Eesold O'Hartigan

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Eesold O'Hartigan is a member of the O'Hartigan? clan in Colorado and the younger sister of Fennore, whom she once idolized dearly. Eventually, her sibling's consistent refusal to take any part in their clan's shared religion drove a wedge between the two that she felt deeply and things reached a breaking point when Fennore was branded with a rune of protection against her will.

Thinking her sister was not grateful for the supreme honor of being acknowledged as the living, breathing form of one of their gods, she admonished her sister after being accused of being envious of her sister's role which was true to some extent. After Fennore packed up her things and left her family, she tried her best to live up to her family's standards that had been lain down by her parents in acknowledgement of her sister only to never receive the full acceptance she craved so deeply.

After a long time of devotion toward her religion, Eesold took over a mantle within her clan that led her to completing a public ritual that earned her the acknowledgement, at least from a number of clan members, that was not recognized by her parents who unfairly compared her to Fennore rather than taking her for her true merits.

Disillusioned with the idea that her parents would ever accept her for what she thought she was or wanted to be, Eesold chose to take the same route Fennore had and set off on a journey to follow her sister's footsteps toward New Caledonia, a new goal in mind. Since her family had not accepted her desire to lead in the worship of their gods, bringing new members into the fold of their religion would inevitably be part of her new purpose.

I'm your biggest fan. I'll follow you until you love me.






  • Date of Birth: 11 April 2018
  • Sex: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Mate:
  • Residence: The City Square, Residence 7
  • Nickname:
  • Pronunciation: AY-sold
  • Meaning: ruler of ice | descendant of Art
  • Origin: Celtic
  • Epithet: The War Child


Pack Information

OOC Assumptions

  • Pack: New Caledonia (Jan 2021 - present)
  • Rank: Commoner (Jan 2021)
    • Additional Ranks:

Caledonia members , once she is accepted, may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • General Interaction and Conversations - Eesold is a skilled conversationalist and will actively approach new people for conversations that may or may not pertain to her religion. Specific conversations should ironed out with the player beforehand but anything lesser such as her offering hellos, goodbyes, or just general interaction are okay to assume.
  • Prayer and Offerings - Eesold will be working hard toward the goal of making herself a priestess. As such, offering prayers, sacrifices, or offerings to the gods will be a primary objective moving forward after she is accepted. If your character has a god that is not of her own, she may look down on them in response but still undertake the prayer and offering.

1.  Basics

1.1  Appearance


Clothing & Accessories

Coloration Palette

  • Description:
Eesold is predominantly wolfish in appearance with a thick, plush coat of fur. Modest in size and slender in shape, she appears every much the woman that she is with feminine curves and a moderately sized chest. Thinner, overall, than her sister, she is paler in color to her sibling and both her hair and overall fur are of a lighter note and embellish a creamy front. Her hair is kept long with an abundance of Celtic braids that give her a more feminine affront.
  • Optime Hair:
Unlike her sister's updos, Eesold's hair is kept long despite the practicality of one keeping it short. She maintains it on a regular basis, keeping it well combed so it is plush and soft. It is straight and usually tied from her face with various Celtic braids and hairstyles involving said braids.
  • Build and Size:
Eesold maintains a very slender, yet healthy appearance. She is just slightly shorter than her sibling with a lean attribute to her appearance that makes her seem somewhat dainty and boasts the modest, feminine curves that align with her family's build. She carries herself with an almost regal affront and does her best to remain prim and proper to the fullest of her abilities. She is humble to a certain extent but can be considered vain in others. She prefers to use her bipedal Optime form and probably views the other two as a nuisance except when they have their needs like hunting and/or travelling.
  • Lupus: (Rarely Used) 25 in (63.5 cm) ↔ 68 lbs (30.8 kg)
  • Secui: (Rarely Used) 37 in (93.98 cm) ↔ 130 lbs (58.96 kg)
  • Optime: (Preferred) 5 ft 4 in (64 in / 162.56 cm) ↔ 162 lbs (73.48 kg)
  • Body Modifications:
Eesold does not yet have any body modifications but the further along her path that she goes, the more likely she is to get both piercings, brandings, and perhaps tattoos in relation to her Gods and Goddesses and her religion's customs.
  • Humanization:
Eesold is highly humanized and both her appearance and customs are attributed to this factor. She has fine motor skills and uses her hands for many different tasks not limited to writing, work, or pleasure. She iterates and enforces her words with movements of her hands and has accrued a variety of accessories and clothing.

