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Illustration drawn and edited by Heart

Note: The white colouration didn't show up the way I wanted to,

especially around the belly. :/

A shy Mexican wolf (with some coyote blood) who cannot shift but manages to fit in a Luperci-dominated world with his passion for nature, hunting and herbalism. He's kind of curious/unnerved about the whole Luperci-lifestyle surrounding him.






  • Date of Birth: 29 April 2013
  • Joined Game: Tuesday, 15th July 2014
  • Age: 3 years 2 months
  • Maturity: Approx. 33 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: No
  • Residence: CdM territory, see "Residence"
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: Cour des Miracles (17 July 2014)
  • Rank: Margrave (1 May 2015)
    Freiherr (25 Jan 2015)
    Chevalier (1 Sept 2014)
    Seigneur (17 July 2014)
  • Profession: Huntsman (25 Jan 2015)
  • cNPC: None
  • yNPC: None
  • NPC: Cora (cat)



  • Maciel is OPEN for plots with other characters!
    • Romance plot?
    • Long-term plot?
  • See text highlighted in yellow for a few plot ideas with Maciel
  • See thread hub

Cour des Miracles members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Mexican wolf with a percentage of coyote. However, he does not bear many physical characteristics of a coyote, except for perhaps being slightly slimmer than most wolves.
  • Fur: Lush, thick, medium-length hair with a 'mane', as is typical for most Mexican wolves. Fur thickens considerably during the winter.
  • Build and Size: Is smaller than most wolves, even other male Mexican wolves, standing 75cm (29.5in) at the shoulder (when he should have stood 80cm (31.5 in)). His small size is due to his sister, who gave him very little space at their mother's belly (reducing his intake of milk) when they were unweaned puppies, as well as stole his prey once they were weaned. He is also very lean, weighing only 36.7kg (81lb).
  • Humanization: Practically none.
    • He heard of humans when he was a pup (from tales passed down generation to generation in his birth pack) and is familiar with certain parts of their culture, such as reading and living in buildings such as houses. When his sister was murdered he also witnessed the lone brothers who killed her using weapons (specifically, two knives and a flail) and is therefore aware of such humanised weapons. He later learned about the bow and arrow and crossbow. On the other hand, things like riding a horse, cooking and pottery do not strike him as being human, and he genuinely believes that such actions and skills originated solely from the Luperci.


  • Fur:
    • Mainly FULVOUS
    • Shades of white
    • vibrant SNOW WHITE (underbelly)
    • FLORAL WHITE (sides) (gradient from snow white to pearl)
    • PEARL (sides)
    • BLACK (back)
  • Markings:
    • White spots above the eyes
    • White jaw
    • Black and white streaks
    • Eyes lined with black
    • Black ear rims
  • Eyes: DEEP SEPIA
  • Nose and Paw Pads: BLACK


BLACK (#000000)
FULVOUS (#E48400)
Recieved: Wed, Sept 24th 2014

Pixel by Despi, Coloured by Katie

Reference Pictures (reference only!):

Summer Coat ref.

Original Source:

Winter Coat ref. (note fur thickness)

Source: [topic: Endangered wolf leaving Brookfield Zoo to enter the wild (Photos)]

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars: A variety of small scars from hunting-related incidents, especially on his shoulders and sides (hidden by fur) and on his snout and legs.


  • Speech: Normally fast, sometimes stuttering (depending on level of nervousness). The more comfortable he is with someone, the more natural his speech. His voice has a slight, pleasant lilt that is only detectable when he is completely relaxed, which basically only happens when he's alone or talking to a very good friend.
  • Scent: Cour des Miracles; the forest, maple trees; sea salt.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Instinctively avoids eye-contact. May tilt his head slightly when confused or interested. Has a habit of flicking his tail or ear when thinking.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Submissive. Shy/anxious.


Complete Gallery & Image Credits

Recieved: Fri, Sept 5th 2014
Recieved: Fri, Mar 20th 2015
Recieved: Sun, Dec 6th 2014

Avatar by Suga (Orion North)

Avatar by Kai (Estella Butler)

Doodle by Tri (Dante Centri)




Recieved: Sat, Feb 14th 2015

////// [IMAGE]

Doodle by Gen (Silvano Sadira)



2.  Personality



Maciel Lopez lacks self-confidence and is therefore normally quite shy, submissive, and unused to socialising, as he normally does his best to avoid such an act, but at the same time is also eager (and, at times, almost desperate) to fit in. Additionally, his fear of change and the unknown can sometimes temporarily escalate to the point of a phobia, a behaviour which has often been labelled as cowardice by his past peers. If determined, however, he can suppress these feelings, albeit usually only for a short period of time.

