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by Despi

Fennore (née O'Hartigan) is a founding member of New Caledonia.

Proclaimed by her parents and her clansmen as the physical manifestation of their highest goddess, Mórrígan, she believes she is anything but; the ritualistic grooming following her birth came to a head when she was branded against her will with a rune meant to protect her, but this was the final straw. The young wolfess stole away in the dead of night, leaving behind the only family she had ever known, and weeks of traveling led her to 'Souls.

A chance meeting with a Caledonian scout brought her into contact with the refugees of a fallen kingdom, and together, this rag-tag band of canines gathered together under the banner of New Caledonia, where Fennore fancies herself as the Moonwraith. Although her courtly airs aid her well in this new Realm where she acts as a diplomat as well as an intellectual, she is plagued by ghosts of her past and an insatiable desire to prove herself worthy of honor and recognition.

While deeply assured in her own abilities, Fennore still struggles with a newfound sense of doubt that is creeping into various aspects of her personal life, whether through her professional career or personal relationships. She deeply fears not having control over her own life, and though making a name for herself amongst this newly-found Kingdom has filled a void left vacant by her fanatical family, she still craves more — but playing with fire has its cost.

no matter where you are, i can still hear you when you dream






  • Date of Birth: 11 April 2018
  • Sex: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Mate:
  • Residence: King's Bastion (Room 12), New Caledonia
  • Nickname: Fen
  • Pronunciation: Fen-ÔR
  • Meaning: "white ghost"
  • Origin: Celtic
  • Epithet: The Moonwraith


Pack Information

OOC Assumptions

  • Pack: New Caledonia (2 May 2019 - Present)
  • Rank: Councilor of Lanya
    • Additional Ranks:
      • Diplomat III, Magister III, Stylist II

Caledonians may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Fennore throughout the Realm and having general conversations with her
    • Any specific instances should be cleared by me beforehand, thank you! <3
  • Knowing she's interested in expanding Caledonia's diplomatic endeavors and travels outside of the Realm semi-regularly

1.  Basics

1.1  Appearance


Clothing & Accessories

Coloration Palette

  • Description:
A slender woman with a sharp face; her heritage shows through exceedingly well, and there is no mistaking her wolfish blood. Her fur is rather plush and thick.
  • Optime Hair: Wavy with a healthy sheen, it is one of her greatest assets. Fennore often weaves her long hair into intricate braids or up-dos.
  • Build and Size:
She is rather small compared to other canines, but her self-assured posture makes up for this. She is almost always found in her Optime form.
  • Lupus: 27 in (68.5 cm) ↔ 71 lbs (32 kg)
rarely used. She is a small and slight wolf with an aberrant patch of auburn fur on the back of her head and neck.
  • Secui: 38 in (96.5 cm) ↔ 135 lbs (61 kg)
never used. Fennore finds this form rather haughty and overbearing, and her appearance reflects this.
  • Optime: 5 ft 7 in (67 in / 170 cm) ↔ 170 lbs (77 kg)
commonly used. Many of Fennore's interests involve the use of her hands, and she rarely leaves this form. She has gentle curves and a generous bust, and she often wears a variety of cloaks or dresses to cover herself.

  • Scars:
    • Superficial scars on her palms from a previous altercation; once infected, they healed and scarred over, but are not entirely noticeable otherwise.

  • Tattoos & Piercings:
    • On the left side of her rib cage is a messy brand in the shape of a thurisaz; a rune of protection. Surrounding the tattooed section is more gnarled flesh as a result of the branding process. This is perhaps the only source of self-consciousness and embarrassment that Fennore takes care to hide from prying eyes.
    • In each ear, she has two medium-sized golden hoop earrings.
  • Humanization:
Highly humanized. She believes very strongly in utilizing whatever the ones before them left behind, including tools, buildings, etc. She finds that clothes signify class and thus dapples in the finest cloth that luperci can create. Fennore is also literate and reads and writes frequently.


  • Speech: Typical, if not slightly overdone American accent with a calm, even-toned voice; raised to speak with an Irish accent, and though she broke this habit a while ago, it sometimes slips through (chiefly when she's been drinking).
  • Scent: Earth, forest, flowers, spices, tea, cat, horse, charcoal (pencil), parchment.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Flicking her ears to get her earrings to jingle; RBF
  • General Posture and Body Language: Holds herself with a lot of confidence, puts her hands on her hips, etc.


Alabaster (#FAFAFA)

Optime Hair

Goldenrod (#DB8E1B)
Sun (#FAAD1F)


Seance (#961BA8)

Nose/Pawpads, Claws, Scars

Misty Rose (#FFD3DA)
Eggplant (#664350)

Gallery (hover for credits!)

by Corie WEEPU by Gobbo, she really not this blu doe by Becky by Abby by Nat by Despi (NOTE: missing thurisaz rune) by Kiri by Nat

1.2  Personality


Mature for her age, Fennore is characteristically prim and proper, very rarely letting her true emotions show through an impeccable poker face. She is eloquent and well-spoken, often teetering between the two extremes of antiquity and snootiness. To newcomers, she might appear imposing or frigid, but this isn't to say she is mean-spirited or rude; quite the contrary, as Fennore prides herself a woman of class and manners.

While she is slow to anger, small things do tend to get under her skin, even if she is not privy to show it. She holds impossibly high standards for herself and her capabilities and becomes utterly distraught when goals are not met — especially when her peers bear witness to it, as exemplified with Casa di Cavalieri's archery competition. She would like for everyone to think that she has her life together and is unwavering in the face of trepidation, but even the High Lady has her weaknesses.


  • Likes: Flowers, her hair, traveling, reading/writing, tea
  • Dislikes: Rain, her hair getting messed up, her tattoo, insolence


  • Outlook: Equally optimistic and pessimistic; depends wholly on the situation
  • Sociability: Polite and respectful; craves attention so will often initiate conversation
  • Expression: Confident, imposing; can come across as icy
  • Motivations: Learning of the world, climbing the social ladder, securing her future.
  • Fears: Losing control of her own life; losing relevance/respect of her peers; further physical deformities. Dying alone.


  • Packs: Respects most of the packs; Salsola is not held in very high regard, however, especially with their 'working relationship' with Caledonia.
  • Species: The coyotes of The Ashen seem to suggest their species as a whole operate in such a rambunctious manner... but this is purely speculation. Otherwise, she has no strong feelings about other races.
  • Non-Luperci: Grew up with only Luperci; those that aren't really puzzle her. Fen cannot imagine not having hands.
  • Gender: Sees different genders more useful for certain tasks; but, generally, sees females as a lot more capable than they're given credit for.
  • Sexuality: Used to heterosexual relationships, hasn't considered much else but probably wouldn't be opposed.
  • Age: Puppies are annoying; the elderly are spent; she is in her prime and cringes to think of growing old.


She is strictly attracted to men (heterosexual). However, Fennore is quite naive about the act of sex itself, and she has never gotten physically close with a man whilst sober; confident though she is in herself, the idea makes her nervous. This is perpetuated by the fact that she has had romantic connections that did not pan out well; notably, her relationship with Tamlin has colored her view of future connections in a negative light, and she is under the impression that she will never find another man that speaks to her on the same level as the scout had. She has a more or less average sexual appetite but actively suppresses it in lieu of focusing on her professions.


She is familiar with alcohol and a notorious lightweight; while ordinarily she will avoid drinking altogether, special occasions see to it that she is completely and utterly wasted. It's notable that, whilst intoxicated, her Irish accent bleeds into her words. Fennore regards herbs such as marijuana a bit more cynically, finding the smell atrocious and the effects laughable; she is likely to not dabble in drugs.


Her culture and religion are a smorgasbord of Celtic and pre-Christian beliefs, either historical or stereotypical, none of which Fennore takes at all seriously; her clan followed their frivolous wills to a concerning degree, and after suffering through a branding ceremony in the name of her patron goddess, Fennore has completely written off these beliefs as utter absurdity. While she does have a very cynical view of religion and spirituality as a whole, she still will respect the views of others, even if she finds them completely foolish or nonsensical. Some of her clan's gods include:

  • Mórrígan, the Goddess of War and the "Phantom Queen." She is the primary deity of her clan, seen as their protector. Fennore, at birth, was believed to be the reincarnation of her, for she possessed ghostly features not otherwise found in the clan. Therefore, because of the personal hell this connection has put her through, Mórrígan is regarded with the upmost contempt.
  • Cernunnos, the horned God of fertility. He is seen as the father of all animals and the primary reason why canines were gifted with the ability to shift, despite how backwards the reasoning is to Fennore.
  • Lugh, a sun God (along with Belenus). Also deals with the arts, trades, and a festival thrown for his namesake, Lughnasadh. She believes he was an excuse for the clan to party (they have festivals very frequently).

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

  • Her family as a whole are regarded with disdain. She never could understand why they were so indoctrinated and blindly believed, but when they forced her to undergo her branding ritual to "connect" with Mórrígan, her love for them had run out. She abandoned them soon after, never to look back, and she does not think highly of them in the slightest for their transgressions. She will not stand idly by to submit to their ludicrous whims.
  • Eesold was her entire world when she still lived with her clan; even though Fennore chastised her sister for her blind beliefs in the coven, she still cared for the mousy female dearly. However, following her traumatic branding ritual, Fennore was disappointed and enraged that her sister, her closest confidant, did nothing to help her. She abandoned Eesold and her family, believing they turned their backs on her in the name of their religion, and even though she can never bring herself to hate Eesold, the damage has been done.

2.2  Other Relations

Key Relations

  • Bellad Songthorn was initially a wayward healer and nothing more to her; however, he (and his bedridden brother, as she would find out later) surprised Fennore by joining their loner band, eventually sticking around after the banner of New Caledonia flew properly over their claim. Their friendship grew quickly: he taught her the stars, she taught him how to read and write. As time went on, they began to grow closer than Fennore was initially willing to go, and recently they have come to an understanding that they are, perhaps, more than just friends. Fearful to lose another love, however, she is wary, taking things slow and trying to work through her past insecurities with the Starseeker's assistance.
  • Wither Rose Soul is Fennore's ward, but they have a strained relationship. She sees the mutt as lazy, unmotivated, not realizing her full potential — but Fennore's methods of drawing out this hidden skill is less than cordial, even on a good day. They do share an unspoken friendship, but they have their fair share of ups and downs. Subconsciously, she has filled the void in her heart that her sister left behind, even if the two are vastly different; still, Fennore feels as though she has a responsibility to mold Wither into a respectable member of the Realm. It is painfully slow-going, though. (Side-note: Wither's cat totally knocked up Macha and Fen is literally never gonna let that go.)
  • Amon appeared at the Caledonian borders, battered and bleeding, and Fennore could not just leave him there to die; he recovered in her own home, and afterwards decided to stay in Caledonia to repay his "debt" to her. Much of Amon's past was shrouded in mystery and cryptic words, but eventually, the two grew close enough for him to answer only a few of the woman's questions. She knows that he used to be a slave, which would explain his unwavering loyalty to her, though Fennore sincerely hopes she is not his new stand-in master. They broke in her horse, Thalion, together, as he coincidentally used to belong to Amon's previous "employer". They have a strange working relationship, and more recently she has put him in charge of overseeing her ward when she's not available.

Notable Relations

  • King Iomair is held in the highest regard, and she trusts him fully in his decisions and ideals for the Realm. Her respect for Iomair was tested, however, the night of the Caledonian Court when they engaged in a dangerous game; fueled by wine and forbidden desire, they shared a drunken kiss, not unlike the one she shared with Tamlin months prior, but this one stirred within her an insatiable desire that has yet to be quelled. While Fennore does not nearly lust over him as he does for her (indeed, recent events have all but dashed any hopes of this), there is a new, uncertain air between them that is hard to ignore. Their secret has only been shared with one person, Amon, and between the three of them, none are likely to tell of Iomair's infidelity.
  • Calan Brecours, a newcomer to the Realm, piques Fennore's interest. He is quite handsome and flirty, which speaks to Fennore's vanity, but at the same time, she cannot see herself pining after him for any actual romantic relationship; namely because he is rather loose with his sexuality as it is. After he drunkenly appeared on her doorstep one night and attempted to accost her, the Moonwraith immediately shut him down, effectively causing an awkward rift between them. Though it's more or less patched up now, she can't quite bring herself to forgive some of the things he said and did that night.
  • Macha is the best kitty, but Fennore would be hard-pressed to show her affections out in the open so willingly. The feline is very near and dear to her heart, even if she's somewhat annoying and irritating at times; but she is prime company and quite the accomplished cuddler. When Fennore found her in an abandoned building in Amherst, Macha could barely speak anything but her native tongue; however, her time with the wolfess has expanded her vocabulary in High Speech, and the cat is quite proud of herself when she can speak full sentences. It's still an on-going process, though.

Minor Relations

Notable Past Relations

  • Tamlin Anor was her closest friend in Caledonia before he disappeared. There was an unspoken attraction between them, one that culminated in a late night of drinking and dancing — and, eventually, a kiss that was never repeated. Soon after this event Tamlin departed from the group for unknown reasons, and for many months after, Fennore agonized over what she should have done differently. Perhaps she could have kept him from leaving. Nowadays, though, she has moved on from this failed relationship, though their broken bond has left her with more than a bit of anxiety when initiating new connections with potential romantic partners.
  • Athras Eryn was a royal pain in the ass. The druid subverted her expectations frequently and it was difficult to predict his motives; she also despised the fact he allowed Caledonia to ally itself with the wretched Salsola, and she wanted to understand why he acted as he did. However, when the Lord-Regent mysteriously disappeared in July 2020, she was at a loss, fearing how the Realm would fare without its sub-leader.
  • Mateo Salcedo was a nice guy. Whenever Tamlin first left, Fennore was desperate to fill that void with some form of intimacy, and she and Mateo shared a little kissu (like at least twice).

3.  Skills


  • Literacy (Master):
Once a voracious reader, Fennore was involved with rewriting all of her clan's traditions, religious practices, and history down after their previous books deteriorated with age. As such, her vocabulary is vast, and she is quite a capable writer. Nowadays these skills are put forth to construct New Caledonia's "history book," in which she is detailing the history of the Old Caledonian kingdom, their principal gods, as well as the new traditions she and others brought into the new Realm. (Also has an unfinished transcript of Lord of the Rings that is not entirely accurate to the original work, but it's something.)
  • Grooming/Styling (Journeyman):
She is a master hair stylist/braider and has a keen eye for physical beauty. While she cannot construct her own clothes, she can sew small holes or tears effectively enough. She would like to learn how to dye fur and pierce ears one day, but she hasn't the skills nor the teacher for such tasks.
  • Diplomacy (Apprentice):
Possessing a steady hand and an even steadier tongue is a virtue, and Fennore has a mastery over words. Eloquent and level-headed, she can usually talk her way into any deal or out of any situation.
  • Archery (Dabbler):
A talent lacking finesse, mostly because her teacher disappeared without a trace. Since Tamlin's departure, Fennore has had to teach herself and hold herself accountable. She is okay with her bow, but nowhere near where she wants to be. Her lack of skill in this area frustrates her, but she will keep at it even if progress is painfully slow.


  • Vanity (Impairment):
As far as Fennore is concerned, she possess only one major flaw, and it's the ugly tattoo her family so lovingly blessed her with. Everything else is perfect. This arrogance often prevents Fennore from engaging in physical activity or fights that have a chance of ruining any part of her appearance (attempting to take down a particularly large mammal, fighting another Luperci), not to mention pride is one of the worse vices.
  • Stoicism (Limitation):
Fennore has a pretty hard time trying to convey emotions aside from anger. Even when she's not mad she tends to appear as such. She can smile out of politeness with little issue, but genuine feelings are not as easy for her — unless one really speaks to her heart, that is. Otherwise, she's an icy biiiiiiitch, there's really no other way to put it.
  • Combat (Impairment):
She would much rather diffuse a situation verbally or just turn tail and run than fight and risk scarring her ivory fur. While it can be perceived as cowardice, it is really no secret that Fennore is not strongly-built nor physically capable of handling herself. Luckily, Amon covers this base for her.

4.  Minor NPCs



Can be Referenced...


  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Cat
  • Date of Birth: ~ January 2019
  • Key Features: Friendly! Talkative (in limited High Speech)! Cuddly! Macha loves attention and will hunt down anyone willing to give her the time of day.
  • Coloration: A gray cat with jade green eyes. Her nose and paw pads are pink and she is just overall adorable. :3

Caledonians may assume:

  • Seeing Macha following Fennore around
  • Knowing your character's name! She knows very little High Speech but latches onto names well.
  • Seeing her roaming around the Realm and hunting for smol critters


  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Horse
  • Date of Birth: ~ June 2015
  • Key Features: A proud stallion, he is rider-trained and comfortable with luperci. He seems to favor Amon over his true owner.
  • Coloration: Predominantly auburn with a white stripe on his nose; lighter brown tail and mane. Feathered, cream-colored hooves. Dark eyes.

Caledonians may assume:

  • Seeing Thalion roaming/grazing in the Rhovanion
  • Approaching luperci for treats! (But if they don't have any he'll probably lose interest.)

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