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  • OOC Account: clicky!
  • Primary: Fennore
  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Location: East Coast
  • Birthday: Sept. 18
  • Auxiliary Slots: 4/5 filled


hello! I am veldt, previously known as Spacey when I played Aspirin, and I am just now coming up on my second year back at 'Souls! I have absolutely fallen in love again and am always eager to plot and plan spicy threads, so don't hesitate to give me a holler! as of late, I am shamelessly addicted to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Minecraft, and Starcraft (and 'SOULS); I am also a chronic lover of Led Zeppelin, Nine Inch Nails, and Jethro Tull; aaaaand I am definitely forgetting some other random interests but I am kind of a huge heckin' nerd. writing on 'Souls is a huuuuge stress reliever for me because of university, and I am so excited to see what the future holds <3

I'm also the co-leader of New Caledonia, working alongside the lovely Amanda. if you have any NC-related questions, feel free to reach out!

in terms of activity, my posting speed is currently medium; you probably won't have to wait more than 1.5-2 weeks for a reply. however, if you find that I'm taking too long, feel free to poke me with a gentle reminder! sometimes things fly under my radar with all of my characters. :')

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Contact Info

I get notifications for Discord and check it pretty often, so if you want to plot or talk, hit me up there! Just check the 'Souls server for my tag. I'd love to talk with you or brainstorm. Otherwise reaching me by PM is fine, it just might take me a bit longer to respond. ;>

Roleplaying Preferences

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  • Mature Content:
    • I will roleplay light sexual content, but if it progresses further I do ask that we fade to black. Maybe small exceptions to this for more plot-heavy romance :eyes:
    • However, as far as violence and gore are concerned, count me in — that stuff is fine with me, so long as we have a clear-cut purpose for it! Senseless bloodshed, maybe not so much.
    • Anything plots that involve drugs or alcohol are A-OK with me.
  • I can roleplay LASKY for character development, plot purposes, etc.
    • Canonical threads take a higher priority and I am not looking for experimental AUs at this time.
  • Minor powerplay is totally cool, but if it's anything more than that I'd love a heads-up. :D
    • Similarly, if I ever make assumptions about your character's actions/words/etc. and you're not down with it, let me know! Usually I don't assume anything egregious without consulting my thread partner first. <3
  • I'm okay with archiving threads early and making OOC assumptions about how a thread went down!
    • I would rather nnnnot gravedig threads unless it is essential to both of us involved that we get a conclusive, concrete finish.
    • Generally speaking, if our thread dies, I won't press for it to be revived — especially if I was the last to post ;x

Fun Zone !!

(none of these are malicious i swear i just like to share stupid memes)



♀ Wolf
Isiltári of New Caledonia
NPCs: Rohan Heartsong, Macha (cat), Thalion (horse)


Viridian Soul
♀ Coyote Hybrid
Recruit of Casa di Cavalieri

Rand Coara
♂ Dog
Aear of New Caledonia
NPCs: Celebrimbor (horse)

Alejandra Sanctus
♀ Wolfdog
Calmistós of Bête Noire
NPCs: Solomon, Marina Amaranthe, Alastar (raven), Kidd (horse)

Inactive/Future Characters

Phoenix Whitesage
♂ Coyote Hybrid
Livin' it up in Arizona, probably

Khalifa D'Angelo
♂ Wolf Hybrid
The Arbiter of Salsola (in Portland)

Solomon Amaranthe
♂ Wolfdog Hybrid
cNPC to Aly

♂ Wolfdog
Ráquen of The Citadel

Marina Amaranthe
♀ Wolfdog
BABY goo goo ga ga

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