On the plus side, his shyness has also resulted in a gentlemanly politeness and a humble, modest demeanour. Moreover, although he is extremely wary of making friends, when he finds someone whom he values and trusts (which is rare) he gains an intense loyalty to the said someone, although definitely not to the point of complete fearlessness when protecting them. However, his idea of 'protecting' may vary, from confronting the danger directly (which he would rather avoid) to, if the threat is not immediate, simply making said danger's life uncomfortable, or at least a little less pleasant. Maciel has a very good heart and a gentle soul, capable of empathising with almost anybody, and will be willing to help anyone in need.

He is always very polite and modest, and will never shout, scream or curse unless in fear.



2.1  Ideals


Positive Traits

  • Polite and respectful
  • Modest/humble
  • Honest
  • Keeps his promises
  • Can be fiercely loyal

Negative Traits
  • Bases his value only on his achievements and how God views him
  • Submission and shyness around virtually everybody
    • a bit of a social recluse
  • Can be socially awkward
  • (Secretly) fears and is unsettled by Luperci
  • Not a Luperci himself
    • Hindered greatly with more 'human' tasks (e.g. harvesting, crafting)

  • Outlook: ?
  • Sociability: Introverted, submissive
  • Expression: Submissive
  • Alignment: Lawful good
"Characters of this alignment believe that an orderly, strong society with a well organised government can work to make life better for the majority of the people."
"A lawful good character will keep his word if he gives it and will never lie."
"A lawful good being kills whenever necessary to promote the greater good, or to protect himself, his companions, or anyone whom he's vowed to defend. In times of war, he strikes down the enemies of his nation."
"Otherwise, a lawful good character avoids killing whenever possible."


  • Preservation and safety of others
  • Self preservation
  • Fulfilment of hopes/dreams


  • Optime Luperci: see Biases
  • 'Becoming worthless


  • Luperci: Normally treats Luperci with caution and respect -- Luperci, particularly in their Optime form, are vastly more superior (and dangerous) than non-Luperci.

Help reinforce Maciel's fear of Luperci: Your Luperci character can threaten, argue with, or even attack Maciel, as long as any wounds inflicted do not result in him contracting the Luperci virus

  • Gender: None
  • Packs:
    • Cour des Miracles: It is filled with Luperci, but otherwise, it's amazing. Home.
    • New Dawn: A very important pack, as it is the only one with feral roots.
    • Inferni: Was involved in the CdM/IF conflict.
  • Sexuality: -
  • Age: The elderly should be respected.
  • Species: -
  • Color: None.


Kinsey Scale 3
"Equally heterosexual and homosexual" (i.e. bisexual)

He would definitely prefer a long-term relationship over a short-term one, and hook-ups do not appeal to him. Even if he did become involved in a short-term relationship, he would find it hard to "let it go" and would still remember past feelings and attachments.

Prefers monogamous relationships.

Relationship? :P: Maciel is open for a relationship


  • Likes: Hunting. Nature. Sea glass. Herbalism.
  • Dislikes: Violence. Abuse. Bullying. Embarrassment.


Has tried cannabis (and enjoyed it), but nothing else.


A baptised Christian. Adopted into the faith by Skoll Haskel.
Despite being Christian, he does not understand the faith entirely and remains flexible in his beliefs.
Believes in one God, who watches over them all. Believes in Heaven and Hell. Believes in sin, penance, and the forgiveness of sin.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: Lopez

  • Mother: Alejandra Lopez. Mexican wolf. (not in 'Souls)
  • Father: Rafael. Mexican wolf x Coyote. Former loner. (deceased)
  • Littermates:
    • Two unnamed brothers (deceased)
      • One stillborn
      • One runt. Died before six months of age.
    • One sister (presumed deceased)
  • Half-Siblings: None known
  • Half-Siblings: None known
  • Children: None
  • Cousins: None known
  • Extended: None known

