quick, heavy strikes at close range before bouncing back to avoid being ensnared.
  • Optime (Novice): Mostly self-taught with a few lessons here and there, he has attempted to learn hand-to-hand combat in case he is ever caught in his Optime form. His style is similar to when he is in Lupus/Secui form, but there is a more desperate, wild edge to it. He incorporates scratching and clawing more so than actual punching and kicking.
  • Knife-wielding (Dabbler): A brief lesson with a loner lent him some knowledge on how to handle a dagger without looking like a complete fool. He is somewhat interested in developing this skill further, but has yet to find a suitable weapon to use and train with.
  • Kennedy is as tall as a large wolf while in Secui form, but he can easily be outmatched by a full-blooded wolf in their own halfling shape. His small size (especially in Optime form) lends him some speed over his larger foes, but things can go south if he is caught and pinned down.
  • Kennedy is a fish out of water if caught outside outside of his four legs, and his inexperience is obvious to even the untrained eye.


  • Education and Learning: Kennedy picked up various skills along the way with various degrees of proficiency.
  • Vanguarding (Apprentice): Despite being standoffish with most strangers, Kennedy is more than friendly with the newer members of Inferni and goes out of his way to welcome them into the clan. He is open-minded and patient with these coyotes and enjoys showing them around the territory and explaining cultural aspects.
  • Scavenging (Novice): Having a nose for hunting objects and treasures, Kennedy only explores decrepit buildings and towns in the search for salvageable items to donate to Inferni's stores. He has a good eye for the usefulness of an object, and can be quite clever with re-purposing them—such as finding some elastic cloth and fashioning it into a personal binder.
  • As these skills are more off the wall than some, Kennedy does not spend dedicated time improving them.

5.  History

Kennedy and Lou Frost were born to Howell Frost and Kizzie Horne in Mer Bleue, alongside sister Lou Frost. Kennedy had an average (for all intents and purposes) upbringing and childhood but was unhappy due to his mother's traditionalist views and expectations, and his own latent dysphoria.

Kennedy ran away from home -- then discovered that survival is not a cake-walk. Luckily, Ephraim Fisher wandered across Ken during a bad winter storm and kept him warm. Charmed by the eunuch's age and strangeness, Kennedy traveled with him and took on his surname, becoming the lonely wolfdog's adoptive child of sorts.

Guided by dreams of a distant Tribe, Ephraim led the pair to AniWaya and settled into the group. Though Ephraim was at home, Kennedy struggled to understand the pack's workings -- but admired its spirituality. For some time, things were quiet -- but Ephraim fell ill in the summer months and passed away. Distraught, Kennedy abandoned AniWaya and traveled north again.

During the fall, he came upon a Luperci girl named Zinnia Skybright that seemed as lost as he was. The two decided to remain together for the winter, at first only as a greater means of survival, but as the season went on, the two became friends after they opened up to one another; she helped him with his grief over the recently lost Emphraim, and he discovered that she was aimless and he insured her that she'll find her purpose. Kennedy began developing feelings for her, but unwilling to potentially jeopardize their friendship, he kept them quiet and was content as remaining her friend.

In the following summer, Zinnia was attacked by a lone female wolf over prey, and Kennedy defended her and ended up having to kill the wolf in their defense. However, he sustained serious injuries that resulted in him contracting the Luperci virus -- both from the wounds inflicted by the wolf and from Zinnia cleaning them. His first shift unsettled him, but Zinnia talked him through it and he managed to come out of the ordeal unscathed.

However, his new body triggered unpleasant feelings within him that were once somewhat dormant, brought to the forefront of his mind -- his Optime body had things that were considered womanly or feminine, and he rarely shifted into this form and showed discomfort whenever he did. Zinnia noticed his change in demeanor, and after some questioning, Kennedy spoke about his dysphoria for the first time. Zinnia was supportive and confirmed his feelings to be valid, and suggested that he wasn't a female despite being called as such all his life. And it all clicked in his mind after she explained it to him -- he wasn't a girl, and never had been. His mother lessons, the feminine words assigned to him, didn't make him uncomfortable for no reason, but because he was a male.

From then on, he embraced his identity and it was something akin to a spiritual reawakening. Zinnia supported and helped Ken with his transition, and the two became even closer. They danced on the line between companions and lovers, sharing touches and words that were intimate in nature, but they never crossed the boundary beyond friendship. Their attraction could not be denied, but it went unspoken and unaddressed, undefined for perhaps both of their sakes.

In the spring of 2015, Zinnia announced that she had a dream. Kennedy, believing the sentimentality of dreams, took the conversation seriously, and she explained to him that her dream led her to someplace in the west, beyond where they were, and she had to go alone. Knowing that she struggled with her own sense of purpose and direction and finally finding it in her way, Ken respected her wishes. The two parted on good terms, though they did not promise to see each other again, both knowing it probably could not be kept and could only wish for it to happen.

While Zinnia went west, Kennedy went east -- back to Nova Scotia, the land Ephraim led him to, to search for his sister.

5.1  Threads

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  5. Depth Over Distance
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