Calanthia Lucetta Faire

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By Raze

Here goes your introductory paragraph. Give an overview of your character here. What's been going on?






  • Gordon (orange domestic shorthair cat)
  • Teak (tan domestic shorthair cat)



  • Calanthia practices witchcraft! Catch her red-handed doing something witchy, for better or for worse.

Cour des Miracles members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Calanthia around Cour des Miracles: collecting plants, reading in the Chien Hotel's library, exploring the territory, sitting with Gordon and Teak in the sun, etc. Things that are basic, usual parts of Calanthia's routine are okay assumptions.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: What species is your character? Which do they resemble most? Is it apparent they are a hybrid by looking at (smelling?) them?
  • Fur: What kind of fur do they have? Long? Thick? Short? Wavy? Purple and dreadlocked (no)? No color info over here.
    • Optime Hair: What about their Optime hair? Remember, no color over here.
  • Facial Features: What does their face look like?
  • Build and Size: Are they tall or short? Lean or chubby? How do they carry themselves -- confidently and proudly, or humbly and unassured?
    • Lupus: What does their Lupus form look like? I guess you could stick a Secui section under here.
    • Optime: How about Optime?
  • Humanization: Describe the level of humanization your character has, e.g.: Often wears Accessories.


  • Fur:
    • Primary coat color
    • Secondary coat color (tertiary etc. continue below)
  • Markings:
    • One type of marking here: black-tipped tail, black-tipped ears
    • Second type of marking here: white throat
  • Eyes: Eye color
  • Optime Hair: Optime hair color
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Skin color


COLOR NAME (#272727)

By Despi!

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars: Something.
  • Piercings:
    • Maybe your character
    • has a lot
    • of piercings
  • Tattoos:
    • What kind of
    • tattoos does
    • your character have?


you can stick more description about their humanization and how they practice it here. or don't! by the way, you might want to adjust the cell widths here: 33/33/33 gives you even columns etc. do the math out of 100% of course :D

Jewelry and Accessories

Kharma necklace Vesper necklace
  • something


  • something
  • something
  • and another something


xx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xx cm)


maybe describe how often they use the form

xx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xx cm)


maybe describe how often they use the form

xx lbs (xx kg)
xft xin (xx in / xx cm)

Optime (Preferred)

maybe describe how often they use the form and don't forget to change their form preference


  • Speech: how does your dude talk, son?
  • Scent: i hope you have a smelly, smelly coyote~~
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: oh man what a weirdo
  • General Posture and Body Language: do you have an imposing bro? or a meek and mild mouse?


2.  Personality

A brief (1-3 paragraphs) personality description goes here. It'd probably be best to write this last, since you should pull key traits out of the rest of your information and then put it here. This section is good to stick in your forum profile as their "Personality" section.

2.1  Ideals


Anxious, dramatic, hot-headed, controlling

  • Outlook: Optimistic/pessimistic?
  • Sociability: Extroverted/introverted, dominant/submissive?
  • Expression: Dominant/submissive?
  • Alignment: Alignment?


  • something
  • something


  • Something: something something
  • Something: something something


  • Packs: If your character has a bias against a pack?
  • Species: If your character hates coyotes, Inferni haets u right back. :'(
  • Non-Luperci: Maybe your character thinks Luperci are really scary, or maybe they think non-Luperci are ignorant backwater hicks. YOU DECIDE.
  • Gender: Maybe your character is a misogynist or maybe they're really frightened of men!
  • Color: Maybe your character hates wolves with white coats, or maybe they hate wolves with blue eyes.
  • Sexuality: Maybe your character rejects anything but a m/f monogamous relationship as dirty and unclean.
  • Age: Maybe your character thinks old people are totally useless, or maybe they think children are just adorable and can do no wrong.


Describe your character's sexuality here -- sexual orientation (e.g., heterosexual) isn't enough of a descriptor, by the way! How about their libido (their desire for sexual activity)? How promiscuous are they? Are they monogamous or polygamous? How do they go about obtaining sexual partners (are they a nervous approacher, or a giant flirt)?


