Naomi Stryder

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Naomi Stryder (NAY-O-me STRAYD-er) is a member of New Caledonia, ranked as a High Lady of the Court of Dawn.

She is the youngest child and only daughter of Teagan Stryder and Makoto Ridley, and is the younger sister of Genkei Stryder. While her mother was pregnant with her, a blizzard hit, and her mother and her packmates were left stranded out during the worst of the storm. Naomi was the only surviving pup from her litter as a result. Because both of her parents were previously Knights of Casa di Cavalieri, her education, discipline, and introduction into combat began at an early age. She was taught and trained like that of the Cavaliers' youths, from being mentored by her older brother to even having her own First Blood Ceremony despite having been born into and growing up in New Caledonia.

She grew into a confident fighter, ever-striving to be like her parents and older brother, and ever-envious of her family's heritage and life back in Casa di Cavalieri. Expectantly, Naomi found herself delving into combative and defensive roles in her birth pack, and even helped found the Wraith's Teeth Guild in Spring of 2021. She was amongst the Caledonian combatants of the Siege and Liberation of New Caledonia, during which, she tragically lost her older brother and mother during its final hours.

Presently, she is part of New Caledonia's City Watch, and is one of its cavalry members as a Dragoon.

City Watch Tier III, Dragoon Tier III, Wraith's Teeth Guild (Gold Tier), Grand Quest (The Roquen)


by Songbird

Credit: Songbird

  • Etymology:
    • Naomi: beautiful (Hebrew)
    • Stryder: walker (English)
  • Epithet: The Roquen
  • Date of Birth: 31 January 2020
  • Sex: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Wolfdog
    • 65% Canis lupus (Wolf) 1, 35% Canis lupus familiaris (Dog) 2
OOC Information

New Caledonia members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Common knowledge; i.e. rank, name, her family relations within the pack, having seen her “around”
  • Seeing Naomi…
    • …with her family
    • …combat training (hand-to-hand, feral, sword/knives/shield, mounted)
    • …hunting or patrolling with her older brother, Genkei
    • …working with her NPCs or with her family’s animal companions, especially their horses
  • Knowing that Naomi is bilingual (Japanese)
Plot Opportunities
  • Want to train in combat? Naomi is skilled with: blades (knives/swords and shield) and hand-to-hand. She is also training in mounted combat.
  • Scouting the border? Traveling beyond the Caledonian Kingdom? Have Naomi (with or without Genkei and/or Ronin) help or escort you!
  • Naomi is knowledgeable and interested in horses; riding, training, etc. and has a dream of having her own, specialized warhorses. She also has some talents in falconry.

1.  Characteristics

1.1  Appearance


Appearance: From her coloration to her physical appearance, it is unmistakable that Naomi is a mix of wolf and dog. Though many of her immediate family range on the larger side in terms of size, Naomi displays more of her doggish ancestry; standing more on the side of "average" in both her height and weight. She has an athletic, lean, and agile figure with fur that is naturally sleek-looking in appearance rather than grizzled or overly thick like most wolves. Because of her interests in combat and horses, Naomi has notably light musculature seen in her upper body and legs that hint at a dormant strength. These muscles are not bulging nor would they be considered "thick", however. Merely, it's obvious that she is active and works. She carries herself with a soldier-like discipline.

Much like her late-mother, Naomi has silky, shoulder-length hair, and she parts her bangs to one side. It is rare for her to wear it down, as she typically tries to keep her hair up in a ponytail so that it is out of her way.

Highly humanized, Naomi generally remains in her Optime form, and is normally found wearing her armor and having her sword and knife at her sides. She typically wears a high-collared tunic and loose, dark-colored pants. Her leather armor set includes pauldrons, bracers, a chest piece, and a tasset. Over her right shoulder, she bears her mother's family crest. When working or otherwise performing her City Watch duties, Naomi will wear her Caledonian-themed chords, as well as her fasten with the Wraith's Teeth guild emblem on it. For ceremonial or other important events, she will don her cape which attaches to her pauldrons armor piece over one shoulder and across her back.

