Nazario del Bosque

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by Despi

Player: Despi
Creator(s): Raze, Sylvey
Nickname(s): Rio
Birthplace: Grimwell Caverns, Inferni
Date of Birth: 13 Apr 2017
Sex: Male

  • Pronouns: He/Him

Species: Coywolf (Luperci Ortus) 1

Rank: Rey Salvaje

  • --

Residence: Casa Inadaptada, Del Cenere Gang
Animal NPC:

OOC Assumptions
Del Cenere Gang members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • ... Having general non-specific conversation - "Hi, how are you" type conversations.
  • ... keeping tabs on Del Cenere's communal stores.
  • ... checking in with Alonso for happenings in Charmingtown.
  • ... seeing him working with his own horses or working with communal horses.
  • ... hearing of his rather hit-or-miss approach to fatherhood.
2017 (Thread Count: 32 | Post Count: --)

Nazario was born in Inferni to Joaquina del Bosque and Fidel Alvarez, alongside six unnamed siblings, none of which survived. Given over to Versace Inferni to help nurse, he was raised along a non-traditional form of upbringing and taken into the Del Bosque family and their customs. Most Inferni members were considered, largely, to be an extension of his family - a collection of aunts, uncles, cousins - however, without answers as to where he truly came from, Nazario was left with a litany of questions pertaining to his origins. Without solid answers, he projected this deficiency into stalwart patriotism to supply himself with a sense of belonging.

Summer (June - August)

  1. Born green we were to this flawed garden (Jun 18)
    (Vicira Tears) Frog hunting goes hand-in-hand with young life lessons.
  2. the seldom-seen kid (Jun 19)
    (Fang Espinoza, Diego del Bosque) Nazario gets up to some shenanigans and learns the fine art of pranking.
  3. i was never innocent, i was only me (Jun 20)
    (Dove Reverie, Salvador Sadira) Blueberry picking is hard when you don't have hands and your reluctant babysitter isn't too fond of noisy children.
  4. i wanna hunt like david (Jun 21)
    (Andrew Winthrop) Potato roots make for a convincing fake vomit.
  5. I know you're ready to get older (Jul 19)
    (Diego del Bosque) Lessons on tradition bring forward more questions.
  6. Dust hymnal of Gnashville (Aug 8)
    (Fang Espinoza) Pranks have consequences, and digging holes builds character.
  7. the fire inside begot the animal within (Aug 16)
    (Laila Ross) Kids have no concept of self-preservation, nor pack borders.
  8. Disconcert the searching spy, rendering to a curious eye (Aug 30)
    (Vicira Tears) Nazario takes lessons in peeping on unsuspecting packmates.

Fall (September - November)

  1. someone who's nothing like you (Sept 1)
    (Versace Inferni) Nazario has doubts about his unborn siblings and vents.
  2. to paint the peasant's hands (Sept 11)
    (Andrew Winthrop) A small grave is unearthed on accident
  3. civilization is a child with a molotov cocktail (Sept 17)
    (Adina Inferni) Time for some childhood bonding!
  4. We built the fire evermore with winter beating at the door (Sept 19)
    (Diego del Bosque) Uncle and Nephew engage in some good coyote shenanigans.
  5. ab absurdo (Sept 21)
    (Avarice Scelus) Chasing chickens is a classic passtime.
  6. Small nostrils are breathing (Sept 25)
    (Vicira Tears, Merari Tears, Boone Winthrop) Nazario meets his new siblings.
  7. the off-color joke of what you really are (Sept 28)
    Nazario experiences his first shift.
  8. We raise our children to the beat of its comforting pounding (Sept 28)
    (Vicira Tears) Nazario seeks out his adoptive mother after his shift.
  9. We build an army from nothing (Sept 30)
    (Pack Thread) Aquila Vesper gathers Inferni and wages war against Salsola.
  10. [m] i'm a debaser (Oct 1)
    (Helena Troy Lykoi) A confrontation with Salsola turns into a bite a bit too big for Nazario to chew.
  11. [m] a bad habit (Oct 1)
    (Andrew Winthrop) Nazario staggers back home, with one eye less than when he had set out.
  12. red sun rises like an early warning (Oct 19)
    Nazario acquires a halberd.
  13. Are you.. Are you? Coming to the tree? (Oct 22)
    (Meridia Lykoi) Full bellies are an excellent curative.
  14. to slake their weary throats (~ Oct)
    (Scorpius D'Angelo) There's a monster at Inferni's border.
  15. [m] Here I dreamt I was an architect (Oct 25)
    (Andrew Winthrop, Helena Troy Lykoi) Scouring the battlefield turns tense.
  16. Purple Yellow Red and Blue (Oct 29)
    (Andrew Winthrop) Nazario checks up on his adoptive father's healing process.
  17. taste it, dark red (Nov 3)
    (Vicira Tears, Merari Tears, Boone Winthrop) Nazario helps out with his younger siblings.
  18. Defanged destroyer limps into the bay now (Nov 6)
    (Virue) Nazario assists packmate Virue.
  19. [M] A mischievous wind brought the kingdom to its knees (Nov 8)
    (Krios Revlis, Vicira Tears) Inferni's scouting band gets led astray.
  20. i can't recall your eyes, your face (Nov 9)
    Nazario feels threatened by some force - or perhaps it's just worry.
  21. [m] Doin' the cockroach (Nov 16)
    (Boone Winthrop It's babysitting time!
  22. come, lean to my wound; burn on, burn on (Nov 16)
    (Pack Thread) A new Aquila is appointed, and the end of the war is announced.
  23. two undernourished egos (~Nov)
    Nazario unwinds with some poi.
  24. And now that she's gone, the land seems to change (Nov 28)
    Inferni rounds up a handful of horses from the Drifter Bay herds before their migration.
2018 (Thread Count: 30 | Post Count: --)

