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Pronouns: He/him.

Was geht?
Hey, we are the Viktory System! We are plural & a system. That is to say, we are many people that live in one physical body. Just think of us as a team collaborating to write our character together.

We are the contact point of Camp Eclipse! We also own the Prizmov family. Should you have any questions, comments, concerns, or interest in that band or family, you're more than welcome to reach out to us over PM on the forum or DM on Discord.


  • Reminders:

If you wish to remind us about a reply for a thread, kindly DM the link to us once. Thank you.

  • OOC Endings/Gravedigging/Powerplay:

Minor powerplay is typically fine for plotting or thread pacing purposes, just ask me beforehand!
If I ever make assumptions about your character's actions/words/etc. and it's not what you'd like, let me know. Usually we don't assume much without asking first.
We're okay with archiving threads early and making OOC assumptions about how a thread went down. We may ask for that ourselves on some needed occasions.

  • Mature Themes:

We are generally not open to writing explicitly sexual threads. Fade to black only, please. We are fine with suggestive and risqué scenes, but nothing sexually explicit. We are very open to using other mature themes like drugs, violence, etc. however!

  • LASKY:

We enjoy LASKY, but we will not be focusing on it at all for some time.


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Active Characters

by VP
Camp Eclipse Mate to Kule A fellowship everlasting Stay with me, my blood I won't let you be king
And I say, 'It's alright'

Liam del Morte

Chief Executive Officer of Camp Eclipse

In spite of experiencing chaos that would normally turn a man's heart towards hatred, Liam del Morte has remained hopeful in a brighter tomorrow. Incredibly dedicated to those he loves, he has put in the work to keep them as close and safe as he can. In the face of conflict in his pack, Liam has maintained his inner strength and founded a new Band, Camp Eclipse.

by Despi
Camp Eclipse Mate to Kaleidoscope I came back from the dead to torment you let it flood, let it wash away
Will you welcome your extinction in the morning rays?

Lorien Coara

Lifeguard of Camp Eclipse

Having made his pilgrimage from a war torn land, Lorien Coara sought out New Caledonia to carry out the dying wishes of his late mother and clear the Coara family name. Lorien has evolved into someone different to his past self, maturing and growing wiser in some ways and growing more ruthless in other areas. With the discovery of Zephyr and Nanin within the confines of his mind and the disbandment of his pack, life has taken a complicated turn for Lorien. Nevertheless, he has found new life as a Lifeguard in Camp Eclipse.

by Me
Wolfdog Mate to Innokentiy Seeing is Believing Out of the dark day & into the brighter night

Egregore Prizmov


A collective of multiple individuals sharing one body, Egregore Prizmov is an eccentric enigma. He mysteriously vanished one day from the thistle kingdom and took many of his kin with him, though he remains a strange presence in the wilds...

by Viktory System
Loner If you can't eat 'em, join 'em
Wolves in the Walls :: Enjoy the Silence

Dar Prizmov


Dar Prizmov is more intelligent than he is often given credit for.

In spite of insistence otherwise, he has remained stolid in his passion for the arts. His taste for it and his humor within may be considered by most to be macabre or dark, especially to those outside of his bloodkin clan. Nonetheless, he has followed in his ‘black sheep’ uncle’s artistic footsteps.

by Viktory System
Loner Truth is, the game was rigged from the start
Cut, cut, cut, deadass!
Drip Desigual como la profe de inglés

Lev Prizmov


Fresh from secret exile, Lev is trapped in an egomaniacal mind game of Egregore's. As he figures it is preferable to being a pawn, Lev is making moves to rival Egregore as a full-fledged player. The stakes are always high when the Prizmovs make their ambitiously bold gambits, and Lev's life (and the lives of his family) may actually be on the line. All he has is the power of knowledge, but the pen is mightier than the sword.

by Viktory System
Casa di Cavalieri Burnt out by my reaction / Now I'm alive in new firelight Glaciers melting in the dead of night
Desires are never fulfilled nor quenched.

Lotai Stryder

First Cadet of Casa di Cavalieri

In the midst of his litter's kidnapping, Lotai's personality has taken an odd shape. His loving family guides him to the correct path, so at the moment Lotai dedicates himself to detailed work with a difficult to tame perfectionism.

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