Wally Sherman

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Wally was born in a pack to a seamstress mother and blacksmith father. Wally had a relatively uneventful childhood, passing the time by exploring the human ruins and learning basic medical knowledge from the healer. When finally able to shift into his optime form, he learned to sew from his mother and took to fighting with a spear. In April 2019, a pack of coyotes attacked the pack, resulting in Wally's forearm being burned.

In June 2019, Wally attempted to chase after a trader to acquire more human artifacts and fell into a river on the way back. Once on land, he attempted to travel back and became lost, eventually giving up on the idea of returning and decided to travel to the north. By October 2019, he entered eastern Canada.

In November 2019, Wally joined Mistfell Vale and resided in Winterwynd until the pack's disbandment in June 2020. The same month, he joined Casa di Cavalieri.






  • Date of Birth: 05 Sept 2018
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Casa di Cavalieri
  • Mate: None
  • Family: Families, Families
  • Birthplace: New York State
  • Species: Dog
  • Subspecies: German Shepherd
  • cNPC: None
  • yNPC: None
  • Minor NPCs:
    • None

Pack Information

Plot Potential & OOC Assumptions

  • MM/DD/YY - MM/DD/YY: Packmates might notice this big thing during this timeframe!
  • Packs members may reference seeing Character doing the following:
    • Sewing
    • Practicing with his weapons
    • Looking over human artifacts
  • Plot opportunity!

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


Wally has an average physique, if on the shorter side. He will always be in his optime form unless somehow convinced shifting will stop the ending of the universe. His fur is patterned very similarly to a German Shepherd's and is rather thick and scruffy. He has two scars: the first a horizontal brand scarring on the left leg and the second burn scarring covering the majority of his right forearm. He always wears clothes unless otherwise specified (this includes his pants, cloak, arm wraps, and blindfold).

As of January 2020, Wally sports a vertical scar next to the right eye, though this is mostly covered up by his blindfold.


 SEAL BROWN (#301116)


  • Fur: Mostly CASABLANCA with areas of SEAL BROWN
    • Face: Mostly CASABLANCA except for SEAL BROWN fur on the muzzle, around the eyes, and on the ears
    • Saddle: SEAL BROWN
    • Underbelly and Limbs: CASABLANCA
    • Tail: Follows the previous patterning: CASABLANCA for the fur closer to the body and SEAL BROWN for the fur facing away from the body
  • Eyes: AMBER

171 lbs (77.5 kg)
5 ft 6 in (66 in / 168 cm)


  • Speech: Calm, a bit gruff but otherwise cheery. May sound like a pirate at times (aye, ye, yer, me,arrgh).
  • Scent: Deerskin, metals, dirt, Mistfell
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Tends to rub his scars now and again. Prone to head-tilting when confused.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Usually friendly and relaxed with attentive ears.

1.2  Images

2.  Personality

TL;DR: Mellow and friendly with a bit of sarcasm at times. Is usually relaxed and can be mischievous at times. Prioritizes his own survival over all else.

2.1  Traits


  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: Always looks to be friendly and personable with new encounters
  • Expression: Calm, but emotions are rather easy to be seen


  • Looking to just survive another day
  • Acquiring more artifacts from a time before
  • The neverending quest to obtain more thread
  • Improvement on his current abillities


  • Fire, illness, being useless, death


  • Likes: Human artifacts, sewing, spears, wind
  • Dislikes: Fire, falling, tracking, insomnia, creating items that make his fingers ache


  • Packs: Any pack that tends to make enemies is a pack to avoid.
  • Species: He takes a minor liking to dogs and is kinda uncomfortable around groups of coyotes. Kinda ironic some of his best experiences has been with other coyotes.
  • Non-Optime: With him being in his optime form all the time, he believes lupus and secui forms have better senses, especially smell. Due to this, he expects their abilities to be heightened compared to his own, though he thinks his hands balance that out.
  • Human Artifacts: Best way to get on his good side is to have an interesting one.


There's not much to say. He's happy enough to just be friends, but he has been thinking what kind of guy he would spend the rest of his life with.


He was taught the humans had voluntarily given up their lives to ascend to a higher place of existence, becoming spirits. In this form, they watch over all the canines with their presence being related to wind.


He has heard alcohol is a decent sedative and drinks from time to time. He struggles with keeping it under control.