3.2  Relations

Key Relations


  • Mara Savoyan unexpected friend

    When Maciel first met Mara, he, quite truthfully, regarded her with fear, then anxiety and politeness, due to her natural Luperci status. Since then, however, the wolfdog has become a close friend of Maciel. He feels above all things that he can trust her, a characteristic which is hugely important to him. Additionally, he also respects her greatly due to her adventurous nature (which he is awed by, considering that he himself cannot empathise in the least with it), and is also absolutely fascinated by her tellings of her birthplace, the Virgin Islands (even if his views of the place are not entirely accurate).
History: Show
  1. Maciel first met Mara Savoy almost a week after joining the Court, in Sugar Glass Caverns. They explored together, and, when Mara mentioned her interest in learning how to hunt, Maciel offered to give her a lesson.
  2. Later on, Maciel got himself injured in Halcyon Mountain, but was discovered the next day by Mara.
  • Faynerespected healer

    Fayne and Maciel first met when she rescued him after a bad fall in Halcyon mountain. Since then, they have come across each other multiple times. Maciel consults her about herbalism and values her advice greatly. In addition to the affection he has for her, due to all the times she has helped him, he also has huge respect for her skills and experience.


  • His sisterthe unnamed monster

    Once she found out that she was a Luperci, she began bullying him in Optime form. She tortured him emotionally, but sometimes directly or indirectly inflicted physical damage such as bruises and cuts (grazes, etc.). However, he does not have any physical scars from the experience, and none of his wounds were ever serious enough to infect him with the Luperci virus.

    He later witnessed her brutal murder, an event that chased him out of his pack and New Brunswick and also further affected his personality.

  • Donthe angel after the dark

    Towards the end of his life as a loner, Maciel met Don: a friendly wolfdog loner... and Luperci verto. However, Maciel did not realise that Don was a Luperci until a month after meeting him, but by then the information could not have separated the pair. To Maciel, Don was more than a hunting partner – he was the family he had never had. Unfortunately, he was fairly old, and later died from illness during a brief period of prey shortages in the local area. The wolfdog's death was what finally pushed Maciel to start looking to join a pack.

    Don helped shape one of the better aspects of Maciel's character: a general kindness and empathy to anyone and everyone, no matter who they are.

Positive Relations

Skoll was one of the first Courtiers Maciel ever met, but their relationship became closer when one day they came upon each other in the Notre Dame Cathedral. Maciel was previously ignorant about all religions and was also doubtful of his value as a person, but after a conversation with the golden knight, he agreed to be christened into the faith. Since then, he has not felt nearly so worthless. Maciel perceives Skoll to be one of the kinder and nobler Luperci and trusts him absolutely, adopting his aggresion towards Inferni during the IF/CdM conflict.

The pair have only met once so far, but have quickly become friendly. Kira is now helping Maciel with his herbalism and has assisted with Cour des Miracles' pack garden.

After the Spring Floods of 2015, Maciel briefly became homeless until Estella offered to bring him under her own roof. Maciel has since returned to his original residence, but is eternally grateful for her help.

Neutral / Negative

Minor Relations

3.3  NPCs

Icon Gender DoB About


Cat ~ 3 July 2014
  • Abilities: Rat-catching (kind of).
  • Description: A fairly small, feral, grey/blue semi-longhair of mixed breeds. She has green eyes. Extremely friendly to strange Luperci, whom she sees as a source of pampering. She is semi-independent, mostly roaming wild. She is fearless and arrogant, but with a taste for excitement and fun. Maciel still visits and cares for her, and plans on making her into a ratter. ...see more?
  • History: Originally born in Anathema. Traded to Maciel by Axelle Napier in Halifax.
  • Assumptions: Anyone in CdM can reference minor interactions with Cora (e.g. feeding, petting, shooing-away, simply sighting her, etc.)

3.4  Residence

Maciel lives in a small cave near the coast, close to the Cave of Lascaux and Arbres de la Falaise. It is currently unfurnished and undecorated (he has no personal belongings). The cave was chosen primarily for its location, especially since it faces away from the wind and thus provides more shelter against harsh weather and the cold.
He is normally only found here during the night (esp. in winter) or noon (esp. in summer), when he will be sleeping.

