Winthrop Family

The Winthrop Family
  • Species: Coywolf 1
  • Origin: The Homestead, Virginia
  • Languages: Common
  • Name:
    • Pronunciation: win-THRUP
    • Etymology: Habitational name from places in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire called Winthorpe. The former is named with the Old English personal name or byname Wine, meaning 'friend', + Old Norse þorp 'settlement'.

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Hailing from The Old Dominion State, Virginia, the Winthrop family is still relatively new and small. Born to an unsuspecting mother in early 2014, three boys wreaked havoc on her peaceful life and small farm. John, Andy and Ron ran amok, growing on The homestead into young adults, helping their Ma with her tobacco harvest.

Following a rough heartbreak, Andrew decides to strike out on his own and leaves behind his mother and two brothers in search of other places. He eventually winds up in Inferni, where he settles down and starts a family.

In late 2016, despite the best efforts of her two remaining sons, Mary falls ill and suddenly dies leaving behind a distraught Ronnie and John. The two sell their mother's farm and uproot themselves in an attempt to find their brother.

Briefly reunited in May of 2018, the brothers three enjoyed a short time of togetherness before the cruel hand of fate cast them away again. Following the fall of Inferni Andrew is again separated from his brothers, who leave with the remains of the coyote clan to greener pastures.

Andrew is subjugated as a servant within Salsola, whilst Ronnie and John helped to found the Del Cenere Gang.


Farmers, craftsmen, woodworkers and dependable individuals


Coyote, wolf, tobacco, earth, sawdust, leather

1.  Influences


Del Mar: The Winthrop families' foundation litter between Mary Winthrop and Augustine del Mar makes all Winthrop members descendants of the del Mar family.

Lykoi: Andrew had two litters with Vicira Tears while he was a member of Inferni and had litters with Helena Troy Lykoi and Narcissa Greygrief, who both descend from the Lykoi family in different branches. As well, the litter between Boone and Dahlia Winthrop links these families.

Nothing, Kimaris: The litter between Andrew and Vicira links these families.

Greygrief, Moineau, D'Aabt: The litter between Andrew and Narcissa links these families.

D'Angelo: The litter between Andrew and Narcissa as well as Boone and Saga D'Angelo links these families

Rhiannon: The litters between Boone and Saga as well as Jonathan and Maddy link these families

Eternity: The litter between Boone and Saga links these families

Sawtooth: The litter between Jonathan and Maddy links these families

Addiction, de le Poer, Holocaust, Massacre: The litter between Boone and Dahlia links these families


Inferni: Andrew first joined Inferni in early 2017, and after courting Vicira Tears, sired his first litter, Boone and Merari. Brothers Johnathan and Ronald joined up in 2018. They stayed until the pack's disbandment, where John, Ronnie, Boone and Merari went on to help form The Cartel.

Salsola: Following the disbandment of Inferni, Andrew set out in search of his missing wife Vicira, where he was captured by slavers, and bartered for by Helena Troy Lykoi. He then assumed the role of a servant, only to rise through the ranks to the status of the pack's Proctor. A secretive romantic trist with Helena lead to the births of Pontifex Troy and Rufus, and a betrothal to Narcissa Greygrief resulted in his children Renly and Tesla. He believes himself to be the biological father of Atlas Greygrief. Andrew and Helena fled Salsola after faking his death, where they sought refuge at the Del Cenere Gang.

Del Cenere Gang: Members of the Winthrop family helped to found the Del Cenere Gang and were instrumental in the early legs of the pack's settling. Boone Winthrop took the role of the pack's second-in-command, the Comandante, and Johnathan and Ronald helped to reconstruct Charmingtown upon founding. Ronald Winthrop lost his life in defense of the Gang in the rising conflicts with the Del Mar family from Palisade.

Palisade: After stepping down from his position as Comandante, Boone Winthrop and his wife, Dahlia Winthrop, departed Del Cenere to their outpost in Palisade. He has since assumed the role of the Patriarch of the defunct house Del Mar - and seeks to right the wrongs the Del Mar family subjected on others.

2.  Appearance

2.1  Palettes

Eye Color

Heavy influence with coyote and red wolf genetics result in slightly shorter, smaller individuals with predominantly rust-colored pelts. Green eyes are very dominant with the Winthrop Family.

3.  Genealogy

  • Del Mar contributing family members are denoted in bold.
  • Strikethrough indicates a deceased family member.
  • Italics indicates an adopted family member.
  • A bold, red & indicates a non-consensual litter.
  • Adoptable individuals will be marked with an asterisk*.
    • For details on how to adopt these individuals, please check their profiles for details!

3.1  First Generation

  • Mary Winthrop
& Augustine Del Mar (May 2014)

3.2  Second Generation

& Ginger (2016)
  • Walmart Winthrop ♀
& Maddy (February 2020)
& Vicira Tears
& Narcissa Greygrief (Mar 2020)

3.3  Third Generation

& Saga D'Angelo (Sept 2019)
& Solveig Wick (Sept 2019)

4.  Icon

By Despi

Credit: Despi

Moose Skull and Eternal Knot
  • Icon can only be used if given permission by Ryan.
    • Winthrop that carry the icon must be a direct descendent from Boone Winthrop.
    • Characters with this icon must carry the Winthrop surname.
    • You must purchase your icon via game points, Word of the Day, the 'Souls Store, a contest, or something similar.
    • The icon must not be altered from its original state in any way.
    • The only acceptable hover for the Winthrop family icon is the following:

1 Red Wolf, Northeastern Coyote

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