Calliandra Braithwaite

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Credit: Despi

Player Despi
Creator(s) Despi, Kris

Nicknames: Andi, Lee

  • Epithet: The Heiress

Rank: La Vástaga

  • Vocation(s): --

Date of Birth: 9 Nov 2021

Species: Coywolf (Luperci Ortus) 1
Sex: Female

  • Pronouns: She/Her

Residence: Casa Inadaptada, Del Cenere


Daughter between the late Rey Salvaje, Nazario del Bosque, and Palisade native Belinda Braithwaite, Calliandra has known little more than a life of affluence. Sent to her mother's birthplace and raised by her iron-fisted grandmother during her formative childhood, Calliandra's eagerness to embrace maturity and the expectation of grandieur ultimately helped to deepen the rift between herself and her brothers - and given her predilection towards severity, her burgeoning arrogance grew unchecked well into her adolescence. However, the impact of mortality and its resulting fallout immediately swept the rug out from under her. With the loss of her close friend and her father in quick succession, Calliandra thought herself finally capable and understanding of the weight of a crown. Her aunt, however, had other plans. (See OOC Assumptions)

Pack Member Assumptions

Del Cenerens may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Peony Braithwaite seems to have snapped up Nazario's rank, influence, and even his home for herself! In the wake of this, she has seemingly kept a thumb fit snug over her niece (the likes of which Calliandra absolutely resents).
  • Quiet, reserved, and possessing a terrible rbf, Calliandra has a reputation for being prickly and her rather unapproachable demeanor. Conversations in passing with her are generally expected to be clipped and somewhat stiff - and at times blisteringly difficult to interpret.
  • In the wake of her father's death, Calliandra seems to have taken to menial tasks and chores with some seriousness. She can often be found taking stock, contributing small objects to stores, working with Del Cenere's horses, or tending her own animals. She can frequently be found checking in with Boots, Flintlock, or Alonso.
  • She may delegate small tasks to other Ashen. Most of the time these are inconsequential chores - if seeking something perhaps more intensive (or pointlessly arbitrary but on ~purpose~), please reach out to Despi for opportunities!


Rank out of Las Brasas
Rank out of El Probado
Rank out of El Elegido
Serve in the Enkindled Rank for Five Months
Serve in the Ashen Ring for Five Months
Play an Ashen for 12 Consecutive Months
Take a Mate
Raise a Child
Recruit a Friend
Thread with a member from every active Pack
Thread with a member from every active Loner Band
Create 5 AW threads in Del Cenere
Conduct a Pack Project
Coordinate a Pack Event
Adopt an Ashen
Earn Community Soul
Contribute to DCG's Wiki
Exemplary Membership
Participated in Through The Valley
Participated in Born Unto Trouble
Participated in the 2021 Lancaster Stockshow

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General Physical Appearance

A muddled coywolf hybrid - Her stature, size, and build lean heavily into her coyote heritage and the Braithwaite line; Her father's wolf blood, however, bleeds in with a slight broadness to her androgynous, wiry, and athletic body. She lacks fine lines and overt feminine curves for sharp lines and silhouettes, and is flat chested. Whilst Nazario's genetics are present in some of her agouti cape and the crescent swatches beneath her eyes, her desaturated tones, and predominantly grayscale coat is distinctly Braithwaite. Her facial features are emblematic of the prominent Palisade founders - with the trademark dark upper eye markings, almond-shaped purple eyes with foxlike features, Calliandra is the first in two generations to harken back to the family's Matriarch, Meredith's, appearance. It is highly likely that in time, like her great grandmother, she too will gray-out with age.

Emoting is not a particular strong suit - Calliandra generally carries a neutral and guarded outward expression.