Young Adulthood
Nazario, after sustaining his injury and in the wake of the War, settles into the new normal in Inferni's new territory. Somewhat humbled by the experience of Inferni's losses, and contending with complications that come with the new landscape, he combats with doubt and insecurity, and seeks silver linings with his younger siblings. His interest in horsemanship takes off here, as does an overall shift in his demeanor towards the more dour and reserved.

Winter (December - February)

  1. better for your head, better heads need shut-eye (Jan 12)
    Nazario does a little hunting.
  2. as soon as the storm is over I promise to send out for you (Feb 5)
    (Vicira) It's time to learn some horsemanship!
  3. [m] Go to Sleep (little man being erased) (Feb 14)
    (Andrew Winthrop) Construction projects are hard.

Spring (March - May)

  1. [m] Heart of the Continent (Mar 11)
    (Boone Winthrop) Some travelling traders get robbed!
  2. Mule-bray, pig-grunt and bawdy cackles (Mar 29)
    (Merari Tears) How did all these pigs get out?
  3. Plans (Mar 31)
    (Boone Winthrop) Young boys discuss their big dreams and grandiose ideas.
  4. we're not driving, we're just taking a ride (Apr 20)
    Nazario practices more fire dancing.
  5. heed the blackened water’s call (Apr 21)
    (Salvador Sadira) Nazario receives a little scare while scouting borders.
  6. graves (Apr 22)
    (Vicira Tears) Maned wolf and long-time companion, Jasy, passes away, and Rio helps to bury her.
  7. [M] I got an empty cup; pour me some more (May 21)
    (Johnathan) There's no escaping meddling nephews.
  8. this chain reaction (May 23)
    (Jethro Lykoi) An impatient Nazario tries to ride Ares, only to get embarrassed.

Summer (June - August)

  1. [m] conversations with the clouds, the dogs, the dead (Jul 2)
    (Brocade Valentine) An attempt to raid some supplies from their new enemies turns sour.
  2. spike in a rail (~Jul)
    Nazario returns, wounded, to Inferni for a scolding.
  3. the aguey tendon, the sin (~Jul)
    (Merari Tears) Discussions of the future feel grim and uncertain.
  4. 'cause i was taken over by the devil last night (Jul 27)
    (Boone Winthrop) Tensions mount between brothers over some misalignments of their ultimate goals, and results in a little scuffle.
  5. so comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their ending (Aug 1)
    (Pack Thread) Inferni disbands.
  6. I'm alone but I'm alive, you can make me dance (Aug 1)
    (Merari Tears) Turns out that plans don't always pan out, but at least sisters are good at consoling.
  7. [m] Like anger, like smoke from an unseen fire (Aug 3)
    Inferni's stragglers gather together to gather what remains of their resources. The Cartel takes shape.
  8. [m] got me burning like a foxchild rebel under the sun (Aug 4)
    (Krios Revlis) Nazario has a drink when some company comes along.
  9. sing until our jaws are broken (Aug 8)
    Nazario turns out what remains of Inferni's horses.
  10. And we'll chase a fire, come to take me home (Aug 15)
    The Cartel sets up camp.
  11. [m] i've been bruised by your light (Aug 19)
    Ciprian Tenebriso, Ichabod Bertram) A stranger is intercepted by some Cartel members.
  12. [M] I can tell that we are gonna be friends (Aug 21)
    (Nayavota Denahlii) An attempt to swindle food out of a soft-hearted stranger is made.

Fall (September - November)

  1. The hills tell one another, and the listening valleys hear (Oct 9)
    (Merari Tears) Big brother to the rescue!
  2. [M] fire from his mouth devoured (Nov 15)
    (Tamara de le Poer ) A new member joins The Cartel.
  3. [M] Obama just Sandy Hooked Benghazi again! (Nov 15)
    (Johnathan Winthrop, Briarblack) Briarblack re-emerges during a little fishing trip.
  4. [M] Living on the Sand (Nov 16)
    (Boone Winthrop) Brother bonding ensues over the departure of Merari.
  5. [m] From the devil livin' in his eyes (Nov 19)
    The Cartel incorrectly assumed they could cross the land bridge. Frustration ensues.
  6. Play the notes that I require, this will please my desires (Nov 28)
    (Dahlia Winthrop ) Another member joins The Cartel, but Nazario is not a huge fan.
2019 (Thread Count: 52 | Post Count: --)

Young Adulthood & Leadership
Dissatisfied with the wandering lifestyle, and the scrape-and-scrounge lifestyle of the Cartel, Nazario and brother Boone begin to drive for structure and purpose. The group meets up with another band of loners, the Drygrass Posse, and the duo of groups assist one another with their similar interests and allegiances towards coyotes. After contending with conflict with a group of wolves, the brothers push the two bands together and they both found the Del Cenere Gang, and begin making intrepid attempts to establish themselves as quickly as possible.

