Rohan Heartsong



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  • Full Name: Rohan Heartsong
    • Pronunciation: ro-hahn hart-song
    • Meaning: 'little red one'
    • Origin: Gaelic
  • Epithet:
  • Date of Birth: 23 May 2021
  • Sex: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: King's Bastion (Room 12)


OOC Information

Pack Information

  • Pack: New Caledonia (May '21 - Present)
  • Rank: Page
    • Co-Ranks:
      • N/A

OOC Assumptions

  • Caledonians may assume seeing Rohan:
    • Studying with his mother
    • Out and about in the City Square
    • Pestering Ambrose Rose about his lute and begging for lessons
    • Watching the forges from afar, mustering up the courage to commission an weapon for himself :I


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Rohan Heartsong is a member of New Caledonia, the son of two high-ranking members, Isiltári Fennore and Councilor Bellad Songthorn.

Soon after conception, his parents hastily (and secret) wed as to avoid their upcoming children from being bastards; and though their mother was, at first, far from thrilled at the prospect of having a litter, as soon as he and his sister, Atica, entered the world, they were doted on and loved wholeheartedly by their parents. His upbringing was nondescript, despite the elevated position his parents' ranks afforded him, and Rohan was quite dismayed when he was of age that he didn't shift as soon as his sister did.

When the Realm fell under enemy fire at the hands of the Tears of Nín, Rohan was kidnapped amidst siege fire and held captive at the enemy camp. He had encountered their leader, Ark Coara, and right-hand confidant, Silivren Garwaen, weeks prior, but never suspected they meant to do his Kingdom harm; under the influence of a [M] powerful psychedelic concoction, the young boy inadvertently revealed many secrets of his home to the Tears. Back in their possession, Rohan finally experienced his first shift, but this bittersweet moment was seen as a sign of good favor from the Nín by her zealous followers. Much like his mother before him, he was bound and branded by hot iron to mark him as blessed by the gods.

New Caledonia did receive aid in the form of Salsolan riders from the west, and the war was won, but not with sacrifice. Rohan managed to escape and return home, but it was clear that a piece of him was left behind.

Still, the young man strives to work hard and stay true to his studies (his mother would skin him alive otherwise), and he has recently gained an interest in swordsmanship — though Rohan is still drawn to the arts and particularly likes to sing, a fondness inherited from his father.

Moon and Sun might rise
behind this curtain of smoke
release your past and guilt
the hope will slow you down

1.  Appearance


Rohan is very clearly all wolf, both in coloration and build, though he is more on the lean side. His pelt is thick and somewhat coarse, his ears are boxy, and he has a short muzzle. His pelt mainly consists of shades of gray, ranging from a darker coal shade to a dusty ash. There is a swatch of color on his nose, a rusty, auburn red, and his eyes are a deep amethyst.

After his [M] capture by the Tears of Nín, Rohan carries with him a mark familiar to many Caledonians: an unsettling eye, carved into skin, stares, unblinking, on the right side of his chest. Because of his self-consciousness and newfound appreciation for clothes and baubles, he often covers this brand with tunics or cloaks. He is highly humanized, much like his mother, and wears his mane in all manner of braids. His ears are pierced irregularly and the jewelry is occasionally switched out for other studs or rings.


  • Lupus: 32 in (81 cm) ↔ 75 lbs (34 kg)
    • Sometimes used. He is average-sized and deviates little in build for what is expected of a full-blooded wolf.
  • Secui: 43 in (109 cm) ↔ 145 lbs (66 kg)
    • Rarely Used. Bigger-boned, heftier, and unrefined, though sometimes he prefers the carnal nature of his halfling state. His mane is long in this form.
  • Optime: 6 ft 5 in (196 cm) ↔ 200 lbs (91 kg)
    • Predominantly used. A natural pretty-boy, Rohan is lean but not skinny, toned but not muscular. He wears his hair long and likes to don clothing, if he can help it.

Color Palette


 Ash (#9B9EA5)

 Thunderhead (#6F7278)

 Onyx (#323439)

 Maroon (#6D3300)

Optime Hair

 Thunderhead (#6F7278)

 Onyx (#323439)

Skin, Scars

 Nero (#211C1A)

 Eunry (#CA8E81)


 Quartz (#4D2E7D)

Optime Reference

by San!

