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  • Del Cenerens may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:
    • Seeing Nazario working with the horses, or performing regular maintenance with stores/records.
    • Nazario hanging around Communal horses.
    • Spotting him lingering at Casa Inadaptada.
    • Brief and nondescript social interactions, such as greetings or small talk.
  • For more specific assumptions, please reach out to Despi.



13 Apr 2017


Coywolf 1






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Nazario del Bosque is a coywolf, born in Inferni as result of an ill-fated and non-consensual encounter between reluctant mother Joaquina del Bosque (né Liliana Alvarez), and her abusive brother, Fidel Alvarez. Joaquina denied her pregnancy up until the end, and died during childbirth, orphaning her seven puppies. Over the following days, the litter succumbed to starvation and an unknown illness that plagued Inferni. Nazario was the sole survivor.

With the coyote clan to back his upbringing, young Nazario did not want for much in times of plenty, falling in line with the teachings of a series of mentors and fostering a sense of independence early on. He frequently tagged along the heels of Vicira Tears, who acted as a steadfast mother-figure and the hand which molded much of Nazario's beliefs, interests and habits. Throughout his doubts and tribulations in regards to identity and instability by way of familial bonds, Vicira offered guidance to shape the fledgling del Bosque into a force to be reckoned with, for better or worse. Reckless, patriotic, and stubborn, Nazario grew with a subtly inflated ego and an unchecked righteousness.

At the dawn of the Inferni-Salsola War, and not soon after his first shift, a prideful Nazario entangled in an altercation with Salsola's Helena Troy Lykoi, fancying himself a champion for cause - Instead of attaining victory, the young coywolf instead lost his eye. In the wake of the war, Vicira usurped then-Aquila Vesper, and moved the clan back to ancestral lands, where further hardship ensued. Hard winters, illness, and starvation tested the mettle of the clan's foundations; With other Infernians to consider over his own needs, Nazario dedicated himself to providing for others while times grew lean, up until the coyote clan's disbanding.

Initially a part of the party planning to leave with Vicira, she vanished in the night, and shortly after, Andrew Greygrief (né Redtooth), took off in pursuit, charging Nazario with the well-being of siblings Merari Tears and Boone Winthrop. What little remained of Inferni banded loosely together to form The Cartel. The group wandered with partial-put-together plans, and scraped by with arguable success - over time, their ideals shifted and drifted apart, and the original Infernian band grew thin.

A move, pushed by Nazario's deep suspicions of Salsolan interference in the band's actions put The Cartel trajectory on course to meet another coyote-dominant band by the name of the Drygrass Posse, stuck in some early-winter snow. The two bands grew an allegiance, pledging safety towards one anothers' goals of survival. When a common enemy threatened the bands' well beings, and went so far as to butcher one of the Drygrass Posse's members, the two groups banded together to dispatch the wolf threat, and subsequently merged together to form the Del Cenere Gang. Nazario del Bosque currently sits as the gang's Rey Salvaje, with his brother, Boone appointed as his second hand, and Comandante.

With the intent to amass fortune, his brother initiated a trade route with a place called Palisade, with a family going by the Del Mar. While initially suspicious and wary of Boone's transgression, Nazario has slowly warmed to the idea, but remains cautious in his appreciation.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Palette

1.2  Image

1.3  General

 Swiss Coffee (#e1dedc)
 Pearl Bush (#e4d6ca)
 Quicksand (#ba9f91)
 Sandrift (#ae8a7a)
 Toast (#a07468)
 Au Chico (#8c5d52)
 Dune (#393735)
 Geebung (#c5891e)
 Tuatara (#353532)
 Dorado (#655752)

Nazario is unmistakably a coywolf hybrid with the rich coloration of Mexican subspecies. His coat is short but dense, with a thick and coarse guard hairs, and his optime hair is choppy, unkempt, and kept trimmed on the shorter side. His features are a touch on the broad side, with somewhat tall ears and while his muzzle is slim, it possesses less of a taper and point to a purebred coyote.
In optime form, Nazario stands a towering 6'8" - which lends to something of a bristly and vaguely stand-offish outward appearance when paired with his serious expression and otherwise quiet stares.