Winter (December - February)

  1. mouths gaped open wide (Dec 31) [2018]
    (Briarblack) The resident medic has a restless sleep and relays her nightmare.
  2. all the kings horses (Jan 17)
    (Mateo Salcedo, Briarblack) There's a bizarre poet wandering the woods.
  3. fly, the wind it will take me (~ Jan)
    Nazario comes across Inferni's ruins.
  4. Don't threaten me with a good time (Jan 24)
    (Jamie Cortés) Nazario brokers a trade with a saucy young customer.
  5. [M] Baby you're in the band (~Jan)
    (Johnathan Winthrop) Nazario tries to cajole his uncle into getting up and about.
  6. Hoofing it is not my common mode of tavel (Jan 30)
    (Malfoy D'Angelo) Nazario attempts to steal a horse from an unsuspecting fellow.
  7. iditarod got nothin' on us (Jan 31)
    (Willow Cormier, Toklo Ikiaq) A duo of strangers is caught up in a sled mishap.
  8. From the moonlight (Feb 13)
    (Rozenn) Nothing like a little reminiscing!
  9. i fill my mouth up with air (Feb 18)
    (Symre Rask) A bizarre and kind of alluring stranger appears!
  10. Pheurton Skeurto (~Feb)
    (Boone Winthrop) What are older brothers for, if not questioning their younger sibling's decisions and their taste in women?
  11. Empty vessel, crooked teeth (Feb 25)
    (Dahlia Winthrop, Eden de le Ulrich, Evelyn de le Ulrich) A couple stowaways show up in camp, and Nazario goes full paranoia over the Cartel's security.

Spring (March - May)

  1. It's not easy having yourself a good time (Mar 4)
    The Cartel relocates.
  2. you look like trouble (but I guess I do too) (March 8)
    Nazario does some groundwork with Riselka.
  3. the fine joys of tobacco (Apr 2)
    (Santiago Tejada, Calhoun Escuella) A discussion takes place over home, and what that entails.
  4. A New Beginning (Ap 3)
    (Lyssa Fontaine, Briarblack) Oh, look! A fresh face, who likely needs some help!
  5. The Welcome Wagon (Apr 3)
    (Lyssa Fontaine A new member joins the Cartel.
  6. Fish are friends (Apr 4)
    (Larka) A little fishing trip is in order, with new mouths to feed.
  7. The story of my life (Apr 5)
    (Dahlia Winthrop) Nazario gets into a little tiff with his brother's girl.
  8. her room is painted heron blue (Apr 23)
    (Auger de la Croix, Jackdaw Huxley, Notch) What's this scarf doing here?
  9. but with it comes the knowledge of everything (Apr 27)
    The Cartel and Drygrass Posse discuss some strange happenings.
  10. And we'll all go together (May 17)
    The Reverend is put to rest.
  11. when the clock strikes twelve, does today become tomorrow (May 20)
    The Cartel's camp catches on fire.
  12. I'm a little saint, I'm a little sinner (May 22)
    Nazario encounters some of the wolves stalking The Cartel and Drygrass Posse.
  13. I wanna be a hero, but the villain's having more fun (May 28)
    (Gideon Huxley) A wistful stranger gets Nazario's attention.

Summer (June - August)

  1. [m] my life is like a broken bowl (Jun 5)
    (Clover, Vesper) A couple familiar faces join The Cartel.
  2. sooner or later God will cut you down (Jun 5)
    Nazario calls upon The Cartel and Drygrass Posse to run off the wolf intruders.
  3. [m] i'll dig my heels into the ground (Jun 6)
    Del Cenere's first effigy is made.
  4. There's a thin dark cloud in the evening air (Jun 7)
    The Cartel and Drygrass Posse convene to assess their resources.
  5. maybe i knew (Jun 17)
    (Dahlia Winthrop, Symre Rask, Torin de le Poer) A couple strangers are intercepted on Del Cenere's fresh borders, though one is a little more familiar.
  6. [M] Of Mice and Men (Jul 9)
    (12) There's a discussion over what it means to choose your own path.
  7. the moose in the clearing and the moosehead on the wall (Jul 11)
    (Willow Cormier) A familiar face shows up!
  8. when it's burning low (Jul 15)
    Del Cenere hosts its first wedding.
  9. lay a kiss upon my bones (~Jul)
    Nazario tends to the Gang's effigies.
  10. Ain't no reason to get excited eh (Jul 17)
    (Orlean McAdam, Steph McAdam) Some fresh faces join Del Cenere.
  11. [M] Only a Finger's Difference Between a Wise Man and a Fool (~Jul)
    (Waynescott Wyatt, Briarblack) There seems to have been a little construction accident.
  12. the eagle has landed (Aug 1)
    (Tamara de le Poer) Oh look! You are familiar!
  13. [M] Vicarious (~Aug)
    (Boone Winthrop) A new trading opportunity presents itself.
  14. fortune may hold you, she's not your friend (~Aug)
    Del Cenere rounds up some of the horses from the defunct Inferni territory.
  15. alleviator (Aug 20)
    (Fennore, Briarblack) New Caledonia sends a friendly greeting, and who could possibly resist a prank opportunity?
  16. everyone dances in the fast lane (Aug 22)
    (Jethro Lykoi, Marlowe de le Poer) Hello, cousin Jeff! Who the hell is that old guy - oh shit, that's Marlowe? My bad.

