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  1.   1.  Information
  2.   2.  Tags
    1.   2.1  No Trading
    2.   2.2  No Use
    3.   2.3  Return
    4.   2.4  Free Trade
  3.   3.  Animal-Relevant Tags
    1.   3.1  Experienced Handlers Only
    2.   3.2  Rider Trained
    3.   3.3  Pulling Trained
  4.   4.  Plant Specific Tags
    1.   4.1  Psychoactive
    2.   4.2  Medicinal
    3.   4.3  Consumable
    4.   4.4  Extractable

1.  Information

These tags are used for pack inventories. Leaders can mark certain items of their pack's inventory as non-usable, non-tradable, etc. Check with your pack leader for more information, but typically, this means your character will get in In Character trouble, should their thievery or misuse of the item be discovered.

There's no guarantee your character will be caught, but some packs have NPC guardians or even characters designated to keep watch over pack inventory and storage: this makes it more likely your character will be caught. Some items are also very easily identifiable and might be tracked down by the pack's leaders. Some packs may also impose additional rules regarding thievery, inventory, etc.

Generally, leaders will be displeased if your character trades an item off, or if it's an irreplaceable item, ask that the trade be changed, substituting other item(s) for the irreplacable item that was traded. If you want your character to get in trouble for trading or breaking or using something improperly, great! However, politeness is suggested: PM the leadership of the pack and discuss it first.

2.  Tags

2.1  No Trading

This item is Non-Tradable. Your character can use the item to whatever purposes they'd like within the pack, and may even completely use the item, but they are not permitted to trade the item to outsiders.

EXAMPLE: Inferni lists a variety of weapons as NT. It's fine for member characters to take the weapons -- even permanently for their own uses -- trading them off is not permitted.

Markup for Leaders

(:include Packs.Tags#NT#NTZ:)

No Trade

2.2  No Use

This item is prohibited (No Use) from being used. This means your character cannot use the item at all. This tag is generally relegated to extreme specialty items -- e.g., you have to earn a particular rank or co-rank to use an item -- or in cases where there is a scarcity of a particular item.

EXAMPLE: Inferni may have a particular horse with a lame foot that shouldn't be used, or a plant with particularly low stockpiles.

Markup for Leaders

(:include Packs.Tags#NO#NOZ:)

No Use

2.3  Return

This item requires Return. This means your character can use the item, but they should return the item when their use has finished -- trading of this item is also obviously prohibited.

EXAMPLE: Inferni lists a book of the pack's history. It's fine for member characters to take and read the book, but to keep it for their personal use is not permitted.

Markup for Leaders

(:include Packs.Tags#RE#REZ:)


2.4  Free Trade

This item is Free to Trade. This usually means there is an over-abundance of a particular item. Pack-members are encouraged to trade the item to other packs and places in order to obtain new items. Non pack-members hoping to trade for these items should generally expect to find success -- and perhaps even lowered trade prices.

EXAMPLE: Inferni too many deer pelts needs to get rid of some. They want eggs and chickens in return.

Markup for Leaders

(:include Packs.Tags#FT#FTZ:)

Free to Trade

3.  Animal-Relevant Tags

3.1  Experienced Handlers Only

This animal is for Experienced Handlers Only. This indicates an animal that requires an experienced handler: they are usually untrained or aggressive, and require someone who knows what they're doing.

EXAMPLE: Inferni has an absolutely vicious chicken that will peck your fingers off if you try to take her eggs.

Markup for Leaders

(:include Packs.Tags#EX#EXZ:)

Experienced Handlers

3.2  Rider Trained

This animal is Rider Trained. This usually applies to horses and other pack animals. This indicates an animal is trained to carry a rider. Do note that the ability to carry a rider does not necessitate an animal is easy to ride. The Experienced tag, for example may necessitate only experienced riders try to use an animal.

Markup for Leaders

(:include Packs.Tags#RT#RTZ:)

Rider Trained

3.3  Pulling Trained

This animal is Pull Trained. This usually applies to horses and other pack animals. Naturally, this indicates an animal that is trained to pull carts, plows, sleighs, and other things that get pulled.

Markup for Leaders

(:include Packs.Tags#PT#PTZ:)

Pull Trained

4.  Plant Specific Tags

4.1  Psychoactive

This plant has Psychoactive properties. This indicates that preparing and consuming the plant in a specific way will affect the mind.

EXAMPLE: Salsola grows hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Markup for Leaders

(:include Packs.Tags#PS#PSZ:)


4.2  Medicinal

This plant is Medicinal. This indicates that the plant has healing properties.

Markup for Leaders

(:include Packs.Tags#ME#MEZ:)


4.3  Consumable

This plant is Consumable. This indicates it is edible and safe to eat.

Markup for Leaders

(:include Packs.Tags#CON#CONZ:)


4.4  Extractable

This plant is Extractable. This indicates that portions of it can be drawn out and refined. As viable parts vary from plant to plant, the techniques for doing so will not always be the same.

Markup for Leaders

(:include Packs.Tags#XT#XTZ:)