2.2  Skills


  • Armed Combat (Journeyman): Wally is in his element with a spear. While his technique can be considered sloppy at times, he more than makes up with this by keeping the perfect distance between opponents, close enough to poke but far enough away to avoid attacks. He is also talented at staying mobile if knocked into a disadvantageous position and improvising with nearby items to help out in a fight. He has replaced his spear with a glaive and has also incorporated a club and an axe into his fighting technique, allowing him more options if someone manages to get too close.
  • Sewing (Journeyman): Is very adept at fixing up holes and making basic clothes that may be off in measurements. Continued experience and different stitching techniques allowed him to refine his stitchwork to be decent in appearance while not sacrificing any of the durability. Focusing more form over function, he'll entertain sewing together a backpack or a bracer over an extravagant dress or hat.
  • Healing (Apprentice): The local healer has taught Wally to determine certain injuries (broken bones, fever, lacerations) and a few means to fix this (alcohol-based sedation, bandages, suturing, rest), but his abilities to cope with these are basic and more physical in nature. It's probably better to find a more-qualified healer.
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat (Dabbler): He only learned the basics from his pack and even most of that has rusted away, all he remembers being some dodging skills and how to throw a good punch. That being said, he does punch hard.


  • Leadership: He is a natural-born follower, with little confidence in his leading skills and a lot of evidence to back this up.
  • Tracking: While his eyes and hearing are decent enough, his nose is very lacking. He has tried to improve this but with limited improvement.
  • Human Artifacts: Easily the most effective way of bribing him, whether you want him in a certain place or to have him overlook something you did to him in the past. However, he's not too excited to lose a limb, nor will he ignore something that can ruin his life (that could endanger the rest of his artifacts).
  • Fire: He has been burned twice and dislike being near it, though he'll keep it together if it's already lit, it's cold, and it would cause a scene, where he won't look at it. Fire is an easy deterrent to use against him and he's willing to freeze at night instead of lighting a fireplace.
  • Secrets: While he wouldn't spill the secrets of others, he's not too afraid of talking about his own strengths and weaknesses. Even though he can put up his guard if he was talking to someone more unsavory, as long as the person puts up a decent front or hides their own side, it'll take him some time to notice.
  • Insomnia: Since entering Casa, he had developed some bad insomnia at night, making him moody in the early morning and always tired. He has been trying to use alcohol and naps in the middle of the day to try to fix this.

3.  Connections

3.1  Family

3.2  Relationships

Key Relationships

  • Mother: The two were always on good terms and enjoyed sewing together.
  • Father: The two liked each other, but Wally always felt his father kept him from doing much metalworking. He did teach Wally to use a spear though.
  • Walter: his brother, was a sworn enemy until the coyote incident. Since then, the two slowly became friendly rivals.
  • Healer: The local healer of his former pack, he nursed Wally when he became ill during his first winter, sparked his love for human artifacts, and taught him a few things about injuries.

Positive Relationships

  • Phoenix Whitesage The coyote is one of the main reasons Wally joined Mistfell, and the two have been on good terms since.
  • Darius Pierson Wally works under Darius in Casa both in tailoring and as an extra hand in the Five Shields Tavern. Despite some creative conflicts between the two, they get along well enough.
  • Characters is also worth knowing and here's why you should know lalala

Poor Relationships

  • Malthe Comtois The two fought and he was the one who gave Wally his scar. The shepherd dog has cooled down since then, but he's fine with just avoiding him.

Notable Associations

4.  Property

4.1  Residence

credit, location, whateva

Wally occupies room R4 containing a twin sized mattress and a small wooden stand. There is a quilt and a small folded blanket being used as a pillow on the mattress along with several furs while the stand holds his artifacts and some hide scraps. His knapsack and spears are leaned next to the door and seven arrows are placed all around the room. A tripwire has been installed in the middle of the room and several papers and other materials cover the floors.

Residence Inventory


  • Always has a strip of deerskin worn as a karate headband, usually used to cover his eyes when trying to sleep/nervous/training. Since his fight with Malthe, there is a triangle patch covering up the torn part covering the scar next to his eye. He has recently embroidered a inside part of the headband.
  • Always wears deerskin pants that is wrapped up at his ankles and held up by a tied deerskin belt at the waist. The pants have been heavily patched up and have several pockets.
  • Wears deerskin wraps wrapped from the hands to the elbows on his right forearm to cover scarring and to trap in warmth.
  • Wears a sleeveless shirt
  • Wears a hooded cloak that has been roughly put together. It has been modified to be able to tied around the waist.
  • Always wears a catgut necklace with an obsidian rock intricately tied to it.


