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  • Full Name: Amon █████
  • Epithet: The Mountain
  • Date of Birth: 12 March 2016
  • Sex: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus


  • Birthplace: Rabenuhr
  • Family: ???
  • Species: Wolfdog hybrid
  • Previous Affiliations: Rabenuhr (Mar 2016 - Sept 2019)
    • Position: Gladiator, Contracted Escort
    • Status: At Large (presumed dead)

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  • Nothing without discussion; please reach out for specifics if your character is at the Citadel and wants to reference Amon or his family, thanks! ♥


Amon is a wolfdog living at the New Caledonian outpost in Portland, the Citadel, as its current leader.

A chance encounter with Fennore (aka him showing up to the borders as a frightful, bloody mess) brought him to the Realm, and he has remained there since acting as the Lady's part-time bodyguard and full-time laborer on behalf of the pack. Very few packmates, if any (besides Fen), know of his past and his (now-severed) ties with Rabenuhr. He had a tumultuous relationship with Wither Rose Soul for the few months they were roommates, and he was one of her biggest detractors when she got herself banished from the Realm for attacking a packmate.

Amon, though a quiet man that keeps to himself, was a familiar face in the Realm, and oftentimes he could be found in the Rhovanion tending to the horses and livestock. He befriended the enigmatic Indis, and feelings blossomed between the two, though both luperci were too awkward and oblivious to realize the mutual attraction until much later.

In June 2021, Amon spearheaded an effort to establish an outpost location for Caledonia in the bustling city of Portland, and he has remained there ever since as its Ambassador, the Ráquen, slowly accumulating goods and brokering trade (with lots of help from his more sociable peers) on behalf of his pack. He briefly returned to New Caledonia in December and remained until January 2022 at the climax of the A Tear in the Tapestry plot.

During their time in the Realm, Amon and Indis' emotions finally came to the surface; and, by the time they returned to Portland, they realized that she was pregnant. In March 2022, the two welcomed their first litter to the world: Artorias, Artanis, and Vinitharya, and Amon is coming to terms with being a new father while balancing his commitment to the Realm.

you make me feel there's a part of me that i want to get back again



Amon is on the larger side, as far as wolves go. His fur is thick, fluffy, and coarse, and while there's some doggish influence in his build, he's predominantly wolfish through and through. He has a rugged face and a muscular, toned body overall. Usually, around the pack, he can be found in his Optime form.


  • Lupus: 40 in (101.5 cm) ↔ 110 lbs (50 kg)
    • Never used. He's not a big fan of this form.
  • Secui: 50 in (127 cm) ↔ 175 lbs (79.5 kg)
    • Commonly used. Often the form he utilizes for hunting purposes, and he is not a force to be reckoned with.
  • Optime: 7 ft 2 in (86 in / 218.5 cm) ↔ 300 lbs (136 kg)
    • Commonly used. Amon is good with weapons and other tools, so he uses this form frequently. LORGE. Pray for his knees.


Amon's humanization is moderate, but he chooses to live a more feral lifestyle, unlike his mistress. He does, however, tend to rock a manbun when he's in Optime, so that's something!


  • Plain pair of dark linen pants
    • (they're kind of in rough shape)
  • Simple cloak, gifted by Fennore
  • Also a big-ass axe that he used to intimate others when he was still a Rabenuhr servant/escort. Nowadays it's pretty handy with shaping down firewood.


  • Slash across his muzzle
  • Noticeable notch in his right eyebrow
  • Slash/stab wounds at his abdomen from his attack prior to joining New Caledonia
  • Other small, superficial scars riddle his body, though they are mostly obscured by fur


  • Has the Rabenuhr raven symbol branded on the left side of his chest, just over his heart, where it is clearly visible against the white fur there

Color Palette


 Black Pearl (#080D0C)

 Bunker (#090C10)

 Mirage (#161928)

 Cloud Burst (#202948)

 Polar (#F7FDFC)

Optime Hair

 Mirage (#161928)

 Cloud Burst (#202948)

Nose/Pawpads, Claws, Scars

 Waterloo (#7F7B92)


 Sienna (#AD6C41)


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Amon is a mystery to many, and he is very tight-lipped about his life before coming to New Caledonia. His past in Rabenuhr was a harsh one, and it shaped him into a restrained, yet highly dedicated individual. He was trained to fight as a Gladiator, and even after earning his freedom from servitude, he is still very much interested in combat — only now, he is fighting to protect his new home and not simply those that purchase his services.

Still, this quiet man finds it difficult to fit in socially, as he never had much opportunity in his developmental stages to form proper bonds with others. In Fennore, he found something of a friend, but even she knows relatively little about him, aside from the bits and pieces she drug out. His time in the Realm has marginally helped his social skills, but truthfully, Amon would rather spend time by himself or with the horses than talk with other luperci, even though he secretly yearns to form more stable, positive relationships.


  • Demeanor: Quiet, dutiful, antisocial, hard-working, closed-off.
  • Speech: Amon doesn't speak a whole lot, and when he does, he's quiet and reserved, relatively monotonous.
  • Scent: Wild game, wood, horse, Indis, blood
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Usually pretty rigid, Amon doesn't have a lot of physical ticks. Still as a stone.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Hulking and intimidating. He doesn't usually notice if he makes others uncomfortable.