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Hi! I have been a member of Souls on and off for the past 10ish years and I am always happy to plot away! If you need someone to help you achieve a corank, or to brainstorm in regards to a specific story arc, I am your girl!

Status: Active
Pronouns: She/Her
Character Slots: 1/1
Joined 'Souls: August 2013
Timezone: PST (GMT-8)


Reply Times: Friday-Sunday, I spit out a bunch of posts in blocks over a short period of time.
Mature Content: I will write light violence and light sexual themes.
Metagame: Only agreed upon information
Powerplay: Minor PP accepted — will DM if anything is amiss
Discuss beforehand: deaths, major injuries, major conflicts

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The Family of Salsola

Thread Status: Open
Character NPC: Nymeria Soul
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Maintenance Aide 2018 - 2023
Community Soul: 2018
Spotlight Soul: 2015 (Akantha), 2018 (Brocade Valentine)
Subleader of Sapient 2015
2016, 2019, 2021, 2022 SoSuWriMo Champion
2022 SoSuWriMo Bonus: Most Diverse Roleplayer
2021 Wordtober
2021 'Souls 20th B-Day Crossword Puzzles Winner

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2015: Sub-leader of Sapient

  • At some point I was a Moderator

2018-2023: Maintenance Aide
2019-2023: Founder and Leader of New Caledonia

Small Note

San is Amanda's wiki custodian. If you see her zipping about Amanda's pages, don't worry, she's supposed to be there.

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