The Dark Strider

The Dark Strider is a member of New Caledonia, ranked as a Peer.

Few, if any, of Taur's clanspeople know this woman's true name; she is referred to only as the "Dark Strider." She speaks little and is neither social nor interested in the petty squabbles of the nobility and politics. A "lone wolf" by choice, she's an excellent hunter and prefers to hunt only the most dangerous game... as anything less would be a waste of her skill. She's quick to take on new challenges, and because of her reputation the High Druids of Taur were known to employ her services to end any potential threats to the clan. With her standoffish disposition, it's unclear whether or not the tales of her deeds are honest or simply rumor. The Dark Strider is not outright hostile, but her presence and visage are unsettling enough to put anyone on edge.

A highly skilled hunter, the Dark Strider also knows how to butcher and tan the hides of her prey -- which were rumored to include the war's deserters. (Surely just a rumor?)



  • Date of Birth: 20 November 2015
  • Date of Death: Early January 2023
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: New Caledonia
    • Rank: Peer


  • Birthplace: Old Caledonia
  • Species: Wolfdog
  • Subspecies:
    • 62.5% Dog (Belgian Tervuren, Beauceron, Lurcher, et al.)
    • 37.5% Red Wolf


Etc .



Dark shadow with the faintest hint of red-brown tint in the sunlight, the Dark Strider's palest features are her moon-yellow eyes and a faint crescent of silver on her chest. Tall among dogs and lithe, with long legs, she is nevertheless very strong, conditioned to hunt large prey and boasting a heritage of tough and muscular breeds. Her dark fur is coarse and thick, longer on her cheeks, chest, and tail. Her Optime hair is often gathered into a singular braid, gathered back from her long-muzzled, somber face.

  • Lupus : 26 in (66 cm) ↔ 60 lbs (27 kg)
  • Secui: 42 in (107 cm) ↔ 150 lbs (68 kg)
  • Optime: 6ft 6in (78 in / 198 cm) ↔ 220 lbs (100 kg)
  • Scars:
    • Right ear is torn
    • Scratches on muzzle
    • Deep claw marks on chest, likely from a bear or cougar
  • Interaction
    • Speech: Smokey alto voice. Reticent and often curt, she speaks only when pertinent and dislikes small talk.
    • Scent: Pine, earth, leather, blood -- musky and wild.
    • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Utilizes direct, intimidating stares if annoyed. Sometimes fidgets with her earring.
    • General Posture and Body Language: Aloof and standoffish, the Dark Strider projects a strong air of "leave me alone" -- which turns more stiff and defensive if her space is invaded.
  • Humanization: Medium. She can be seen on four legs as frequently as two for her "work" or even relaxation -- not uncommon for people of Taur. While she avoids finery such as metallic jewelry or rich fabrics, she adorns herself in other ways, and her hair is often braided in a simpler rendition of her clan's style.
  • Clothing & Accessories: Furs, leathers, hides, bone, teeth -- most of what the Dark Strider wears are the trophies of her prey. She wears as little as she appropriately can for freedom of movement, but takes pride in her "richer" clothing of cougar- or bear-hide. Necklaces are adorned with the fangs of her kills, and a bear claw is pierced through her left ear.


colored by Stormie, lineart by Despi



 Baltic Sea (#1A191E)

 Cocoa Brown (#292221)

 French Grey (#C3C3C7)


 Texas (#f5f7a4)

Nose/Skin & Scars

 Zeus (#080605)

 Eunry (#CFA6A4)



The Dark Strider is an aloof and intimidating presence to many -- owing to her standoffish demeanor, serious features, and cold silence. One could be forgiven for believing the rumors that she is an assassin, a hunter of Caledonian deserters, someone dark and cold...

The truth of the matter is that the Strider just prefers solitude. She dislikes superfluous talk and looks down on the petty posturing and squabbles of the nobility. Thanks to her talents and demeanor, she quickly developed the dark reputation that she secretly resents but does not confront. Instead, she leans into this reputation to intimidate others; if they fear her, at least they'll leave her alone and she won't have to feel hurt by their talk.

She is passionate and proud of her hunting ability, eager to take on new challenges that test the limits of her skillset. Though she is as reticent on the topic of religion as everything else, she is a worshiper of Nanin and emulates him in her respect for the forest.


  • Big Game Hunting (Master): Her foremost role is that of a huntsman specializing in large (deer, elk) and dangerous (cougar, bear) prey. She most often chases and brings down game as a feral Secui hunter, using the great size and speed the form allows. However, while ambitious, she is not reckless; when it's prudent, the Dark Strider uses archery to cripple or kill targets from a safe distance. If confronted in her Optime form, she has a bone knife stowed away.
    • It's been rumored that she uses these talents to hunt another kind of prey, but she is tight-lipped about rumors of assassination.
  • Skinning & Tanning (Journeyman): The Dark Strider wastes nothing of her kills. She is an adept butcher who hands off choice cuts of meat and materials such as bone to the pack to use. She can skin and cure hides (with a brain-tanning method). Her leather is of good quality, though she cannot craft with it. She has begun to study ways to waterproof her leather.


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