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by Despi

Player: Sami
Creator(s): veldt

  • Visual Designer: Dale

Nickname(s): Shy
Birthplace: Arizona
Date of Birth: 11 Aug 2020
Sex: Female

  • Pronouns: She/Her

Species: Jackal-heavy hybrid (Luperci Ortus) 1

Rank: Rank

  • --

Animal NPC:

  • Scorpion - Stallion

OOC Assumptions
Del Cenere Gang members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • ... Having general non-specific conversation - "Hi, how are you" type conversations.
  • Sauntering around The Ugly Coyote looking for prospective clients

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1.  Synopsis

Cheyenne Long, or Shy for short, is one of the many illegitimate children of Phoenix Whitesage.

Shortly after she and her siblings were born, her father split. He found better use of his time raising another litter with someone from his past, deeming them worthy of his surname. This struck a nerve with Cheyenne and she has chosen to disregard her father completely. Although he visits from time to time, she offers him little more than a few words and a venomous glare.

Once Cheyenne came into her own, she began working alongside her ma, Anabelle Long, as a call girl. It was the only way she knew how to help support her mother and take some of the burden as her own. She perfected the craft and soon began to yearn for more. Her work was barely enough to sustain herself and help her mother. Seeking more from life and to rid the burden of herself from Anabelle, Cheyenne bid her farewell and began the voyage to Del Cenere after hearing her siblings started this trend. She passed through The Palisade and spent some time in Portland where she worked to obtain a horse, improve her wardrobe, and upgrade her arsenal along with prepare for the remainder of her journey. Once she concluded business, she began the home stretch. Shy took little time to see the sights, figuring she could indulge in life once she reached her destination.

2.  Appearance


Cheyenne has a feminine build with thickness in all the right places, such as her bosom and bum. She highlights her assets with clothing and is highly humanized. Shy has large ears and a slender muzzle, typical jackal characteristics. Her coat is course with long guard hairs down her back. Her hair naturally frames her face and is cut just below her shoulders, but not styled in any particular way.

  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Touches her chest, can be handsy, smirks a lot, removes the hair from her neck or face.
  • Posture and Body Language: Carries her self with purpose. always has a dominance to her stance or posture. She usually stands in a power pose, either with her hands on her hips or arms folded across her chest.
  • Scent: Sex, alcohol, smoke, horse.
  • Scars: Has one nasty scar on her back from a bad interaction with a guest.
  • Gear Currently has very little in the way of gear. She has two different outfits, a dagger, her horse and saddle, and a side bag to carry some more sentimental items with her on her journey.
    • Clothing: Always wears a corset with some version of a skirt with a thigh high slit. She'll pair this with a button up shirt on top, with the upper buttons undone as to reveal her bosom. Occasionally she wears a pair of trousers with a button up shirt and a leather harness. In colder weather she'll wear a fur lined coat on top of her go to articles of clothing.
    • Accessories: Shy wears some leather bands on her left arm and the holster that holds her dagger on her left thigh.
Palette and Build
Fur Palette
(#4F2000) (#6F2900) (#813E00)
(#AD7A3F) (#D8B37B) (#EEE2D2)
Eyes, Nose
(#F8E9D4) (#321500)

-- lbs (-- kg) — -- in (-- cm)


-- lb (-- kg) — -- in (-- cm)


-- lb (-- kg) — - ft - in (-- in) (-- cm)

By Despi

3.  Personality


Up to the Adopter - however, per the Contract section, the character is intended to have the following personality:

Cheyenne is fierce, a spitfire if you will. She's never afraid to speak what's on her mind and quick to quip back if spoken to disrespectfully. Shy is relentless in fulfilling her desires, stopping at no end to accomplish her goals. Cheyenne is also a bit of a drama queen and is prone to emotional outbursts. Get out of the way if she's on a rampage, for her words can be venomous. She's highly independent, rarely relying on anyone but herself to get things done and has trouble asking for help. Cheyenne takes after her parents, having inherited her mother's deep sensuality and her father's promiscuity. She finds more excitement in the chase rather than the relationship itself and jumps from one partner to another quickly.

  • Demeanor:: Flirtatious, snide, relentless, motivated.
  • Speech: Has a strong southern drawl and sometimes calls others by endearing nicknames like "Hun, Sugar, and Bunny."
  • Sexuality: Bi-sexual. Cheyenne has a preference from males, but there's something about a strong woman that gets her blood rushing. She doesn't make her sexuality openly known, generally preying on the opposite gender.
  • Outlook: --
  • Alignment: True Neutral
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4.  Relationships

Immediate Family (Long, Whitesage)

Unknown relations indicated by *

Extended Family

Character belongs the Family families; as such, many of their members are directly and indirectly related to them.

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1 25% Plains Coyote, 25% Dog (landrace breeds, golden retriever, et al.), 18.75% Common Golden Jackal, 18.75% European Jackal, 18.75% Great Plains Wolf, 6.25% Mexican Coyote

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