Fall (September - November)

  1. Soul on fire (Sept 7)
    (Lyssa Fontaine) Miss Fontaine is intent on proving her worth to the Gang.
  2. so charming (Sept 9)
    (Symre Rask) That peculiar visitor from before comes to Charmingtown.
  3. surrender, surrender, but don't give yourself away (~Sept)
    (Daniel) After a trip to Mistfell Vale, a kid shows up on Del Cenere's doorstep.
  4. don't let the green light turn red (Sept 14)
    (Daniel) Well, it's probably best that this wayward child joins Del Cenere than risk him getting hurt by venturing about on his own accord.
  5. Cornucopia (Sept 21)
    (Aldora Knight) Casa di Cavalieri sends their regards, but like, in an actually nice way.
  6. [M] Mezzanine (Sept 28)
    Carlo Del Mar makes his first appearance to the Del Cenere Gang.
  7. We Lead the Mighty (Oct 21)
    Del Cenere attends Casa di Cavalieri's diplomatic summit.
  8. burn it all on the altar now (Nov 1)
    (Adina Inferni) A missed connection - or, perhaps, a missed re-connection?
  9. call upon me, the dust and the scribes (Nov 19)
    Charmingtown's storage collapses in a winter storm.
  10. [m] The Michael Jordan of drunk driving (Nov 19)
    (Boone Winthrop) An angry Comandante wants something to blame for the building collapse.
  11. Keeping Me Alive (Nov 30)
    (Gideon Huxley) A familiar little wanderer officially joins Del Cenere.
2020 (Thread Count: 30 | Post Count: --)

Adulthood & Leadership
Still fresh to Leadership, Nazario and brother Boone navigate this new and unfamiliar position of power and responsibility with a particular lack of grace. Butting heads is a regular thing for them - Nazario's wait-and-see perspective and ever wanting to err on the side of caution tends to rub many the wrong way, and as tensions culminate, a dangerous seed is sown. Paranoia and distrust, perhaps stemming from his fear of abandonment and his own stubborn and dogmatic demeanor, begin to occur with more regularity, and the Rey Salvaje begins to shut himself out to others, stubbornly reinforcing his own bias that he knows what is best for everyone - thus begins Nazario's "Insufferable Douche" phase.

Winter (December - February)

  1. The best way to spread Christmas cheer (Dec 21) [2019]
    (Lyssa Fontaine) Gift-giving is the best.
  2. it's burning again, like the first fires (Dec 21) [2019]
    Del Cenere celebrates it's first Agarre de Invierno.
  3. Be loyal to what matters (Jan 23)
    Casa di Cavalieri sends aide after a harsh series of winter storms.
  4. [m] baby i've got the death rattle (Feb 6)
    (Weehawken) A visitor makes his way into Charmingtown, and Nazario settles in for a little chat.
  5. [M] I'm still riding like wildfire (Feb 26)
    (Jack Hawthorne) A new member joins Del Cenere.

Spring (March - May)

  1. [m] hide from the sunshine (Apr 1)
    Nazario more or less unintentionally hosts a drinking contest.
  2. Me and you, partners! (Apr 2)
    (Peony Braithwaite) An intrepid young woman joins Del Cenere.
  3. the good lord speaks like a rolling thunder (Apr 12)
    (Raven Sinclaire) Distractions are good when you're being an insufferable worrywart.
  4. i know just where you're coming from (Apr 14)
    (Brickface O'Malley) Spring run off probably isn't the best to bathe in.
  5. the 4-7-3-6-2-5-1 to put my mind at ease (Apr 14)
    (Daniel) Sparring helps to calm the mind and ready the spirit.
  6. Been Looking For a Trail to Follow (Apr 15)
    (Hosea Courtright) A Palisade-born sharpshooter joins Del Cenere.
  7. break the truth inside of me (Apr 15)
    (Ash Del Mar, Boone Winthrop A thief is apprehended at Irving's storage - but Boone intervenes on his behalf.
  8. What's one more double-cross to a traitor (May 8)
    (Boone Winthrop, Andrew Winthrop, Helena Troy Lykoi, Pontifex Troy Lykoi, Eusebia Troy Lykoi, Margaux) A band of runaways join Del Cenere, despite Nazario's reservations.
  9. get a little worn down in between (May 9)
    (Merari Tears) Sister returns! Nazario seeks to protect her, and thus, attempts to hide her away from Charmingtown.
  10. my sacred pining whims (May 22)
    (Lyla Winthrop) It's time to hang out with the niece.
  11. I Thread the Needle Through (May 24)
    (Sugabear Perrin du Lac, Bugaboo Perrin du Lac) A couple of odd witch-doctors join Del Cenere.
  12. fever for the fire (May 24)
    (Alejandra Sanctus) Nazario gets a new eyepatch!
  13. Ka, iḷisautigisiivsi (May 24)
    (Pontifex Troy Lykoi, Lyssa Fontaine) An earthquake rattles Del Cenere's horses.
  14. Weave The Strands (May 31)
    (Margaux) Ominous news is brought to Nazario's attention.

