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With the Dye Studio cementing itself as a key Caledonian export, clothing has become something of a staple within the Realm; and, as such, various styles will come and go as fashionable and... well, not so much. While members are not required to wear clothing at all, those that do might be interested in keeping up with the latest trends, as dictated by the Studio staff! Local seamstress Pippa is more than happy to whip up an outfit for your character, provided they have something of interest to trade. ;>

When designing your character's attire, please keep in mind 'Souls guidelines!

1.  Traditional Old Caledonian Styles

Clothing is minimal in its presentation and inspired by organic elements; wools, simple patterns, and leathers with designs. Colors and patterns may vary slightly depending on ties to a specific clan or to one's upbringing within the pack. Cloak pins are traditionally worn to align with Courts of Dusk and Dawn.

1.1  Clothing Inspired from the Clans

  • Menel: Are known for their more tribal inspired attire. It is not uncommon to find them decorated with items such as wraps and scarves.
  • Aegas: Often wear clothing that is decorated or embossed with metals and leather. It is common for grand occasions for members of the Aegas clan to wear a leather breastplate crafted by their families.
  • Taur: Known for their flowing robes, Taur are known for opulent clothing that accentuates their features and long flowing hair.
  • Lorn: As more pious members of their society, members of Lorn are known for their high collared tunics and long sleeves. Men are often seen wearing tabard-like attire.

2.  New Caledonian Styles

on wednesdays we wear pink

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