3.5  Realistic Locations

Spends most of his time within Cour des Miracles territory. Here he will mostly be spending his time in the forests (esp. Arbres de la Falaise) or, alternatively, adding meat to the King's Cellar for pack use.
Otherwise, he is commonly found in the eastern areas of Seabreeze Brink, particularly Ethereal Eclipse and rural Halifax (especially if he is going to the Halifax gardens). He may also wander towards Rabbit Lake, but this place in particular brings back both depressing and nostalgic memories.
When going north, he normally only does so for a specific reason. Even so, he usually only goes as far as the northern tip of the Dampwoods or the base of Halcyon Mountain. Occasionally, he will explore a bit of the mountain, but this is very rare.
NOTE: He generally avoids all pack borders and human dwellings. For instance, he will almost never be found in the urbanised areas of Halifax, except if it is to visit the gardens. He will also give other packs a wide berth if possible.

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities



Hunting/Fishing: Maciel is always available as a hunting partner.

  • General tracking (Journeyman): Masterful knowledge and skill in general, but scent disguising will easily trick him.
    • Maciel has the rare ability to distinguish the scent of Luperci from non-Luperci
  • Small game (Journeyman - Master): His life as a loner and independent hunter has given him amazing hunting skills, particularly with prey that can be individually hunted (e.g. rodents). All he needs to do now is master hunting rabbits.
  • Large game (Journeyman - Master): He has taken down larger prey in the past, albeit this is easier with a partner. His first kill alone of this kind was in the late winter of 2013, when as a loner he hunted down a young, winter-weakened male whitetail deer, but since then his constant practice has definitely pulled off. Elk, however, he finds particularly hard to hunt successfully when alone.
  • Birds/Bats (Dabbler/Apprentice): He has tried to hunt them in the past, and he has always failed. Vesper has recently taught him the basics, however, helping him to understand new hunting tactics for these species. See thread opportunity above.
  • Fishing (Dabbler): He knows a little about catching crayfish, but that is all.


  • Evasion (Journeyman): Includes agility, hiding, etc. He had to learn all this to escape from his sister whenever she felt like bullying him. He's pretty agile and has a lot of stamina, so he can go dodging and dashing about for a long time. Due to his relatively small size, he can also squeeze through and past places other, larger canids cannot, and his lighter weight aids his agility even further. He is also able to make split-second decisions and improvise during emergencies. In addition, he knows a bit about covering his tracks, including how to hide his scent and cover his pawprints. Unfortunately, he doesn't know how to climb trees and can leave a significant amount of other visible evidence (of his presence) in his trail, namely tufts of fur, damaged plants, etc.. A lot of time spent exploring and hunting, however, has inadvertently helped him hone his skills.

Low Speech

Generally only understands a few of the more common and basic terms. He can also speak multiple phrases, a skill he primarily uses when hunting (mimicking), but he does not understand what on Earth they mean. He only knows what effect they have on prey.

  • White tailed deer (Apprentice): His knowledge of this dialect is marginally better than other dialects he knows. Can speak without an accent. He has been practicing this a lot lately in his spare time.
  • Cats (Apprentice): A new dialect introduced to him through the adoption of Cora. He only has a basic understanding of it, but is progressing rapidly with his skills, mainly due to Cora's chattiness.
  • Elk (Dabbler): His knowledge of this dialect is marginally better than other dialects he knows. Can speak without an accent.
  • Rodents (Dabbler): Very basic understanding. Difficulty speaking. Heavy accent.
  • Birds (Dabbler): Basic understanding and extreme difficulty in speaking. Heavy accent.


Herbalism: Maciel currently really wants to improve his skills in this area. Lessons or advice would be greatly appreciated.

A recent interest of his, inspired by Aithne Marino and, mainly, Fayne. He believes this skill area to be outstandingly important.

  • Herbalism (Apprentice): Taught the basics by Fayne, but still remains unpolished in the area. The Cavalier, Kira Raine is helping him out.
  • Gardening (Apprentice): A lot of trial and error has lead to him having a fairly good grasp of the fundamental skills, but he is far from being advanced.
  • Concoctions (N/A): Knows nothing about this kind of thing, except that medicine can be administered through teas and salves.

4.2  Inventory


Not really much of a trader, especially considering that he doesn't actually own much...