  • Likes: A list of single or few-worded interests: e.g., horses, animal husbandry, leather-working, hunting, howling, running, jumping, playing, begetting a vast number of progeny, etc.
  • Dislikes: A list of single or few-worded dislikes
    • Maybe a BIG DISLIKE HERE


What substances has your character tried? Are they highly experimental or not at all inclined to try? Do they have an opinion on those who do indulge in "illicit" substances?


Describe your character's spirituality. What do they believe? Do they believe in (a) higher power(s)? Do they perform rituals? What do they believe after death? Do they have a creation myth? Maybe this section is long enough to require more space.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: Families

3.2  Relations

Key Relations


Positive Relations

  • Characters is also your character's buddy-old-pal-old-friend-of-mine

Neutral / Negative

Minor Relations

4.  NPCS

4.1  Gordon


Species Cat
Date of Birth August 2014
Gender Male


Found wandering Cour des Miracles' territory with his assumed brother Teak; the pair were offered food by Calanthia and they've followed her around since, meowing and covering her skirts in cat hair.


A light orange, orange-eyed tabby tomcat. Medium-sized and sturdy; heavier than he looks. Handsome.


Loud, loving, and clingy, Gordon is most comfortable when he's meowing, squeaking, chirruping, and purring in Calanthia's lap. He's a (mostly) sweet, playful cat whose favorite things are food and cuddling. He's also partial to wild romping and biting ankles as they pass. Is wary of anyone who doesn't give him food, but will quickly befriend the generous few who do.


Around Cour des Miracles' Chien Hotel or at Calanthia's feet.

4.2  Teak


Species Cat
Date of Birth August 2014
Gender Male


Found wandering Cour des Miracles' territory with his assumed brother Gordon; the pair were offered food by Calanthia and they've followed her around since, meowing and covering her skirts in cat hair.


A pale tan, light-green-eyed tabby tomcat. Medium-sized, but leggy. Handsome.


Quiet, active, and mischievous, Teak has little regard for the comfort of anyone but himself. He's less friendly than his brother, but is just as likely to jump up on someone's lap; just don't pet him, or he'll sink his claws into whatever body part is within reach. This is often juxtaposed, if he likes someone, with goading them for affection before his inevitable attack. Is just as fond as food as Gordon, but is less trusting.


Around Cour des Miracles' Chien Hotel or at Calanthia's feet.

5.  Skills and Inventory

5.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: how'd your character learn this?
  • Skill (Master): describe skill
  • Skill (Master): describe skill
  • and over here go some weaknesses~

Skill 2

  • Education and Learning: how'd your character learn this?
  • Skill (Master): describe skill
  • Skill (Master): describe skill
  • and over here go some weaknesses~

5.2  Inventory


What Calanthia lacks in useful possessions she makes up for in weird skills!

  • Offering: Magical abilities including: performing spells, putting up wards, cleansing spaces, making sigils, etc. Will patch up and sew up tears in cloth and leather if she has the materials. Can make basic plant-based medicines and dry herbs for future use. Can search for and collect specific plants in the area. Will also trade neat trinkets, plant clippings, feathers, and rocks for other neat trinkets, plant clippings, feathers, and rocks.
  • Accepting: Good meals, cups, bowls, herbs (dried and fresh), other plants (dried and fresh), neat trinkets, feathers, rocks, reading and writing lessons, combat training, etc. Things she'll find interesting or useful is typically fair game.



  • info


  • info
  • info
  • info


  • info
  • info

6.  History

6.1  Achievements


go get yo' catacombs template, son

history overview here


Before 'Souls


  • 17 January - Mid-April: Calanthia is born with a different name alongside three stillborn siblings with her large family in attendance. She spends the first few months of her life getting accustomed to the settlement her pack, a group of French-Canadian wolves and wolf hybrids, have claimed as their own. Her father carries her around as he tends to his magical practice and her mother reads to her in English and French nightly. Ultimately, this is lessened to only English, as it's hard enough to teach Calanthia to read English words and phrases.
  • Mid-April - June: Calanthia's parents learn she suffers from similar hallucinations to her father, and her mother Adeline proceeds to go off the deep end and begins to emotionally abuse Calanthia. She is required to recite phrases her mother writes for her such as "lying is bad and I will never lie to mother about made up things again" instead of her previous reading lessons.

