Nogales Whitesage

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by Despi

Player: Scott
Creator(s): Westy, veldt
Nickname(s): --
Birthplace: Sedona, Arizona, USA
Date of Birth: 27 Jul 2021
Sex: Male

  • Pronouns: He/Him

Species: Hybrid (Luperci Ortus) 1

Rank: Encender

  • --

Residence: --
Animal NPC:

OOC Assumptions
Del Cenere Gang members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • ... Having general non-specific conversation - "Hi, how are you" type conversations.
  • ... Up to Adopter!

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1.  Synopsis

Nogales (no-GAH-less) Whitesage is the son of Phoenix Whitesage and June. He was born July 27, 2021 in Sedona, Arizona on his family's cattle ranch along side his siblings, Bisbee, Page, and Winslow.

After his sister Bisbee set off to find their father's old pack, Del Cenere Gang, to the Northeast in the Winter of 2021, Nogales and his other siblings decided to follow in her footsteps and made the journey across country as well. He travelled upon the back of their family's largest horse, Mogollon. He made his way to the outpost town of Palisade where he currently resides working as a ward beneath the Winthrop household. One day he may join Del Cenere himself, but for now is content to stay put - and he stays in regular contact with Bisbee via letter.

2.  Appearance


Nogales is the tallest of the Whitesages. He has broad shoulders and a narrow muzzle and looks the most doggish of the siblings. He prefers Optime form and wears his hair short and messy. Toned and stocky he is built for hard labor but has a surprisingly gentle hand and is very aware of the space he occupies. Rugged, handsome and with bi-colored green and yellow eyes, Nogales is a looker, but he doesn't often go out of his way to flaunt it. He wears a rattlesnake skin belt with a knife around his waist, a cowboy hat on his head and a red bandana around his neck.

  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: --
  • Posture and Body Language: --
  • Scent: Sage, horses, leather, hay
  • Scars: --
  • Gear
    • Clothing: Cloak
    • Accessories: Bandana, hat, snake skin belt
Palette and Build
Fur Palette
(#452E1E) (#805847) (#998680)
(#C5925E) (#F0EDE9)
Eyes, Nose
(#DFDD8A) (#9AC675) (#452E1E)

71 lbs (32 kg) — 26 in (66 cm)


140 lb (63.5 kg) — 38 in (96.5 cm)


215 lb (97.5 kg) — 6 ft 3 in (75 in) (190.5 cm)

By Westy

3.  Personality


Per our Contract section, the character is intended to have the following personality:

  • Responsible, stoic, and quiet.
  • Brooding and protective.
  • Observant.

Character has the following intended skillsets:

  • Animal Husbandry
  • Medicine/Healing
  • Carpentry/Woodworking

Nogales is the quiet, stoic responsible brother. He is the thinker, the dutiful and healer type. He tends to watch as things unfold and act in the present moment. He is very strong and can carry both emotional and physical burdens well. Not one to usually become ruffled he is the rock of the Whitesage siblings. He fears for his siblings success and safety and would do anything to ensure both. He is uncertain about his sexuality and awkward around both sexes. He loves horses with a passion and knows low speech and frequently can be found in the company of equines over other Luperci.

  • Demeanor: --
  • Speech: --
  • Sexuality: --
  • Outlook: --
  • Alignment: True Neutral
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3.1  NPCs

Information Details Mogollon
  • Date of Birth: ~2018
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Coat: Silver Dapple
    • Markings: Stripe, Three white socks
  • Size: 17 hh (68in, 172.72cm), ~1400lbs (630kg)
  • Branded: No
  • Residency: Winthrop Ranges


  • Distinctive Appearance: A tall, leggy horse of Morgan and mystery warmblood descent. Thanks to his silver gene, his dark colored coat has bleached to a deep, even brown with subtle dappling, and his mane and tail lack pigment.
  • Personality: Sturdy, patient and steadfast. Gentle and docile, doesn't spook easily. Likes carrots.


  • Pull Trained: This horse has been trained to help pull carts or loads of luggage and is capable of pulling 10% in dead weight (140 lbs - 63.5 kg), and 150% of his body weight in cart + load (2100 lbs - 952.5 kg).
  • Carry Capacity: Mogollon is capable of carrying 20% of his body weight (280 lbs - 127 kg) in tack + rider. He is desensitized to mild combat exposure.


  • 2018:
    • Raised on the Whitesage cattle ranch in Sedona, AZ
  • 2020:
    • Trained by the Whitesage family
    • Taken by Nogales across country to Palisade

4.  Relationships

Immediate Family (Whitesage)

Unknown relations indicated by *

Extended Family

Nogales belongs the Whitesage family; as such, many of their members are directly and indirectly related to him.

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1 12.75% Great Plains Wolf, 18.75% Plains Coyote,68.75% Dog (landrace breeds, retriever, shepherd, et al.)