Summer (June - August)

  1. and when I let him in I feel the stitches getting sicker (Jun 4)
    (Merari Tears) Nazario vents over his feelings of betrayal.
  2. I'm going to where the sun burns (Jun 22)
    Del Cenere hosts a bautizo feast!
  3. Climbed down to hell on the devil's tree (Jun 22)
    A fire breaks out in Irving.
  4. I clutched a branch of soot and flame (Jun 23)
    (Boone Winthrop) Tensions reach a boiling point.
  5. five thousand candles in the wind (Jul 19)
    (Lieselotte Temple) Oops! How unfortunate, this rider seems to be in trouble.
  6. Where Evening's Dream Goes (Jul 30)
    (Andrew Winthrop) Kind-of-dad comes to Nazario's doorstep for some urgent discussion
  7. But I Takes Delight in the Juice of the Barley (Aug 4)
    (Sean Butler) A mouthy Irishman joins Del Cenere.
  8. the chain-link lots where the red tails dive (Aug 9)
    (Lieselotte Temple) The injured rider joins Del Cenere.
  9. [m] every feather you stole, I grew double new (Aug 11)
    A haphazard hostage situation goes awry.

Fall (September - November)

  1. [M] See life as a worthy opponent (September 30)
    Wounded are tended to in a triage tent in the wake of a skirmish.
  2. [M] Engage with the pain as a motive (Oct 1)
    Ronald is put to rest.
  3. we're watching all the street lights fade (Nov 1)
    (Lieselotte Temple) Nazario explains the concept of ofrendas, and welcoming back the dead.
  4. [M] Things fall apart (Nov 15)
    (Boone Winthrop) His brother makes the decision to step down as Comandante in the wake of the Del Mar conflict.
2021 (Thread Count: 33 | Post Count: --)

Adulthood & Leadership
Shaken and still processing the aftermath of the Del Mar conflict, and now leading alone as the Gang's Rey Salvaje, Nazario holds his insecurity close, yet to the wayside; Priorities shift towards the prosperity and recovery of the Gang as a whole, as well as its expansion of resources. While still mistrusting of others and largely walled off, he reassesses himself, and considers his impacts a little more carefully; however, his stance on his decision making does not waver much, if at all. Resolute, yet healing and biding his time, Nazario seeks to keep Del Cenere's collective noses clean and avoid conflict to bolster reputation and gear it towards the trade mogul empire his brother had desired.

Winter (December - February)

  1. I Know It's Good To Be Tough Like Me (Feb 13)
    (Hosea Courtright) Hunt time!
  2. Take it from a girl like me (Feb 20)
    (Peony Braithwaite) Two intrepid, yet opposing viewpoints wax poetic with over Del Cenere's impact.

Spring (March - May)

  1. In The Court Of The Savage King (Mar 31)
    (Cent, Dinar) A young dog tries to pull the wool over the Rey Salvaje's eyes, and reluctantly joins Del Cenere's ranks.
  2. Don't hide your imperfections (Apr 23)
    (Belinda Braithwaite) Irving's well gets cleared out, though Nazario's helper isn't... particularly helpful.
  3. Down comes him on sticks but then he kicks like a horse (May 4)
    (Morrigan Archeron) Nazario's trap-weaving skills leave much to be desired.
  4. [M] I see the world with eyes covered in ink and bleach (May 16 - May 20)
    (Catalina del Bosque, Briarblack) An abandoned pup is found on Del Cenere's borders.
  5. [M] This too shall last (May 23)
    (Rafaela Tejada, Peony Braithwaite) Rafaela apprehends a rustler.

Summer (June - August)

  1. Set the roof on fire, baby I’m coming in hot (Jun 1)
    The Gang celebrates it's new La Mano.
  2. You're a taker, devils-maker, let me hear you sing, hey-ya hey-ya. (Jun 15)
    The Gang celebrates the appointment of El Corazón.
  3. Take To The Skies (Jun 20)
    (Sugabear Perrin du Lac, Briarblack) Something keeps scaring Gumbo the Goat!
  4. [M] it's always trouble when they go too far (Jun 23)
    (Anya Southpaw) An interloper is intercepted at the border - and won't soon forget his transgression.
  5. Everything Trying (Jun 24)
    (Boone Winthrop) A much needed catch-up is in order.
  6. For us the bourgeoisie, so carefree (Jul 13)
    A bautizo is in order for a duo of pups.
  7. Don't be so serious, don't be so serious (Jul 13)
    (Johnathan Winthrop, Briarblack) Blueberry harvesting is underway in preparation for the Lancaster Stockshow.
  8. Apples to Oranges (Aug 23)
    (Belinda Braithwaite, Paninya) Bobbing for apples is a lot more... tart and nasty than expected.
  9. Staring out at the setting sun (Aug 23)
    The Lancaster Stockshow kicks off with a bonfire night.
  10. The Way the Flames Dance, Make My Heart Go BOOM (Aug 23)
    (Zasha Hushhowl) Nazario's fire dancing attracts an audience who is very intent to learn how to do it herself.
  11. we're pushing a stone up a mountainous waste (Aug)
    (Lieselotte Temple) Bosque's Ladder can be a bitch.
  12. The crown is only heavy, not broken (Aug)
    (Aldora Knight) Del Cenere and Casa di Cavalieri engage in talks over allegiance.
  13. Not sure who's will be done, you can call me a sinner for wondering why (Aug 24)
    Barrel racers weave the course!
  14. Don't he look fine and handsome, don't he look at his most (Aug 25)
    Horsemen test their mettle with the Lancaster Stockshow's horse race.
  15. Good time's the devil, I'm a force of Heaven. (Aug 27)
    (Aelin Fireheart) Nazario touches base with a visitor to the Stockshow.
  16. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Aug 27)
    (Kamari Kaiser) Malchior the peacock is causing trouble for one of the Stockshow's visitors.
  17. Climb through the briar and bramble (Aug 28)
    The Lancaster Stockshow's final feast begins with birch-bark lanterns on the lake.