She has a scar on her left cheek from her service during the Liberation of New Caledonia.


  • Lupus: 33 in (84 cm) ↔ 85 lbs (39 kg)
  • Secui: 43 in (109 cm) ↔ 140 lbs (64 kg)
  • Optime: 5 ft 11 in (71 in / 180 cm) ↔ 155 lbs (70 kg) (Preferred)


  • Clothing
    • Leather jerkin or long doublet
    • Leather bracers
    • Loose pants
  • Weaponry
    • Sword (and shield)


  • Speech: Confident, generally respectful, calm, can be playful
    • Fluent in Japanese
  • Unique Scent: Forest stream, fresh snow, open meadow, minerals, horses
  • General Posture and Body Language: Confident, poised, calm, in control; Smirks

Coloration Palette


Fuscous Gray (#534E43)
Santa Fe (#BB7648)
Tumbleweed (#E3A880)
Pearl Lusta (#FCF4E2)

Optime Hair

Santa Fe (#BB7648)
Pearl Lusta (#FCF4E2)


Jordy Blue (#9BD2F2)

Scars, Nose/Pawpads/Claws

Mine Shaft (#3A3A3A)

Reference Images

by Songbird

1.2  Personality

Summarized: brave, confident, disciplined, loyal, reliable, hardworking, protective, tomboy, stubborn, soldier-like

Having grown up in a family of knights and soldiers, Naomi's fearless and confident nature is, perhaps, to be expected. It is uncommon for her to hesitate when met with a danger or a frightening situation, and, even so, she often puts on a brave face to appear otherwise. Disciplined, Naomi is generally polite and respectful, though, she may find it hard to bite her tongue when forced to behave in a less than favorable interaction. As a whole, she may be considered honorable and "good" in her actions and morals, however, influences from life and her company have assured that this "honor" of hers is only upheld to a certain extent, and may border more into morally grey pending the situation.

As an individual, Naomi is a loyal and reliable companion, and protective of her own, often making her a valuable ally to have. Since the loss of her mother and brother, she has grown to be a bit more stoic and cold, but her friendlier, warmer personality still lurks beneath her soldier-like exterior. She is adventurous and hardworking. She can be playful and sarcastic, and may even tease if she feels comfortable enough. Her tomboyish nature is blatantly obvious, and is perhaps best seen in her strong dislike for feminine clothing and activities.

Unfortunately, like her mother, Naomi can be quite stubborn at times, and she often finds it difficult to express her feelings. This leads for her to keep many of her thoughts and emotions to herself, typically pretending to feel otherwise if confronted. She has a strong dislike for laziness, and despises haughty arrogance and those that abuse their rank or power over another.

  • Motivations: Justice, friends and loved ones, proving herself
  • Fears: Failure, dishonor and disappointment, getting others hurt because of her own actions/inactions, being left behind
  • Likes: Fighting/sparring, horseback riding, horses, armor and weaponry, winter, snow, turkey/pheasant meat, justice
  • Dislikes: Having nothing to do, being confined, being seen as weak or underestimated, misogynists, injustice


  • Packs: She has been warned to be wary of Salsola from her mother. She longs to learn more about her family’s previous pack and traditions from Casa di Cavalieri.


She doesn’t think much about romance or sexuality in regards to herself, and it is often the furthest thing from her mind. She cares more about lasting bonds and friendships than pursuing something more intimate. If approached with romantic intentions, Naomi is likely to shy away or react with physical aggression. She is not someone who particularly cares for displays of affection, and while she may reluctantly tolerate a hug, she is likely to become annoyed or greatly embarrassed by kisses (even chaste ones) or anything more. In regards to attraction in general, her attention is unwittingly drawn to males, though, she is appreciative of all body types from an objective standpoint. Because of her parental role models, Naomi would be a monogamous partner, as she greatly values loyalty and trust.


