Ridpath "Blake" Stelyan

Ridpath "Blake" Stelyan


Ridpath, also known as Blake, was a member of Casa di Cavalieri for a short time in 2013. After his beloved Aspirin disappeared, he, too, vanished from the land of 'Souls. At times, he returned nearby the area in search of her, but never did find her again. His loyalty and preservence caught the eye of many, though his reluctance to have children drove most potential mates off: until he finally settled down with a man, a sailor known as Keith. The two of them sailed to Europe together, and lived a quiet and mostly uneventful life afterwards.

Eventually, Keith convinced Ridpath of having a child together through a surrogate. They had one child before Ridpath's death in early 2021, which Ridpath named after the canine he had spent so long searching for: Aspirin II.

Played & Created by Hydra Triangle. Forum link.


Basic Info

Date of Birth14 Jan 2011
GenderMale (He/him)
Species75% Mackenzie Valley Wolf, 25% Belgian Shepherd Dog



  • Speech: Ridpath had a rough, coarse voice that only got more hoarse as he aged. Many people had to strain to understand what he was saying in the couple years before his death.
  • Scent: Forest, rust
  • General Posture and Body Language: Ridpath mainly tried to appear dignified rather than friendly during his lifetime. The only time he coiled in on himself was when he was preparing for a fight.

Color Palette


Tundora (#494949)
Fuscous Gray (#544D45)
Schooner (#8C8379)


Stiletto (#963333)

Nose, Skin, Paw Pads

Mine Shaft (#232323)
Shocking (#e192b3)

Physical Appearance


Although Ridpath's appearance was harrowing to some, he always maintained a straightened posture and calm demeanor, until later in life when old age made him slouch. In this older age, he appeared to others as more tired than anything. He had many scars upon his body from various tussles both with enemies and with prey. He was never the biggest man in the room, but Ridpath had the powers of intimidation nonetheless, especially in his prime.


136 lbs (60 kg)
38 in (100 cm)
This was Ridpath's least favorite and least used form. He did not like how small it made him seem: it revealed too much of his flaws.


256 lbs (114 kg)
46 in (120 cm)
Ridpath used this form for hunting and traveling during his lifetime. It was a favorite of his.


271 lbs (121 kg)
7 ft 0 in (84 in / 216 cm)
Besides his straightened posture, Ridpath never did take to the trend of humanization, even in Europe. He left his mane unstyled and did not wear many clothes.



by Unknown (Raze?)

Ridpath during his prime was a cautious wolfdog, although he could be unpredictable at times due to his young age. The older he got, the more introverted and mellow he became. There were days he did not speak at all, especially after he reached eight years old. He always retained something of a fighting spirit, influenced by Casa di Cavalieri to keep the peace as a warrior. He did not like to see anyone mistreated, which earned him like-minded friends most places he went.

He feared raising children until he settled down with Keith, the man who became his partner for the rest of his life. Overtime, Keith broke down most of Ridpath's walls and convinced him to try to begin a family with him. Ridpath agreed to raise a child then, although he had no part in the process of finding a surrogate, and did not want to pass on his blood to another. He always felt self-conscious about doing so when the thought crossed his mind.

Overall, the man was a good warrior, and a supportive mate & father to his family. He was loyal until the end.


  • Honorable
  • Supportive
  • Loyal


  • Silent
  • Brooding
  • Humorless



  • Emotional Disposition: Ridpath rarely displayed emotion to an extreme point. He tended to shutdown during highly emotional times.
  • Sociability: He was introverted, and did not always like to socialize with strangers.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
    • Does not seek positions of authority over others.
    • Considers the needs of the community in personal life.
    • Will take actions to aid others during times of crisis, even if unprofitable to do so.
    • Believes everyone should be treated fairly and kindly.


  • Packs: Due to pack tensions, he was hostile towards Salsola and Anathema. He was friendly towards Cercatori d'Arte members, as well as AniWaya and Sangi'lak.
  • Species: He had a tendency to treat coyotes and jackals differently without realizing it.
  • Non-Luperci: He remained unfamiliar and frightened of Non-Luperci until the end of his days.
  • Color: His heart ached whenever he met a canine with pelt coloration similar to Aspirin.
  • Age: He feared pups and taking care of them until he had Aspirin II and raised her with Keith.


