Wichita Long



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  • Full Name: Wichita Long
    • Pronunciation: [witch - uh - TAW] or [witch - uh - TAH]
    • Meaning: American Indian tribe; largest city in Kansas
  • Epithet:
  • Date of Birth: 11 August 2020
  • Sex: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Trailside Inn


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NPC Information

  • Minor NPCs:

Pack Information

  • Pack: Del Cenere Gang (August 2021 — )
    • Rank: El Probado
      • Co-Ranks: Caballista I, Trailblazer I

OOC Assumptions

  • Del Cenerens may assume...
    • Seeing Wichita:
      • Piddling around Charmingtown
      • Hanging out at the Lancaster Stockyard with her rowdy horse, Jaeger
    • Knowing that she has a keen interest in horses — and she's eager to learn more!


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Wichita Long is a member of Del Cenere Gang.

After the tragic death of his sister and the disbandment of his pack, Phoenix Whitesage made the journey back to the only place he knew he belonged: arid, red-rock Arizona. Falling back into the routine on the ranch he had previously abandoned in search of Sedona, there was a sizeable hole in his heart — afraid of commitment, he had ended, in callous fashion, his long-distance relationship with the sweet Lyssa Fontaine. Without a girl to call his own, Nick began a string of one-night stands to tide him over.

Unfortunately, one of these encounters left mistress-of-the-night, Annabelle Long, pregnant. Shortly thereafter, Wichita and her five siblings were born.

Her father, much to his reluctance, made sporadic appearances in her early life, but it was up to Annabelle to provide for six hungry mouths with a sometimes, sometimes-not lucrative job. When Phoenix became less and less of a reliable visitor, however, this led to Wichita and the others acting out. A freak accident caused by her brother caused her tail to become crushed and broken beyond repair, and there was no other choice but to salvage what they could, amputating the rest. Wichita, once vivacious and fearless, became noticeably more withdrawn and broody after this event.

The last time Phoenix came to visit his bastard children, Wichita, angry at her father (and angry at the world, as teenagers often are), attempted to steal his horse and leave her family behind, not wanting to be a burden on her poor mother anymore and wanting to get back at her father. Luckily, she was caught before getting along too far, and Nick made a compromise with her: he'd get her a horse and gear her up for whatever journey she wanted to embark on, so long as she told Annabelle where she was going first instead of abandoning her family outright.

Begrudgingly, she agreed. Not long after she left, many of her siblings followed her footsteps, scattering to the four winds — though as far as Wichita knows, she is the only one to journey as far east as she had, eventually stumbling upon Nova Scotia after months of traveling.

cryin' won't help you, prayin' won't do you no good
when the levee breaks, mama, you got to move

1.  Appearance


She looks a very even split of jackal and coyote blood, her wolf and dog heritage almost entirely smothered out in terms of looks. Her ears are large, almost comically so, and overall she is very limby and willowy, as if the wind could blow her over with a single gust. She's all leg.

Notably, her tail is cropped into a bob, a source of phantom pain though the wound has long since healed. Her fur is soft, if not a bit sparse, and definitely not made for the cold. Her face is thin, often made serious by her piercing gaze.


  • Lupus: 23 in (58 cm) ↔ 40 lbs (18 kg)
    • Never used.
    • Small and slight, Wichita doesn't like feeling so "insignificant" and hasn't revisited this form much since first shifting.
  • Secui: 39 in (99 cm) ↔ 110 lbs (50 kg)
    • Sometimes used.
    • When opting to walk on all-fours, the halfling form is her consistent choice. If not for her longer mane, she could probably pass as a regular-sized canine in her secui form.
  • Optime: 5 ft 2 in (158 cm) ↔ 125 lbs (66 kg)
    • Exclusively used.
    • She can often pass as androgynous and lacks any definitively "feminine" features; her chest is small, and her curves are almost nonexistent. Her hair is short and kept cropped close to her face.

Wichita is highly humanized and is most comfortable in her Optime form, where she uses her dexterity purposefully and skillfully.