Naomi is not religious, nor does she truly believe in the otherworldly. She is open to the idea of a higher being(s) being out there, and will entertain the thought of religious and spiritual beliefs, though, she considers most to be something more in line with fantasy, fables, and myths. Religions and beliefs that are stringent, have unexplained requirements for their disciples, and/or require sacrifices or special rituals to be appeased are often met with ridicule from Naomi.


She has little to no interest in consuming things that would inhibit her. (Her mother would also kill her if she caught Naomi doing drugs, so, no thanks.)

1.3  Skills

Note: Listed skills are those that the character has some significant talent or interest in to be noteworthy. Skills that have been mastered (and are best expressed as such) are marked.

Main Focus: Swordsman, Knight, Calvary
  • Fighting (Blades, Sword & Shield, Hand-to-Hand):
Born into a family of fighters and combatants, Naomi’s education was instilled in her at an early age. She trains and spars regularly with her family and other allies to keep her skills and mind sharp. She specializes in blades, and is a talented swordsman like her mother before her. She is also comfortable and skilled with hand-to-hand combat, and is in training to become a capable swordsman on horseback. Naomi noted for her graceful fighting style, which is heavy in evasion, deflection, and redirection amongst quick, precise strikes.
  • Horses & Horseback Riding:
Naomi grew up around horses, and has a healthy respect and love for the creatures. From her mother and older brother, Naomi knows the basics of horse care and training, and can ride a horse with ease. She works with her family’s horses regularly and has a soft spot for the pack’s communal ones as well. She knows a little bit of Horse Low Speech.
Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies
  • Bilingual (Japanese):
Learned from her father and brother, and a common language amongst many of her packmates in New Caledonia, Naomi can speak fluent Japanese and write it phonetically (as it sounds, rather than by its characters).
  • Falconry:
Her mother being a skilled falconer and the family having two falcon familiars, Naomi was introduced to working with and alongside the raptors from before she could shift. She knows how to work the birds, exercise them, and understands a more words than she can actually speak in falcon Low Speech. She regularly works with her mother’s and brother’s birds.
  • Blacksmithing:
While not an actual field she is interested in pursuing, Naomi knows her way around a forge thanks to her father and brother. She should not be expected to be able to craft anything beyond something utterly simple (ex. fastens) that any beginner novice could make.

2.  History


New Caledonia

Duration: 31 January 2020 – Present
Ranks: Page (Jan 2020 – Present)

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3.  Relationships

  • Parents: She loves her parents equally. Her father dotes, teases, and embarrasses her like any father would, and is easily considered the “fun” parent of the two. Her mother’s standoffish nature doesn’t make Naomi love her any less, however. Naomi greatly respects her mother, and secretly aspires to be like her one day, and reveres her for her many talents and experiences. Of her two parents though, Naomi is much more fearful of her mother, particularly, of her wrath and fierce training sessions.
  • Sibling: Naomi looks up to and idolizes her big brother, Genkei. She enjoys teasing him and engaging in other typical, sibling interactions and harmless squabbles and fun. She thinks the world of him, even if they don’t always see eye to eye on things. His honorable and disciplined nature inspires her, and she confides in him when her thoughts are troubled. She would be utterly devastated if something where to happen to him.
Other Relations



  • Sólveig Dawnrunner & Ingvildr Knight are Naomi’s milk siblings, and are offhandedly referred to as her “sisters” from time to time. She enjoys their company and finds familiarity of their companionship. Because of this, she is protective of them and their father, Merlin.

Minor Relations

  • Sex: ---
  • Friendly: New Caledonia
  • Significant Positive Acquaintances: ---
  • Enemies: ---
  • Kills: ---
  • Significant Negative Acquaintances: ---

4.  NPCs



Rum (Horse)

Basics Description OOC Assumptions
Stock Photo by Blissfully-Blind on DeviantArt

(Stock Photo by Blissfully-Blind)
Active: January 2021 – Present

  • Sex: Stallion
  • Species: Horse
  • Date of Birth: Spring 2018
  • Size:
    • Height: 16 hands (64 in; 163 cm)
    • Weight: Average
  • Key Features: White stripe
  • Coloration: Chocolate palomino with faint dappling, white stripe, and flaxen mane and tail; dark brown eyes.

