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Phoenix Whitesage is a hot cowboy. He's got the horses in the back.

He traveled from red-rock Arizona to find his sister, Sedona, and eventually came to settle in Mistfell Vale, working in the stables where he thrived for the better part of a year. However, the pack eventually came to disband in 2020, and paired with the fact that his sister never came home after scouting, Nick decided to walk away from 'Souls and return home to his family. Doubly crushed by the loss of his beloved sister and the fresh heartbreak (that he admittedly caused himself) with Lyssa Fontaine, it seemed like no better time to return to the frontier he knew best.

Soon after returning home, Nick hopped from bed to bed to keep himself company while transitioning back to his family's farm — this resulted in an accidental litter with an escort, Annabelle Long, resulting in six bastards, including Wichita Long. While he didn't completely abandon his first kids, Phoenix's visits to them became more and more infrequent, and many of his children grew bitter about his lack of involvement.

On the home front, things were tiding over a bit better: Phoenix settled down with long-time friend and eventual mate, June, and together, they started a family, one that Nick was more comfortable calling his own and giving his surname to. With June, he has three daughters (Bisbee Whitesage, Page Whitesage, Winslow Whitesage) and a son (Nogales Whitesage) that he can start fresh with. Carrying on the Whitesage tradition, he teaches them animal husbandry and how to care for horses, and eventually, they get the familiar itch to travel east into Nova Scotia.






  • Date of Birth: June 10, 2014
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence:
  • Species: Coywolfdog Hybrid
  • Subspecies:
25% Dog (Golden Retriever)
  • Meaning:
    • Phoenix: name of a mythical bird that lives for five hundred years then perishes, only to rise from the ashes and fly again in an infinite cycle
      • also the capital of Arizona ;)
    • Whitesage: perennial shrub held sacred by Native Americans for hundreds of years

Pack Information & OOC Assumptions

Minor NPCs

Dates: August 17, 2019 — June 20, 2020
  • Tohopka
    • (toe-hop-kuh or tuh-hop-kuh)
    • Hopi; "wild beast"
    • Nickname: Toh (toe)
  • Grade horse, mustang stallion (6 years old)
  • Black in color, though in direct sunlight he may appear more brown
    • As he's gotten older, his coat has faded from its pure black color and will continue to do so
  • Black eyes
  • Loyal to Phoenix, though he might appear standoffish to others and will definitely not take too well to some stranger trying to ride him
    • Definitely not afraid to buck off someone who is inexperienced or annoying him
  • Speaks with Phoenix in broken, conversational Low Speech
    • Understands a few High Speech commands
credit: Ieva Vizule from Unsplash




  • Species: Hybrid; coyote features are dominant, though some dog and wolf influence
  • Fur: shorter and thicker, pretty coarse
    • Optime Hair: short and straight, though still long enough to get into his eyes.
  • Facial Features: Sharp face and eyes, an easy-going (if not slightly jeering) smile.
  • Build and Size: Tall, lean, fit.
  • Humanization: Pretty humanized; pretty good with his hands and prefers Optime, usually.
  • Wardrobe:
Usually wears a pair of fraying, worn, very patchy, very old blue 'jeans'. they're rough af but he loves them. (maybe think these but worse?)
Has a deerskin coat he dons in the colder months, courtesy of Wally Sherman


 BLACK MARLIN (#372518)
 CIGAR (#81583A)
 APPLE (#89AF47)


  • Fur: Primarily brown colors, fading to a lighter cream color near his limbs
    • Markings:
      • BLACK MARLIN on his upper arms/tail, calves, face
      • SIENNA on his thighs, mid-back, forearms, collarbone, ears, mask on his face
      • YUMA on his hands and feet, tail, chest, neck and muzzle, tips of ears
    • Skin, Paw Pads, Nose: CIGAR
  • Eyes: APPLE encircled by CONIFER
  • Optime Hair: SIENNA
by Westy!


  • Speech: A nice smooth tenor; very prominent Southern drawl; very expressive/telling tone. Think Sawyer from LOST, this is basically him.
  • Scent: Horse, whiskey, leather
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Smirking, squinting while others are talking, blowing air through his nose, putting his hands in his back pockets
  • General Posture and Body Language: Confident, relaxed.