Fall (September - November)

  1. Unlike Them, Don't Walk Away From My Fear (Sept 8)
    (Joaquin Rose-Morales) A low-ranking recruit slips out of Charmingtown.
  2. I stand here now, ready for the judgement call (Sept 10)
    (Fredrick Knight) Fredrick brings some harrowing news.
  3. [M] Sultry Southern Sunsets (Sept 24)
    (Belinda Braithwaite) Nazario gets himself into an... entanglement.
  4. [M] Waiting for the tides to Change (Oct 6)
    (Peony Braithwaite) Ofrenda preparation is under way.
  5. i want flatlands, i want simplicity (Oct 12)
    (Wichita Long) Young Wichita is upset over an injury her horse has sustained.
  6. Been the ruin of many a poor boy (Oct 29)
    Fernando is laid to rest.
  7. What they don't understand, they condemn (Oct 31)
    The first Caza Salvaje is held.
  8. Meeting El Jefe (Nov 11)
    (Kubota Mossberg, Wesson Walker) After taking refuge within Del Cenere, a duo of cowpokes finally make the decision to join.
  9. We all are guilty of importance (Nov)
    (Rafaela Tejada) Rafaela found, and has been monitoring, a band of wild horses outside of Del Cenere's territory.
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1.  Synopsis

Nazario (nah-ss-AH-ree-oh) del Bosque's life has been fraught with near-misses, upheaval, and adversity, both large and small. Ill-fated, and poorly started, he was born a product of non-consensual incest; His biological mother defied the existence of her pregnancy up until her untimely death during childbirth, orphaning young Nazario and his six siblings, all of which succumbed to exposure, hunger, and illness in the days after their birth. In a lucky turn of events, however, fellow Infernians discovered him, and subsequently saved his life. Throughout his formative months, the daughter of the then-Aquila, Vicira Tears, became a prominent figure in his developing life.

He grew to appreciate her and regard her as a mother, and only age has allowed him the clarity and patience to understand her faults, and his own which had come as consequence of his own expectations.

When war came to the coyote clan, and ultimately lead to its dissolution, his world was upended; without direction, he fell in line with the rag-tag band left behind, alongside his adoptive siblings. It was his and his brother's ambition and dissatisfaction that ultimately culminated in the foundation of the Del Cenere Gang. THe veneers of civilization, of law and order, of establishment; the Rey Salvaje was tempered by the crucible of leadership and the fatherhood of his children (both adopted and biological), the likes of which have confronted and challenged some of his world views, while equally reinforcing the biases of others.

With his influence largely unchecked, his patience grows increasingly tested, and a paranoia surrounding the resolution of his decision making has since driven him to authoritarianism and obstinance.

2.  Appearance


Try as he might to ignore or avoid his wolf blood, it leaks its way into Nazario's outward appearance in all of his composition. His ears are slightly smaller than to be expected, he is larger than average, his body is broad and built, and his overcoat is dense and wiry - all markers of his muddled bloodline. There is, however, the stereotypical sharpness and accents of his coyote blood that is undeniable in his appearance, and makes up his predominant shape.

As he as aged, the sharp-cut lines of muscle and telltale signs of hardship have slowly begun to soften. While still muscled in the way that laborer's are, weight has begun to cling to his middle, the cape of his pelt has grown gradually more salt-and-peppered than in his early adulthood, and a few silver hairs have began to intersperse his muzzle.

  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Generally still, and collected. Moves sparingly, but mostly motions emphatically. Rubs at his lips and chin frequently, especially when in thought.
  • Posture and Body Language: Steady and solid, though unintentionally bristly.
  • Scent: Coyote, leather, horses, smoke, sage, pine, Del Cenere Gang
  • Scars: Missing right eye, arrowhead scar on right shoulder
  • Gear
    • Clothing: Moderately humanized with clothing, with a strong favor towards practicality. Tends to wear loose trousers and woven serapes.
    • Accessories: Eyepatch, woven belts, ash markings
Palette and Build
Fur Palette
(#393735) (#8C5D52) (#A07468)
(#AE8A7A) (#BA9F91) (#E4D6CA)
Eyes, Nose, Scars
(#C5891E) (#353532) (#655752)

90 lbs (41 kg) — 34 in (86 cm)


160 lb (72.5 kg) — 46 in (117 cm)


245 lb (111 kg) — 6 ft 8 in (80 in) (203 cm)

By Despi By Raze By Raze By Raze By Sanba By Pabs By Nat By Adel By Despi By Eike

3.  Personality


Summarized: Dutiful, private, cynical, obdurate

Headstrong, stubborn, steadfast, and unshakable - early childhood had set Nazario up for a lifetime of staunch independence and patriotism. With a wildly uncurbed ego, he's internalized much of his own grandiose ideals. He fancied himself as a reliable authority figure amongst the peers of his younger siblings, and considered himself much of a provider, which only intensified after Inferni's fall. Prior hardships have forged him into a hardy, if guarded individual, who shield and protects himself with a stern demeanor, or bone-dry humor. He values loyalty in his family and the rare close relationship, and tolerates very little that bends or strays from his morals and worldview. Dependent on the depth of the relationship, he doesn't hesitate to cut ties to a severe and almost self-sabotaging degree.