New Caledonia members may reference:

  • Knowing that he...
    • being trained to be a warhorse.
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • Rider-trained
  • Training to be a warhorse
  • Training to obey both touch and vocal commands
    • To include: Biting/kicking, specialized movements and actions, recall, etc.
  • Very agile, excellent endurance, moderate speed


Powerful hindquarters and over all build/legs
  • Gear: For mounts; do they have special tack?





Abelie (Horse)

Basics Description OOC Assumptions

(Stock Photo by venomxbaby)
Active: January 2021 – Present

  • Sex: Mare
  • Species: Horse
  • Date of Birth: July 2016
  • Size:
    • Height: 15 hands (60 in; 152 cm)
    • Weight: Average
  • Key Features: Markings, two-toned mane
  • Coloration: Chestnut tobiano with dark brown eyes

New Caledonia members may reference:

  • Knowing that she...
    • ...was originally one of Naomi's mother's horses.
    • distrustful of strangers, and may act aggressively
    • ...can be a stubborn mare and has a mind of her own, and takes patience to work with sometimes as a result.
    • ...was trained by Teagan to be a warhorse.
  • Seeing Abelie roaming freely in the Rhonanion meadow with the family's other mares, Whiskey and Bacardi.
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • Rider-trained
  • Can follow touch and simple voice commands
  • Capable warhorse
  • Surefooted and good for cross-country treks
  • Made more for speed and agility, but, is capable of taking a hit


Abelie is a horse that holds an equal mix of draft and warmblood traits. She has a lean and athletic build to her, however, she is built with a bit more muscle and bone that allows her to handle larger riders and gives her a bit more power overall. Abelie is a mare made more for speed and agility in the midst of battle rather than overpowering or dealing or receiving heavy blows in the thick of the fray. Her mane is two-toned like her sire’s.
When used for riding, Abelie can be ridden bareback, with a blanket, or with a simple saddle. She also has custom-fitted, light, leather armor.


She has inherited her sire's free spirit and occasional arrogance, but her mother’s nature has, thankfully, diluted it some. Even still, Abelie is a very confident mare, and, like her sire, can be frustratingly stubborn if put to a task that she does not want to do. She will stubbornly dig her hooves in, toss her head proudly, or play catch-me-if-you-can. With a new or inexperienced rider or stablehand, Abelie will gladly take advantage of an opportunity if it presents itself.
She’s not one to spook easily, and is more likely to try to face a fear head-on before considering a retreat. Around strangers, Abelie will generally keep her distance, though, is not afraid to turn to aggression if cornered or restrained.


Abelie was sired by Lyris Stryder’s stallion, Kenyon, and born to Sylvie Agnès’ mare, Nevada, in July 2016. She spent her filly days in Casa di Cavalieri, where she was raised and trained by Lyris with the eventual intention to be used as a warhorse. When Lyris passed away in childbirth in November 2017, Abelie was inherited by Lyris’ daughter, Teagan Stryder, who had had the most experience and interest with working with Lyris’ two horses, Kenyon and Abelie.
Teagan has since continued Abelie’s training as a warhorse, however, due to Teagan’s size and Abelie being much smaller and lighter than her sire, Kenyon, Abelie is seldom ridden by Teagan herself unless for short outings, which is usually done bareback.

