Braithwaite Family

The Braithwaite Family
  • Species: Coyote 1
  • Origin: Appalachia
  • Languages: Common
  • Name:
    • Pronunciation: brAY-th-WAYt
    • Etymology: Habitational name from any of the places in Cumbria and Yorkshire named Braithwaite, from Old Norse breiðr ‘broad’ + þveit ‘clearing’.

» Contact Point: Del Cenere Gang, Despi

» Check Genealogy for available adoptables.

Family Crest

Credit: Despi

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  1.   1.  Culture and Influence
    1.   1.1  Chattel
    2.   1.2  Influences
  2.   2.  Appearance
    1.   2.1  Palettes
  3.   3.  Genealogy
    1.   3.1  First Generation
    2.   3.2  Second Generation
    3.   3.3  Third Generation
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Rich with entrepreneurial spirit and intrepid ambitions, the Braithwaite Family ventured from their Appalachian mountain home to found Palisade. Their roots run deep, their history irrefutably tied to the trade's claim in the region; It used to be that when Palisade was brought up on tongue, it was alongside the strong Braithwaite name. In her youth, Meredith Braithwaite (heiress and head to her family's fortune) ran raids alongside her brother and sister, razing and stomping out local competition for crops and using her business sense and savvy to push the Braithwaite tobacco and whiskey industry into a local monopoly. The moguls teamed up with the knowledgeable Ardoixs, and together, they were unstoppable, at least until the Del Mar came along and staged a hostile takeover. Usurped and assimilated, the Braithwaite family cut its teeth to fit the new standards of Palisade, but remained, for a long time, staunch traditionalists and archers.

Peony Braithwaite, however, overturned much of that tradition and went against the Matriarch's decision to betroth her to Mannuelle Del Mar, instead opting to break expectations and marry Hosea Courtright. Belinda Braithwaite, largely considered a black sheep, never adhered to Meredith's teachings in the traditional sense and has largely worked to break her mold (with... arguable success).

Graceful, purposeful, and demanding of respect, the Braithwaite family are chilly upon approach, but have a sharp and discerning eye for value (and weak spots). They loosely practice Abrahamic faith and the belief of a single God - and, unfortunately, may fall victim to using religion as a shield to excuse bigotry. God is less of a gracious and generous entity, and more or less something to fear - though, perhaps in part to their matriarch's own brutalist outlook, love and fear are synonymous.


Merchants, silver-tongued, archers, ruthless individuals and business folk


Gardenia, coyote, lemongrass, mint, woodshavings, black pepper

1.  Culture and Influence

1.1  Chattel


(in general use) a personal possession.
  • LAW
an item of property other than real estate.

Given the nature of the Braithwaite's initial ascension to power within the region, the unscrupulous and discerning family took on - or, perhaps more accurately subjugated individuals into the roles of the Chattel. The Chattel serve as house servants - expected to be of quiet, polite temperament, respectful, astute and able to infer the desires of their Braithwaite landlords. Young Braithwaites are taught from a formative age over the idea of superiority and desensitization of subjugation; after all, they know what's best, and what's right.

Chattel with predominantly coyote blood may, with exemplary servitude and time, 'pay' their way into a Ward role, where they are then granted their freedoms. Other species, however, can only dream of being so lucky.

1.2  Influences


Ardoix: Age-old allies to the Braithwaite, the Ardoix are their favorite compatriots in trade and outreach. The Braithwaite are more likely to back support to Ardoix ideals and motions than any other house.

Del Mar: Tyrants, and the only family to outmatch the Braithwaite ambition. The two families, for a long while, had a back-and-forth, a step-ahead chest game until the Del Mar outmaneuvered them and seized control of Palisade - Peony, perhaps unintentionally, snubbed the relationship with the Del Mar further in breaking her betrothal.

Courtright: Long-term allies and compatriots; The Courtright security is a welcome presence and their force a useful delegation. The Braithwaite treat the Courtright well.

Winthrop: A potentiality - the Braithwaite are still uncertain of the fledgling Winthrop household, but can see the value in being on their good side. As the Winthrops have deposed the Del Mar family, the Braithwaite consider them tentative allies.


Del Cenere Gang: Peony Braithwaite and sister, Belinda Braithwaite departed with the Del Mar excursion to establish tradelines and footholds within the Gang's territories. Since then, a good number of Braithwaites have since called the Gang their home, and risen through their ranks. Peony Braithwaite now serves as Del Cenere's second-in-command, the Bella Dama.

2.  Appearance

2.1  Palettes

Eye Color

They possess plush coats, dense and warm, and come in an array of pale cream and dusty gray agoutis, where the darkest parts of their pelt are typically arrowheads over their eyes to their temples, and the guard hairs along their back. Their tails are almost always white, or at least the palest tone of their coat. Eyes are commonly pastel lilacs and purples.

3.  Genealogy

  • Braithwaite contributing family members are denoted in bold.
  • Strikethrough indicates a deceased family member.
  • Italics indicates an adopted family member.
  • A bold, red & indicates a non-consensual litter.
  • Adoptable individuals will be marked with an asterisk*.
    • For details on how to adopt these individuals, please check their profiles for details!

3.1  First Generation

  • Meredith Braithwaite
& Rourik Clark (Jul 2015)
  • Alric Braithwaite ♂

3.2  Second Generation

  • Alric Braithwaite
& Felicity Bishop

3.3  Third Generation

& Hosea Courtright

4.  Icon

Raven-Fletched Mystic Arrow
  • Icon can only be used if given permission by Despi.
    • Braithwaites that carry the icon must be a part of the Braithwaite family, either by birth or by adoption of a Braithwaite contributing parent.
    • Characters with this icon must carry the Braithwaite surname.
    • You must purchase your icon via game points, Word of the Day, the 'Souls Store, a contest, or something similar.
    • The icon must not be altered from its original state in any way.
    • The only acceptable hover for the Braithwaite family icon is the following:
      • Legacy through Perseverance

1 Northeastern Coyote, Plains Coyote.

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