Distinctive Features
  • Fur: Primarily Quicksand with hues of Sandrift.
    • Markings: Dune saddle with Swiss Coffee salt and pepper, with Toast blending into Au Chico shoulders, thighs, and ears. Au Chico nose strip with a Quicksand mask. Pearl Bush eyeliner on the underside of his eyes.
    • Underbelly: Pearl Bush underbelly and feet.
  • Eyes: Geebung.
  • Optime Hair: Dune.
  • Nose, Scars and Paw Pads: Tuatara nose and pawpads, and Dorado scars.

Nazario possesses two scars: a y-shaped slice over his (now missing) right eye from an altercation, and a jagged triangle that hugs the edge of his right shoulder blade from the point of an arrowhead.


  • Speech: Low, soft, and oftentimes thoughtful. He thinks before he speaks, sometimes at the risk of seeming over-calculating, but stumbles over his words when flustered.
  • Scent: Coyote, leather, horses, smoke, sage, pine.
  • General Posture: Not nearly as casual as he would like to project - Nazario's body language is guarded, closed off, and tentative. He does carry himself solidly, and moves his hands firmly and with guiding motion - there's purpose in his sparse actions.

2.  Personality

2.1  Summary

2.2  Traits

Headstrong, stubborn, steadfast, and unshakable - early childhood had set Nazario up for a lifetime of staunch independence and patriotism. With a wildly unchecked ego, he's internalized much of his own grandiose ideals, and, with the birth of his younger siblings, he fancied himself in the newfound role of trusted authority. Prior hardships have forged him into a hardy, if guarded individual, who shield and protects himself with a stern demeanor, or bone-dry humor.
He values loyalty in his family and the rare close relationship, and tolerates very little that bends or strays from his morals and worldview. Dependent on the depth of the relationship, he doesn't hesitate to cut ties to a severe degree.


Don't You Dare Pity Me, Green-Eyed Monster, The Paranoiac, Knight Templar, Workaholic


Loyal, aloof, private, and rather judgemental, given his borderline paranoid mannerisms.


  • Lawful Neutral
  • Based upon his alignment, Nazario is most likely to:
    • Consider public service in a leadership role an honor.
    • Not aid family members in need if personal discomfort is required.
    • Have few close friends and would never betray those he has.
    • Believe people deserve the treatment they are willing to endure.
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Motivations:
    • Del Cenere Gang, furthering the good of his community, horsemanship, self-preservation
  • Fears:
    • Wolves, war, starvation, loneliness

Nebulous desire for emotional intimacy Bisexual???

Due to some unresolved abandonment issues, Nazario fears commitment and may prove to be a flighty lover and difficult to get close to when it comes to romantic attraction. He has a strong preference for women, and even more so an attraction to coyote-dominant or coyote-featured hybrids; Nazario values loyalty and honesty in a relationship, and finds it difficult to engage with others without having a foundation of trust.

It's a shame he has Zero Game.

  • Wolves and Wolf-heavy hybrids are scoundrels, violent, and should not be trusted.
  • Coyotes are superior - Nazario goes so far as to deny any of his own wolf heritage.


  • Shamanistic Cenizan Culture
    • Spiritualism - fire is an untamable force.
    • Believes in divination.

3.  Relations

3.1  Key Relations


  • A remnant of his old life, some shadows are memories left faded, but still burn to the touch.
  • In a moment of stress, a low-swing and time of contention of doubt, his sister made an unexpected (but undeniably welcome) return. Rio certainly does not play favorites with his siblings, what ever gave you that assumption?
  • Boone has become his right hand man, and constant thorn in his side. Such is the nature of brothers - though Boone's often overconfident hearsay leaves much to be desired.
  • Johnathan - clean yourself up :C
  • Who the hell are you?


  • Very little stokes his loathing so thoroughly as Salsola does.
  • The Winthrop family may be a part of the Del Mars, but the Del Mar sure as hell aren't Winthrops. Nazario does not trust them easy - and fears what they may be capable of.

3.2  Minor Relations




1 25% Mexican Wolf, 75% Mexican Coyote