  • Common:
    • Fur lined cloak made with rabbit fur and deer pelt.
    • Moderate Pale white cloak
    • Several dresses
    • Luperci-made Jewelry (rings, necklaces with charms, bracelets (leather cord with mix of bone or metal charms), and arm bands)
    • Small dagger - less than 10 inches. (An athame, used for rituals)


  • Demeanor: Polite, Friendly, Demanding to an extent, Outgoing, Emotional, Proper
  • Speech: Essolds words are Irish accented and far reaching. She has obtained the ability to throw her voice in order to reach others and is comfortable speaking to large groups if necessary.
  • Scent: Woodsmoke, Perfumes (Flowery and earthy), Spices, Charcoal, Dirt, Forest Leaves.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: She speaks with her hands almost as much as she speaks with her voice.
  • General Posture and Body Language: General posture is regal and polite with a straight back and without slouch. Her hands do a lot of speaking for her and she doesn't seem to have much of an attitude. Her body language is a mixture between 'assumed' self-confidence unless goaded into a more emotional state where she may forget to keep up her act.


Lemon Chiffon (#F9F9CA)
Ivory (#FDFDEF)

Optime Hair

Ivory (#FDFDEF)


Sea Green (#3EB47F)

Nose/Pawpads, Claws

Copper Rose (#C7A19F)

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1.2  Personality


From an early age, Eesold has been dominated by her religion and her fanaticism to its various traits. Her sister was an ideal candidate for what it was like to be perceived as a goddess within their common bodies and as such, much of her personality has lingered from a state of practiced and emulated behaviorism attributed to her sister. While she is not as reserved, she maintains a calm, friendly demeanor that is fortunately, in her opinion, very prim and proper. She believes in trying to come off as eloquent to some degree and graceful within others.

She can come off as vain and narcissistic to some degree but most of her personality resolves around bringing others in and helping them understand the values that she believes are closely tied to her gods. She is caring, affectionate, moderately calming and easy to talk to. For the most part, she is very easy to trust and neither makes an attempt nor perceives any notion to gossip or portray herself in a mean light. She has been shown to be envious of others and perhaps lack a sense of self-worth and confidence due to being the 'second' favorite of her parents.

She is rather slow to anger but once she reaches that boiling point, can be perceived as vindictive in the way she acertains her revenge. She is friendly to newcomers and wary of those who are too forthcoming. As a weakness, in addition to her feelings of self-worth and envious, or jealous, nature, she is fanatical in regards to her religion and may come off as snooty toward others who worship other gods or goddesses, though she is relatively open-minded and will not call others out on how she perceives their religion or choice of religious practice.

She will make whatever attempts necessary to bring others into the fold of her own religion, though, and may come off as overbearing due to the high standards she holds herself to when it comes to her worship.


  • Outlook: Optimistic, but secretely pessimistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted, Dominant, but possibly submissive to some degree.
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Motivations: Eesold's primary motivation is furthering the prosperity of her religion and cultivating a faithful following for each of her gods and goddesses. She obviously covets her family and inspires to make life better for them which extends to whatever realm she inhabits. Ambition is also a motivation as she aspires to be one who others see as the pivotal voice and a force to be reckoned with in regards to how she is perceived. She enjoys creating relationships and maintaining them, along with the emotional and spiritual health of others. She maintains a desire to be hospitable to others.
  • Fears: Fears are also given quite a rigid structure in her life for she fears the rejection of those around her and the dissolution of her reputation. To further her fears, abandonment, sexism or favoritism toward those she cares about, and lastly, the loss of her sister.


  • Likes: Reading, Research, Religion, Flowers, Snow, Tea, Changing Leaves
  • Dislikes: Rain, Other Religions, Favoritism, Rudeness, Denial


  • Packs: Chances are, she will respect most other packs but be wary of those who practice specific religions not her own.
  • Species: She does not hold any convictions for other species, though may be wary of those who are more aloof in nature.
  • Non-Luperci: Having hands is too good a sentiment to even consider those who aren't interested in them. She also did not have very much interaction. She would never be disrespectful but may attempt to persuade them to take the virus.
  • Gender: She puts a slight emphasis on females more so than men but has generally perceived both as equal, neither more useful than the other.
  • Color: Probably views lighter colored canines as more attractive but does not hold any grudges toward those who are of different colorations.
  • Sexuality: Is used to hetero relationships but holds no ire toward same sex relationships or other types. She would not feel one way or another in regards.
  • Age: Revere others of all ages because all ages have worth. Children are the wondrous sort full of promise. The adults are the practiced and most useful, and the elders are those who have lived this life and followed their paths, full of wisdom and advice.