Calliandra has a relatively high status of humanization - her long, raven hair is often loosely braided and accessorized conservatively with leather ties, glass beads, and feathers from her hawk. While she has an undeniable taste for fine things, her wardrobe is largely practical and ranges in style. There is a discomfort with her own nudity, to an extent: she associates a lack of dress with vulnerability, and takes great strides to avoid such connotations. She carries herself with a well-manicured and proud outward appearance without the need for excessive showmanship or peacocking. Whilst she's difficult to read for her true thoughts, emotion, or intention, she does seem to have a dislike for dresses in particular.

Defining Features


  • Lupus: 36 lbs (16 kg) — 24 in (61 cm)
  • Secui: 115 lbs (52 kg) — 37 in (94 cm)
  • Optime: 135 lbs (61 kg) — 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)

Numerous small superficial nicks or marks beneath her coat. Often sports temporary and well-cared from slip-ups due to poor handling of poi. She has calloused hands that speak to work ethic - and has a notable one on the last knuckle of her right ring finger indicative of a lateral quadrupod grasp developed from penmanship tutelage.

Other Identifiers

  • Scent: Del Cenere Gang, woodsmoke, cedar, palo santo, tobacco, black pepper
  • Body Language, Posture & Quirks: Stiff, abrupt, severe, and closed-off or contemplative. She is very static in her motions, and dreadfully attentive. Subdued with her body language, but undeniably intense.
  • Speech: Fluent in Common, and is conversationally fluent in Spanish, if limited. She is very concise in her speech, and at times derisive; Calliandra often tests others through poor or unclear instructions and opaque metaphors to justify her judgements.
Color Palette
Pawpads, Nose, & Scars
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By Despi

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By Despi

Summary: Acrimonious, impassioned, captious, conceited, reticent

Calloused and unforgiving, Calliandra largely regards the world through a polarized lense of black and white, despite her associations and experiences with the various shades of gray imbetween. She has little patience, nor wiggle-room for alternatives which leads her to extreme conclusions; Calliandra is all, or nothing. This default, ultimately, is simpler, and leads to more concise and easy to digest answers, rather than attempting to dissect events, actions, and motivations for deeper meaning.

She is uncompromising and unbelievably stubborn to a fault, often putting her at odds with authority figures in her youth that she otherwise did not feel warranted her respect - the likes of which extended to her mother and aunt relatively early into her life; lofty expectations and critical regard have largely molded her into an unpleasant (and familiar) figure. She demands loyalty - fealty - of others; however, for all her capricious manner, hypocrisy, and mercurial moods, she is deeply loyal herself beneath layers of self-inflicted paranoia and wraps of protection to guard her deeply rooted insecurity in herself and others.

Trust is a difficult thing to come by, and always has been. Her wrath is often inflammatory, but with age has proven a crucible: The more Calliandra matures, the more she retreats into a largely impassive and seemingly unemotional shell; Her illegible exterior only seems to reflect her state when pushed to a limit, though whether threats beyond this are anything but empty promises has yet to really be seen. There's a reliance on her own unpredictability to ward others away from trying to work their way beneath her skin. She does, however, seem to delight in being able to affect others.