Nazario finds it difficult to relate to those around him - and oftentimes proves to be flighty and fleeting with his connections, seemingly more than content to keep those around him at a respectable emotional distance than dare to dig deeper bonds amidst his peers thanks to an underlying sense of paranoia over inevitable loss.

Despite this, however, he does treat others around him with respect and patience, and while averse to sharing, he is more than willing to lend an ear or offer himself up in service to his community.

  • Demeanor: Thoughtful, if mildly exasperated and standoffish. Patient.
  • Speech: Low, and generally soft. He thinks before he speaks, sometimes at the risk of seeming over-calculating. He stumbles over his words when flustered.
  • Spirituality: Loose practitioner of Cenizan faith and customs.
  • Sexuality: It's complicated. He's too busy for that stuff anyway psh
  • Outlook: Pragmatic, yet undeniably suspicious
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Consider public service in a leadership role an honor.
Not aid family members in need if personal discomfort is required.
Have few close friends and would never betray those he has.
Believe people deserve the treatment they are willing to endure.

3.1  Skills

Note: Listed skills are those that the character has some significant talent or interest in to be noteworthy. Skills that have been mastered (and are best expressed as such) are marked.

Primary Focus: Animal Husbandry, Survivalist, Sleight of Hand
  • Horsemanship (Master)

Starting from a rather formative age, Nazario expressed an interest in horsemanship and husbandry thanks to the influence of mentor and adoptive mother figure Vicira Tears. He learned to ride soon after the Salsola-Inferni War, atop a horse named Red, and fell in love with the almost therapeutic experience immediately. After Inferni's dissolution, Nazario took care to turn the remaining Infernian horses loose after providing rites with ash, and inherited Vicira's yearling, Riselka. While too young to ride, Nazario went through the learning experience of training her up as his first horse himself, and while he made a litany of mistakes, he has since learned improvements and founded Del Cenere's Polvo de Oro breeding and training project.

  • Fire Dancing (Master)

The art of fire, and its worship, was instilled in Nazario from the beginning by mentor Diego del Bosque. He learned the appreciation of flames, and soon after shifting, came into the possession of poi, which he has since kept. While mostly a recreational activity, Nazario utilizes fire dancing as a means to reconnect with his roots and his tenuous connection to Ceniza Valley and the faith therein, and he has begun relaying much of the same importance of this connection to his daughter, Calliandra.

  • Trickery (Journeyman)

While a somewhat underutilized skill, Nazario has utilized sleight of hand in his past, alongside acts of deception and trickery, both for personal enjoyment and against strangers for his benefit. While not immediately apparent, he actually enjoys pranks and japery, though finds it "immature", and thus, doesn't engage in it much now that he has matured. However, because of his experience, he knows how to recognize opportunists when he sees them, and will regularly attempt to test himself in either outwitting them, or making their own acts of deception more difficult.

Auxiliary Skills
  • Literacy and Penmanship (Journeyman)

Once considered a rather useless skill, Nazario has long since honed his own ability to read and write out of necessity, and out of the urge of paranoia. He regularly utilizes his skills in basic arithmetic and writing in order to keep track of pack stores, as well as to write missives between Del Cenere and Palisade. He has only recently had the thought to write down tales and historical events, if only for his own recordkeeping for reference to return to.

  • Fishing and Trapping (Apprentice)

Whether by net, or by rod or other method, Nazario has made attempts to learn providing in more low-effort manners via setting traps or otherwise capturing prey than going through the involved process of hunting. His trap-making skills are not particularly honed - he learned basic weaving of reeds for fish traps from Morrigan, but her reaction to his skill told him that his ability left much to be desired. Regardless, he enjoys these things as a hobby with the bonus that it helps to provide for others.

  • Combat (Apprentice)

While in possession of a halberd polearm, and he has some skill with the weapon, Nazario lacks any formal training in combat itself. His ability to fight is purely instinctive and opportunistic, worsened by his insecurity due to the lack of depth perception thanks to his missing eye. However, he does find interest in fighting, and learning to better his skill, as he is concerned over his own vulnerabilities.

  • Farming (Apprentice)

He is no aficionado, no skilled man around the till, and certainly not as gifted as his brother, Boone. However, he can provide basic care for crops and cultivated crops, and can spot recognizable herbs and curatives - most of his farming skill and ability to cultivate, however, revolves around fodder and its harvest for livestock.

4.  Relationships

Immediate Family (Del Bosque, Alvarez)

Unknown relations indicated by *

Extended Family

Nazario belongs the Del Bosque and Lykoi families through adoption; as such, many of their members are directly and indirectly related to him.

4.1  Key Relationships

Family Relationships

While he can scarcely remember details about her these days, Vicira Tears inexplicably changed Nazario in numerous, irreparable ways. Every ounce of him, every piece of him, are all residual remnants of her making; While he has grown into a man all his own, shadows and ghosts of the Aquila's influence yet remain.

