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Spotlight Soul: Hosea Courtright - October 2020
  • Gender: Female ♀
  • Location: Georgia, USA
  • Birthday: 22 September 1992
  • Joined: 01 May 2012

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  • Please direct all PMs to my primary account. Auxiliary accounts will only be logged in on to reply to threads.
  • I am always signed into Discord and have mention/DM notifications on. This is the best way to reach me (#CoLyTh1302).


  • Heyo! My name is Courtney, though I am known through-out 'Souls as Pablo, or more commonly Pabs. I'm currently 28 years old and I live in the Atlanta area with my boyfriend.
  • I joined originally back in 2012 with Percival Teach, before returning shortly afterward with Harvey Butler. Afterward, I played Basil Butler in attempt to drag out that family drama, but boy were my calculations off.
  • After a hiatus and dipping my toes in a variety of other characters, I'm back at it again with my boy Hosea Courtright. Let's rock and roll, buckaroo.

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  • Plotting: I'm fairly lenient regarding plots, so feel free to offer any ideas. I'm a sucker for drama!
  • Requesting: You may contact me any time for thread requests; if I am unable to accept them, we may plan for future threads.
  • Lasky: I don't mind a good LASKY now and then! You just may have to poke me to remind me of it.
  • Mature Content: Though I will roleplay mature themed threads, I prefer a 'fade-to-black' approach for sexually explicit plots. It's just awkward for me to write. :')
  • Reply: My replies are usually around 250-500 words and I like to reply within a couple days (fast replies). If you need faster replies to a certain thread, please PM and let me know. I will make it priority.
  • Inactivity: Feel free to remind me of a thread if you feel it is necessary! Just be nice or I'll cry. :')
  • Closing Threads: We can close a thread IC or OOCly! I will not archive threads until an ending has been established or I cannot contact you. Gravedigging is acceptable upon request.
  • Powerplay: Minor PP is acceptable and typically does not need permission. Major PP will require permission, but is generally acceptable after discussion.
  • Assumptions: I'm absolutely fine with mentions or rumors of my characters! Most have assumptions on their wiki pages. For further questions, feel free to contact me!

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