  • Demeanor: Aloof and cagey. Somewhat temperamental. Has a tendency to be difficult to interpret.
  • Outlook: A pessimistic pragmatist. Has a tendency to prepare for and expect poor outcomes.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil with Neutral leanings
Shall follow the law, though believes herself and her word to be thus, and may bend it to her whim.
Shall avenge her peers and her society by whatever methods she deems fit.
Obeys all personal contracts and values lifelong commitments in others.
Considers public service in a leadership role an honor.
Honors and seeks unlimited control and order, and follows lawful procedure without regard to her own discomfort.
  • Motivations: Control and order, preservation of her society, reprisal
  • Fears: Subjugation, failure, intimacy, vulnerability
  • Likes: Del Cenere Gang, writing, horsemanship, birds of prey, loon song and summer nights
  • Dislikes: Being wrong, chaos, feeling helpless or out of control of circumstances, feeling overwhelmed
  • Anti-Wolf: Grew up with the cultural persuasions of Del Cenere, though this bias has worsened with age. While not as extreme as her father's hatred, the trauma of her friend's murder has instilled a very strong fear in her - especially around large males. Wolves are unpredictable, at best, and are to be regarded with suspicion.
  • Outsiders: Suspect and dangerous, Calliandra's approach to outsiders is a delicate balance. She does not care for them, has a tendency to think them all capable of violence and seeking self-interest, but they bring the Gang prosperity with trade ventures. She tolerates them at best, though places herself and her peers above them.
Sexuality & Gender
  • Sexuality: Has a largely impassive approach to attraction. Remarkably dense (unfortunately like her father), her wariness of others and fear of intimacy often inhibits any form of closeness to others. She feels a strong need to develop trust before ever exploring such a vulnerable option.
  • Gender: Holds some baser belief that women will utilize wiles to manipulate men for personal gain. As such, she does have a slight bias towards men being somewhat weaker-willed to the so-called "fairer sex".
Spirituality and Substances
  • Spirituality: Loose attachment to Cenizan cultures via her father - Fire is a purifying force.
  • Substances: Rarely indulges in much of anything for how it affects the mind.

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Non-Canine NPCs (See Animals)
by Despi
  • Birth Year: 2017
  • Sex: Female
  • Plumage Color: Dark Morph
  • Size:
    • Length: 26 in (65 cm)
    • Wingspan: 4 ft 10 in (147 cm)
    • Weight: 3.2 lbs (1.45 kg)

No Use
Experienced Handlers

  • Description:

An exemplary animal, Circe is a large, well-balanced and proportioned red-tailed hawk with dark-morph plumage. Her feathers are chocolate and rust, with heavy barring. She lacks the stereotypical pale points on the ventral side of her body, and richly colored feathers along her legs. The dorsal side of her flight feathers are near-charcoal. Her eyes are the stereotypical rich brown, and somewhat deeper in tone.

  • Personality:

Proud and no-nonsense, much like her handler. Circe is keenly intelligent and well trained, when she is being cooperative - Unfortunately, she has a tendency towards recalcitrance, and will resort to biting or wing-boxing when she's annoyed. Circe possesses some capabilities of high-speech, though seems to prefer to remain silent unless pressed to speak - to which she offers stilted, clipped, and short phrases or condemnations to whomever she is addressing. Much like Calliandra, it is difficult to get a bead on her assessment of an individual - though, she is more liable to be chatty (if rude) towards people she likes.

Skills and Use Notes
  • Hunting:
    • Capable hunter, with a favored quarry of rabbits or squirrels
  • High-Speech:
    • Conversational, but still somewhat broken speech, usually reserved for insulting others
  • Reconnaissance:
    • Girl u nosy as hell
Notable History
  • 2017:
    • Hatched due east of the Rocky Mountain range around Southern Colorado/Northern New Mexico
    • Maintained an injury once fledged, and trapped as a result by a wandering falconer
    • Raised alongside other birds of prey on a traveling caravan
  • 2022:
    • Traded along another few birds to the Braithwaite matriarch, Meredith, in Palisade
    • Gifted to Calliandra, and brought to Del Cenere upon her return
OOC Assumptions
  • Del Cenere Members may assume the following:
    • ... Spotting Circe around Del Cenere, or otherwise seemingly being monitored by her from high perches, and her subsequently leaving once spotted.
    • ... Circe hunting small game, or otherwise dropping some unfortunate small animal on or around your character.
    • ... Being insulted by her!
by Despi

Polvo de Oro Horse Gen. 1

  • Birth Year: 2022
  • Sex: Mare
  • Coat Color: Honey Oro Patina
  • Size:
    • Height: 16.5hh (66in, 167.64cm)
    • Weight: ~1300lbs (589.6kg)


  • Description:

A capable horse on the upper scale of Polvo standards by terms of size, she has inherited some of her mother's build. Her rich, gold coat possesses the Polvo de Oro Patina roan, and her handsome, straight-profiled face is framed by a full halo of a badger face marking. A coronet frames her rear left hoof, and her rear right leg has a white sock. Her flaxen mane and tail are a stark, snowy white with subtle cream undertones. This horse carries the Del Ceneren brand on her left shoulder, as is standard for the breed.

