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  • Name: Florene Braithwaite
    • Pronunciation: flOH-rEEn br-AY-th-WAY-t
    • Nickname: Flo
  • Family: Braithwaite
  • Birthplace: Palisade
  • Date of Birth: 19 Feb 2020
  • Sex: Female
    • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Species: Coyote (Luperci Ortus) 1

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1.  Synopsis

Florene Braithwaite was born in Palisade to Felicity Bishop and Alric Braithwaite in February of 2020 along side her siblings Bennett, Colter, and Bernadette. She is the younger sister to her other siblings, Peony and Belinda. She was raised largely by her grandmother and matriarch of the Braithwaite family, Meredith, who imparted knowledge on reading, writing, simple mathematics as well as a keen sense of business savvy and bartering skills, to which she took to arguably the best out of her litter. Thanks to the early Del Mar influence on her family, she has passing, if sparse, familiarity with Spanish, but is far from a fluent speaker.

Spurred on by a sense of adventure and armed with basic horsemanship and her hunger for knowledge, Florene departed Palisade to chase after her older sisters to the ganglands of Del Cenere Gang.

En route to her destination, Florene took in a young duck, which has become an inseparable companion. After her brief stay in Del Cenere, Florene returned back home to Palisade in February of 2022.

2.  Appearance


Florene Braithwaite exemplifies the Braithwaite standard - Diminutive, unassuming, small-chested and athletic. Her almond shaped eyes are keenly expressive, and a striking silver-blue. As true with all coyotes, her features are sharp, tapered and pointed and generally plastered with an ever-present but slight smile. She carries herself with an undenied confidence, yet is equally unobtrusive with her presence. Her straight, long hair falls past her shoulders and is most often pulled up into a ponytail.

Florene's coat is plush and double-coated, as is typical of Northeastern coyotes, and a notably pale agouti coloration.

(#767C85) (#AAA69F) (#A7AAB3) (#C0C3C1) (#D8D8CC) (#EDECE7)
Optime Hair
Eyes, Nose
(#C7DBDB) (#80645E)
  • Forms:
    • Lupus: 33 lbs (15 kg) — 23 in (58 cm)
    • Secui: 65 lbs (29 kg) — 44 in (111 cm)
    • Optime: 133 lbs (60 kg) — 5 ft 5 in (65 in) (165 cm)
  • Scars: None
  • Gear
    • Clothing: Refreshingly simple. Pale luperci-made blouses, and generally tan or earthy-toned riding trousers.
    • Accessories: Minimal.

2.1  Gallery

Note: Hover for credit, click for full size. Colors may be exaggerated in artistic depictions!
By Despi

3.  Personality


One may never meet a sweater and kinder soul than Florene Braithwaite, which some might find odd for the Braithwaite woman. Angelic may be a term best used to describe this young adult. She believes there is good in everyone and has trouble seeing evil or bad qualities. Being incredibly naïve she will trust anyone and not believe that they will cause her or anyone else any harm. Often she can be found talking to animals, from the smallest insect to the largest mammal, and plants. Florene cherishes her family, even if they don't understand her, and holds friendships near and dear to her heart.

Due to her naïve and innocent nature, her brother Bennett, watches over and protects her from the cruel world. She doesn't understand why, but she enjoys his company just the same.

Florene's first language is english, but she is drawn to the spanish language and culture and wishes to learn it as a second language. Often times she can be found begging Peony for lessons and practicing as she ventures from place to place.

Being too trusting to a fault, it would be easy to lead the coyote astray and she would think nothing of it.

Because she is so innocent, naïve and trusting someone looking in may think her dumb but the opposite is true. Florene has wicked book smarts, just her common sense is lacking sometimes.

  • Demeanor:
  • Speech: Soft spoken and extremely persuasive.
  • Scent: Braithwaite, honeysuckle, lemongrass, bergamot, horses
  • Outlook:
  • Alignment: True Neutral
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4.  Relationships


Immediate Family (Braithwaite)

Unknown relations indicated by *

  • Mother:
  • Father:
  • Siblings: None
  • Mate: None
  • Children: None

Extended Family

Florene belongs the Braithwaite family; as such, many of their members are directly and indirectly related to her.

  • Aunts & Uncles:
  • Cousins:

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1 25% Plains Coyote, 75% Northeastern Coyote