Ash Del Mar

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Credit: Despi

Player Despi
Creator(s) Dale, Despi, Ryan

Nicknames: --

  • Epithet: --

Rank: Deceased

  • Corank(s): --

Date of Birth: 18 Feb 2017

Species: Coyote (Luperci Ortus) 1
Sex: Male

  • Pronouns: He/Him

Burial Grounds: Del Cenere Gang (Effigy)

  • cNPC: --
  • yNPC(s): --
  • Animal Companion(s): --

The disgraced, aberrant, bastard son of Carlo Del Mar, Ash had always lived adjacent to importance, and found himself logging the debts that his near-miss existence had somehow owed him. Ever the disappointment, his ventures were always seemingly fated to fail. It was by his grandfather’s wishes that he be sent away from Palisade to save face from his lackluster performances and fickle ambitions. It was by his father’s guiding hand that he had made his attempts to further the Del Mar legacy of subjugation. It was, however, his own doing which brought about his downfall. Not quite cunning enough to be Machiavellian, too cowardly to stand by his own convictions, he was executed and made an example of for his capricious ways. (See OOC Assumptions)

Pack Member Assumptions

Del Cenerens may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Knowing of Ash's existence as a traitor to the Gang, and his ties to his father, Carlo Del Mar.
  • He's got a bastard son that he never really got to know! While not necessarily common knowledge, it's known that his actions impacted this kid's life.
  • Hearing of his execution for transgressions against the Gang.
  • Knowing of his effigy's location on the Southern border of Del Cenere, near The Cairn.

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The era of Del Mar reign in Palisade was a prosperous one, and ushered in a generation of entitled, rancorous youth stunted by the hefty weight of expectation. While his grandfather's more amorous nature went largely overlooked, Carlo Del Mar's marked the beginning of a more scrupulous shift. Beneath the eye of Palisade's presumptive society, Ash Del Mar's birth was not ushered in with fanfare or celebration - and, thus, he largely spent his life in the shadow of the family name, and half-siblings of legitimate bearing: Thelma, Mannuelle, and Andrez.

Ash had always straddled the line of indecision. Driven either by intense desire for power, or stubborn, acrid regard for his family, he oscillated wildly between intense action and stagnant inaction. Never content, his inconsistency stained his status further - however, Ash had always grown with the assumption that anything he could, or would do, would never quite be up to par with whatever it was that his father and grandfather had wanted of him. In fact, he was fairly certain that they did not want him much at all. As such, it had felt that meeting estranged cousin, Boone Winthrop, was somehow fortuitous.

They got on like a house on fire. While he admired his cousin, he was also deeply envious of the life he had made for himself, and he found himself whispering within the Comandante's ear to sow dissent. Rogue from even Carlo's instruction, Ash went off-script, and coveted power within Del Cenere itself, motivated by his own greed and a childlike desire to prove his own capabilities to throw back into the face of his father: Maybe then, he would be revered, and respected, as he was meant to be.

Ultimately, though, his weak spine and cowardice undermined the trajectory of his dreams. At the crescendo of conflict between Palisade and Del Cenere, the Gang had snubbed this threat, alongside much of the Del Mar bloodline, and Ash was no exception. It was deemed fitting, then, that he serve out his sentence in death: Repurposed to an effigy, and standing at the Southern border of the Ganglands, Ash Del Mar serves in silence.

1.  Characteristics

1.1  Appearance

General Physical Appearance

Lanky, tall, and lean - Ash was undeniably coyote, through and through, from his tapered features to his large ears. His coat was somewhat thin and sleek, however, and never grew in particularly thick, making him almost comical with his springtime blow-out which made him all the scragglier in appearance. He possessed long, unkempt whiskers, which framed his almost perpetual smile, the likes of which was generally smarmy or sardonic in its outward reflection. His almond-shaped eyes and sly expressions lent a fox-like quality to his appearance, were it not for the pale gold shades of his coat.

