Del Mar Family

The Del Mar Family
  • Species: Coyote 1
  • Origin: Tijuana, Mexico
  • Languages: Common, Spanish
  • Name:
    • Pronunciation: dehll mARh
    • Etymology: Del Mar is a surname of Spanish origin, meaning "of the sea".

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  1.   1.  Culture and Influences
    1.   1.1  Beliefs
    2.   1.2  Influences
  2.   2.  Appearance
    1.   2.1  Palettes
  3.   3.  Genealogy
    1.   3.1  First Generation
    2.   3.2  Second Generation
    3.   3.3  Third Generation

The Del Mar vein bleeds far back to roots in rural Mexico, and drove Northward by times of hardship. The immigrant band was large, and opportunistic, latching onto local communities and splintering as they ventured further and further along coastlines until settling, initially, along the eastern coast of the US. Ever so ambitious, Augustine Del Mar splintered off along the way, and stumbled across the trade post of Palisade with a small band of mercenaries.

The youngest family to call Palisade home, the Del Mars took the region by storm - strong numbers of support from neighboring traders alongside their keen business sense drew them to Palisade's fields (and local market). Able and willing to take any steps necessary to achieve their goals, the Del Mar takeover was quick and effective, but messy - an iron grip clutches the outpost to the stark juxtaposition of the unity of the separate factions labeled under the banner of family, something that leader Augustine Del Mar took gravely serious. Warm and amiable, the patriarch of the Del Mar clan spoke softly and kindly, but carried a big stick. His son was no different.

Their attempts at infiltration and assimilation into the Del Cenere Gang was fruitless, and, ultimately, lead to the end of the Del Mar line as it had come to be known.


The Machiavellian, family and goal oriented, ambitious, merchants, politically driven


Tobacco, coyote, lemongrass, mint, ash, salt, woodsmoke

1.  Culture and Influences

1.1  Beliefs

The Del Mar follow teachings of Catholicism and belief in the Abrahamic God - to an extent. More intensively, they are driven largely by bonds of blood - the Del Mar had historically had large families spanning generations of progeny, and as such, they weigh the value of family quite heavily. This tight-knit bond, however, is often used to justify their often cut-throat mentalities and hardly veiled us-versus-them conduct.

1.2  Influences


Braithwaite: The Braithwaites and the Del Mar share a similar business acumen and shrewdness - and, after considerable efforts on behalf of the Del Mar family, they eventually tamed the rugged Braithwaites to bring them in line: namely, by enacting violence upon their allies, the Ardoix.

Ardoix: The feud between these two families has been an arduous one - when assimilation failed, the Del Mar dispatched of much of the Ardoix family and beheaded the matriarch, and, to keep the unsteady peace, married off one of their own to the only remaining member.

Courtright: The Ardoix and Braithwaite families had a good eye for security detail, and the Del Mar appreciate the Courtright family as one appreciates an effective tool. When the other two families relinquished power, without a figurehead to fight for, the Courtright fell in line soon after.

Winthrop: Serendipitous - a young man by the name of Boone Winthrop came to Palisade to secure trade for his pack, and revealed the stringent bloodlines that connected them. Manipulating this to their advantage, the Del Mar sought control over the Winthrop family and all they owned.


Del Cenere Gang: The attempted subjugation of the Del Cenere Gang lead to the end of the Del Mar's reign over Palisade, as well the eradication of much of their bloodline.

2.  Appearance

2.1  Palettes

Eye Color

Pelts are comprised of agouti patterning and mid-to-high contrast tones with minimal saddles and more creeping red or tan hues. Eyes most commonly vary between gold, yellow, and shades of orange, and rarely stray from this formula without outside influence - green is incredibly recessive.

3.  Genealogy

  • Del Mar contributing family members are denoted in bold.
  • Strikethrough indicates a deceased family member.
  • Italics indicates an adopted family member.
  • A bold, red & indicates a non-consensual litter.
  • Adoptable individuals will be marked with an asterisk*.
    • For details on how to adopt these individuals, please check their profiles for details!

3.1  First Generation

  • Augustine Del Mar
& Mary Winthrop (May 2014)
& Renee Porter (October 2014)
  • Carlo Del Mar
  • Isabella Del Mar ♀

3.2  Second Generation

  • Carlo Del Mar
& Arabelline Gray (February 2017)
& Rosa Cabrera (August 2017)
  • Isabella Del Mar
& Arturo Ardoix (May 2018)

3.3  Third Generation


1 California Valley Coyote, Plains Coyote

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