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Welcome to my NPC Resource!
This page is to serve as a pseudo-prompt for players seeking to encounter and utilize NPCs in the world of 'Souls.

Animals listed on this page are a Limited Resource - that is to say that they will only linger for a certain amount of time before either being claimed by Players, vanishing away into the wilderness, dying due to natural causes, or will otherwise go inactive, and will no longer be available, and moved into the Archival section on this page. For more information, and rules and stipulations in regards to claiming or culling an NPC, please read the information below thoroughly!

For additional questions, do not hesitate to reach out to my OOC Account.

1.  Stipulations

1.1  Procedures


  1. There will be a "range" in which the NPCs will be found. Information will be cited on the listing for the NPC - Threads involving the killing/sighting/acquisition for this NPC will have to take place in this area, so ensure your travel time is planned out accordingly!
  2. NPCs are intended to be be claimed or culled by Played Characters. As such, they are at your whim! However, it is asked that Players adhere to general realism rules - killing an entire group of NPCs in one go, or forming immediate and distinctive bonds are unlikely to happen~ Sightings are an option, though should best be kept vague, as when seeing the Wild Horse bands around 'Souls or observing other wild animals around playable territories. If you have a "sighting" thread, please update this resource accordingly with the link to your thread! Claimed/Culled NPCs will have an 'unavailability' date, should they be claimed and the 'claiming .
  3. NPCs of a peculiar mutation or color will not stay around long. Due to abnormalities in wild populations, these individuals are more than likely outcast from social groups, which will drastically reduce their survivability in the wild. As such, these NPCs are most likely to die at the end of their "presence" in 'Souls territories. Additionally, these animals are highly unlikely to pass on any special colors or mutations to any offspring.
  4. The NPCs on this page will predominantly feature native species to the area. More "unusual" animals are, of course, 'Souls compliant, and generally will be introduced by odd means by escaping a prior "domesticity". As with unusual colored animals, these animals will be around for the shortest stint of time, and will very likely die without intervention.

To Claim

  1. To claim an NPC for either culling or capture, please message me on my OOC Account.
  2. Claims are first come, first serve.
  3. Upon preliminary "acceptance" of your claim, your creature will need collected (or hunted)! This means writing a thread - I do not have a Word Count completion, or stipulations around what type of thread this should be, just that there is a thread establishing canonicity of the claim. Players will be given a timeframe of one month to post their thread. (Keep in mind: Trapping an animal is the easiest and quickest route to bringing it back home to tame. If you choose to go the route of forging a friendship, that will realistically take far more time!)
  4. To complete your claim, just reply to the PM once again with the thread link! If your character is looking to gift a companion, you will need to supply an additional thread involving the hand-off to establish the canon nature of the gift-giving.

1.2  Rules

  1. Only Active Characters may claim these NPCs.
  2. Companion animals may not be claimed, or referenced as claimed, before the claiming procedure is completed.
  3. If there is no thread establishing the 'claim' of the NPC animal in question (within the month time allotment after requesting), the claim will remain incomplete, and the animal will leave the locality, thus deprecating its listing. This means that the Active Character will not have claimed that NPC.
  4. NPCs will not be available for sightings post claiming. Post claiming, any and all references will be upon the Claimant's discretion.
  5. NPCs will not be available for any sightings or references after they leave a locality.
  6. I reserve the right to decline claimants. Characters will still need to adhere to 'Souls Guidelines involving non-Canine NPCs, as such, characters with a large number of NPC attachments will likely not be eligible to claim any companions on this page.

2.  Current NPCs

2.1  Northern Tides Sightings

by Despi
  • Species: American Crow
  • Sex: Male
  • Birth Year: 2020
  • Coat: Leucistic, chocolate base with cream and white mottling
  • Observable Personality: Exceptionally clever and fearless. Has been observed exhibiting tool use with sticks. Drops things on perceived ground predators to try and drive them away.

3.  Defunct NPCs

  • Animal - Location, Timeframe, Status
  • Animal - Location, Timeframe, Status
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