Vain to a fault, Ash was well-groomed and highly humanized, and had a taste for finery, which reflected in his dress and the manner in which he held himself. As a consequence, he lacked the markers of a hard-working man: His hands were soft, his body lithe, his clothing clean, and his flesh free of blemishes. Much of his damages were invisible and self-inflicted: Any hoarseness in his laugh could be attributed to his smoking habits, and the sleeplessness of his gaze could have been the fault of his party-boy pastimes. While appearances were doubtlessly important to him, he did not dare sacrifice his approach-ability, for all the bad influence he brought.

Now, all that remains of him are pale, sun-bleached bone, crudely shaped in a facsimile of the living.

Defining Features


  • Lupus: 50 lbs (22.5 kg) — 26 in (66 cm)
  • Secui: 145 lbs (66 kg) — 42 in (107 cm)
  • Optime: 220 lbs (100 kg) — 6 ft 6 in (198 cm)

Other Identifiers

  • Scent: Del Mar, leather, oakmoss
  • Body Language, Posture & Quirks: Frustratingly impartial. Aloof. Has a cocksure nature that makes him appear very punch-able.
  • Speech: Smooth, if annoying in its confidence. Seems to think he can talk his way out of anything. A schmoozer.
Color Palette
Pawpads, Nose, & Scars

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1.2  Personality

Summary: Non-committal, cowardly, inconsistent, impetuous

He may have thought otherwise of himself, but in the end, Ash Del Mar was nothing more than a weak-willed charlatan playing the part of a brilliant schemer. Spineless, and cowardly, a twisted sense of morality bled into his perception within his final days, previously only evidenced in moments of guilt the likes of which he rarely felt, and only when he was particularly attached to others; In truth, he made few friends, and did not treat the ones he did make with any particular grace. Ash could talk big, share wild dreams and humor the grandiosity of his own thoughts, though he lacked the mettle to follow through on anything he had set his mind to. Ultimately, this was his lifelong, and critical fault.

It's not as though he had wanted or intended to harm others, he just did not care - for all his exposure to the world, Ash had remained dreadfully shallow and ignorant, content with enjoying himself and quick bandaid fixes to his problems over any lasting and impactful introspection. While he craved recognition, he merely wanted it freely given to him, as with anything else in his life. Perhaps its something of a shame, then, that regret hit him so late in his short, unremarkable existence.

  • Motivations: Self-interests, power, perception
  • Fears: Carlo Del Mar, Never amounting to anything
  • Likes: Admiration, smoking, hedonism, to be liked (:
  • Dislikes: Ostracization, external pressures, hard work
  • Work Ethic: It's said that the mark of a man is made in the hard work that he commits to. Ash, however, finds this to be a foolish notion: why toil and risk lack of recognition, when you can pawn someone else into doing it for you?
  • Family: Family is a boon. Family is a noose. Ash Del Mar's perception of bloodlines and their legitimacy is warped and difficult to discern: he may sing praises of his roots and condemn them within the same sentence. Regardless, no matter how hard he tried, he could never break the hold the Del Mar name had on him, nor its influence in his life.
  • Demeanor: Sly and silver-tongued. Somewhat charismatic, though can come across cheap and fake all the same.
  • Outlook: Opportunistic and somewhat brutalistic
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
Will willingly cooperate with anyone who will further his own ends.
Shall betray friends, family, community, and nation to advance himself.
Fight dirty, or otherwise flee conflict if the outcome is not in his favor.
Shall seek unlimited power over others.
Sexuality & Gender
  • Sexuality: Predominantly heterosexual, maybe mildly bicurious. He had a fondness for the fairer sex, though he was not one to linger long - relationships and emotional intimacy bore him, to an extent, and thus he kept his flings fleeting and casual
  • Gender: Nothing can beat a man. While women can be fully capable in their own right, he inherently followed his father's bitter regard in that men are superior, and fit to be leaders, where as wives were there to support them in their endeavors.
Spirituality and Substances
  • Spirituality: Agnostic, at best. While the Lord's Name could be taken in vain, there was little that actually suggested Ash believed in any form of supernatural existence, much less that of God. However, when confronted with his death, he may have thought to pray forgiveness to whatever may lay beyond - it's any wonder if he found it.
  • Substances: A casual party beast, Ash partook of whatever was offered, when it was offered. After all, you only have one life, why deprive yourself of some fun along the way?

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2.  Relationships

Immediate Family

Unknown relations indicated by *

Extended Family

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