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Pronouns: They/Them
Location: Colorado, USA
Birthday: 8 Nov 1993
Joined: 25 Mar 2012
Slots: 7/8
Current Speed: Slow to Moderate


I'm Teeth, otherwise known as Despi, a chronic lurker around board or in 'Souls discord channel! Don't be fooled though, while I'm somewhat reclusive and anxious, I'm almost always around and available to chat. While many things have changed over the years here at 'Souls (For instance, I now identify as non-binary! Wild.) I still putter around in my little grandpappy rascal and advertise myself as a delightful nuisance~

I founded and currently run Del Cenere Gang, the local cowboy simulator. If you have any questions about the Gang, don't hesitate to reach out to me!


You have probably seen resources that I've made for general 'Souls use! Ranging from art to code, I am open to players utilizing any of my templates for their own use, or even poaching my wiki code to work on their own pages or expand their own understanding of code (so long as everyone understands that I am by no means an expert, and I am always attempting to look at how to better streamline things I work on). If you've got questions, I'm available most of the time, and usually open to offering assistance (unless something like work precludes me)!

I do ask that any art I provide remain within containment (i.e.: stays in and on 'Souls) - my resources are intended for this board and this board alone. Do not remove my signatures, and please refrain from selling (or reselling) art I provide.

On-Board Resources
Wiki Templates

Players are also welcome to pull any parts of my code for their own use! I am also amenable to requests for help putting together pages.

Relevant Wiki Links

Aside from Del Cenere Gang, I've had part in other Wiki shenanigans. If you're interested in any of the following areas, or Families, don't hesitate to reach out to me!


Remember: These areas are Off-Board, and thus, are only available to play in via LASKY.


Adoptions & Resource

For more information on Adoptable Characters I have a hand in, or other NPC Resources, please see the following links!

Open Characters & NPCs

Active Characters

by Despi
Calliandra Braithwaite

La Vástaga of Del Cenere Gang
Forum Profile | Wiki Profile

cNPC: Mesquite del Bosque
yNPC(s): --
Non-Canine NPC(s): Circe (Red-Tailed Hawk)

Ashen Members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Thing
  • Thing
  • And another thing!
by Despi
Kajia Mercedes

Encender of Del Cenere Gang
Forum Profile | Wiki Profile

cNPC: Vulcan Mercedes
yNPC(s): --
Non-Canine NPC(s): Galila (Horse)

Ashen Members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Thing
  • Thing
  • And another thing!
by Despi
Esmerelda de la Luz

Las Brasas of Del Cenere Gang
Forum Profile | Wiki Profile

cNPC: --
yNPC(s): --
Non-Canine NPC(s): --

Ashen Members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Thing
  • Thing
  • And another thing!
by Despi
Ciccio Agosti

Encender of Del Cenere Gang
Forum Profile | Wiki Profile

cNPC: Itzel Balcázar Navarro
yNPC(s): --
Non-Canine NPC(s): Vescovi (Horse)

Loners may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Thing
  • Thing
  • And another thing!

Inactive Characters



(See my NPC Archive for further details.)

Roleplay Information

Personal Policies

Current Reply Speed: Slow to Moderate
My muse, unfortunately, can be a sparse and fickle thing, and impact my reply times wildly, especially if I am inundated with work or IRL happenings (like I am currently), for which I do apologize! However - with that out of the way, I love to write. At times, I can write like an absolute madman and I feel as though I can pump out a litany of posts in a short time frame! I do not expect thread partners to attempt to match length of my posts, should the typing get away from me, and generally consider myself pretty approachable, and I like to help my fellow players out.

I am generally open for threads, though I may choose to pump the breaks if I'm feeling exceptionally swamped. I do tend to be wary of in-depth or long-term plots, both because I am aware of my own inconsistency, but also because I have been burned a number of times before with these more intensive investments; I am more than happy to do quick-term plots and brainstorm ideas! However, I will only humor more long-term things if I feel assured that my fellow collaborator is 100% serious with engaging the idea.

Communication, of course, is key!

Preferences with Mature Themes, OOC Endings/Assumptions, and Thread Revival
I do not mind OOCly wrapping up a thread if it sits idle for too long (as, again, my speed can wildly vary) - and I do not mind the occasional romp through the graveyard (provided the thread is still in a relevant time frame). However, I am wary of excessively relying on either tactic. I prefer not to be too liberal with OOC Assumptions, and generally do not feel comfortable making large or impactful sweeps if things are not played out directly.

In regards to mature themes: I am a dabbler! I am not averse! In fact, I rather like mature themes, ranging from suggestive content to harming characters. I will write mature content, however - I do not consider myself to be a very confident writer of spicy content. You could say, in fact, that I suffer a little bit of... performance anxiety. I'll do fade-to-blacks, I'll attempt to write the saucy bits, you betcha, just... Be aware that I am, unfortunately, a bit of a weenie when it comes to the spotlight. Additionally, I do not make mature themes my priority, and don't really focus heavily on mature threads, and prefer to keep such things more as a flavor when showcasing character interactions and growth through inter-personal plots!

I keep a pretty strict line between IC and OOC engagement: While I enjoy writing toxic or otherwise yucky stinky characters, I don't so much like that in real life; I understand if other players choose not to engage with said problematic characters. That being said, if you are interested in such character interactions, do let me know! I'd be happy to write out a bully, should you want one.

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