  • Offering:
    • Hunting Hunting lessons/coaching (large and small game). (packmembers/friends only!)
    • Meat Hunted meat (fresh, uncooked). Animal carcasses (for pelts, etc.).
    • Wild Fruit Plants/herbs Feathers Seashells Skulls/bones Teeth/claws If requested, he will scavenge for other raw materials.
    • Sea glass
  • Accepting:
    • Seeds and plants
      • Healing plants are especially appreciated!
    • Something to help him carry things?
    • Small, colourful trinkets


Emotional Attachment

  • info

Personal Belongings (general)

  • Sea Glass (formerly an extensive collection, but most of it lost to the March floods)
  • Old plastic blue bucket from Aithne Marino. Warped a little out of shape and has a crack on the edge.
  • Deer pelt from pack inventory, used as a bed/blanket


  • info
  • info

5.  History

5.1  Achievements

Basic Achievements

Find a Mate
Pink: Find a Mate
Became mates with Characters on DD Month YYYY.
Have Puppies
Green: Have Puppies
Had children with Characters on DD Month YYYY.
Rescue Someone
Cross: Rescue Someone
Rescued Characters on DD Month YYYY.[1]
Lose a Fight
Yellow: Lose a Fight
Lost to Characters on DD Month YYYY.[2]
Win a Fight
Red: Win a Fight
Won against Characters on DD Month YYYY.[3]
5 AW Threads
Henna Red: Participated in 5 AWs \\ (1/5)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Luperci Change
Burgundy: Luperci Change
Changed Characters into a Luperci OR was changed into a Luperci by Characters on DD Month YYYY.[4]
Human City Threads
Rust: Human City Threads
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Foreign Diplomat
Olive Green: Foreign Diplomat
Pack, Pack, Pack,
Playable Territory
Light Green: Thread in Every Territory
The Waste, Drifter Bay, The Dampwoods, Arachnea's Revenge, Quartz Shoreline, Halifax, Whisper Beach, Overgrowth Sunrise, Ethereal Eclipse, Shattered Coast, Shiloh Hills, The Trenches, Serena Reserve, Yarmouth and Barrington, Fellmoor Swamp, Halcyon Mountain, Aelcrest Shore, Withered Realms, The Blacklands, Concrete Jungle, Isthmus of Chignecto, Wabanaki Coast, Miramichi Wilderness, Saint Croix Highlands
Playable Subterritory
Forest Green: Every Subterritory
Sunflower Sunsets, Millstone Village, Musquodoboit Valley, Dawn's Breath, The Sugarwoods, Moonstone Lakes, Hydrostone District, Thornhill District, Spring Heights, Greater Halifax, Berwick & Wolfville, Flander's Fields, The Witch's Cauldron, Rabbit Lake, Blackmoor Castle, Grandfather's Tears, Mersey Lagoon, Clements Park, Wolf's Peak, Des Reveurs, Highway 103, Vapor Sound, Spear Headlands, The Ashlands, The Oasis, Serene Sands, Howling Caverns, Stellarton Mines, Pictou Falls, Phosphagos Foothills, Colchester Quarter, Wentworth Valley, Arisaig Shoal, Cobequid Foothills, Ames de la Mort, Moaning Wood, Yawrah River, Haunted Forest, Death Mountains, Devil's Shoreline, Skeletal Sanctuary, Amherst, Black River Reserve, Fort Cumberland, Fundy National Park, Commune of the Salmon, Grand Lake, Miramichi Valley, Camp Gagetown, Mount Oromocto, Cape Hopewell, Saint John

Pack Membership

3 months
Light Blue: 3 Months
17 July 2014–17 October 2014
6 months
Sea Blue: 6 Months
17 July 2014–17 January 2015
One year
Deep Blue: 1 Year
17 July 2014–17 July 2015
Two years
Shock Blue: 2 years
17 July 2014–17 July 2016
Three years
Midnight Blue: 3 Years
17 July 2014–17 July 2017
Participated in foundation
Cadet Blue: Pack Foundation
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Pack Participation

Lead/sublead for 3 months
Sparkling Gold: Pack Leadership
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Pack hunt
Cream: Pack Hunt
Lead a pack hunt.thread
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Goldenrod: New Members
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Pack member threads
Chocolate: 5 Packmembers
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Earn a Co-Rank
Purple: Co-Rank
Earned Huntsman co-rank of Cour des Miracles. ~25 Jan 2015.
Pack Thread
Magenta: Organized Pack Thread
Started a pack hunt after the Spring Floods.thread
Leader Special
Cadmium: Leader Special
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

