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Dates Active

17 August 2019 – Present

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Gather beneath our banner...

New Caledonia has turned into a fresh start for more than a few disparate characters seeking to change their fate. New Caledonia aims to outlive the original Old Caledonia, which was far to the west and torn apart by war. The hierarchy of the new realm is structured similarly to the medieval societies of old where a King rules over a court of nobles, and those nobles in turn lord over middling merchants and craftspeople of varying skills… with a sprinkling of intrigue thrown in for good measure.

Members of New Caledonia often focus on gaining Honor and esteem through activity, participation, Guilds, and Grand Quests. We have coranks that inspire, a gaggle of gods from the time before the war, and a territory that is ripe for exploring. We appreciate and eagerly anticipate contributions brought about by our membership, both IC and OOC!



The Realm accepts archetypes across the board; the bold and the meek, the righteous and the corrupt, the do-gooders and the troublemakers alike. All are welcome here!

Salt, ocean, wolf, dog, leather, pine, earth, natural dyes, horse.

Interested in joining? Look over our joining guidelines or reach out to one of our leaders if you have questions!

1.  Membership

Current Leaders
High King: Iomair
Isiltári: Fennore

Former Leaders
The Lord-Regent: Athras Eryn

Current Members
See our member directory for current membership.

Previous Members
Deceased: Thyri Dawnbringer, Rúna Stormbringer




2.  Pack Relationships

Outsider Relations






2.1  Active Packs

Refer to New Caledonia's History for more detailed information.

New Caledonia has a tenuous debt to Salsola for the benefit of aid. Their relationship remains good for now, but there is no official alliance as of yet.

New Caledonia and the Del Cenere Gang have had few interactions, mostly in the interest of trade, and remain neutral at this time.

New Caledonia and Casa Di Cavalieri have had a few interactions and are on generally good terms.

2.2  Active Bands

New Caledonia and The Troupe have had minimal interaction and remain neutral at this time.

New Caledonia and Bête Noire have had minimal interaction and remain neutral at this time.

2.3  Defunct Packs and Bands

Defunct Packs

Defunct Loner Bands

New Caledonia and Mistfell Vale haven't had much interaction and remain neutral at this time.

  • Iomair has had an interaction with Zuri.
  • Athras met with Sedona and her brother Phoenix to discuss the rights and use of the abandoned ferry on Prince Edward Island, the former home of Midnight Shores.
  • Athras made a trade deal with Saga D'Angelo that resulted in the birth of two pups. Following Mistfell's disbandment, former Ursarchon Saga came to live with the Realm.
  • New Caledonia and The Order did not have any official interaction and remained neutral.

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