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Viktory System

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Community Soul (Mar 2022) Caledonian Salsolan
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  • Pronouns: Use he/him when talking about one of us individually, use they/them (plural) when talking about all or more than one of us.
  • Location: Michigan, United States.
  • Age: 22.
  • Slots: 3/3 filled. (Bracketing!)
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...Am not there.

Hey, we are the Viktory System! We are a system. That is to say, we are many people that live in one physical body. Just think of us as a team collaborating to write. Below are some links where you can find more information about plurality and systems like us if you're curious. We live with our spouse Nicolas, our housemates Scott and Eike (Forest Family), and their dog and cat. You should ask them for pictures sometime, they're super cute.

We are trans (multiple years into our transition, woohoo!) and present in a masculine way, so please never refer to us with feminine terms (lighthearted or otherwise).

Feel free to reach out to us on 'Souls or Discord for threads. Our reply speed can vary quite a bit. If we don't reply for a week, let us know. It's likely we just forgot or were busy with offline obligations. We won't be upset and will be more than happy to reply. Seriously, reminders are super appreciated!

Resources about systems and plurality:


Contact Info

We respond fastest on Discord. Our tag is Viktor#8666. You can PM us on 'Souls, but it may not be as speedy a response! Still, we'd likely get to it within the day, so either method works well enough.

Roleplaying Preferences

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  • Mature Content:
    • We will roleplay romantic plots in some cases but not all. We will not roleplay sexually explicit content. Characters available for romance plots are marked!
    • Violence and gore are fun, especially if it's plot relevant.
    • Inclusion of drugs or alcohol or any other substances are all fine as well.
    • Really, there's not many topics we'd be against including IC at all. So long as what is fictional and IC stays that way. No real animals are harmed in the making of plots here on 'Souls.
  • We can roleplay LASKY for character development, plot purposes, etc.
    • Canonical threads take a higher priority but we have great fun with LASKY things too.
  • Minor powerplay is fine, just tell me beforehand if it's anything too significant.
    • If I ever make assumptions about your character's actions/words/etc. and it's not what you'd like, let me know. Usually we don't assume much without asking first.
  • We're okay with archiving threads early and making OOC assumptions about how a thread went down, and may ask for that myself as well.
    • Gravedigging is fine, especially if it's for a reason. Any old reason will likely do.
    • Generally speaking, if our thread dies, I won't press for it to be revived — especially if either you or I are busy. Don't fret.


Liam del Morte
♂ Wolf hybrid
Escal in New Caledonia
NPCs: Kule del Morte, Lili the horse, Lil' Boy the horse.
Mate: Kule del Morte.
Open for romance plots: No.

Lorien Coara
♂ Wolfdog hybrid
Commoner in New Caledonia
NPCs: Lothric Coara
Open for romance plots: No.

Indigo Eternity
♂ Hybrid
Bambino in Salsola
Open for romance plots: Yes.

♂ N/A

♂ N/A



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