'Souls Participation

Adoptable Love
Adoptable Love
Maciel Lopez is not eligible for this catacomb.
Yearbook Superlative
Emerald: Yearbook Superlative
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Spotlight Soul
Starlight: Spotlight Soul
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

Cour des Miracles Gems


Pink Druzy
Pink Druzy
Find a mate within the Court or join as mated pair.
Have puppies within the court.
Attend a birthing, a mateship ceremony, a naming ceremony, or funeral. May not be your own.[1]?


Become a Noble
Enter the Noble ranks for the first time. (Freiherr) - 25 January 2015
Reach the third level of your Noble Tier.
Hold a Royal Court or Royal House rank for 3 months or more.
Earn a Profession
Earn a Profession. (Huntsman) - 25 January 2015
Lions Eye
Lion's Eye
Earn 2 Professions.
Earn 3 Professions.


Train with a member of the Military tier or learn a new weapon skill.[1]?
Defend someone weaker than you, or be rescued by another member of the Court.[1]?
Tiger's Eye
Tiger's Eye
Kill an enemy of the Court, be it in war or random skirmishes.[1]?


Six months of Cour des Miracles Membership.
One year of Cour des Miracles Membership.
Two years of Cour des Miracles Membership.
Star Sapphire
Star Sapphire
Three years of Cour des Miracles Membership.
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli
Four years of Cour des Miracles Membership.
Five years of Cour des Miracles Membership.


Participate in 25 AW threads in the Court's territory. Completion rules apply.


Explore every single Territory in the Court.

[Pirata Grotto]? [Moonshine Cavern]? [Shattered Coast]? [Niobrara Stables and Racetrack]? [Abres de la Falaise]? [Chien Hotel]? [Lunenburg]? [Notre-Dame Cathedral]? [The Fairy Lights]? [Calico Grove]? [The Cave of Lascaux]? [Shinshu Temple]? [The Training Grounds]? [Sugar Glass Caverns]? [Jarris Beach]? [The King's Cellar]? [Les Champs d'Or]? [Anguille Lake]? [Illusion's Realm]? [Kodiak Pass]? [Shimmer Beach]? [Eau Chaude]? [Isle of Wind]?

Black Opal
Black Opal
Visit every single active pack. Completion rules apply.

[Salsola]? [New Dawn]? [Vinátta]? [Krokar]? [Sapient]? [Midnight Shores]? [Inferni]? [Aniwaya]? [Anathema]? [Casa di Cavalieri]?

Greet 10 joiners at the borders.
Participate in 10 pack non-mandatory threads.
Pleased my Leaders
Given by the leaders for events/contests/exceptional participation.

5.2  Pre-Game


DOB: 29th April 2013

Born in a litter of four pups. Note: Maciel's father died a week after the birth of the litter from injuries sustained from an unsuccessful hunt, so the surviving pups, including Maciel, grew up without him.


  • Two unnamed brothers (deceased)
    • One runt who died of sickness before six months of age
    • One stillborn
  • A sister (presumed deceased)

Family History


After the humans died out, Maciel's non-Luperci descendants escaped from their reserve in Arizona and began seeking some new territory. Their population began to increase faster as the danger from human poachers was now nonexistent. As time went on, more and more wolves broke off from the pack to create their own, join another or simply become loners. The small family pack, which remained true to their feral roots, eventually migrated to western New Brunswick. Unfortunately, they then suffered from a hunting incident that killed an omega and wounded their alpha male, and later from a litter of still-born, and the litter after that consisting of five pups, two of which died from natural causes later on, one of which was stillborn, and one who caught the Luperci virus and later decided to leave. This left one female who remained non-Luperci. This pup would later become his mother. She later met a young Mexican wolf (partially coyote) loner who had heard of their "escape" and decided to follow in their footsteps. The loner decided to join their pack and the two became mates. However, a week after birthing her first litter, the father died from wounds sustained when the pack tried to bring down an elk with only two wolves. The mother, scarred by the resulting grief, continued nursing her pups and bringing them up with the help of the pack. Unfortunately, she was quite blind to the harsh relationship between the two of her surviving pups, especially since her mind was seemingly always occupied with the thoughts of her deceased mate.

