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Further Reading: Ranks, Old Caledonian Gods and Fashion

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Note: Only 'Souls members that are currently active within NC or have their character NPC'd are invited to the server.

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  2.   2.  Joining Procedures
    1.   2.1  Greeting Joiners
    2.   2.2  Accepting Joiners
  3.   3.  Trespassing & Guest Policies
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  4.   4.  NPC Policies
    1.   4.1  Youth NPC Policies & Limitations
    2.   4.2  Absence NPC Status

Mae govannen, mellon!

New Caledonia was first founded in August 2019 and draws its inspiration from elements of high fantasy and medieval times (not the restaurant). Originally made up of refugees from the west, New Caledonia has grown in numbers and has proven a haven for luperci from all walks of life. New Caledonia’s members are often highly humanized, with a focus on contributing to the Realm while jockeying for a place amongst the Courts of Dusk and Dawn.

New Caledonia is a study in duality; light and dark, old and new. Tradition clashes here, a combination of Old Caledonian dogma and new members who bring their own cultures and values to be woven into the tapestry of New Caledonia.

With a rolling territory and a little-known dark secret, New Caledonia is full of fun features to explore. Characters of nearly every background can find a home here!

Species: New Caledonia accepts canines from all walks of life but is luperci-dominant! Non-luperci are either turned away... or expected to be turned.

Archetypes: New Caledonia accepts any and all archetypes: the righteous and the corrupt, politicians and priests, the strong and the clever. If you can dream it, there is a place for them in New Caledonia!

1.  Suggested Reading

Prospective members are encouraged to read up on New Caledonia’s lush history; here are a few pages to get you started!

  • History → Caledonian refugees will have little trouble remembering what fate befell their former kingdom, but new members may benefit from learning more of their plight before the new Realm raised its banner; additionally, how the pack has fared since!
  • Culture → More or less, New Caledonia’s culture is a melting pot of old traditions and new. Learning the conventions of the pack will give members perspective on New Caledonia’s roots.
  • Gods → While some members choose not to follow Old Caledonia’s principle religions, having general knowledge of the various deities will certainly help when various rituals or rites of passage occur within the Realm.
  • Ranks → All newly-accepted Caledonians will begin as Commoners, but with consistent IC activity, you will see your character scale the ranks and ascend to the coveted Courts of Dawn and Dusk!
  • Co-Ranks & Guilds → We have several co-ranks (or jobs) to utilize the skillsets of all characters! Seeing what guilds are available can also provide companionship and learning opportunities for your character — and if what you’re looking for isn’t there, consider starting your own!
  • Grand Quests → A system unique to New Caledonia! Have your character set out upon a journey of epic proportions and make a name for themselves throughout the Realm! Grand Quests are flexible, free-form, long-term goals that leadership and other NC members would love to brainstorm with you.

2.  Joining Procedures

Joining our pack is simple! New Caledonia prefers OOC joining, but should your character wish to join In Character, simply start a joining thread in our forum with your character; have them come to the borders and call for Leadership to interview them for approval.

For Out-of-Character Joiners, please include that you will be joining OOC in your application in the 'Souls joining forum. Once this has been included, please PM the Pack Account with the following information:

  • Discord handle (so that we can add you to the NC Chat!)
  • Names of any cNPCs or yNPCs that are joining you
  • Any other pertinent information in regards to your character
  • And, of course, introduce yourself!

It will be assumed that your character joined ICly on the day which your joining application was accepted by Iomair or Fennore.

2.1  Greeting Joiners

Members of any rank may greet a potential joiner.

2.2  Accepting Joiners

Members of the Fili and Valar ranks are able to accept joiners into the ranks.

3.  Trespassing & Guest Policies

3.1  Trespassing

Trespassing is frowned upon and your character will be chased off if they disregard New Caledonia's border. New Caledonians may react to trespassers any way they see fit. Be sure to adhere to 'Souls board-wide trespassing policies!

3.2  Guests

Characters are welcome to invite their friends and family to explore New Caledonia for a limit of 3 days. Visitors must be accompanied by a New Caledonian for the duration of their stay. Should you require different parameters, please check with NC Leadership!

4.  NPC Policies

Players may have no more than 5 NPCs total within New Caledonia, regardless of how many characters they have within the pack. (For example, if they have one cNPC and four yNPCs between all their characters, they cannot add another cNPC.) This rule doesn't apply to animal NPCs.

4.1  Youth NPC Policies & Limitations

Families may have no more than 3 yNPCs within New Caledonia of or over the age of 1 year. A family is defined as two parents and their pups. Grandchildren, aunts, uncles, etc. are not included in this definition.

If these rules are broken, players and families will have two weeks to find a player for their NPCs, or move them off-board. Repeated breaking of this rule may result in removal from the pack!

4.2  Absence NPC Status

New Caledonia will grant characters aNPC status for 3 months if the player has no other active characters. Players with active characters, however, will have their characters aNPC'd for a maximum of 8 months; after this point, aNPC'd characters will be de-titled and removed from our directory and rank portal. Exceptions to these rules may be sought from leadership.

Characters that are removed from New Caledonia are welcome to rejoin when their player sees fit. If they were ranked Enda or below following the end of their aNPC status, they will return ranked as they left: e.g., Wolf left as a Distinguished, and she will be re-titled as Distinguished. Characters ranked Malcrin or above will be reset to the beginning of the Malcrin class, Aear, regardless of where they were in the Malcrin class when they left: e.g., Coyote left as a High Lord of Dusk, and he will be re-titled as an Aear when he returns.

As per our co-rank procedure, characters that return following the end of their aNPC status will have their earned co-ranks reinstated on the rank portal, as well as their co-rank icons reinstated on the board.

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