Despi's Adoptables!

Despi's Adoptions!
Contact Information

I prefer receiving adoption applications via PM on the board! I am also open to discussion with character ideas and the like over discord - but I won't take applications via that platform~

Terms and Conditions
  • Character is freeform and has minimal to no constraints
  • Details for the character may be changed within reason
  • Character has no previous play
  • Character may have some stipulations prior to adoption
  • Character may have on-board connections
  • Character may have had previous play
  • Some details for the character may be changed with discussion
  • Character may have specific stipulations for membership time to a certain group
  • Character may have small plot connections
  • Character details may not be changed
  • Character may not have details changed
  • Character has larger plot connections or on-board relationships
  • Character may be expected to have higher activity requirement across board
Post Adoption Stipulations
  • Art, Titles, Icons or Baubles:
    • Any accumulated baubles or goodies are the right of the player, and must be removed from the character within a timely fashion if reclaimed, should the player want to keep these collected items.
    • Art or baubles that came with the character, however, return with the character.
  • Reclamation:
    • I reserve the right to reclaim the adoptable character in the cases of removal in activity sweeps, dropped after brief play, contract breaks, if the character has constraints for pick-up in a timely manner that are not adhered to or if the player becomes inactive on board.
Other Considerations
  • I am happy to work with players looking to adopt my characters, but I may refuse players who:
    • Show previous struggles with activity/maintaining a character
    • Frequently switch up/swap/drop characters
    • Struggle with communication, comprehension, or grammar
    • Pursue excessive/arbitrary progeny with their characters
    • Exhibit poor OOC conduct
    • Fail to follow board rules and realism standards or otherwise break 'Souls policies

Please title your PM to my account as "(Character Name) Adoption Application"

[list][*][b]OOC Name:[/b]
[*][b]Character Name:[/b]
[*][b]Character Interpretation:[/b]
[*][b]Prospective Plot Ideas or Character Arcs:[/b]
[*][b]Anticipated Pick-Up Date:[/b]
[*][b]Post Example:[/b]
[*][b]Have you read and agree with all of the character's terms and stipulations?[/b][/list]

Are you a fresh face, looking for something to build off of? Are you an existing player, looking to get your lil' hands on an adoptable? Pop right on by, and take a gander at what I've got to offer! I've a collection of critters n' creatures a-plenty, and generally churning out all sorts of ideas looking for homes or engagement. Don't let my stipulations or anything deter you, I am generally quite accepting and flexible with players looking to adopt! Should nothing here strike your fancy, why not check out the Open Characters category, or other possibilities I've got?
available characters

Credit: Despi


  • Contract: NEUTRAL
  • Stipulations:
    • Character has on-board relationships and a set background.
    • Character is a non-Luperci and has a stigma against Luperci.
    • Character's personality is free-form!
  • Baubles:

» See wiki for more information!

Credit: Kiri

Rank of Packs

  • Contract: RELAXED
  • Stipulations:
    • No constraints!
    • Go crazy!
  • Baubles:
    • Thing!

» See wiki for more information!

past characters

These are characters that have since either been picked up or retired on the basis that their prospective plots/connections have come and gone from 'Souls, or otherwise are no longer active! As such, these characters are no longer available for adoption c:

Not interested in the above? Why not check out a few of these other resources I've slapped together! I am more than happy to help coordinate ideas for characters involving the following families or locations.

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