Courtright Family


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  • Species: Coydog 1
  • Origin: Midwestern USA
  • Languages: English
  • Surname: Americanized form of Dutch Kortrijk, a habitational name from a place of this name in Flanders. Perhaps also a respelling of English Cartwright.
  • Head of Family: Josiah Courtright



Credit: Despi

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  1.   1.  Culture and Heritage
    1.   1.1  Transience and Combat
    2.   1.2  Found Family
    3.   1.3  Influences
  2.   2.  Physiology
    1.   2.1  Color
  3.   3.  Genealogy
  4.   4.  Icon

1.  Culture and Heritage

  • Positive: Valiant, adaptable, loyal
  • Negative: Bull-headed, impulsive, restrictive

1.1  Transience and Combat

1.2  Found Family

1.3  Influences

Palisade Families

  • Braithwaite: The Courtright family was regularly charged, at a point, with protecting trade envoys of the Braithwaite's family. The purely business dynamic has since shifted after Peony Braithwaite broke tradition to marry Hosea Courtright.
  • Del Mar: A begrudging and strictly business relationship - without the heel of the Del Mar patriarchs pressing into their backs anymore, they are re-establishing their relationships with the other families as a protector for all of Palisade, rather than just the most influential.
  • Ardoix: The Ardoix family approached the Courtright family for rights involving protection, in exchange for stability. It could be argued that their mutual relationship has, in the past, been the closest between any of the families. The Ardoix have also regularly supplied poisons for Courtright weapons, or medicinal aid.

Del Cenere Gang

The Courtright family was initially charged on behalf of the Del Mar to keep a watchful eye over trade exchanges, as well as to act as muscle - insurance to ensure tithing was paid. However, this did not pay off; Now, with the Del Mar more or less subdued, the Courtright have regained their own agency.

Honorary Courtrights
Courtrights are, perhaps, the only family at Palisade who are not overly scrupulous over bringing outsiders into the fold of their family. Adoptions are not uncommon, and outsiders may choose to adopt the Courtright name after a stint of apprenticeship under a Courtright mentor.

2.  Physiology

2.1  Color

Fur Color
While there is certainly coyote aspects to the Courtright build, their coloration and variation is largely leaning more towards their dog bloodlines. Their patterns range from agouti, to sables, to blankets or saddles and masks, and are always broken up with piebalding patches of various degrees. Ticking is not uncommon. Courtrights, by blood, are never solid colored.

Eye Color
Courtright eye colors range from deep, slate grays to silvers, from rich chocolate browns to copper, and come in a variety of golds, and rarely, if ever, stray from from this.

3.  Genealogy


  • Courtright contributing family members are denoted in bold.
  • Strikethrough indicates a deceased family member.
  • Italics indicates an adopted family member.
  • A bold, red x indicates a non-consensual litter.
  • Adoptable individuals will be marked with an asterisk*.
    • For details on how to adopt these individuals, please check their profiles for details!

First Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation

  • Mother x Father
    • First Litter (Date)
      • Name

4.  Icon

  • Icon can only be used if given permission by Despi.
    • Courtright that carry the icon must be a part of the Courtright family, either by birth or by adoption of a Courtright contributing parent.
    • You must purchase your icon via game points, Word of the Day, the 'Souls Store, a contest, or something similar.
    • The icon must not be altered from its original state in any way.
    • The only acceptable hover for the Braithwaite family icon is the following:
      • Take flight

1 Northeastern Coyote, Plains Coyote, Mountain Coyote, Dog.

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