Merari Tears and Boone Winthrop each hold special places in Nazario's psyche. While, when young, he was worried that they would not like him, and perhaps even held the smallest bit of jealousy once they had come along, he readily accepted the role of an overbearing sibling. While both his brother and sister diverted along their paths and the trio of them drifted apart, he now has grown to respect them as their own individuals.

His relationship to the adoptive father figure, Andrew Winthrop has gone through many a metamorphosis; Once incredibly dependent, and close, his vanishing, and the subsequent trust and authority that Andrew gave him over his younger siblings forced a mentality in which Nazario felt the need to provide in his longtime absentee father's stead. When he re-emerged once more, with a new family in tow (with the woman who defended herself and took his eye in recompense, no less), it severely shifted the dynamic of their relationship.

He loves each of his children in equal measure - however - he, while unintentionally, does treat each of them differently. Bishop del Bosque and Catalina del Bosque are each delicate, and treated as such. His patience for the two of them is boundless - with their more laid-back mannerisms, he affords them much more wiggle room. In contrast, Mesquite del Bosque is a wild card. Nazario is unsure of how to approach dealing with his son, and as such is guarded, and he worries over the influence Calliandra Braithwaite may have on him especially. His approach to Calliandra, of course, is a bit more stringent than his other children, and she, in turn, contests him and presses boundaries he sets.

Pack Relationships

Peony Braithwaite has proven an undeniable asset. While she calls upon his motives, and pushes Nazario for answers, he trusts her judgement; however, it would seem her own biases bleed into her conduct and drive questionable actions of her own. Even so - he does not push her in the same way that she may him; His is a philosophy over learning through consequence, and he believes the upheaval and contention Peony brings with her will sort itself out, one way or another.

Nazario knows he can rely on Alonso de los Santos for his polite, yet surprisingly unbiased relaying of information. Alonso is more than happy to help, and his easy-going nature makes him something of an inspiring friend; in equal measure, of course, having a set of eyes and ears to help aid him when it comes to keeping an eye on operations within Charmingtown is immensely valuable.

Briarblack is one of his closest confidants; While she seems to regard him almost as one would a rambunctious younger sibling, he takes little issue with this as many of their behaviors when it comes to causality are the same. She does not question him, and nor does he question her. Theirs is a balance of mutual respect, tinged with rather juvenile teasing that cuts through each of their protective layers of caginess.

Outsider Relationships

O'Riley Eternity haunts Nazario. They share a blatant animosity towards one another; and while Nazario surely does not share the same space in the Erilaz's mind as the outsider does in the Rey Salvaje's, old blood still hasn't had the chance to dry. In fact, it would seem as though O'Riley delights in how quickly and easily he can work and worm his way beneath Rio's skin.

While only scarcely known, Birch Kaid strikes a chord within Nazario, strumming something of tentative curiosity and interest in whatever it is the unaffiliated hunter does. While she only ever seems to appear during the Lancaster Stockshow, her skills in horsemanship compel him to keep an eye on her.

4.2  Minor Relationships

4.3  NPCs

Information Details Riselka
IMG.png"by Despi"

Rider Trained

  • Date of Birth: Mar 2017
  • Sex: Mare
  • Coat: Buckskin
    • Markings: Sabino, Bend-Or Spots
  • Size: 17 hh (68 in, 172.72 cm), ~1500 lbs (~680.39 kg)


  • Distinctive Appearance: A well-built and muscular mare of warmblood grade descent. She possesses a short back and long-legged build which makes for an excellent reigning horse, and her exceptional size makes her formidable. Riselka possesses a distinctive facial marking that sprawls across her face. A few bend-or marks mar her bright gold base coat.
  • Personality: Spirited and wary, and somewhat easy to provoke. She's somewhat hot-headed and doesn't get along well with most other horses while free-ranging. Riselka is the only thing Nazario has left of Vicira Tears, and he regards her fondly, despite her temperamental flaws. She can be nippy, mischievous and willful. Riselka can be difficult to handle if spooked, and it's ill-advised that inexperienced riders try to interact with her.


  • 2017:
    • Born into Inferni by Tigana and Gunther.
  • 2018:
  • 2019:
    • Began riding training with Nazario.
    • Completed basic rider training late in the year.
  • 2022:
    • Foaled Huldra to a wandering trader's stallion.
Information Details Huldra
IMG.png"by Despi"
  • Date of Birth: Apr 2022
  • Sex: Filly
  • Coat: Palomino Roan
    • Markings: Sabino, interrupted badger, rear coronets
  • Size: 16.5hh (66in, 167.64cm), ~1300lbs (589.6kg)


  • Distinctive Appearance: Balanced and proportional, with a long, silky mane and tail and a peculiar, interrupted thin badger-face marking. Her sabino spotting is easy to miss with her coat's roaning. Her build and stature are fitting of much of the desired Polvo standard.
  • Personality: Hot-headed. Somewhat nervous around unshifted luperci, and will move to avoid them if possible. She is an attentive worrywart - deeply curious, yet deeply cautious, which makes her mildly unpredictable when faced with social situations or when placed into unfamiliar herd situations, as she may attempt to overcompensate her standing in the pecking order.


  • 2022:
    • Born into the Polvo de Oro project to Riselka and an unknown stallion.

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