TL;DR: Confident, suave, smooth — Phoenix is the full package. Half gentleman, half adventurer, all cowboy.



  • Outlook: He's a realist, but generally he tries to see the brighter side of things.
  • Sociability: Phoenix is a real smooth-talker, and he's very apt at interacting with others and working them with his charm.
  • Expression: Very confident and dominant; he's not overly arrogant or anything, but he definitely thinks he's some hot stuff.


  • Making his family proud, being the coolest cowboy around, his sister


  • Getting trampled, having kids :']


  • Likes: Horses, booze, women
  • Dislikes: People that talk too much, being rushed, burly women


  • Packs: has a sore spot for Mistfell; honestly doesn't know much about the other packs.
  • Species: Has a sweet spot for other 'yotes.
  • Non-Luperci: His old best friend June is one, so he's super chill with them. Still thinks they're missing out a little, though! But it's their choice, he reckons.
  • Gender: No real bias, though he definitely is sweeter on women. He prefers really effeminate women.
  • Sexuality: He's pretty accepting of all sorts of wild things, so long as it's not like, "morally wrong" or anything.


Phoenix himself is pretty straight, as he's done enough experimenting and whatnot in his younger years to know that for sure. He is not opposed to flings, but if there was someone he really felt something special with, he wouldn't treat them like a one-night stand. While he's definitely suave and smooth, he might would appear a bit out of his element and downright awkward when it comes to actual romance, as his experience beyond bedding someone is lacking.


He doesn't really give it any thought. Superstitions, karma, fate, sure — but beyond that, the idea of a god or gods is a bit... eh. However, he's pretty relaxed about others' faiths, so long as they don't force it on him.


Definitely a booze guy, through and through. He can hold a lot of alcohol. He'll occasionally partake in weed or tobacco, but he's more of a social user there; whiskey is his true love.



  • Horsemanship: This is his element. This is what he was trained to do.
  • Cattle Ranching: This is... less of his element, but nonetheless what he was trained to do. Not really his favorite, but he is too shabby at it.


  • Being an Ass: Yeah, he can go from hero to zero really quick if someone says something smart to him. It's not that he has a short fuse, but... well, yeah, he has a short fuse sometimes.
  • Romance: What kind of cowboy can't woo a woman and keep her around for more than one night? This guy.


Family: Whitesage?


Key Relations

  • Lyssa Fontaine — boy, he was soft on her. They tried long-distance, but with their packs not being necessarily close to one another, it was hard; harder still with the harsh winter. When Lyssa came to visit him, Nick was distraught over her dreams of settling down and having a family; he broke things off, and they both fell into their own sorts of depression afterwards. He wants to make things right with her, one way or another.
  • Sedona Whitesage — his own flesh and blood, these two were the closest amongst the Whitesage siblings. He crossed the country to find her, and they were each other's shoulders to cry on. He's awfully dedicated to her, and it rubbed him some sorta way when she was attacked by some bastard in the woods.

Positive Relations

  • June — they were thick as thieves back on the ranch, and Phoenix is still fond of his non-Luperci friend. They cracked jokes and cut up all the time, though they were also there for each other when times aren't so good. June seemed pretty chill about Phoenix leaving, though what he doesn't know is that June has had a huge crush on him for like, ever, and he's totally oblivious to it since she'd never been forthcoming with her feelings. :'[
  • Ezra Vahn — a fellow equestrian. They're pretty much on the same page, and Nick helped him tame a mustang once upon a time.
  • Wally Sherman — nice fella! Nick helped Wally get used to the Vale, and they got drunk together once, which was a sight to behold. He misses this young man now that they've gone separate ways.

Neutral / Negative

  • Malthe Comtois — he was a trespasser on Vale territory, and he and Wally went head-to-head with this piece of work before he turned into a Mistwalker himself. Needless to say, Nick never did get over this little transgression.

Minor Relations

  • Enemies:
  • Murders: