Arlo Dunaway

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Arlo Dunaway was born to a small community of wolves, nestled on the western forefront of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. His parents ran a modest homestead, where he learned animal husbandry from a young age, and took teasing with a grain of salt well into his adolescence. His minor attitude problems never caused much trouble, however - Arlo was a simple man, who lead a simple life, and idolized a distant relative for his faith and sense of justice, which ultimately lead to a life of pursuing local Law. Arlo married young, and sired a few children of his own, before a posse of coyotes came through their home, killing wolves in their wake and stealing their livestock - Arlo and his children survived the attack, though his young wife passed away from an infection from her injuries months later. Handing his brood off to their aunt, Arlo left his humble life behind to join up with Solomon James and his band to chase down the posse and exterminate them for their transgressions.

He encountered doubts through the winter, after following the band for months across a continent, and wanting to end things sooner to return home, he tracked the remains of the Drygrass Posse, where they were bolstering numbers, and sought to expedite their extinction - between attempting to hang a coyote, injuring himself on a snare, and sustaining a wound during a tousle with some of the posse's newest members, he was ordered to break away from Solomon's group. Injuries took to infection, and ashamed, Arlo was found by his quarry, before he passed away.

I am no leader, I'm just a soldier, And they're going door to door, But I can't fight anymore.






  • Date of Birth: 12 May 2015
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Transient
  • Mate: None
  • cNPC: --
  • Minor NPCs:
    • --

Plot Opportunity

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  • He got Dead!

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


Arlo is a remarkably average man, with fully wolf looks. His muzzle is boxy, eyes deep-set, and perhaps a little vapid at first glance. Broad shouldered and long-legged, his optime form is somewhat tall and imposing, off-set by almost soft features and his thick, plush coat. It doesn't help that he's slightly soft around the middle, too.


 Dune (#322c27)
 Taupe (#493e37)
 Kabul (#6a4f41)
 Roman Coffee (#7b614f)
 Sandrift (#ae987e)
 Oil (#231d14)
 Swamp Green (#aab185)


  • Fur: Primarily Roman Coffee with dorsal notes of Kabul.
    • Markings: Dune nose stripe, and toes. Taupe nape, ears, tail tip, legs, and hips.
    • Underbelly: Sandrift.
  • Eyes: Swamp Green.
  • Optime Hair: Dune.
    • Nose, Scars and Paw Pads: Oil.

90 lb (41 kg)
34 in (86 cm)

160 lb (72.5 kg)
46 in (117 cm)

260 lb (118 kg)
6ft 9 in (81 in) (206 cm)