Calanthia's father Piers assures his child that she's normal, that it's all okay, and that he's proud of her. He understands, because he hears strange things, too. Conversely, Adeline grows colder toward Calanthia and is more expectant of her "son," Calanthia spends less time around her mother and more time around her father's side of the family. She begins to learn about their magical practice and finds herself hooked.

  • June - Mid-July: Calanthia begins to understand that she isn't male and cringes when hearing her birth name and when masculine terms are attributed to her. She wants to look like her older cousin Mallory who's just had her first shift; she's pretty, unlike Calanthia. Despite her father, Aunt Iris, and Aunt Jocelyn promising she can tell them anything, she's convinced they won't understand and won't accept her.

Calanthia's first shift only exacerbates her discomfort. She becomes a "fine young man" and even her mother is proud of her "handsome son." She doesn't feel handsome. She feels weird and broken. Calanthia isn't entirely a woman, she doesn't think, but she definitely isn't a man. She learns that covering up her body helps; she soon amasses a wardrobe of old skirts and pullover shirts that hide the parts of her she doesn't like.

  • Mid-July - November: Calanthia throws herself into her studies to combat her dysphoria. She endures her daily "writing lessons" that replaced her "reading lessons;" an hour a day during which her mother forces her to rewrite handwritten phrases condemning lying and so-called "make believe games" to ensure her child's "normalcy."

More enjoyable activities include lessons on her father's magical practice, as well as learning to identify the plants and herbs in the area. Aunt Iris, upon learning her "nephew" was taking such an interest in plant collecting, feels it is paramount to teach Calanthia the innumerable things to do with plants once found. Calanthia is especially drawn to making and learning about poisons, which results in Iris suggesting Piers teach her how to perform curses. That way Calanthia could have another metaphysical method of defense, in addition to the protective wards she'd been taught.

Her paternal grandfather Bertrand and Aunt Jocelyn teach Calanthia basic weapons skills. Jocelyn, a trained archer, insists the girl focus on that. While it's a good way of building muscle, Calanthia's aim is poor and her concentration issues make improvement a slow process. Still, she becomes good enough to hit her aunt's targets. Y'know, if she's really lucky and the wind is just right and she remembers how to properly hold her bow.

Her paternal grandmother Kestrel teaches her to sew, though frequently instructs Calanthia on the same techniques over and over again as if they're brand new.

Despite her friendly relationship with her cousin Mallory, Mallory's mother Louise and Calanthia's maternal grandparents are distant at best and mean-spirited at worst to Calanthia.

  • November - January: At ten months old, Calanthia makes a decision. She's going to tell her family, at least some of it, that she's not really a boy. She doesn't want to hide anymore. Coming out to her Aunt Iris is accidental; she overhears her niece practicing a rather jumbled coming out speech. Iris responds by kindly explaining that she understands; whereas Calanthia isn't a man, Iris isn't a woman. The girl's aunt is something in between, something special. Just as special as Calanthia is. Their plan of Calanthia coming out further on her own terms is interrupted by the surprise news that Adeline is pregnant.


  • Mid-January - June: The pack sees another January birth of two little boys who quickly become Adeline's pride and joy. Calanthia is practically ignored by her mother, even as her first birthday comes and goes.

Calanthia secretly comes out to the rest of her father's side of the family, beside Aunt Louise and Mallory. While not everyone understands, they prove accepting. By comparison, Calanthia is only ridiculed when she tries to spend time with Cy and Dorian, her little brothers. Adeline watches them like a hawk and doesn't want Calanthia to "make them crazy." If Adeline isn't watching Calanthia with "her boys," Piers better be.

Ultimately, Cy overhears a conversation between Calanthia and their father and later asks why Adeline never told him he "had a sister." While first convinced that Calanthia has passed on her "crazy" to her younger brothers, the truth is quickly revealed.

Adeline takes it horribly, and before she can act upon the "consequences" she promises Calanthia, her father's side of the family provides her enough supplies to make it to Jocelyn's favorite trade hub, a place called Freetown. She leaves and doesn't plan on ever looking back.

  • June - July: Calanthia hides out in Freetown for several days before setting off to the northeast toward a place called "Souls," an area filled with luperci packs by the ocean. She is intrigued and intends on staying a while, if anything there catches her interest.