Ridpath was bisexual. In his younger years, he had a strong preference for women, but this preference faded over the years. He was strictly monogamous, and sexually reserved. He could be considered to be on the asexual spectrum, likely grey-ace.


Peace, control, and freedom for all.


Ridpath was not ever religious. He did believe in ghosts and life after death, however.



  • Aspirin never really did cease having an influence on Ridpath's life. Despite how short their time was together in comparison to the long life he lived, he felt her to be an important part of him for all time. Although he came to have a mate in Keith he truly loved, it was a different love than the one he felt for Aspirin, and they held different places in Ridpath's heart.


  • Keith was Ridpath's mate during the later years of his life, and the one he raised a child with. Ridpath deeply cared for him, and supported him whenever possible. Keith, being younger than Ridpath, is still alive and is struggling to adjust to his death.
  • Aspirin II is Ridpath & Keith's child, born through Keith and a surrogate parent. She is alive and well in Europe with Keith.

Minor Relations

  • Murders: Sterling

Post Log & Archives


January 2013


Ridpath was not on board during January 2013.

February 2013


  1. Just don't get yourself into trouble
    Nearing the border of Sangi'Lak, Ridpath meets X'yrin Exultare and exchanges information about the land.
  2. Are you putting us under
    Ridpath meets Wayne McCoy and learns about Casa di Cavalieri. Nyla T'kinsae rolls in on their conversation. Wayne goes on to explain more about the land of Nova Scotia to the two of them.
  3. Home sweet home
    Still trying to learn more information about the land of 'Souls that he's come into, Ridpath talks to Chloe Taregan about AniWaya.
  4. Where's the next stop
    A meeting with Alistair Callow all but cements Ridpath's decision to join Casa di Cavalieri.
  5. In this scene
    Arriving at Casa di Cavalieri, Ridpath attempts to join the pack, and brings gifts to them. Neela Garcia, although in a grumpy mood, accepts his offerings and lets him become a member of the pack.
  6. Close up camera one
    Ridpath has his first meeting with Aspirin: She in a starving state and he catches prey for her. The two share an immediate connection.
  7. Terrifying kitty
    A chance encounter has Ridpath helping Feng with a cougar problem.
  8. Today I sit and wait
    Ridpath gets to know Jazper Rhiannon-Knight better and meets other members of the pack, Thana Theos and Anna Theos.
  9. But there's something holding me back
  10. [M] Some say suffer all the children, and walk away a savior
    Aspirin's slaver, Sterling, finds her again and begins to abuse her. Ridpath murders the man in a fit of protective rage. Aspirin is taken to Casa di Cavalieri's territory to heal, and Ridpath tells her she needs to join a pack for her own protection, suggesting Cercatori d'Arte.
  11. Where fast is always slow
    In the falling action, Ridpath takes Aspirin for a walk to do her good.

March 2013


  1. Loyalty is shared in blood
    Jazper tells the pack that they will cease pursuing Salsola, but will march on Anathema.
  2. Clowns to the left, jokers to the right
    With Aspirin & Lowry Lykoi.
  3. [M] Red - the blood of angry men
    Casa di Cavalieri marches on Anathema, with Ridpath and many others present.
  4. Hello again
    Ridpath & Aspirin share some cute moments together.
  5. Another day, another dawn
    Ridpath & Aspirin share some cute moments together. AGAIN! They also exchange pack news with one another.
  6. It all comes 'round again
    Ridpath comes across Nyla T'kinsae once more, and tells her about life as a member of Casa di Cavalieri.
  7. Starting off fresh
    Thorn Hazeheart trades and teaches Ridpath more about archery.
  8. I can feel every wave
    Interrupting Sebastian Auditore's nap, Ridpath introduced himself to him and earns the nickname 'Riddle'.

April 2013


  1. Build a little birdhouse in your soul
    Aspirin gives Ridpath a gift: a stuffed rabbit that she made with Esther.

May 2013


  1. Thread Name
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!

June 2013


  1. Thread Name
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!