Early Life


His early life was basically dominated by his sister. She was his own living nightmare.

Even in the beginning she refused to give him anything more than a small space at their mother's belly. Once they were weaned, she would steal his prey to the extent that he started eating far from the rest of the pack, often in some secret hiding place or den. When she was four months old she strayed outside pack territory and was attacked by two Luperci loners who were carrying out a vendetta against the pack. She was saved when a group of Omegas spotted her and chased off the loners, but remained physically scarred for life. At age six months, two months after the incident, she found out that the attack had resulted in her contracting the Luperci virus and she was now able to shift as a result. This was when the trouble started. She relished her newfound Luperci status, bullying Maciel in her Optime form on a frequent basis. A Luperci's Optime form soon became a symbol of eternal superiority to Maciel as a result. He began to fear it and would often try to hide from his sister, normally to no avail.

He later witnessed her brutal murder when she once again left pack territories, this time intending on leaving the pack. She was confronted by the same two lone brothers who had attacked her when she was a young pup. Believing her to still be part of the pack, they attacked. He fled from the murder scene, as well as his pack and family, before he saw her die. This experience made him even more shy and underconfident, and also taught him that conceited wolves often met early and terrible deaths. After that he tried to avoid other wolves, believing them to be dangerous, and was often uncomfortable around them as the image of his dying sister was always on his mind. He initially refused to return to his pack as it represented death and pain.



After leaving his pack, he purposely travelled farther away from their territory in an attempt to "escape" from it and everything that had happened there. Since late 2013, he began to roam the forest of Ethereal Eclipse and Serena Reserve (Seabreeze Brink), often staying near Wolfs Peak. One week after the incident he realised, hungry and after several close shaves with other wolves, that he must pair up with another loner if he were to survive. As a result, he began partnering with other wolves. Such partnerships only lasted one or two weeks, with any resulting friendships being somewhat forced and fragile. He once gave up and tried to find his original pack, but could not track them down (they had migrated) and was forced to return to his life as a loner once more.

Eventually, an older wolf-dog hybrid and Luperci verto named Don (though he normally kept to his Lupus form) decided to take Maciel in, meeting him after a successful hunt. The young wolf was about to surrender his prey immediately after seeing Don, but Don had no interest in the prey - he offered to help the young wolf, and the latter accepted, albeit hesitantly. If he had known at the time that Don was a Luperci, however, he would have refused. Nevertheless, his relationship with his new, friendly and almost fatherly partner proved to become very strong, despite him realising Don's 'secret' a month later. The two worked together like a well oiled machine, the young wolf mainly tracking and hunting and Don helping to hunt more difficult prey as well as protecting them both from more hostile creatures. Don soon earned the intense loyalty of the young wolf, but was taken by an illness a few months later during a brief period of prey shortages in the local area.

After Don's death the young wolf sought a pack. He was tired and scared of his life as a loner, which for him was astoundingly difficult and fraught with uncertainty and misfortune, offering no stable way of life. He believed that a pack life would suit him better by being just the opposite, and so, hearing of one nearby that seemed to him to have the most peaceful and accepting culture, decided to try and join it immediately. It's name: Cour des Miracles.

5.3  Timeline

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  • 0: Haha nothing happened. It can be assumed that Maciel was basically on hibernation-mode and didn't get up to much.



  • 5: Is forced to evacuate his home, a cave in the cliffs, when the floods begin. He also loses the vast majority of his sea glass collection - which is one of the few things he owns - to the water.Thread:20353
  • 5-7: Takes shelter in different places across Cour des Miracles' territory, including abandoned animal dens, the Notre Dame Cathedral and finally the stables.[OOC]
  • 7: After waking up, goes to Lunenburg and comes across Estella Butler. Realising what has happened to him, Estella generously offers her own home as shelter to the temporarily homeless Maciel.Thread:20478


  • 2: Ventures out to the neutral territories of Shattered Coast. Greets a stranger who has a horse.Thread:20742
  • 3: With nightmares suddenly returning and his old phobias reigniting, Maciel aimlessly flees north to Halcyon Mountain, where he meets Vuk Amarok of New Dawn.Thread:20752






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