Eesold will be predominantly heterosexual and strictly attracted to only men. She is not naive to the act of copulation but probably won't seek it out and turn it away if there is no indication of a future relationship. The idea of copulation without means is vile and disgusting to her but her body, as a vessel, is meant to provide comfort to some degree so she may find comfort in the act of providing it to others but not so much in a sexual way as platonic (cuddling, kissing, affection). She has a normal, if not slightly above average, drive but conceals it to protect both herself and her reputation. The middle ground is being a companion to those who need the physical contact but not the sexual.


Her culture and religion are a smorgasbord of Celtic and pre-Christian beliefs, either historical or stereotypical. Like most of her clan, she has followed her religion to a near fanatical degree, including some of their more destructive practices. She does not view other religions or gods with the same passion and finds some degree of dissolution when it comes to hearing or learning more about them. She will respect their rights to free religion, though may still try and make an attempt at introducing her own religion and gods to them. Some of her clan's gods include: (Please see Spir. Cont. at the bottom of Eesold's wiki)

  • Mórrígan, the Goddess of War and the "Phantom Queen." She is the primary deity of her clan, seen as their protector. Fennore, at birth, was believed to be the reincarnation of her, for she possessed ghostly features not otherwise found in the clan.
  • Cernunnos, the horned God of fertility. He is seen as the father of all animals and the primary reason why canines were gifted with the ability to shift.
  • Lugh, a sun God (along with Belenus). Also deals with the arts, trades, and a festival thrown for his namesake, Lughnasadh.


Eesold has never imbibed substances aside from alcohol to some small degree during her travels and at home after she came of age. She has a moderate alcohol tolerance, though dislikes the hazy feeling it pushes on one's mind so does not make a habit of drinking very often. She will not partake of other mind-altering substances, natural or otherwise.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

  • Her parents are supportive, but it is clear that Eesold was not (and still is not) their favorite child. While they approve of her fanaticism for their religion, it is not enough to tear their attentions away from the daughter that left them so soon. While she can look past their flaws, Eesold feels rather emotionally neglected by them and has developed abandonment issues pertaining to family and potential future relationships.
  • Fennore: They were once inseparable. Truthfully, Eesold envied her sister for her powerful position in the clan, and she could not understand why Fen was so dismissive of the gift she'd been given. She thinks her foolish for abandoning their family and harbors a quiet disdain for her older sister.

2.2  Other Relations

Key Relations

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Notable Relations

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Minor Relations

Notable Past Relations

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3.  Minor NPCs



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Pack Members may assume:

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4.  Cont. Sections

4.1  Spirituality

More Gods and Goddesses:

  • Belenus is a sun god of healing and is called the "Fair Shining One" or simply, "The Shining God". He is often associated with horses and wheels and can easily be mistaken as a god of traveling.
  • Brigantia is a goddess associated with water but also, loosely, fire, healing and poetry. She is also a patron goddess for smiths.
  • Latobius is a god of mountains and earth. He is who you pray to when you want safe travels or need a large harvest.
  • Saitada is the feminine goddess of grief and despair.

4.2  Religious Practices

  • Sacrifices: At one time, life sacrifices may have played a part in their religion though it quickly became seen as archaic to some degree. Instead of sacrifices that pertain to the life of other canines, smaller sacrifices such as rabbit, squirrels and rodents became popular at religious meets.
  • Body Modification: They believe that marking the skin can verifiably link you to the gods through the request when making said marks. Fennore was marked with a protection rune in a known display of this particular practice. Tattoos, painted marks, and other ways to marking the flesh can also be used to varying degrees.
  • Festivals: It's commonly known, at least among their clan, that festivals are a direct route to a god's energy and these festivals and feasts occur throughout the year. They are as followed:
    • Beltane: Observed with the feast Imbolc which generally took place February 1 or the beginning of spring.
    • Samhain: Observed with the feast Lughnasadh which generally took place August 1. Originally meant to be the beginning of summer but eventually became the end of summer.