  • Personality:

She is an attentive worrywart - deeply curious, yet deeply cautious. Unpredictable, and doesn't take well to surprise. Overcompensates her position in pecking order, but is otherwise intensely focused and interested in her handlers and her surroundings.

Skills and Use Notes

Del Cenerens may request to borrow Huldra for a thread. Please reach out to Despi for details.

  • Ponying-On and Pack:
    • Huldra is halter trained, and readily follows along after other horses when lead
    • While still green and relatively untested, she is growing accustomed to small amounts of weight being thrown over her back
  • In Training!
Notable History
  • 2022:
    • Foaled to Riselka via an Unnamed Stallion brought in by a Trader
  • 2023:
    • Received DCG's brand
    • Calliandra assumed ownership of Huldra after the untimely passing of Nazario
  • 2024:
    • Began rider training
OOC Assumptions
  • Del Cenere Members may assume the following:
    • ... Her being lodged at Casa Inadaptada, but regularly frequenting the fence line.
    • ... Petting her, or otherwise being watched by a curious Huldra.
    • ... Her following after Calliandra whilst she is working Riselka, or otherwise engaging in training.

IMG.png"by Artist"

Warmblood Grade Horse

  • Birth Year: 2017
  • Sex: Mare
  • Coat Color: Buckskin Sabino
  • Size:
    • Height: 17 hh (68 in, 172.72 cm)
    • Weight: ~1500 lbs (~680.39 kg)

No Use
Experienced Handlers
Rider Trained
Pull Trained

  • Description:

A well-bred, strong animal. Riselka possesses rather unique white, ticked markings thanks to her Sabino genes, with a sprawling apron face marking, and lip mark that comically looks adjacent to a moustache - in addition to these, she has a duo of dark bend-or spots, one on her right hip, and the other on the left side of the crest of her neck. Her hooves are pale, though the rear right one has a single dark bar. Her tail is two-toned with a black base with minor frosting, and a white tip.

  • Personality:

Temperamental and spirited. She can be nippy, mischievous and willful. Riselka can be difficult to handle if spooked, and it's ill-advised that inexperienced riders try to interact with her thanks to her territorial and at times irritable nature.

Skills and Use Notes
  • Riding:
    • Nazario administered riding training - she is a very capable mount, if... quirky in some of her mannerisms
    • Excels with reigning work, cutting, or otherwise engaging with livestock
  • Pulling:
    • Received basic pull training from Holly
    • Riselka does not seem to enjoy this work
Notable History
  • 2017:
    • Foaled to Tigana and Hunter in Inferni
  • 2018:
    • Claimed by Nazario upon Inferni's disbandment
  • 2019:
    • Began groundwork and basic rider training
  • 2022:
    • Foaled Huldra by an Unnamed Stallion
  • 2023:
    • Calliandra assumed ownership of Huldra after the untimely passing of Nazario
OOC Assumptions
  • Del Cenere Members may assume the following:
    • ... Her being lodged at Casa Inadaptada, but regularly frequenting the fence line.
    • ... Riselka being somewhat aloof and keeping her distance from being touched or handled, if not downright nippy.
    • ... Calliandra riding her around Del Cenere, or otherwise taking care of her and furthering her training.


Immediate Family (Braithwaite, del Bosque)
Note: Unknown relations indicated by *

Extended Family (Braithwaite, del Bosque, Winthrop, Lykoi, Alvarez)
Due to father Nazario del Bosque's adoption via Vicira Tears, whilst not related by blood, Lykoi and Winthrop surnames are largely regarded as family.