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  2.   2.  OOC Reward

The purpose of the Grand Quest system is a story-based progression within New Caledonia that is not tied to ranks or co-ranks. Your character is able to pursue a Grand Quest once they reach the Enda tier of ranks, with the intention of earning an In Character title. The Grand Quest lends a sense of renown and prestige to the character that completes it, as characters may begin to reference and recognize yours by their title.

It should be noted that Grand Quests are separate from co-ranks and Guilds.

1.  Guidelines

A Grand Quest always takes place over eight (8) threads. Seven thread prompts are created by the player and the last thread is always given by the Leadership Team. A Grand Quest thread is considered completed when the Character has written 1,000 words in the thread. If the thread goes inactive because of your thread partner, you have the option of editing in an ending and still submitting it as a part of your claim — PM the NC OOC Account if you have any questions regarding this if necessary!

Once submitted, leadership approves if the seven Feats make sense in relation to the Title. The member then undergoes the quest at their leisure. Grand Quests are meant to be low-key, long term goals. One is unlikely to earn pack wide renown in three days, after all!

The eighth and final Feat will be decided upon by the leadership when your character finishes their seven player-created prompts. Once the seven Feats are completed, threads are re-submitted to the maintenance thread.

Once the final thread has been completed and approved, your character will be dubbed with their new title by High King Iomair! It is assumed the whole pack is informed of their title and deeds.

1.1  Important Notes

  • Titles are unique. You can’t have duplicate titles (e.g., two characters called The Brave).
  • A title does not necessarily have to be a good thing. One can pursue infamy as easily as nobility!
  • Feats cannot be read-only threads! If no one witnesses the awesomeness, how can they tell people?
  • Feats should be created with prompts unique from co-ranks, as the two systems serve separate purposes.
    • A Grand Quest is your character's personal journey to earn an IC title unique to their deeds and personality. A co-rank demonstrates your character's skills and the progression of their skills over time. This means that a player cannot "double-dip" by using a co-rank prompt to satisfy a Grand Quest, or vice-versa.
    • Additionally, as Grand Quest threads should be focused on quest itself, these threads cannot count towards co-ranks for any participants involved — this includes characters that are in said thread but not undertaking that Grand Quest.
  • Collaborate! The NC Discord is happy to help come up with Feats and Titles galore! We even have an entire channel dedicated to Grand Quest Brainstorming goodness ;)

1.2  Example

Let’s say you have Billy, and Billy is a fierce "warrior" type. Billy wants to be known as "Billy the Brave".

Billy's desired title is "The Brave".

Example of 7 Feats Submitted to Leadership by Player:

  1. Train a new member in combat
  2. Fight a dangerous predator
  3. Help someone who is afraid
  4. Face a personal fear
  5. Save someone from deadly elements
  6. Do something risky for the thrill: cliff dive, mount a wild stallion
  7. Defend the king

Once Billy completes his prompts, he requests his 8th from the leadership to complete his quest.

2.  OOC Reward

In addition to your In Character title, completing your Grand Quest earns you a permanent unicorn custom icon with your new title as a hover-over! We have a vibrant array of colors to choose from to match your character’s aesthetic — and if you want to tweak the hue a little bit, we're fine with that too!

Icons designed by Alaine!

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