  • Hide knapsack that contains his worldly possessions
  • Spears (x2)
  • Glaive
  • Practice Glaive
  • Axe
  • Deerskin wrap with sewing needles and thread
  • The "Noisemaker", a rusted revolver that only has a moving hammer, used to make an interesting metallic noise
  • A block acquired from a Rubik's cube, the color stickers having long since peeled off
  • A dull hunting knife
  • Deerskin wraps and hides, either used for wounds or for his next projects
  • Four pairs of gloves
  • A small club to be used as a last defense
  • Arrows (x10) to be used as a last-last defense
  • A rusted-through throwing knife to be used as a last-last-last defense

4.2  Trade

Offered Goods

  • Clothes repair
  • Minor medical knowledge
  • Weapon sparring

Requested Goods

  • Thread
  • Cloth
  • Human artifacts
    • Possibly in good condition
    • But he'll accept anything

5.  History

Wally, named Walter Sherman, was born in a pack of roughly fifty other dog luperci at a police station in what was the state of New York with his brother. Most of the members worked in their optime forms and thrived, with new travelers joining as old ones died or left. His mother worked as a seamstress and helped make and repair clothes while his father was a blacksmith. His childhood was rather uneventful with him trying to help out his parents or exploring nearby human ruins alone. He was also educated on the "spirits", or beings that have given up their mortal bodies to transcend into godhood to guide the pack, leaving behind their past settlements to inhabit. While he loved his parents, he didn't care much for his brother, as the two frequently fought. He also felt useless with his current lack of opposable thumbs.

At four months, he developed a fever and was looked over by the new healer, who noticed Wally had developed a kind of depression and tried to cheer him up by saying he'll be more useful soon when he learned to change his form. The healer had also shown Wally his collection of old artifacts, spurring his interest in the old world. It was also at this point Wally was given a deerskin strap to be used as a headband to help him sleep during the day when he couldn't at night. He has worn it since.

At six months, Wally could shift into his optime form and was quick to learn how to use a weapon from his father (given a staff as practice but then taught on how to use a spear). He also worked more, both helping out his parents and the healer. He enjoyed sewing and became more dexterous as a result while taught about healing others, though he mostly learned how to diagnose physical injury and some illnesses. His father only allowed him to move around metal and didn't teach him on how to actually make metal weapons or tools, resulting in a shouting match one day and Wally running away for a few days. When he cooled down, he apologized to his father and the two made up with a hug, which was soured when Wally felt a burning sensation on his leg and his father realized the sword he was working on was still in his grasp and accidentally branded his son. Wally had to endure his mother shouting at his father for an hour straight after that.

At eight months, a small pack of coyotes desperate for food came into the area and tried to raid Wally's pack. Wally was apart of a group meant to flank the coyotes and stumbled onto a group of five of them alone, resulting in a scuffle that led to one of them lighting Wally's arm on fire. After he doused the flame in a creek, the coyotes attacked again but were attacked from behind by his brother. Because of that, Wally tried to view his brother in a more positive light and to mend their relationship, eventually leading to the two looking through human ruins together.

At ten months, a traveler showed up and offered some human artifacts in exchange for items of similar value and was turned down by the pack leader. Wally was away when this happened and when he returned, he heard about the traveler. Intrigued, Wally acquired some of the more interesting artifacts at home to trade and left alone, only to find the traveler long gone. While walking back, Wally stepped on a weak part of a decaying bridge and crashed into the river below. When he came to, he found himself downriver and tried to retrace the river's path but chose the wrong river to follow. He eventually mistook a landmark and moved east and eventually realized he was too lost to be able to find his pack. He eventually decided to continue and see where it went, deciding to settle when he found a pack he could help out with.

During this trek, he met several individuals and was usually ran out of territories for accidental trespassing. One event of interest was him accidentally releasing a trapped coyote in a pack of crazed dogs, leading to him being tied to another pair of coyotes and the trio being hunted by said pack. They made an uneasy alliance that resulted in them dispatching the leader and escape the remaining members. Afterwards, the three parted ways. A month later, and twelve months since he was born, he stumbled into eastern Canada.

5.1  Post Log & Archives

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