Bacardi (Horse)

Basics Description OOC Assumptions

Active: January 2022 – Present

  • Sex: Mare
  • Species: Horse
  • Date of Birth: August 2019
  • Size:
    • Height: 16 hands (64 in; 163 cm)
    • Weight: Above Average
  • Key Features: Three white half-stockings, lightly feathered feet
  • Coloration: Grey dapple with white mane that fades to dark grey; dark brown eyes

New Caledonia members may reference:

  • Knowing that she...
    • ...was trained by Teagan, Genkei, and Naomi before Naomi became her sole owner
    • a warhorse
  • Seeing her around Rhovanian, typically staying close to Abelie
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • Halter-trained
  • Can follow simple commands
  • Currently being trained to be a warhorse


Full grown, Bacardi will be a smaller-sized draft-bred horse. Though she will show many typical draft characteristics in her general size, bone density, musculature, and strength, she will have more of a lean, athletic build like her sire than the bulkier, labor-like build of her dam. She will have long, powerful legs with light feathering. Due to her breeding, she will be able to carry larger Luperci, though, would probably do best with medium-sized females or smaller males pending on what gear she is fitted with.
  • Gear: Western-style-like tack (eventually); Custom-fitted, light, leather armor (eventually)




Sired by Teagan Stryder’s Apollo, Bacardi was born to Makoto Ridley’s Whiskey in August 2019. She spent her first few months in Casa di Cavalieri before the family moved to New Caledonia before the first hard snow in November 2019. There, she managed to survive the 2020 Blizzard, and, come the following summer months, began to be trained for future work as a warhorse. She was largely trained by Teagan, helped later on by Teagan’s son, Genkei. Bacardi was initially owned and taken care of by Teagan, before being given over to Genkei when he was old enough to do so himself.

Treasach (Peregrine Falcon)

Basics Description OOC Assumptions

Active: January 2022 – Present

  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Peregrine Falcon
  • Date of Birth: Spring 2019
  • Size:
    • Length: 18 in (46 cm)
    • Wingspan: 40 in (102 cm)
    • Weight: Average
  • Key Features: Steel-grey "hood" and "sideburns", barred underbelly
  • Coloration: Steel-grey with white, barred underbelly; dark brown eyes

New Caledonia members may reference:

  • Being used by Genkei or his family for various tasks to include being used in tandem with horses or his older sister, Agrona
  • Seeing him around the pack territory, hunting, patrolling, or with Teagan, Genkei, or Naomi
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • Capable of broken High-Speech
  • Scouting, patrolling, hunting solo or in tandem with Luperci
  • Guarding and protecting an individual or items
  • Carrying messages over long distances to destinations that he has previously visited or if given a detailed description
  • Intercepting other message-carrying familiars (more proficient with birds)


Treasach has a short, thin, leather jess on his left foot with the initials “T.S.” pressed into the material. It’s short enough so that it does not hinder flying, hunting, or movement from perch to perch. The jess is primarily to mark him, as well as to allow his master to control and steady him when perched on their hand.




Born to Casa di Cavalieri’s falcon, Marahute and a local male in the spring of 2019. As had been done with his older siblings, Teagan Stryder’s Agrona and Luca Knight’s Murdock, Treasach was eventually taken away from his mother and hand-raised by pack Falconer, Teagan. He began learning Luperci High Speech from a young age, and started his training with work that would aide his Luperci companions once he was fully fledged. Though primarily trained by Teagan, she was later helped by her son, Genkei, once he was able to. Treasach bonded well with Genkei, and his ownership and care was taken over by the young Stryder soon after the family moved to New Caledonia in November 2019.

5.  Home & Personal Effects



Describe this residence

6.  Miscellaneous

  • Naomi's epithet, "The Roquen" comes from J.R.R. Tolkien's Elvish language, meaning "knight, rider, or horseman." It was chosen because of her profession, but, also due to being born in and growing up in New Caledonia. It plays to Old Calediona's theme of having names with an Elvish-like flair to them.
  • Awards
    • None

1 21% Alaskan Tundra Wolf, 18% Eastern Timber Wolf, 10% Great Plains Wolf, 10% Mackenzie Valley Wolf, 6% Italian Wolf

2 15% Akita, 6% Rough Collie, 5% Alaskan Husky, 3% Irish Setter, 3% Kunming wolfdog, 3% Saarloos wolfdog

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