Color Palette


 Millbrook (#392E2B)

 Gondola (#251B18)

 Dorado (#2D1D19)

 Cedar (#3F2118)

 Copper (#743F2D)

 Sienna (#8B4126)

 Nutmeg (#9C6D4A)

 Westar (#C9C8BF)

Optime Hair

 Dorado (#2D1D19)

 Cedar (#3F2118)

Nose, Pawpads, Claws

 Mississippi (#2E1B16)

 Quicksand (#D9A58F)


 Olivine (#849645)


by Adel

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by Gen by Despi

2.  Personality


Unlike her extroverted father, Wichita is rather quiet and reserved, mostly keeping to herself if she can help it; this isn't to say she is intentionally unfriendly, however. She longs for meaningful relationships with others, but often finds herself woefully unequipped when it comes to socializing. Her words are straight-forward and frank, and she spares no expense to tell it as it is, as she is much more interested in remaining authentic and honest than nice and flowery.

Though she values her time alone, Wichita can potentially come off as needy to those she forms bonds with, desperate to prove her worth, yet simultaneously paranoid that she is overbearing or unpleasant to be around. Despite this, she is quite a driven young woman, hard-working and dedicated to her craft, though it may take time for others to break through her rigid exterior.


  • Demeanor: Broody, deadpan, realistic, devoted
  • Speech: Has a strong Southwestern/Southern drawl.
  • Scent: Horse, leather, dust, dry grass, wood
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: RBF, sighing, rolling eyes, typical angsty teen tings™
  • General Posture and Body Language: Wichita often stands tall and with her shoulders back to compensate for her rather short height, ideally to come across as a capable and self-sufficient individual.


  • Likes: Being independent, horses, the woods, boys >:I
  • Dislikes: The cold, her stupid dad, swimming, strong-smelling herbs (trigger migraines)


  • TBA

Motivations and Fears

  • TBA


Heterosexual and a hopeless romantic. Wichita falls in love easily, but has a hard time moving on — even with something as fleeting and shallow as a crush. Despite this, she is terrified of rejection and is not likely to come forward with her feelings regardless, instead lingering on the sidelines and watching as a spectator — a quirk that is quite at odds with her ordinarily blunt personality.

She has aversion to physical touching and would much rather show affection through words, gifts, and other means. With a low libido, she is unlikely to have flings and would only initiate a sexual relationship with someone she has a strong emotional connection to; and, even then, only on rare occasions.


Wichita is not fond of alcohol but will occasionally smoke tobacco or marijuana — the former only in larger-scale social situations, the latter only in the company of those she trusts.


At this time Wichita has no firm beliefs and thinks there are matters in her present existence that are more important than wondering if there's an afterlife or a god or whatever else. She tends to shutdown and clam up in conversation where faith is concerned.

3.  Relationships


  • Mother: Annabelle Long
  • Father: Phoenix Whitesage
  • Littermates: Tallahassee, Denver, Sioux, Reno, Cheyenne
  • Half-Siblings (via Phoenix & June): Bisbee Whitesage, Page Whitesage, Winslow Whitesage, Nogales Whitesage
  • Aunts: Sedona Whitesage, Safford Whitesage
  • Uncle: Tucson Whitesage
  • Wichita has a strained relationship with her father because of his on-again, off-again commitment to his children. Attempting to steal his horse didn't mend their bond in the slightest, though Phoenix did attempt to fix things in his own roundabout way by getting her a horse and teaching her the basics before throwing her to the wolves.
  • She and her siblings grew close in their times of need, and they bonded over the lack of food and the occasional thievery trip they would embark on just to get by. She wishes them all the best as most of them, like herself, have at this point left home.
    • (Tallahassee's kind of a dick for breaking her tail, though.)
  • As of now, Wichita (and her full-blooded siblings, for that matter) are entirely unaware that Phoenix started a real family back on the Whitesage ranch. When she finds out, she will be very bitter, feeling as though she and her brothers and sisters are nothing but an afterthought to their father and that his true children are the ones that got to take on his family name. What makes her so unworthy in his eyes?

Notable Relationships

4.  Minor NPCs



image by Tsippendale

  • Pronunciation: YAY-gr
  • Gender: Stallion
  • Species: Horse
  • Date of Birth: ~ 2018


  • Appearance: A light-colored, pseudo-cremello horse, visibly built for speed over endurance. His tail is long, often dragging on the ground, and his nose and skin are a rosy pink color.
  • Personality: As he is a relatively young stallion, Jaeger is a bit rambunctious, eager-to-please but still headstrong enough to challenge Wichita for control. Still, they have developed a genuine bond whilst traveling, and Wichita has picked up on some basic Low Speech from her father and abroad to communicate with him better. He has a need for speed and often goes faster than instructed.


Del Cenerens may assume...

  • Noticing that Jaeger:
    • Is pretty friendly with luperci
    • Often has a lot of unspent energy
    • Is quite interested in lady horses