1.1  Gallery

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lines by Shannah by Mandi

2.  Personality



  • Demeanor: Confident, charismatic, clueless, guarded
  • Speech: Smooth and articulate, Rohan is expressive in his tone and pleasant to listen to. Musically, he is a countertenor and is widening his vocal range: see Einar Solberg for a voice reference.
    • Rohan is familiar with certain words and phrases in the Old Caledonian language (Sindarin/Queyna bastardization).
  • Scent: Pine, forest, earth, water, silt, river reeds
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Running his hands through his hair, crossing his arms, messing with his earrings
  • General Posture and Body Language: Stands tall with his shoulders back, head held high. He's clearly worked on his posture and outward presentation.


  • Likes: Nature, reading, music, horses, his hair
  • Dislikes: Being alone, being ignored, physical labor, unquestionable authority, religious fanaticism


  • Very much pro-New Caledonia, indifferent about everyone else
  • No notable biases regarding species but finds wolves inherently more personable/attractive
  • Wary about highly religious, proselytizing folk and will air his discomfort or make himself scarce if faced with such

Motivations and Fears

Rohan, like any other youth his age, is eager to prove himself and wants to earn his stripes as a true, born-and-raised Caledonian. This doesn't mean his above cutting corners, though, but generally, he will try to err on the honorable side of things to reach his goals. He wants to be big and impressive like his parents and will probably fall flat on face thousands of times trying, but he'll pick himself back up and keep going.

Though he attempts to bury the memories from the Tear in the Tapestry far below the surface, the tainted memories from the war still weigh heavily on his heart, especially the horrifying branding he underwent at the hands of Silivren. Rohan constantly fears that his homelands are going to fall to invasion and wants to be prepared for such; he fears, chief amongst all, that those that follow vengeful gods like Nanin or Nín will try to convert the Realm; and, failing this, stage a coup.


Bisexual with a preference for women. He's checks all the boxes for a hopeless romantic and is likely to be an attentive, if not occasionally overbearing, partner. Chivalrous as hell and kind of annoying about it. He might be a virgin forever because physical intimacy scares the hell out of him, so for all of his teenage machismo, he's secretly insecure and in need of someone that is either experienced or willing to learn with him.


Rohan's never tried anything but isn't opposed to the idea of doing so; however, he is likely to be a bit cautious about any mind-altering drugs and is afraid of losing control of himself, so he would likely restrict himself to alcohol and marijuana, if anything.


Distrustful of religion and the problems that it brings. With an atheistic mother and questioning father, faith was never a big emphasis in his household, but it was always something that lingered in the Realm on account of the Old Caledonian priests; additionally, he is familiar with the concept of the Myriad that belongs to the Songthorns. He may call upon them in times of need or stress, but it does not delve much deeper than this.

Rohan is particularly scornful of the River Goddess, Nín, and believes no good thing can come of Her or Her followers. Despite this, he, unwillingly, carries Her mark through his day-to-day life, but that doesn't mean he's really come to terms with it yet.

3.  Relationships

Familial Connections

  • Mother: Fennore
  • Father: Bellad Songthorn
  • Littermates: Atica Songthorn
  • Aunts & Uncles: Eesold O'Hartigan, Ierian Songthorn
  • Rohan is close to his parents, Fennore and Bellad. He is occasionally disillusioned by the way they navigate through the world, though generally trusts their judgement; however, regarding his stays with the Tears of Nín (both when he was lured and later captured), he is closed-off and grows upset when they push him about his experiences. There's much he can learn from both of them, but like all teenagers, he likes his personal space and hates to feel like they're coddling him, especially in light of what's happened.
  • He's thick as thieves with his sister, Atica, who is certainly the more outgoing of the two. She is a bit more privy to his inner turmoil and he comes to her for advice free of judgement, as she is the only unmarred member of his family, still bright-eyed and untouched by the world at large. Rohan is envious of her natural affinity for combat and scouting.

Notable Relations

  • Key
  • Key
  • Though they are now physically out of his life, Rohan's young adulthood was ushered in by the likes of Silivren Garwaen and Éna Lanthir, who flip-flopped between nurturing and torturing him. The former gave him his brand, and he is glad that she is dead; the latter he is conflicted about, as Éna was a depressingly kind woman, one that tried to better his awful experience in the Tears' camp. His confusion is deepened by the fact that his mother, Fennore, was the one to kill Éna in the final battle for New Caledonia, making his feelings much more complicated. He finds that both of these women are often on his mind and influence him even in death.
  • Positive Interactions:
  • Negative Interactions:

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