Ardoix Family

The Ardoix Family
  • Species: Coyote 1
  • Origin: Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Languages: Common, Creole and Cajun dialects
  • Name:
    • Pronunciation: AHr-dh-oh-wAH
    • Etymology: French variant of Hardouin, from a personal name of Germanic origin (Harding)

» Contact Point: Del Cenere Gang, Despi

» Check Genealogy for available adoptables.

  • Active: -- (Updated 2/4/2022)
  • Pack(s): DCG
  • Worldwide: Palisade
  • First 'Souls Member: Sofia Ardoix
  • First 'Souls Birth: --
Family Crest

Credit: Despi

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    1.   1.1  Beliefs
    2.   1.2  Influences
  2.   2.  Appearance
    1.   2.1  Palettes
  3.   3.  Genealogy
    1.   3.1  First Generation
    2.   3.2  Second Generation
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The roots to the Ardoix family stretch far down into the American South; seeded from the bayous of Louisiana, and more notably, the ruins of the extinct city of Shreveport. Branched from the culture of once-Creole and Cajun influences, the Ardoix originally started out as fisherman of crayfish, turtles, and catfish within waterways, with backgrounds as voodoo witch doctors and shamans. The family slowly moved Northward via propositions of other ventures, and interests in expanding their practices with herbalism and curatives, where they ran into a larger family known as the Braithwaites. The two families paired knowledge between the distilling of liquor and medicinal knowledge, and the Ardoix family was absorbed into the ring of the Braithwaite's influence after the other family founded a trade-post by the name of Palisade.

The Ardoix are not averse to more unconventional tactics in sales, and brought in ties to market with medicinal uses. Knowledgeable almost to the fault of arrogance, the Ardoix have extensive knowledge of plants: curatives and poisons alike. They're oftentimes vain in appearance, and aloof, which has not faded with time.


Scrupulous individuals, medics, gardeners, orators, public speakers, shamans


Earth, palo santo, moss, coyote, herbal, ash, salt

1.  Culture and Influences

1.1  Beliefs

Practitioners of Louisiana Voodoo - the Ardoix are expected to have an extensive knowledge of charm-making, incantations, herbs and plants, and some knowledge in medical poultices. Women in the family are considered to shoulder more of this burden, and are more in tune with the spiritual aspects of their belief systems. In fact, women are the only Ardoix who are credible enough to "diagnose" clients via divination or fortune readings, and prescribe their cure-alls. Gris-gris are deeply valued and hold a significant place in practice.

With the Christian influence the family takes in spiritual belief alongside ancestral worship, Ardoix members may invoke Catholic saints and spirits alongside Voodoo spirits which preside over the same spaces of spiritual domain. Rituals may feature the Hail Mary, or Catholic prayer.

1.2  Influences


Braithwaite: The Ardoix and Braithwaite families have been trade partners from time immemorial - the two families founded Palisade together in their trade ventures with their equally industrious natures.

Del Mar: A hardly staunched blood-feud. The Del Mar almost entirely wiped the Ardoix bloodline out, and brought them to heel via political marriage. The Del Mar family also brought familiarity with the Spanish language to Palisade families.

Courtright: Useful allies, the Courtright family was roped in by the Ardoix to run security on Braithwaite trade routes. Given the Courtright's longtime role and prowess providing security and combat, they are well-trusted and praised by the Ardoix.

Winthrop: As the Winthrop family usurped and destroyed the Del Mar line, the Ardoix regard them with a speculative appreciation. The Ardoix family has worked to help Boone acclimate to his new role as the Winthrop Patriarch and taking over the old Del Mar house.


Del Cenere Gang: While their stay within Del Cenere was brief, given the nature of their upbringing within Palisade and their knowledge of culture of the Gang, the Ardoix sisters Sofia and Daniela were instrumental in the integration of the two opposing groups. Sofia has taken on the role of house hold Matriarch, and was appointed Proprietor.

2.  Appearance

2.1  Palettes

Eye Color

Coats are generally thick and stereotypical of coyotes. Patterns consist of agoutis with dark dorsal saddles and paler underbellies, and are generally closer towards drab, dull or monochromatic, and border on favoring more melanistic shades. Eye colors are sharp and high-contrast to their coat colors.

3.  Genealogy

  • Ardoix contributing family members are denoted in bold.
  • Strikethrough indicates a deceased family member.
  • Italics indicates an adopted family member.
  • A bold, red & indicates a non-consensual litter.
  • Adoptable individuals will be marked with an asterisk*.
    • For details on how to adopt these individuals, please check their profiles for details!

3.1  First Generation

  • Arturo Ardoix
& Isabella Del Mar (May 2018)

3.2  Second Generation

& Broussard Forte (November 2021)

4.  Icon

Alligator Skull and Black Salt Circles
  • Icon can only be used if given permission by Despi.
    • Ardoix that carry the icon must be a part of the Ardoix family, either by birth or by adoption of a Ardoix contributing parent.
    • Characters with this icon must carry the Ardoix surname.
    • You must purchase your icon via game points, Word of the Day, the 'Souls Store, a contest, or something similar.
    • The icon must not be altered from its original state in any way.
    • The only acceptable hover for the Ardoix family icon is the following:
      • Fortuna favet paratus

1 Mearns Coyote, Northeastern Coyote, Texas Plains Coyote

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